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Found 4 results

  1. seen a fair share of memes , some good some annoying some bad good memes: astronomia Memes I have a gripe with: megalovania (sometimes) bad memes: haven’t seen many what are your memey experiences
  2. So, essentially, this is the 21 game, but with MEMES! The person who replies can say either one, twotwo, or threethreethree, words of the meme, for example: player 1: Stop! I could've player 2: dropped my croissant! The person to complete the meme Loses (in this case, player 2) , and everyone has fun doing a mem. !!!BONUS RULE!!! If someone quotes the meme incorrectly (e.g What's 9+10? 19) then they Lose. The next person to quote the entire meme CORRECTLY Wins, which allows them Bragging Rights™. Without further ado, I'll start A m
  3. Let's get straight to the point, nothing to see here: The runway cruise missile thingy (i'm good with names, I know) is, well: a cruise missile on the runway not based on the v-1, honest pretty accurate not bad aerodynamics looks cool probably has a srb booster to get it into the air quicker and seperatrons to speed up just before hitting the target thankfully not kerballed (no kamikaze this time) has pretty good range and speed made in a DMP server hopefully you are targeting baddies and not the KSC okay so here
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