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Found 12 results

  1. The idea: Make a manned mission that is capable of landing on ALL the inner solar system bodies (Eve, Gilly and Moho), and return back to Kerbin safely with all Kerbals alive and well! Similar to the infamous Jool 5, building things in Kerbin orbit with multiple launches and refueling them in LKO is allowed, but no ISRU's, refueling outside of Kerbin orbit, no glitches/Kraken drives and no major part mods (you can ask if a specific mod is allowed). Images/Videos are necessary if you want to prove your success.
  2. When I saw the comets were being added, my first thought was to put one in orbit of Kerbin. Unfortunately, They’re massive. I’m going to try this soon, but I’d like to know if anyone else has done this before. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  3. Complete challenge: Orbit around Kerbin. Extra challenging: Land on the Mun (or Minmus) + Extra: Return Super duper hard: Land on Duna + Extra: Return Jebediah: Jool 5 and back ??????: Do something somehow harder than that and succeed at it and send proof pls
  4. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 61, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST OF PAYLOAD PROVIDERS CRAFT SUBMISSION THREAD KSP: EMULATING REAL LIFE YOUTUBE CHANNEL MOD LIST (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) CREDITS Thanks for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, they are gladly welcomed. Post it in this thread or PM them to me and/or @Oliverm001x, and we'll see what we can do.
  5. So, could you recreate (or at least partially recreate) the Gravity Movie as a mission builder mission in KSP? It would include parts like the beginning where they are at the HST on a STS mission and then debris which causes explosions destroy some of the Shuttle and you would have to get to the ISS and then Tiangong station to return to kerbin. I am just wondering if you could do this using the mission builder, or would it not be possible?
  6. Hey KSP fam, I posted this on the making history missions forum as a request, but seeing as this forum is meant for such things I thought I'd post this here. To cut a lot of re-posts (was collaborating with someone however he hasn't posted in a few weeks, and I don't have much time to create this on my own), I'll link to the original request on my own and on the following post I will link my contributions to the project. Original Thread:
  7. KSP missions are very fun, but, sometimes, taking science readings can get kind of boring and It would be cool to do some science in a different way. Maybe, It would be nice to build a probe, take screenshots and pretend It's a telescope or Imitate gravity with a spinning disc orbiting Kerbin. That's why I created this mission Idea. My suggestion is to just that! Create a vessel and do something interesting with it, maybe use some existing in game science equipment, like the readings on the thermometer or double-C Seismic accelerometer.
  8. Once upon a time, I ran the Doing it Apollo style challenge. Maybe it's time for a reboot. The challenge is to get a Kerbal to the Mun and back. But not just in any way - we are doing it Apollo style! Your Mun-mission hast to fullfill the following criteria: - Everything has to be started with a single rocket (no building ships in orbit or refueling in orbit) - You have to fly a LOR mission (you need a Command Module [CM] and a specialized Munar Module [MM]) - No automated piloting (no mechjeb, do your flying by hand) - BYOR (Bring your own rocket) - The rocket must be your own design Just for fullfilling theese criteria you will get thirty points. (+30) Mods are allowed, but will be listed in a seperate leaderboard. Please be so kind and document everything that is point-relevant with screenshots. (F1 for KSP-made-screenshots, F12 for Steam-made-screenshots) Also: Please, calculate your points yourself! I'm far too absentminded to do this for all of you with any accuracy. You can gain (or loose) point by achiving the following design or mission-goals Goals - 3-man Mission +10 - 2-man Lander +10 - 2-stage Lander (leave the decent-engine on the Mun) +20 - Main rocket aspargus'd? -10 (Wernher von Kerman does not like aspargus!) - Launch escape system in place? +10 - Lander stored behind the CM during ascent +20 - Lander tucked away behind some kind of fairing? +5 - Free return trajectory to the Mun +10 - Flawless landing (no parts broke off, Neil Armstrong is watching you!) +10 - Got a Munar Roving Vehicle (MRV) on board? +15 - After succesfull Mun landing dock CM and MM in munar orbit (no swapping ships without docking them first) +10 - MM disposed by crashing it into the Mun (remove Kerbal first!) +5 - Plant flag on the Mun (no cumulative, i.e. two flags don't get you 6 points) +3 - Spashing down on Kerbin (land on water) +5 - Kerbal dies -20 Additional Goals: - Deploy munar sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin +10 Points Landing accuracy (not cumulative) - Land within 5 km of Neil Armstong Memorial (NAM) +5 Points - Land within 500 m of NAM +10 Points - Land within 50 meters of the NAM +15 I was roving on the Moon one day... (not cumulative) - Test drive - drive beyond 100 meters of you lander +2 Points - Proper shakedown +5 points - Drive beyond 2.5 km of the lander - Gone drivin' +10 points - Drive beyond 5km of the lander - Are we there yet? +15 points - Drive beyond 10km of the lander MSEP - Munar Surface Experimental Package (not cumulative) MSEP must have power, probecore and at least one science-thingy - Minimalist +3 points - Deploy one experimental package at landing site - That'll do +5 points - Deploy two experimental packages at the landing site - For science! +10 points - Deploy two experimental packages 1 km from the landing site (and at least 1 km from eachother) - Science extravaganza! +15 points - Deploy four experimental packages 1 km from the landing site (and at least 1 km from eachother) Stock Leaderboard IncongruousGoat - 218 points sdj62 - 218 points Scarecrow - 218 points Mesklin - 213 points overkill13 - 208 Martian Emigrant - 198 points Numerlor - 193 points Physics Student - 193 points SuicidalInsanity -188 points Jetski - 178 points W.Kerman - 143 points sevenperforce - 143 points Gordon Fecyk - 135 points Modded Leaderboard Scarecrow - 193 points foobar - 145 points Kertech - 143 points smotheredrun - 128 points Nefrums - 103 points
