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  1. Hey everyone! I'm SiriusRocketry, and this mission report came about after a corrupted save file killed my abortive Jool V attempt. I've been struggling with staying committed to stock KSP, as my litany of barely-started mission reports on the forum can attest, so I was looking for a fresh challenge. I'd heard of the JNSQ planet pack on the grapevine, and after a bit of inspiration from both @septemberWaves's Constellation mission challenge and @Misguided Kerbal's JNSQ and BDB modded mission report One Small Step, I decided to embark on a new quest; creating a Kerbalized Orion program to t
  2. Republic Of Kerbal Space City COMPLETED There is a sequel! If you want more info about that go here: About Us: Republic Of Kerbal Space City Was Started At Nov 12,2019 As A Private Project Of Mine Making A City In Space, On September 19, 2020 This Project Has Open Up To The Public. I Really started to think that this idea was stupid beacause people will say this is useless or something. Official Flag: 988 Robert Mark Apartment Station: City: Currently With And Other Crafts (Shops, Indus
  3. Greetings, fellow Kerbals! Over the last week or so, us moderators had started talking about doing some mandatory bonding exercises co-op gameplay together. We used to play MC together or TF2 from time to time, the biggest problem is that we were often awake and asleep at varying times, and rarely were we ever all awake at the same time. I remember a ways back, the Youtube KSP community started a series together where they passed a save file around and built a space station in orbit of Kerbin. I thought to myself, surely we can do better, and thus the Moderation Nation Space Program was b
  4. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! Sit back, grab a few snacks, and enjoy. Circumnavigation 1 - Kerbin, equatorial Part 0: Designing a rover that can actually rove Part 1: The journey begins Part 2: The first land crossing Part 3: Spontaneously exploding Kerbals and flags Part 3.5: More and bigger spontaneous explosions Part 4: No more explosions! Part 5: A quick sea crossing Part 6: Unimpeded progress Part 7: "Anti-lock braking failure" or "How to do cartwheels in a 32 ton vehicle" Part 8: Pushing on to Not-So-Unlucky Checkpoint 13 Part 9: Is
  5. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture
  6. Hi all! I'm going to be playing through @Superfluous J's fabulous Kerpollo challenge. This means that in a science mode game I'm only allowed to launch 9 self contained missions with a few additional caveats that are detailed in the link below This has given me a great excuse to visit all the planets in the Kerbol system which I've been meaning to do for a while ... I'm aiming to do at least one chapter per week. I'll try to post them on the weekend. My Mod list: TriggerTech (Kerbal Alarm Clock) 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl Communi
  7. Extremely relevant music to set the scene Well the kerbals did it again! Or rather, aspacecephalopod did it again and started a new savegame without finishing some projects in the others RSS and OPM explorations are still happening, but I thought it would be fun to take a break with something more... spinny. Enter... Mesbin! Where a sorry lot of kerbs have been stuck for ~1700 years, living sadly in battered old underground tunnels. But, they have recreated the space program they once had on other planets, complete with a KSC that features a runway that will have to be used sometime, de
  8. (IMPORTANT! Read the last 2 replies!) KASA is being continued by @GuessingEveryDay as MASA! Hey guys, I'm Misguided_Kerbal and I'm pretty new to the forums. This is going to be my first Mission report. Before you read this, I would just like to mention that I'm still a noob, so many missions (if posted here) will probably be my first. I'm playing on sandbox in 1.9.1, with both DLCs. Now, moving on: Mod List: Flag: Kerbonaut Corps: I guess just Jeb, Bob, and Bill, because my astronaut corps is really glitchy. Ro
  9. Prologue. Let me take you through this mission, what I felt as an epic journey, whit this after-action report / photolog. It is a long one. This wasn't easy, was my first time on Eve and just visited Mun, Minmus and Duna before. So let me tell you the whole history and a bit of the background. This is a long story, and English is not my first language, so please bear with me. I'm playing on career mode. All stock, vanilla game with Breaking Ground expansion, no mods. And I don't like to time-warp travel times between planets so I can use tho
  10. I'm sorry about the long wait but i'm finally doing it for real this time. I've already done some posts of my previous attempt which was interrupted by schoolwork... But here's the new Imgur album of the launches comprising the first of my probe vanguard to Jool (Because why not) Album Link Will update as work progresses. Launching the second support vehicle as I write this
  11. From Kerbin To Beyond is my first mission report multi-part series that is taking place in a lightly modded ksp 1.8 career. As I make progress and launch new missions, I release new parts in a mission report style showing the mission and what happened during it. Some parts also include some dialogue for missions with kerbals onboard, to add to the mission report and make it better. This is my first time making something like this, so if it's not the best, I am still learning how to make it better! I hope you will enjoy this series, and I can't wait to see how far it will go! List of Parts
  12. This is my mission report thread (and this is my first topic in this forum too) , it's about my space adventures , an invention and tortures(or even kills)Kerbals, I hope you are going to enjoy with my stuff in this topic (sorry about my English, that's not my first language)
  13. Beyond The Moon is my second mission report multi-part series, after From Kerbin To Beyond. It is about my progress through a RSS/RO career in RP-1 as I try to get to The Moon and eventually to other planets such as Venus and Mars. As I make progress, I update this OP with the new parts. Each part is a year, and every launch I do in that year is included in the part (later years will be split up into multiple parts, like Q1, Q2, etc). Unlike in my other series though, the space program in this series has a name! Its called the K.S.E.A. I hope you will like reading the parts, and enjoy this ser
  14. Trip 1 (part 1) - Decent of Doom. With the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation completed, Bob felt like he still had things he needed to accomplish on Kerbin, before heading off for other planets. So to help Bob resolve that (and pull in those big tourism funds) he's been set up in the travel business, taking tourists on guided tours of far flung parts of Kerbin. For this venture new equipment was needed. No puttering around in a boat at 30-40m/s, when a plane will get you places a lot quicker. The new bird, named Flaming Flamingo (of Flam Flam to its friends) took to the skies with V
  15. At The newly Upgraded KSC funding was tight after the completion of Kerbin Station Alpha, and was barely afloat with shuttle missions and satellite contracts. Gene Kerman, slightly drunk after the party that ensued after the station was in orbit, and Jeb was back home, Had been contacted by a Jacob Kerman who offered a very lucrative contract which gene signed without reading the fine print. He Had just accepted a mission to Jool, to land on all 5 of its moons, and return in one ship. Wernher had an unexpected visit from Gene who asked him to design a vessel for the mission.
