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Found 4 results

  1. .jfif is the same as .jpg (.jpeg) and should be supported.
  2. Getting an email when new content is posted is great, but they tend to be rather useless for mission reports: Author posts 10-screen episode (which is, don’t get me wrong, absolutely awesome) I get an email with this. I'd rather see it in all it's glory on the forum here, and of course there's a link. So far, so good. Now, scenario two: Fan posts reaction (good) Fan posts reaction, quoting the entire posted article (not good) Another reaction Another full page post Author posts new episode Now the notification has lost its function. There's no way I'
  3. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to sort the released Add-ons, and with 84 pages, and about ~14 pages of 1.05 stuff, it can be really frustrating to find what you are looking for. For instance, I wanted to add more planets, and although the Kopernicus mod is only on the second page, it has no indication of what it does without clicking on it, and clicking on every page to see what the mod does is not how I want to spend my time. The "Search" bar also fails to turn up what you are looking for about 90% of the time unless you know the exact term to search. The tag system is a s
  4. I was looking at the tags thing today, trying to give my threads tags and soon ran into the problem what are the best tags. One rule, loose the word science in the tags, since this is a science group adding ...... science' is probably redundany for example: 'Atmospheric' prolly suffices as a tag The other problem is nouns as tags For example: universe. Technically this might be Holo-universal observations, or it could be CMBR, but CMBR does not cover pre-reionization nuetrino emmisions. (double tag) galaxy or (extragalactic). Technically this would be extragalac
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