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  1. Ksp v.1.3.1 every time when exiting minmus soi I take a huge fps hit is this a common issue? What mod could cause this? Switching vessel and then returning fixes it just a little annoying.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this query as it's more about the KSP universe than a gameplay question. On a celestial body that has no water, an altitude of 000m would be the mean altitude of the planet/moon. But, the plains of Minmus are (as far as I know) the lowest points on the satilite and they are surrounded by mountains that rise up around them. Why then are the flats at 0m? Am I missing something or is this just a design quirk? It's also odd how, after many many hours of game play, it's only just occurred to me!
  3. In my Youtube series "Operation Minmus Landing" I sent the lander into low Minmus orbit the docked the return vehicle to it but it wouldn't even show the option to undock the the lander, does anyone know a solution to this (that doesn't involve destroying the docking ports)? here's a picture of the two joint spacecraft in minmus orbit with no option of undocking on either of the docking ports: https://imgur.com/9Axfe3G
  4. So here I go... My first Elkano Challenge. Going to Minmus, since I've heard that's a bit easier to manage on the first one. I'll be keeping notes with progress on the challenge, along with screenshots from key parts of the mission. For reference, here is the thread for the Elkano Challenge, including the rules to complete this one.
  5. So, to my shame, I've lost a couple landers and rovers on Minmus. (Minmus? It's really easy to land on Minmus!) It's my own fault, really - they come down @<12m/s, bounce, and SAS (set retrograde) flips them over. Then they're tall (Rockomax-64s), and have a high center of gravity, so the noses smack into the ground, or they roll down a mountainside, and SAS/manuevering can't keep up. Now, obviously it's better to land in the flat plains, and I can (and have now) designed landers to be wider and lower. (Radial X200-32s instead.) I'm also turning of SAS along with the engines when I'm w
  6. I'm wondering how much design can vary for for a given set of limits, for example, a quick design experiment, Make a rocket that lands on Minmus and then back with a surface sample home to Kerbin. Limits: * Must be based on Mk1 command pod * Have real parachute/parachutes * Have solar panel/panels And the maximum part count is 14 . Maximum weight is 11 t. Would be very interesting what you come up with! :-) ! UPDATE ! ----> Kerbal Space Agency has rewarded Skystorm with a gold medal for achievement in RRD (Rapid Rocket Development) and for the very c
  7. Can you get a surface sample from Minmus, with a command pod, with a launch vehicle less than 10 tons, shorter than 6 meters, with less than 13 parts, and cheaper than 10,000 credits? I daresay I can. Done for this challenge: I present: the Magnificent Micro Minmus Munchmobile! Weighing in at only...wait for it...5.815 tonnes! No part clipping (although the ROUND-8 tanks place very closely, which helped). As you'll see, I didn't use any decouplers; this saved me weight, part count, cost, and height. I plan to use explosive decoupling to get rid of the booster,
  8. I made a algodoo scene called Kerbal Space Program? and it was a tiny bit similar. Screenshots: After that, share your photos to me after you built your rocket.
  9. For the first time ever, I took an SSTO to mine for ore on Minmus. I had to refuel once in LKO and once on the surface of Minmus. I then flew to the North Pole to mine. Once full of ore, I flew back to Kerbin, and somehow landed on the runway too. Mods: -tweakscale -mj -p-tanks -mk2 expansion Enjoy.
  10. Hello! Today I made something that I thought was impossible, I made a very high part count (yes it's laggy from time to time) ore extractor meant for low-gravity planets such as the Mün or Minmus. I'd like to share a few screenshots of it for you. Extracting ore Demonstrating the ore extractor on the launchpad It works even at night!
  11. Due to busy schedules, @TheEpicSquared has given me permission to reboot the Minmal X Prize! So, without further adieu, this is how I'll score the challenge: Players would have to use Kerbal Construction Time, and the build+rollout time of their rocket and spacecraft would be added to the MET after all the mission requirements have been completed. Shortest total time wins. Unfortunately, due to fact that the MET clock resets when undocking, I'll have to ban the use of docking ports. Sorry guys. completing the optional "prize purse" challenges would e
  12. Challenge: For this challenge, you will need to make a Rocket (No SSTO's or space planes allowed) that goes to minmus an back to kerbin, but you cannot a 'stable' orbit, what i mean by this is that you have to do this all in one go. Expert Mode: do everything else but fly past the moon on the way out and on the way back in! Steps: 1. Build Rocket 2. Fly to minmus (you can orbit around earth first, you have to go straight for minmus) 3. loop back to kerbin (Again, no orbits around minmus either, you have to go straight back) 4. land near the KS
  13. I'm running a heavily modded (178 mods) installation, and lately I've been having an enormous hit to performance (both FPS and physics rate) on and around Minmus. Everything else in the Kerbin system is fine. With this particular ship (a Garage Hangar from @allista's hangars mod, with a return vessel and launch vehicle attached, a Feline Utility Rover and Trailer from @Nils277 in the hangar, but unloaded until touchdown), I get about 40 FPS and 80-90% physics rate during launch. Once I get to orbit, it goes up to 60 FPS and 98% to 100% physics. It stays there all the way to Minmus SOI.
