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Found 1 result

  1. Do you want to put a rover on the Mun or Minmus, but are afraid you don't have enough delta-V? Are your tourists stuck in a wreckage? Do you want to easily mine ore, refuel ships AND get science points at the same time? If you answered "yes" to any of them, I have just what you need? The Munar Mini-Bus. Watch this video for the craft file and to see it in action. As I mentioned in the video description, I thank @Matt Lowne for being the cause of this new awesome design. After I wrecked his Mobile Mun Base, I realized the tourists were trapped inside and could not EVA - that was the wreckage I mentioned in an earlier post (link here). I could have terminated the wreckage and kill the tourists, but I did not. I then designed the Mini-Bus, sent it up to the Mun (with plenty of delta-V to spare), and used the claw to evacuate the stranded tourists while I sent a lander to pick them up. - the performance was so great, I decided to send a mini-bus to Minmus too. I am happy to report that operations are going well.
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