  9. Note/Disclaimer/Whatever it's called: This is not a full-fledged challenge just yet, this thread is for discussing how a KSP version of the Google Lunar X Prize challenge could be held on this forum. Also, please excuse the mess. Right, so a few days ago, I heard the news about the final teams in the Lunar X Prize, and I thought, why not make it a KSP challenge? Obviously, there are quite a few complications, which is why I'm making this "discussion" thread first. So, I'll be taking the guidelines from this website, and adapting it so it can be done in KSP. If you disagree with something feel free to comment and discuss. After all, that's why I'm making this "challenge development" thread first. Anyway, let's get to it: So far, this is how I'll score the challenge: Players would have to use Kerbal Construction Time, and the build+rollout time of their rocket and spacecraft would be added to the MET after all the mission requirements have been completed. Shortest total time wins. Unfortunately, due to fact that the MET clock resets when undocking, I'll have to ban the use of docking ports. Sorry guys. Maybe, completing the optional "prize purse" challenges would earn the player a set amount of time deducted from their total time - so for example, maybe visiting a monolith (the Apollo Heritage bonus prize) would take off a certain amount of time from the total time (say, 1 kerbal day deducted). Mission requirements Land safely on the surface of Minmus I'm thinking Minmus because there's more stuff to do compared to the Mun Mobility Here's where it gets tricky. The real LXP states that the craft must move at least 500 meters from the landing site. Hard enough in real life, very easy in KSP. Therefore, I think a suitable mobility requirement would be to drive 25 kilometers from the landing site. However, this could get tedious very quickly, so if anyone has any other ideas, please share! Mooncasts The real LXP states that two 8-minute pieces of video must be taken by the vehicle, one directly after landing and one after the mobility requirements have been completed. Instead of this, I think one video documenting the entire process of launching, landing on Minmus and completing the mission requirements would be good. In this video, the KCT build+rollout times would have to be shown, along with the MET after all the requirements have been completed. Data uplink I have no idea how this can be done in KSP. I guess I'll leave it alone for now. Payload Not too difficult, I could make a small craft that would need to be hauled over to Minmus along with the main vehicle. Private funding Yeeaahhh... judging that there's no government in KSP, I guess I'll be leaving that alone. Maybe instead have a maximum cost limit, like 50,000 kerbucks for the vehicle only (the rocket, supplied by me, would not be included in the cost)? Deadline Not sure what the deadline would be just yet, but there would be one deadline for when submissions should be designed and ready for launch (with screenshots included), and one deadline after that before which all missions should be launched to Minmus (with a video of the mission included). Prize purse In the real LXP, the first team to complete all the mission requirements gets $20 million, and the second team gets $5 million. Since this is KSP, and there's no significance in money, completing these bonus objectives will result in a specific time being deducted from the total time (these times are of course subject to change based on feedback). Apollo heritage bonus prize (1 kerbal day - 6 hours - deduction) For this one, instead of visiting landers, the player could visit monoliths instead. Range bonus prize (2 kerbal days - 12 hours - deduction) Instead of having your vehicle move the required 25 kilometers, maybe travelling to the highest elevation on Minmus? Not sure where that is, though. Survival bonus prize Since things in KSP are pretty much indestructible unless you blow things up, I'll ignore this one for now. Water detection bonus prize (3 hours deduction) Instead of water, maybe the vehicle would have to detect for ore instead? If concentrations above, say, 10% (subject to change) are found, this bonus objective had been accomplished? Team/Player Requirements The real competition required teams to acquire launch contracts by Dec 31 2016. Of course, in KSP there is no need for this; you can just build your own rocket in a few minutes. Therefore, I'm thinking (bear with me, this is complicated) that we have a limited number and design of rockets, just like in real life. I would provide these rockets, which would have different payload capacities to LKO (100x100km), different costs, different KCT build times, etc. It should be noted that when doing the mission, you are only allowed to use the rocket to get you into a 100x100km orbit around Kerbin. At this point, the rocket that got the submission into orbit should be discarded, and any further maneuvers should be completed under the submission vehicle's own power. Reporting This can be ignored for now, I wouldn't need weekly/monthly updates on the vehicle progress. Access to facilities and information Again, this can be ignored for now Spacecraft communication Every submission vehicle should have an antenna with a range capable of talking to Kerbin from Minmus. Also, what do you guys think about the vehicle having to be in contact with a Kerbin ground station at all times? I would set up a (half-decent ) relay network around Minmus, so it would be in contact with Kerbin even when direct line of sight is occluded by Minmus. Other rules 1. Complete all of the mission requirements. 