  16. <mod list to be added> KSP Version: 1.3.1 A Twilight Epic Revival, Names, and Ulterior Motives After installing The World Beyond, I decided to make a Space Station around Kerbin to serve as a jumping off point for voyages to Duna. It was also my attempt to get back into KSP after an absence of a few months. Chapters with a # next to the title were originally posts in "What did you do in KSP Today?". Index: Book 1 Book 1 - On Fire and Gateways Part 1: Twilight Power# I don't even know anymore. Twilight Station
  17. Hi peeps!! I'm HansonKerman, and these are my Sandbox Micro Missions where I post small missions in a new save! This save is Custom Mode - Normal Mode with 64% reentry heat Oh, and VAB snippets will appear. Notable mods: Astronomers Visual Pack Fengist's Font Factory Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb MissingHistory Textures Unlimited RealPlume Stock ManueverNodeEvolved Everything Is Awesome (LEGO parts) Squiggsy Space Research (probe parts) and many, many, many, MANY, more... Thanks to: @SiriusRocketry, missi
  18. This report/analysis seeks to answer the question: What would the future of the Kerbals look like? Specifically in the time frame of say, 100-300 years, a future firmly ingrained in realism and hard Sci-Fi.. I’ve had the idea of creating a story set in that approximate era, but being an extraordinarily extravagant idea, this series is dedicated to finding out the specifics. I also hope that this series will help future writers help flesh out their futuristic universes as well. Things to Note: -There’s a fair amount of mods used in this series—but i’ll try to keep it at minimum
  19. THE KERBIN ESCAPE:THE JOURNEY TO SPACE COLONIZATION Introduction Over an year since the original idea, and five months since I wrote the first lines, the first chapter is finished. Escaping Kerbin will follow an organized effort to colonize space in the KSP universe. The story is intended to cover the many factors, trials, tribulations, and outcomes of the space colonization, before a backdrop of a world slowly tumbling into chaos. The story will rely on modern technology at the beginning, with gradual technological advancements becoming available. In the context of this series,
  20. Project: VERITAS Those were the words that started it all. A quest. To find out all there is to know about everything that we could, and then some. Now we Have a Discord so you can access unused pics and discuss Project: VERITAS. Mod List: Hi, there! This is what I'll be doing during the downtime in my other mission report. It follows my career game using the Career Evolution contract pack and the Community Tech Tree. Project Status: PHASE I - Suborbital, Early Orbital, and Basic Probes PHASE II - Complex Orbi
  21. As I seem to be able to keep up to date with my Mission Reports, I've decided to make a "consolidated thread" to make it easier to find the latest post. This way you can click the links rather than scrolling through old "news". Reports - Science Mode Game. 1. A False Start. 2. A New Beginning..... 3. Testing the Large Mun Rover 4. Destination Mun - Transporting the LMR. 5. LMR - Report One 6. The A1 MK3 SSTO. 7. Minmus & Mun Reports (including LMR - Report Two) 8. LMR - Report Three 9. LMR - Report Four (running Westwards) 10. LMR - Report Fiv
  22. I've played KSP on and off for a couple of years now, but always struggled getting the game to run smoothly on my aged laptop. With everything turned down to minimum, it could just about chug along. Having long since given up the dream of having a nice gaming PC, I took the plunge and went for a PS4 for my 50th birthday. I've really enjoyed some of the games (namely Witcher 3, Cities Skylines, MudRunner and AC: Origins) but missed the mental workout that you get from KSP. So, when I saw the Enhanced Edition had arrived on the Play Station Store, I crossed my fingers and bought it strai
  23. [NOTE: This is a fresh start/reboot of "The Outer Planets Adventures!", which some of you may remember. It is in a different save, so some past events mentioned in both series may be contradictory, although they did actually happen.] [NOTE: @Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries mods will be featured heavily in this Mission Report, for the simple reason that I like them and they are very well put together.] The space program was looking better than ever. Five bases on Duna were constantly staffed, and a permanent colony had been established on the Mun. Plans were even underway for a samp
  24. WELCOME to the Kerbal Air and Space Exploration Initiative (KASEI) ! This thread will serve as a place to store and share my KSP-related After Action Reports (AARs). I'm a long-time KSP player (first played in Spring of 2012); however, it's been more than two years since I last played it in any serious fashion, and so after a short warm-up stint, I feel comfortable trying out a new modded Career playthrough, which I hope to share with you. The playing sessions will be relatively short (less than one hour), but will happen regularly. Updates will be to-the-point and illustrated.
  25. Over the past 8 weeks, i planned, built and flew a mission i wanted to do for a long time. Here is the report and the craftfiles. Enjoy, download, comment! Frank Special thanks: Major Jim - for his awesome stock hinge system and tons of comments during construction of the crafts Raptor 9 - for his inspiring craftfile page Note: All crafts are completely stock, with the exception of the satellites. They will require the SCANsat mod. Complete Mission Album: Edit: 2016-11-26 - Here is a clean link, so you can view the album, that w
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