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Found 7 results

  1. A place to add useful insights you encounter while using the KerbalEDU Mission Editor....post them below & I will add key insights to this following list... @MarkZero Summary of useful insights from TG collected over the years: KerbalEDU Mission Library & Editor: https://kerbaledu.com/missioneditor/ TG's Mission Editor Tutorial (links): Useful Reminders: Questions from KerbalEDU 1.3.1 Send TG Desk Mission Event Click Corner to expand Mission Editor Text Boxes EDU Function Tool--custom data plot in EDU Flight Recorder Set the Flight Recorder parameters Has TG ever hosted a mission "competition"... Share all the TG Mission .craft files Mission Variations Notes Create KerbalEDU youtube playlists New KerbalEDU 1.3.1 login 'SAVES" details KerbalEDU 1.3.1 ReadMe.txt Questions from KerbalEDU 1.2.2 I have not been able to get images to display in message windows via the Mission editor...what folder should I put the images in? Are there image size or dimension limits, file type (jpg only?), etc.? Can I make the Mission Library 'Launch in KerbalEDU' button launch the x64 version (it always launches the x86 on my machines which is not licensed since I activated the x64) I assume KerbalEDU must load Mods during main program launch rather than loading a mission launch? Or? KerbalEDU appears to handle .sfs in /saves/scenarios|training differently than folders in /DownloadedMissions Is there a difference between the message boxes in the KerbalEDU mission system v. the 'TutorialEditor' called by the 'Training' .sfs saves in stock KSP
  2. Kerbal Scenarios & Missions using the n-body gravitation & angular momentum mod "Principia" NOTE 2022 January: With TeacherGaming closing its doors, the login based KerbalEDU 1.4.5 & 1.3.1 are no longer available. Private Division has released, to current holders of KerbalEDU, the old installer based KerbalEDU 1.2.2. For anyone desiring to use Principia in an EDU setting, I recommend using the most recent KSP (currently 1.12.3) as both Principia & KSP have progress tremendously since 1.2.2 and also since the Principia developers only support the current release of Principia. That said, if you really want to tinker with Principia without support in KerbalEDU 1.2.2 then Principia Cramer and its specific install dependencies (also study the Principia install instructions) was the last version to support KSP 1.2.2. The KSP save files I provided below will not work in 1.2.2 as they are for later versions of KSP. To start, I instead suggest tinkering with the ship in the KSP save posted at: Principia Challenge: Munar Retrograde Rendezvous (1.2.2) [edit 2020 March: expanded this topic to cover EDU related Principia activities rather than just one Mun mission] Table of Contents (= Links to key posts below with details): Principia Mun "Free Return" FlyBy Tips regarding creating scenarios by editing .sfs saves with Principia scimas' RSS Principia "initial state" files for various epochs Principia Challenge: Munar Retrograde Rendezvous (1.2.2)
  3. Xvar - Planes on Other Planets Variation Highlights: Collaborative/friendly competitive opportunity for real time flight data comparison between students on adjacent machines both in cases of flying on the same planet or on different planets (easier & more engaging than printing flight reports for comparison ;-) using the EDU flight recorder to improve/change flight. Mission Editor: Condition triggers, Menu flow & button naming style built to be one example useful to inspect when going through TG mission building tutorial. A Topic to share mission building help tips, details, fun, & further variations of 3 related KerbalEDU Missions at these links. NOTE: these were built in KerbalEDU 1.3.1 I have not yet tried them in 1.4.5: Original: by TG Rami (KerbalEDU Mission Library Deprecated) Variation: Xvar: Flight Recorder & Improved Menu, Story, Internals, etc DRAFT Variation: WIP: Xvar: FAR compare original rocket sledge with one adjusted for FAR aerodynamics model mod (NOTE: this version was built in 1.3.1 & has at least one broken menu link I need to fix & I have not yet run it in 1.4.5 with the FAR Continued backport): X FAR Planes on Other Planets EDIT V4.sfs .craft files: Rocket Sledge Kerbin.craft FAR Rocket Sledge Kerbin BALANCED.craft Specific changes in Xvar - Planes on Other Planets: preset* EDU Flight recorder, relevant 'idea sparks' story line, explosive feedback draws attention to significance of velocity at impact: (turned off joint & part 'safety cheats') smoother menu flow, easier to follow event/button labeling system 'under the hood' in case you would like to learn mission editing from or modify this mission (*note: currently only some of the flight recorder parameters are available to preset in the mission editor.) Specific changes in Xvar - FAR Planes on Other Planets: above changes plus, added a 2nd rocket sledge tuned for the FAR aerodynamics model placed next to Rami's original one so the difference in flight characteristics can be observed & explored added 2 function tools to the FAR sledge in case you want to track custom data in the flight recorder Mission use TIPS:
