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  1. Y'ello folks, So something a little bit different for today. Recently I caught wind of a group attempting to stop "chat filtering" being implemented into Minecraft Java Edition. On researching this topic I have realized that this is a very important goal. Let's give y'all a rundown! Minecraft, in a nutshell, will make a chat report system that makes it so saying the word "hell" or something alike could get you banned from the entirety of Minecraft. You heard me right. Not just multiplayer and realms. If you get banned, your singleplayer worlds are locked for the duration of the ban. And if it's a permanent ban? The entirety of your Minecraft install is whisked away. This is... Many people have called it the beginning of the end. Microsoft has made the worst decision they possibly could. And the chat report system is flawed, too! Many bugs and even workarounds have been found! Why in Herobrine's name do we need a chat report system for a game where servers moderate themselves! You can't even curse in singleplayer! You can't get banned in singleplayer for cursing alone (obviously) but it's censored. Signs, nametags and the chat are all cursing protected. What the hell, Microsoft?! How can you offend someone when they aren't even there?!?! So, what can we do? Well, you can start by joining their discord server (sorry mods if this is against the rules. we need your help BADLY!). They're currently making a final push to stop them rolling the update out. Here's the link to the event: https://discord.gg/5dXrerpt?event=999798089084850236 And here's their server: https://discord.gg/saveminecraft We need your help now! Do you want your childhood game to die? Fade away? Become a game that's so quote on quote "child friendly" that you can't even say heck? By helping us you are not just helping a mere discord server grow. You are helping save arguably the most famous videogame of all time. Please, spare a few minutes of your time, and repost this everywhere you can. Twitter, Discord servers, whatever. Just spread the word. That's it. This was Second Hand Rocket Science, signing off. #saveminecraft
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