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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. This is the page where I will be developing my own form of the Minor Planets Expansion for Outer Planets Mod, whose development was abandoned by Exo's Lab as she went on to make other mods. The old thread can be found here. With her blessing, I will be adding a couple of new worlds to this roster with hand-painted textures, complete biomes, and even science definitions. Here's the list of worlds that can be visited. New worlds are italicized. Doppler (like Apophis/Bennu) Dyva [DEE-vuh] (like Dimorphos/Itokawa) Edas (like Eros) Vant (like Vesta) Zore (like Psyche) Quazen (like Pallas) Lint-Mikey (like 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) Euribanne [YUR-ri-bane, YUR-ri-ban] (like Eurybates, Leucus) Eurbon [YUR-bon] (like Queta) Palloocus (like Patroclus) Palloomus (like Menoetius) Geito (like 1P/Halley) Crokslev (like Chariklo) Havous [HAY-vus, HAH-vus] (like Haumea) Kal (ring moonlet) Ki'ki (contact binary a la Kleopatra) Mracksis (like any red KBO [e.g. Makemake, Gonggong, Quaoar, etc.]) Flake (teeny white moon, like Styx) Ervo (like Eris) Archae (like Dysnomia) Soden (like Sedna) Lon (like nothing) And here is a gallery of the bodies for your viewing pleasure. The mod can be downloaded here on SpaceDock, and can also be accessed via CKAN. Has MIT licensing. This is version 1.3.0. Report any other bugs on GitHub. Like all other planet mods, this mod requires Kopernicus and ModuleManager (bundled). OPM is recommended for best play experience. Default science defs make reference to Sarnus, Urlum, and Neidon. Too Many Orbits is recommended in case the map view gets too crowded for play. NEW IN 1.3.0 (Diamonds in the Sky) Added Euribanne and Eurbon (L4 trojans) and Palloocus and Palloomus (L5 trojans) Completely reworked Doppler Fixed biome maps for all bodies (especially Ki'Ki) Fixed Vant crusty PQS glitch Added/fixed some science defs Previous changelogs: To do: New bodies Jool trojans! Some more secret bodies in the works Mod compatibility DMagic Orbital Science PlanetShine ResearchBodies Other planet packs
  2. Oh hai. This is a basic planet pack so far that adds a Near-Kerbin binary asteroid, Onor-Yuppo. They're basically asteroids that orbit near Kerbin, but Kerbin is on its way to catch up to them somehow. They're potentially hazardous, especially if Principia were to get involved. Onor's about 10 km big and has a giant red X on it. Yuppo is only 2 km big and is small enough to probably be deorbited with enough thrusting power. And so far, that's about it. I'll make more, but so far this is my first planet pack. Hopefully it will be better soon. Requirements: Kopernicus ModuleManager A good computer Known bugs: Onor PQS is incomplete After leaving Onor's SOI and time-warping, planets go off-rails To do: Add Pallas-Psyche-Vesta analog rich in metals Add science definitions and biome maps D-Magic and Distant Object Enhancement compatibility Fix those little dunce hats on Onor and Yuppo's height maps If you want to help alpha-test this, the link is here: Google Drive.
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