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  1. So, I based my mission on the idea of flying into the orbit of the sun, refueling withe an asteroid, then flying to Dres and refueling on another asteroid. However, I don't see any asteroids near Dres. I was wondering if I have to be in orbit of Dres, or maybe just really close to it?
  2. So back a few weeks ago I put a mining station on an E-Class Asteroid around Dres. Now I returned and wanted to refuel, but nothing happened. The drill animations are there (including the dust clouds), and they "work", but the ore tank isn't filling up and the ISRU says it is missing ore. The asteroid itself is also not losing any of its resources (90t left apparently). What is actually going on over here?! I thought this may be something that is caused by 1.1.3, but after trying it out in 1.1.2 it still showed the same behavior. Is this a bug or am I missing something? E
  3. Mining is an important part of the game. Early on, you want to pratice mining in the Kerbin system, where to go? Here are the stats - 1.which is easier to get to? The Mun of course! You can easily get to it whenever you want, it follows an perfect orbit around Kerbin and missions take no more than a few days to get there and back! Minmus however; follows an elliptical orbit around Kerbin and missions there and back can take a month! 2. Which is easier to get into orbit of? Minmus because of the low gravity, I have charted that it takes about no more than 100 delta V to get
  4. Does anyone know how to correct this or see something obvious in the attached screen that I am missing? I have this drilling rig and it has worked fine for many, many mission. Now for some reason it will not drill at a reasonable rate at all. Used to fill a tank in no time(less than a day or so) now it would take years. I even slapped on some more radiator panels to try and help, Is this a bug? The one thing that has changed is that I used to use only the drilling rig and attach it with KAS/KIS directly to my refueler rig. The large rover that is attached in the screens is new. However,
  5. Hi All, For the first time in KSP I have stuck with a career game and got as far as mining. So I did my research, read the help and re-purposed my first Minmus base design to some mining. So I have accepted a mission to take 1050 ore from Minmus and pop it into Kerbin orbit. http://imgur.com/gallery/3Dt6MjG As you can see, I have power, radiators, Ore tanks and ISRU. But when I fire up the drill, it says "Ore Full" even though have 1200 spare capacity. Any ideas on what has gone horribly, horribly wrong? Thanks, P
  6. I have what's proving to be quite a difficult mission in career mode to save a Kerbal who's in low orbit of the sun. I designed a refueling station as part of the rescue operation, with the intent of landing it on Moho as a "last stop" gas station before heading inward. However after studying the Delta-V subway maps a little further, I'm wondering if Gilly might be a better spot to invest the resources for a fuel stop (due to it having far less dV requirements to land / orbit / escape). Any thoughts?
  7. I am trying to mine on the Mun, and using the orbital scanner, i set the cutoff to 70% and found a good spot to land. When I landed, I used the surface scanner and it said 2.34% concentration. I tried again with another spot, and it only said 7%. Why is it saying 7% when the orbital scanner said 70%? Is there any way to get the concentration up even higher?
  8. Is there a way (or mod) to find ore on a planet without having to send a scanner over to your destination? This is what takes up alot of my time and it can get boring
  9. My first challenge I've ever made. The principle of mining to gain money is simple. You mine using the drill to gather resources, and recover the vessel with the resource. The resource will be converted into money. Objective: Build a miner (fixed in the ground) to get the most funds in 1 launch in the shortest time. Rules: 1. Start in new career. Difficulty options set to Normal. Only use stock parts. Use of ISRU converter is allowed. 2, Use of alt+f12 or cheat mods are only allowed to give funds, or science to unlock parts (feel free to unlock entire tech tree), but n
  10. So how does mining work in KSP? Specifically, once I've mined some ORE on the surface, how do I get the converted ORE into a tank? There doesn't seem to be a way to move things that aren't connected. At the moment, I'm just putting a lander on a surface with ORE tanks and ISRU and a drill all in one package. That doesn't seem very efficient, am I doing something wrong?
  11. I have tried to find this both on the KAS wiki and in general on forums and reddit etc, Im sure its hidden in plain sight but my internet skills don't seem up to the task. Before I land my fuel dump on the Mun, whats the maximum range of the pipes available in KAS ?. Reason I ask is that I'm actually not that wonderful at landing heavy tanker style craft near to my well head. As a possible solution I'm considering providing my engineer with 2 small rovers to act as movable extensions. Thus in circumstances where my landing is a little off I can link a pipe from the drill to a rover and the
  12. Hello! So my problem is simple; I have sent a scanner to the Mun, put it into the appropriate orbit, and scanned. The overlay showed up on the Mun, but as soon as I go to the Tracking Station, the overlay refuses to show up and it claims 'No resource data available. You will need to perform an orbital survey first', even after I have used the orbital scanner. I have repeated the mission over and over and over, but it just won't accept my scans. On my scansat, I have a M700 Orbital Scanner, two antennas and two M4435 Narrow Band scanners. Please help, this is ruining my plans! My
  13. Asteroid mining is pretty cool, planetary resources is doing it (http://www.planetaryresources.com/#home-intro) (Or trying to anyway) Around the 2020s, and last year, congress passed a law saying Asteroid miners can profit from their resources (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/new-law-paves-the-way-for-asteroid-mining-but-will-it-work/). But I want to imagine a bit farther, imagine Planetary resources goes on schedule, and succeeds in putting mining equipment on a NEO, now go 30 years out and imagine a small manned outpost is set up on Ceres (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining_of_Ce
  14. I'm trying to mine ore on Moho, but every single spot I land at is apparently devoid of any ore whatsoever despite being right in the middle of the pink zone derived from orbital scans. I know the surface scanner is technically more accurate, but still, you'd think I would have found something by now in my fifteen attempts at surface hopping. Am I missing something super-obvious? Three Kerbal lives are at stake.
  15. So I finished the KSP side of this mission quite some time ago, and have even released the first two videos. With the third video releasing in the next week or so, I figured I would share the journey so far on these forums, as I've gotten amazing feedback from this community. The first is a summary of involved craft and the departure for Sarnus (and eventually Slate) orbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZciIZzx1vM The second is landing on tekto and slate, and the establishment of a lunar mining operation on slate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEvziceJXMM The third, soon to
  16. So I'm trying to build a space based operations center using the mun as my source of ore to create fuel. The end goal is having a gas station in space that I can send things to, top the tanks, and then send on to other worlds. I also want to get the hang of using mining operations and ore to fuel conversions to work, eventually, towards a functional (and hopefully fiscally responsible) mothership build. My thought there is that as I get contracts to get data from this planet or explore that planet, it will be cheaper to just send part of my "fleet" to rendevous with that planet rather than
  17. Hi! I have accepted a (what I thought) juicy contract of extracting Ore from Gilly and "bringing" it to Eve. Little did I know that it actually wanted me to *land* it on eve. I should really start reading the fine print, huh? Anyway, my plan is to make use of this contract to pay for my Gilly mining infrastructure, including a mining station and a lander. I want to land on Gilly, mine the Ore, transfer it to a tanker, rendezvous with a dedicated eve landing module, and transfer it to the landing module. My question is: does this still count? I mean techically it should, because
  18. http://stgist.com/2015/11/asteroid-mining-and-space-refueling-stations-may-become-a-reality-by-2025-5886
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