  4. I post this in case anyone else ran into this problem and have been pulling out their hair over it. If you ever make the mistake of trying to remove a node by dragging it off the edge of the screen back to the left panel (because your instincts have been trained to do this by the VAB editor's way to remove a part), if you aren't careful it can hide the node very far off-screen where you think it's been deleted but it hasn't. It's still present and affecting your mission graph but not being drawn where you can see it. I did this ages ago to remove a node, but it was still there. So I had a hidden "always true, catch-all" node painted at coordinate(-5994.02539, 202.246094). That's several screenfulls of width past the left of the screen. No matter how far out I zoom, or how I pan the view, it never allows me to pan far enough to the left to see it, so I was ignorant of its existence. Since it was the reason the rest of my mission didn't work, being unaware that it exists made it impossible to diagnose anything. I finally got suspicious when the mission status during runtime kept saying I was on the node called "Always True", when I no longer had any nodes called "Always True", having given all my nodes more descriptive names, not the default names. Then I saw where it said I had 32 nodes in the mission loading screen, and I counted carefully, and every count I did by hand showed only 31 nodes, not 32. Finally I looked at the actual text file "persistent.mission" and only by doing that was I finally able to see the extra node that wasn't drawing in the editor.
  5. Hi! I've been working on a standalone mission editor (prebuilt windows download here) for KSP that uses the krpc mod to connect to KSP. I've been working on it on and off for a few months and just picked it back up for a university module so have made some decent progress recently. I've thrown together a quick video showing some basics off and I'm hoping some of you lovely people will give it a go and throw some feedback my way - either here or on the issues page. Even better I'd welcome code contributions with new functionality! Also, send me interesting missions and accompanying crafts that you've made - I'd love to try them out!
  6. When testing a run through a mission in the mission editor, it would be really helpful to be able to see which state of the state machine it is currently sitting in. I think that would help me debug a lot of problems. But I'm not sure how to do this. Is there a feature that will show me this? It would be the state-machine equivalent of when a debugger highlights the current line of code as you step through a program. I suspect a lot of my problems are that the state machine isn't in the state I thought it would be at this point in the mission, but I don't know which state it's actually in instead of the one I expected.
  7. I'm having a hard time with the mission editor because anything that is vessel-dependant (i.e. check if vessel is landed, but only this one specific vessel, not just any vessel) has that pull-down list of vessels to pick from but the list is wrong and acting like it's off by one. Example, the list contains these items in this order: Any Ole Sciency [a little probe with some science instruments that I spawn for the mission] Trash Collector [the player-made ship that they will be expected to build as one of the first nodes of the mission graph] Voss Talk 2 [an abandoned ship with broken engine] ComSat1 [a geosyncronous satellite] SpyLab [an abandoned science lab station] Trash Collector [YES, this one appears twice in the list like this, at the top and at the bottom] When I try to pick "Any", and save the mission, when I return to the mission it has changed the selection to "Ole Sciency". When I try to pick "Trash Collector", and save the mission, when I return to the mission it has changed the selection to "ComSat1" instead. Also, I can use the little 3D viewer tool to pick the vessel and that looks right at first, until I save and come back, and then it's switched the vessel to another one again.
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