  14. This new spacecraft is capable of taking astronauts to the moon and back perfectly. I find it easy to fly and use. Use it and please distribute it among your friends. [Edit: contents moved to spoiler section by Snark]
  15. Background: In my recent career game I restarted for 1.2.2, I was originally working out a tutorial series for Hard Career that was reasonable to follow. Then I got distracted, as I'd never built a significant base on land before. Between that point and the beginning of the career, I'd picked up the updated Camera Tools mod that @BahamutoD started and @jrodriguez has been able to recently maintain for us fellow Kerbal Lovers. Go both of you guys, you rock! So, in playing with Camera Tools, and then starting to build a base, I decided I'd try and make a fun story about the process and
  16. Hello! I decided i would create a sped up version of my 2 hour mission to dump a rover on Minmus for later (MK3 SSTO with a base payload will send up a communications tower on Minmus). But something went wrong..... ENJOY!
  17. Was pondering this question and thought it might be interesting to pose to the forum. What's a more efficient planetary grand tour: going to the Mun first, or going to Minmus first? The way I see it, there are two moderately-high-efficiency routes. Minmus first Burn from LKO into a Mun flyby to get a gravity assist to Minmus Capture and land on Minmus Launch and orbit Minmus Burn from Minmusian orbit into a Hohmann transfer to the Mun Capture and land on the Mun Launch and orbit the Mun Burn from Munar orbit into a Kerbin aerocapture Mun
  18. (This is my first mission submission, so please bear with me. Also, I'm not completely positive this is an original idea. I couldn't find an identical challenge, but it is entirely possible that I saw it earlier and it was planted in my subconscious only to surfacelater seeming like an original idea. Please let me know--or don't) Ballistic Return from Minmus "You only get one shot" - Eminem Your mission is to design a theoretically reusable rig that will return a Kerbal from the surface of Minmus to the surface of Kerbin. ("theoretically" because I won't ask you
  19. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a little SSTO I made for fun, I call it the Banana Twins. It has two separate landers that can independently land on Mun/Minmus and return to the main craft. So really, this is 3 separate craft in 1. All 3 craft contain a probe core so they can be controlled remotely. 100% reusable design, nothing is lost except fuel. If you can manage to land it at KSC, it's even possible to refuel and do more missions. It's a bit tricky to fly, but it's perfectly balanced and provides just enough punch to get into orbit. The trick is activating the NERVs at 15,000m (whi
  20. This is my first spacecraft exchange, i have have always wanted to share my SSTO with the world. SSTO Lammergeier Specifications: Part Count, 93 Mass, 68.362t Height, 4.5m Width, 20.5m Length, 19.7m This my SSTO, the Lammergeier, seen here on Minmus Here it is in the SPH, and you can see its interesting wing shape. Here it is back on Kerbin after its voyage to Minmus, it has made the trip a couple of times and hasn't failed me yet. Thank you.
  21. I made this Minmus lander,and so i want to show me landing on Minmus! The lander: The rocket: Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! ' So i did some orbital stuff bla bla boring,and this appeared! Ye,an orbit around Minmus! Awesome,we are gonna land! Getting close! 2 MINUTES LATER... Yes! Landing achieved! Podman seems satisfied with the landing:
  22. The Great Thread of Mun & Minmus Landers In this thread you can post pictures or videos of Mun and/or Minmus landers, bases, satellites or space stations. You are also allowed to post pictures of you doing a fly-by of the Mun and/or Minmus. Hope to see them!
  23. Hi, So I built my first rover.... Its rather wide so I had to transport it to Minmus slung under the lander. I tested everything, well almost everything on Kerbin. Dropping the lander and driving it away using the built in probe body worked fine so I launched and landed on a slope just short of one of Minmus' flats. I dropped the lander, but when I tried to drive it the Kraken struck and everything exploded into bits of exploding rover, lander and terrified Kerbal. I tried to move the rover repeatedly but every time - Boom. The only way I could get around this was
  24. Hello, fellows! Today I share my trip to Minmus, it was kinda risky and fun. My Rocket: (It is my Mun lander) Engineer's report: totally overengineered. The Lower Stage: It's a Mainsail with 3 Skipper Liquid Fuel Boosters, which are connected to the main part. On top of that, there are 3 Thumpers. The Upper Stage: It's the mighty Poodle Engine(!!!!) with 2-and-a-half X200-16 Fuel Tanks. The Lander: It's a Mk1 Command Pod with some Material Bays, 16 (Yes, I said 16) Mystery Goo Containers, an Inline Stabilizer, parachutes, moar science stuff etc. aaaaaand
  25. So I've finally returned to the game after a few months hiatus, blazed through career and updated to 1.2. In Celebration of this I built a neat little Minmus base that serves to purpose but to look cool. I send over the core unit, a mobile scientific rover, a expansion craft to dock it with 2 modular solar arrays, a rover to ferry around said arrays, and a bigger rover to ferry around the bigger parts. After that I decided to dock up the rover and start piloting the abandoned fuselages I used to land out of the 2.4k range, least to save performance. After moving 2 I switch to the one closest t
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