2. All the team/player requirements must be met. 3. Only stock parts and aerodynamics, apart from the KER and Mechjeb parts (I'll add a separate FAR category if people want that). 4. KER and Mechjeb are ok for informational use, but Mechjeb cannot be used for piloting. 5. No autopilot mods. In this challenge, you'll be flying by hand, the good old-fashioned way. 6. No Alt+F12 menu, hyperedit, or any other shenanigans. 7. Commnet must be on throughout the mission, with both occlusion sliders set to 100% (I know I'll be providing the save file, but the Commnet settings can be changed from within the save and I want to make sure nobody does that). 8. Multiple forum users can be in a "team" and work together on the same vessel (I don't know why people would do that, but I'm just putting the option out there). 9. All submission vehicles must be uploaded to KerbalX, Dropbox, etc. As per the forum rules Mediafire isn't allowed due to ads. 10. The rocket will only get the vehicle into LKO. The trans-Minmal injection burn and other maneuvers will have to be completed under the submission vehicle's own power. 11. All submissions must be ready by the deadline (haven't thought of one yet, but will be in the format of MM-DD HH:MM:SS (month-date, hour-minute-second), time zone GMT (probably). 12. All missions must be completed using the provided save file (not provided yet, I'll make one when I have time). 13 and onward. Any other rules that I might come up with (I probably definitely will). That's all for now folks, and remember, this isn't the actual challenge thread, it's a discussion thread for a future challenge thread. Leave suggestions to make this better, and hopefully, soon we can make the Minmal X Prize challenge a proper challenge! Thanks for reading!
  10. Though not a challenge, this is a mission idea - well, an idea for multiple missions really - so it seems to be at home in this thread. Without further ado, I'll introduce the idea properly. Extended Exploration Program for a chosen planetary system Most of the time, people send one or two missions to a planetary system, to gather the science from a couple of biomes and to plant a flag saying "Jeb woz 'ere" (or words to that effect). It's a perfectly reasonable way of doing things of course, but for anyone who is bored with that and looking for new ideas, I propose an alternative. Rather than sending a few missions to a lot of different places at once, it can make a nice change to pick one planetary system and do an extended exploration program for just that one place. Plan a huge, decades-long exploration program that aims to land in every biome on the planet (if it's not a gas giant) and all of its moons, gather all of the science, and then return a (possibly rather large) exploration crew to Kerbin. Here's the way that this sort of planetary exploration program generally goes, though its not set in stone. Step 1: choose a planetary system - technically you could choose the Mun or Minmus, but I find that this exploration method works better for places outside of Kerbin's SOI since most people explore the Mun and Minmus rather extensively compared to elsewhere. This planetary system is what you are going to focus your exploration efforts on. Step 2: design vehicles. You'll probably be wanting at least one interplanetary freight transport (I like modular designs, but go for whatever you find easiest), station modules, base modules (and ways of landing them), rovers (and ways of landing them), and vehicles that can transport kerbals to/from the surfaces of every celestial body in that system (except for those that don't have a surface, such as Jool). And of course, you'll also need launch vehicles for transporting all of these payloads to Kerbin orbit (and beyond, for those cargoes that aren't going to be attached to a mothership). Step 3: send some survey probes to scan for the best locations for landings and surface bases. For bases, I usually go with places that are within reasonable driving range of 2 or 3 biomes, and have ore available (if planning to use ISRU). Different celestial bodies may present different challenges for landing, and you should consider what you want to prioritize when thinking about a base location. Also, it's often convenient with larger bodies particularly to have an ISRU base at the poles, so that an SSTO vehicle can refuel on the surface and be able to conduct plane changes with fewer fuel tanks (or you could simply design the vehicle to be able to conduct plane changes anyway). As for other landing locations, it's good to just have one picked out for every biome. Step 4: consider potential station orbits. It can be useful to have a station in orbit of the planet you're trying to explore, and it always makes a nice addition to this sort of exploration program. Usually the ideal base locations are not going to be at equatorial locations, so it is often convenient to position your station in an orbit that can theoretically be reached by lifting off from most of your surface locations without too much plane changing (a polar orbit covers this for all points on the surface, but it means that a gravity turn isn't an option). Step 5: figure out what things you're going to send to the planetary system at what times, and then just go and explore it all. And make sure to have fun doing it.
  11. Hey all. I am not that new to KSP, but I am pretty new to the KSP community, and would like some medium difficulty mission ideas and anything else you think would be good for me to know.
  12. So does anyone want to try the following: drive and maybe jump sometimes and get from the ksc to the monolith that is selected on the following image If you do it show me plz.
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