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Found 2 results

  1. I am playing on carrer mode and ı cant use manuver nodes right now. And ı wanna go to minmus. It would be great if somebody helps me.
  2. When I use the MJ Maneuver Planner to fly to Minmus, I've noticed that the maneuver required varying amounts of delta-V. Sometimes it got a little past ~1300 m/s, others I've seen it go as low as ~900 m/s. My goal is to minimize the amount of fuel it takes to make the burn from LKO to Minmus so that I would have enough to safely land my SSTO. Image of the Mk. III Duna SSTO. I believe that, to decrease the amount of fuel I use for the Minmus burn, I need to not only launch at the right inclination, but the right time at well. Since Minmus has an orbital inclination
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