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Found 13 results

  1. Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Approximations (Modded) In this thread I will share my attempts to rebuild Mercury, Gemini and Apollo "likish" designs. Some are close to be replicas, some just share the common early US Space Craft style. Vessel links lead to KerbalX (respectively my KerbalX Hangar) and contain all needed and useful data, such as used mods and AG specifications. Each vessel may have different mod-dependencies. Kerpollo-Jool I (Apollo-Saturn IB) Kerpollo-Jool II (Apollo-Saturn V (payload lifter)) Kerpollo-
  2. I like how ESA uses animation and anthropomorphized characters now. This mission launched last night (UTC time) and will take seven years for the spacecraft complex to gradually bleed off kinetic energy by multiple encounters with Earth, Venus and Mercury itself. Hopefully everything turns out fine. Who knows what'll be the state of KSP in seven years...
  3. May 5th 1961. Almost a month after Yuri Gagarin's loop around the globe, Nasa was finally ready for it's first rocket mission with human crew. Alan Shepard boarded his mercury capsule Freedom 7, strapped on a Redstone rocket and prepared for a Suborbital flight. Follow the instructions and recreate the mission, some parts are completely automated(stage separation, boostback and parachute deployment) Mercury-Redstone 3 at Launch Complex 5. Freedom 7 in space. Download here ---> https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/mercury-redston
  4. I am creating 2 spaceflight-related alternate histories which would include missions directly launched to Mercury. However, there has never been a direct mission to Mercury (all of them have used gravity assists), preventing me from using an existing launch and the synodic period to calculate their launch dates (the only method I know how to use). So, does anyone know any optimal launch dates for direct Mercury transfers?
  5. I'm sure that plenty of you have heard of the Apollo Applications Programme, and what it aimed to accomplish. That's all well and good, but I'd like to take it a step crazier with a little idea that I call The Mercury Applications Project The idea of this challenge is to build an 'Advanced Mercury' spacecraft capable of remaining in Low Earth Orbit for seven days in proper RSS, with Realism Overhaul and TAC LS or Kerbalism (or any equivalent). Advanced Mercury specifications: Crew: 1 Minimum endurance: 7 days Power: Battery or Fuel Cells (no solar or RTG power)
  6. Hi there, I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community. I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments. Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them. Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I
  7. Hi All, I've not checked in for a loooong while but thought some people might like to see what I've been working on over the last couple of years since I dropped off the forums! (although obviously I still play KSP in my down time ) Go For Launch is a full simulation of project Mercury. It's not KSP, you don't build rockets etc, it's focus is on accurately recreating the Mercury spacecraft including fully interactive and functioning IVAs. It has support for VR although it can be played on a monitor too (all switches interact with the mouse). It's on steam early access, so just go
  8. So we have alot of argument on the colonization discussion of Mars and Venus. Now the conversation has drifted to space colonization and gamma rays. All of these are things are equally fanciful, except for the fact not the better of any of our space agencies are capable of doing any of these and now everyone is on a race to land on the Moon (deja-vu) and colonize it. None of these plans, at the moment are credible. Primarily there has to be the drive to do it, and maybe the chinese have that drive. We need a project of our own, I propose the colonization of Mercury, not because its doable
  9. I'm fairly sure its ok to post this as it seems to be free with an option to fund (seems to fit the forum guidelines!)... I've just stumbled on this little gem and I'm blown away that it's apparently made by just one guy! Has anyone tried it? It looks like it's still in alpha but already looks great and even has support for VR headsets (like I dream about for KSP ). Anyway, free download links here for PC and Mac - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/go-for-launch-mercury-vr-educational#/ You can just ignore all the bits about crowdfunding (although I think I'll drop some money to
  10. (Please don't wonder about my english :D) Hi! I'm playing the Career-Mode in RSS (no RealismOverhaul). I want to land on Mercury, but everywhere I land there are mountains and hills and I cant land with my ship! Every time I topple down and thats why I can't fly home after landing. Do you know/Can you give me good coordinates to land? With no gradient and hills etc.? I tried 10 times to land but every landing failed. I watches videos on youtube and there is everywhere a flat area if they land. I think I have an another version of RSS and in real life there aren't very much flat
  11. Check this out. A guy playing KSP inside of Minecraft.
  12. Getting some really great feedback for my current project, Go For Launch: Mercury.... including backing from a certain Scottish Space fanatic! I've been working on this for a while and thought it would be interesting to other KSP fans, particularly with the optional VR support which I know has interested people in regards to KSP. If you like space sims (... you wouldn't be here if you didn't!) please do try the free demo and support if you can! I'm not a company or corporation, just a massive space fan making an Indie game so any support is greatly received. Here's some
  13. This is my first craft that I have put here (at least I think so). So, whaddaya think about it? Do you want to play with it? Well get it here! Thank you. You are welcome.
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