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Found 5 results

  1. I'll just put this here instead of picking an existing topic because crewed Mars is its own topic really
  2. Hey everyone! This is something I've been meaning to get done for a little while. It's a very simple, stock-alike MAV. Parts included are: Command pod (using a stock IVA) with built in RCS and decoupler Interstage including RCS, fuel, a power generator, and four 0.625m mounts for engines Main fuel tank with six 1.25m engine mounts and a spare 1.25m node for attaching to the base. Landing base, with a built in hatch for ground access, an ISRU module that uses the Community Resource Pack to turn Carbon Dioxide into fuel, and four 1.25m engine mounts for powered landing. If you assemble a craft yourself, make sure the decoupler you use between the base and the main tank has fuel cross feed enabled. The base also has an attach node on the bottom, meant for attaching it to 3.75m decouplers or rockets. Also, this is not meant to be super screen-accurate. It's just something I wanted to do for fun. For a more accurate mod, look for xxhansonmaxx's mod. This mod is no longer packaged with the a Community Resource Pack. In order to utilize the ISRU aspect of the mod, please download the most recent version of the Community Resource Pack. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Download from SpaceDock!
  3. After having huge CoM issues on the first HLV, I decided to create an entirely new model, the HLV2. CoM issues have been resolved and in the process I think I figured out what went wrong with the first model. Hope to correct and publish that one too. So here it is, the Konstellation HLV. Another quick update: Added the agricultural, hab and science/Comms modules. Amongst others, enjoy:) PS. Texturing still sucks but it is improving:) UPDATE: Added the transfer stage and some more texturing. Download: Spacedock Installation: You know the drill. Copy the Moonprint folder into the gamedata folder. Building: The MAV decoupler connects to a second node on the rear of the lander (the non-conical part). A standard docking port can be placed underneath the nosecone, it connects to a hidden node just underneath the top of the capsule. The cargo conatiners require KIS to be functional otherwise they are there for show. Aeroshell - In production, texturing stage. the aeroshell has two holes, one at the top one at the bottom to stow parachtes and covers to ensure aerodynamics. The chutes are for parachute assisted seperation. Lander frame RCS - Now integrated in to the frame as a LFO vernier engine. Ensues more stability during atmospheric deceleration In modeling: ISRU; ORE TANKS DEPENDENCIES: Community Resource Pack The textures are WIP. I am really terrible with texturing:( Suggestions are welcome:)
  4. So things are moving along nicely with the new model. I opened another thread for the new one, you can find it HERE. New update: THe original HLV was giving me all sorts of CoM trouble. I am working on a fix. In the meantime I made a new model. Available for download on Spacedock. The engines are not yet finished, but the RK-Z-146 Solo engine from contares fits perfectly, you might want to adjust the thrust in the CFG to 300Kn. CoM is spot on and horizontal landing is stable. Set you mav engines to 60% and you're on your way or use TCA. The cargo requires KIS. Update: For those of you waiting for this to release. Unfortunately I have to work for a living......or so I'm told:) However as of Friday I am on vacation so I will have time to complete the project. It will be an ongoing project as I want to build or adapt a launcher to go with it. I will release the lander first though. What I can say is that you will need TCA to get this thing into orbit as the COM is slightly offset thus TCA and a multi engine First and second stage will be needed to keep your rocket flying with the correct end toward space. I have managed to build the Aerosehell and it is stable during Duna reentry, I also added RCS thrusters to the aeroshell, MAV second stage and MAV. The lander itself is very stable during decent and landing. The project has not been forgotten or turned to vaporware. I hope to release before X-mas. So my first try at a mod for KSP. Here is my take on the HLV (Horizontal Landing Vehicle) designed by NASA back in the 90's. (I think it had another name:)) What is this? An all in one solution for trips to Duna and beyond, carrying both cargo and an integrated MAV. No more sending the MAV and your cargo or rover in seperate missions. At the moment the parts are not textured (still working on that), I will try and get that finished ASAP. I have included some basic renders of the complete design. The parts: Landing frame - with integrated landing gear and rcs tanks. Bow tanks and engines - Bow tanks and engine cluster MAV - MAV main engine cluster, second stage and ascent pod (integrated ladder and exit platform) Mav engine cluster is 3,5m so any 3,5m pod can be used. RCS thrusters - Powerfull RCS thrusters to keep this beast straight during landing. Hexacargo - Hexcargo containers for all your base equipment and other needs. MAV decoupler - Decoupler arm for the MAV (decouples MAV from landing frame) Coming soon: Rover ramp - Ramp for existing rover configurations Single cargo pods with integrated engine clusters. Any suggestions are welcome. Aaaand, the aeroshell.... Ok, so a few screenshots of this beast in action. (before you ask....YES! I do have mechjeb installed, my flying skills are dubious to say the least:)) And some texturing. I am trying to find the time to finish the project. So things are going kinda slow:(
  5. Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft This mod is intended to re-create the fantastic Hermes Spacecraft from the movie "The Martian" Original work by @xxhansonmaxx and @OrbitalEscape Hello, me and @Wragie have taken on ourselves to continue this mod as the original Authors released it to the Public due to Real Life issues. At the moment we are focusing on designing/configuring a way to bring the MAV itself to Duna via a mixed Powered/Parachute approach. This will include some re-modelling of the MAV itself in order to fit recessed Chutes. As this is only a repack at the moment, the Roadmap is pretty much open and we are looking to the community for suggestions on where to proceed with this. ToDo List/Roadmap - Design/Concepts: Come up with a viable Duna-delivery Method for the MAV (based on real-life Mars Excursion Module Concepts) - IVA: Re-Design MAV IVA to fit with what we see on Screen - BugFix: MDV Heat-Shield has no collider, this has to be fixed obviously - IVA: Design and Model Hermes Ring IVA'a with specific Roles assigned to parts (suggestions on Part roles include a Gym and Rec Area with KeepFit/Kerbalism Integration in the Rotating Ring) - IVA: Command Module IVA - New Parts: Single-Part Ring (will require re-texturing the Multi-Part ring itself first perhaps Required Mods: - Infernal Robotics Recommended Mods: - RealChute Download: https://github.com/Jasseji/HermesMartian/releases CRAFT Files: https://github.com/Jasseji/HermesMartian Changelog: At this moment we take any suggestions, we will be updating as often we can on the Process LICENSE: CC BY-NC 4.0
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