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  1. Hello, I am relatively new to KSP (on Xbox one). I've been going through the tutorials and messing round in creative and feel I'm improving little by little. Now I have set a challenge for myself. I want make my stamp on my first step to space, the Kerbin system, by having space stations around Kerbin and Minmus, and having a mining colony on Minmus to help me on my way to reaching further into the Kerbol system. My main problem is: I can get into orbit with a spaceplane, and have a small orbital monoprop tug tug design to start building the Kerbin station, but I need a more eff
  2. Has anyone managed to get a nice figure of 8 in planned burn? or is minmus just not massive enough
  3. Hi, in this thread, i want you to post modules that would be appropriate for a minmus base. i have started with 2 hab modules and a refueling platform from ace space pilot challenge. you only have to build the modules, the heavy lifter will be my job. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I'm just wondering which moon i should visit first. Mun or Minmus? I haven't been to either in my own game. So which do you think i should go to first?
  5. Can't understand this; I have a probe scanning Minmus on a nearly perfect polar orbit (see MechJeb window) but the tracks it is doing on the ground while scanning are inclined like 30-45º... I have checked the Wiki and can't find any mention of Minmus axis having any inclination. Any ideas?
  6. So about a year ago, maybe a bit less, I circumnavigated Gilly. Back then I was a relative amateur at KSP, and the entire thing was shoddy, but nevertheless successful. However, looking back, the reason I chose Gilly was because I was worried about doing damage to the wheels. Once I got there, I was more worried about making orbit by accident. While I don't trust myself to create a ship capable of reaching Pol, the 2nd smallest body in the game, I do feel confident to go to Minmus. I'll submit several 'Chapters' in the form of IMGUR albums to showcase this. So, without further ado, I present C
  7. After countless fails, anger at aerodynamics and restarts, I present my first SSTO capable of going to anywhere besides orbit. I also show off a very efficient way to get back from Minmus to use very little fuel but alot of time.
  8. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Astrojet-Citation 5 Kerbals. 2200 dv in orbit. Inline clamp o tron. Vernier engines, fly by wire hub. Able to horizontally land on Minmus and Duna. This project arose from two inspirations. The first was a design sent to me by Bewing. It still shares the basic layout , but you could say I stretched it a bit The other was a project of mine to try and achieve the best possible handling for manual control. I wanted to avoid CG shifts as fuel burns off, without relying on any fuel balancer mods and keeping draggy struts to a minimum. W
  9. The most fun I've had in this game is building minmus hoppers in career. In 1.0.5 I got a couple thousand science and it took me three days of hopping to get all the biomes
  10. Hey everyone! This is my first topic on the forums, so let's get to it! This is the place for players to share images, advice, and tales (successful or not) of their Minmus missions. Why Minmus? I chose Minmus because of how accessible it is, but still requires some skill to get there (Minmus is also my favourite celestial body to visit in KSP). The low gravity also allows for some very impressive structures to be built. Unhindered by strong gravity, you can build bases that reach up into the sky. The low gravity also means that even at altitudes that are just high enough to scr
  11. Hi guys, I've read a few posts regarding this subject, however I've failed to understand them. First. I'll explain what I am trying to do and why. I am using antenna range in lieu of the 1.2 KSP update which is alleged to add something similar. I currently have a probe landed on Minmus that loses connection when it cannot "see' Kerbin. I wish to place three satellites in an equilateral triangle formation which should be able to provide a constant connection. I have worked out that the minimum altitude required for this is 60km with 120 degrees of separation. I plan to put the satellites
  12. I can't find any information on how to get from the surface of Minmus to Eeloo. Are direct transfers not possible? Do I really have to jump back down into Kerbin orbit? The launch window planner calculators won't calculate a transfer between Minmus and Eeloo, and I'm kind of clueless. Do I just need to do trial and error? I can't imagine I'm the only person in the history of this game to want to try flying to Eeloo from the surface of Minmus—yet I haven't found anybody asking about it here or on Reddit or in Google searches...
  13. Landed the core module of my new Minmus Base, sent Valentina outside, destroyed 3 of the 4 solar panels and realised i didn't bring a ladder. Kill me.
  14. Please, help me! Can't complete the mission "Build a new orbital station around Minmus". I achieved the orbit of Minmus and all goals, but goal "Have your station near Minmus" isn't checked. I looked for information about this problem, but couldn't find anything. Do you have any suggestions why that's might happened?
  15. I'm so happy! Took me at least 3.5 hours! http://imgur.com/vhbCRO9
  16. I'm very new to this game, only been playing a few days. My proudest achievement so far is landing an unmanned probe on the Mun and returning it to Kerbin. On this mission, I am attempting to land a manned probe on Minmus, I escaped Kerbin with no problems and fixed my ascension/descension nodes on the way there. However, I overshot one of my maneuvers by a tiny bit and ended up coming up to Minmus on a very strange angle. Whenever I try and create a new Maneuver to get into orbit around Minmus, my new orbit always appears out of place or not around Minmus. And at one point if I try
  17. I know this question has been asked time and time again, but since I don't like to necromance, I shall ask this question again. Assuming that a scaled-up Minmus was in a stable orbit of somwhat reasonable inclination, and didn't melt, how would its existence affect the history of space exploration?
  18. Greetings! I have been working hard to try to make a space plane that can reach Minmus but I am having multiple problems and am looking for some suggestions. Optionally, if someone has a working space plane that can reach Minmus LKO, dock with a station to deliver crew and return to Kerbin and land I would appreciate the opportunity to see it so I can better understand what I am doing wrong in my own designs. Basically the issues I am having are: 1. The aircraft can get into Kerbin LKO, however, it has no where near enough Delta V to get to Minmus, let alone back. For a rocket I'd add mor
  19. A contract mission came up, and one that involved something I was actually using for a change. I was tasked with expanding 'Minmus Base One', adding a second research lab and increasing its capacity from five to fourteen. I decided to make the new base module on wheels, so it could drive up to the existing tower and connect to the low-level docking ports. I also installed uprated solar arrays, as the base was a bit lacking in power generation. (images appear to be in the wrong order here, correct on Imgur itself...) http://imgur.com/a/1XjRW
  20. Reworked Kerbin System Greetings kerbonauts! This is first beta version of the "Reworked Kerbin System" - small modification that changes space center location, Mun and Minmus orbits. Mod require Kopernicus [included in zip file]. Changelog: 0.0.1 Space center has been moved Added 28 degree Mun inclination Added 14 degree Minmus inclination. Upper limit of the Kerbin atmosphere has been moved to 100 km. Download: KerbalStuff License: MIT
  21. This is the beginning of a soon to start series of rockets, the Sirius program. Presenting the first of the Sirius Program, the Sirius I: Capable of unmanned flight and delivery, it can be modified for a variety of 1m missions. It has so far been tested to reach the Mun. Minmus? Probably likely. Planets? Feel free to modify it for that. Ascent is quite speedy and stable. No wobbling here. More than enough RCS fuel. Boosters have a 99.9% no chance of collision with the main rocket body, even in a gravity turn. Here's a fine example. After separating, this stage is for orbit circulation and
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