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Found 4 results

  1. ^Model is not actually 8-bit After lots of research, lots more math, and lots more tinkering, I am proud to present this 3D model (version 2.0!) of the KSP solar system. This tool provides accurate visualization and measurement of KSP’s celestial bodies with respect to one another using GeoGebra, a free and open-source graphing software. Sure, it’s pretty to look at, but its real strength is that you, the user, can use it to model and/or measure just about anything in-game. All planets and moons are represented accurately in terms of scale, eccentricity, orientation, inclination... a
  2. During my Engineering Design seminar today, my teacher mentioned the Kerstan Blunder. That's the quote directly from his slide. My question to you is "Did this mission happen?" I did some research online, and it didn't seem like the U.S. launched a Vigor probe, and it doesn't look like Japan or the USSR did, either. But what did you find? Was this just a misname? Was there a mission like this, but to a different planet?
  3. Is there a mod or a way to switch the program (I don't call it a game it's too awesome for that!) to the imperial (feet/miles etc...) system? I already know metric is considered to be superior so I'm not interested in a million comments to that effect! I was born and raised in the Imperial system and it's my "native" system. I can't mentally picture Earths atmosphere extending 135000 meters, but 83.8 miles I can relate to. I know this is my handicap but almost every other program you use has both systems built in. I would like to try to create this mod if anybody can guide me to do this! Thank
  4. Hello, I have been performing some simple nose cone drag test measurements (affix nose cone to test vehicle, ballast out mass differences, launch and see what peak altitude is achieved). Although this has been successful for a simple part like a nose cone it is labour intensive, very sensitive to part mass (a different mass means different accelerations are caused and different speeds obtained) and positive feedback (less drag => more acceleration => higher speed => get to higher altitudes quicker => increased engine thrust => higher speed .......) and isn't a direct measu
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