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Found 6 results

  1. K&S TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (Construction Site Video Series) CONSTRUCTION SITE PART 5 Construction Site 5 is part of a Series of Construction Site Videos with craft builds from other players at times. In this Video we are featuring craft built by @Triop and @Servo. Triop has some amazing Mini Automobiles he built with operating Doors & Hoods. I can't say enough about the details and how clean they look. Also Servo built an Excavator with incredible Engineering and functionality.I'm sure many hours went into their builds as well as ours and we are honored to share them. As always i
  2. Nothing to see here, just a mini SR-71 for those kerbals into the drone business! Oh, and it's 100% stock parts. https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Mini-Sr-71
  3. I released two new mini shuttles, Kricket and Proton Kricket Mini Shuttle 51 parts, rocket and jet powered for easier landings https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Kricket-Mini-Shuttle Proton Mini Shuttle The Proton shuttle is a sleek, small 1 seat shuttle, only 28 parts, 2442 dV https://kerbalx.com/PointySideUp/Proton-Mini-Shuttle Albums http://imgur.com/a/m8qHS http://imgur.com/a/fMsyj
  4. Hello citizens of the KSP forums! Here is the place to post any craft that can fit in either a 1.25 or 2.5 meter service bay. The post only needs to: Have at least 1 image Be either a: Rover Plane Spaceplane Boat/sub Or any combination! I'll start off with my own craft, the "creatively named" V-tilt Mk1!
  5. Earlier today I had an idea concerning Mk2 parts while thinking of a mini seaplane (external seat, Mk0 main fuselage) and somehow that turned into smaller Mk2 parts. I was thinking Mk0 with 3 wing connector d's angled into each other on each side and offset slightly into Mk0 fuselage. They could possibly fit into normal Mk2 cargo bays, but I cannot try it now. Tell me what you think about it.
  6. 0.625 kerbal cockpit. Nothing more, nothing less. Download: Put it in your sub assembly
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