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  1. hello there welcome to my new mission report. this will have a youtube series eventually but for now ill just be a mission report. modlist: intro: Many years ago, a bunch of Kerbals flew from the Kerbol star system to explore and colonize the Kaywell star system. However, they crashed on Mesbin, a big fat spinny rockball. After a few thousand years of setting up civilization, the Kerbals decided to try and escape this horrid garbage planet. Mesbin System Map, taken from the Whirligig World forum page Soon
  2. (DISCLAIMER: Not at all related to @TwoCalories's excellent mission report The Sky is Not The Limit) Well normal things were happening on planet Kerbin. The big war had ended, "world peace" established, and Gene Kerman and his gang were just about to open the Kerbal Space Program. However, the moment the KSC was about to open, their friendly neighborhood United Knations officer reminded them that there was a strict "No Fireworks" policy in the region, and that they would have to buy an access permit from the UK. The unfortunately would set them back a good 5 million kerbucks... so Gene Kerman simply decided to convert the space program to a airliner business instead. How hard could it possibly be... The Sky IS the Limit Rules: Important Mods: ------------------------ Now with the help of the Kerbal Environmental Institute (a former street gang turned aviation club) and a small rocket probe (Gene told the UK it was a "experimental propulsion test plane") , the Kerbal Spaceless Program was ready to face the future "head on"... soon...
  3. Odyssey to the Stars: An Interstellar Quest Hi everybody, today I made an account on the KSP Forums so that I could share my last big mission in KSP 1. This is a completely stock mission, without even visual mods. Because of this (and the fact that this is my first mission report), it won't have as nice eye-candy as the other reports on this forum. As for the actual mission, it will be a Jool Flyby expedition. It will include a multi-launch craft, which will slingshot past Jool towards the stars. Launch of the Karman and Beadred Gravity Rings: To keep the kerbals healthy, two gravity rings will be launched. I will only have screenshots of one of the launches as they are the same. Starting gravity turn.. Tilting to the side... Only took a few attempts to get them both to orbit . Decoupling MOAR BOOSTERS and then we will be go for docking. The Karman and Beadred Gravity Rings are docked! So what do you guys think? Would you like more pictures? Hope you all stick around for the rest of my mission report . The reason why it's my last big mission is because I'm thinking of getting a PC upgrade so that I can play KSP 2.
  4. Before we start, I'd like to thank myself for making the mod I will be using, KerBinary. It's ok and I hope you check it out. Also I am playing on Rescale 2x, with a self-imposed rule of no reverts on actual missions. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER 1: Intro and stuff WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, everything has to start somewhere, and here, like most other KSP games, I started out with a simple sounding rocket, the Safe 'n Sound 1 Isn't she a Beauty? Unfortunately, the parachute was deployed in flight. Still got 72 whole science points!!! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since I am using BARIS, i want to do some Testing Sigh. . . . Later.
  5. Hey! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I've been on these forums for a while, and I always wanted to do a mission report, but wasn't really sure what to do it on. At the same time, I always wanted to do a big Artemis-style "Mun-to-Duna" program, but I'd always run out of motivation. Putting them together, I decided that writing a mission report would give me the motivation I needed to do what I want. Without further ado, I give you Per Aspera Ad Astra Background: The report will be split into two parts. Part 1, "Per Aspera" will focus on the return to the Mun. Part 2, "Ad Astra", will focus on the exploration of Duna. The space agency this report focuses on is called KASA, and it's the national space agency of the Kerbal States. They went to the Mun with an Apollo-style program, but haven't returned since. Their main focus now is Space Station Harmony (Kerbal equivalent of the ISS), cooperating with Roskerbmos, the space agency of the Rusk Federal Union. First Post Later Today!
  6. Over the past 8 weeks, i planned, built and flew a mission i wanted to do for a long time. Here is the report and the craftfiles. Enjoy, download, comment! Frank Special thanks: Major Jim - for his awesome stock hinge system and tons of comments during construction of the crafts Raptor 9 - for his inspiring craftfile page Note: All crafts are completely stock, with the exception of the satellites. They will require the SCANsat mod. Complete Mission Album: Edit: 2016-11-26 - Here is a clean link, so you can view the album, that was linked here, directly on IMGUR, as the inserted albums do not display correctly at the moment: http://imgur.com/a/G0fjX Profile: Mission: Orbital Assembly* Central Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Central Inline Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Left Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Right Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Left External Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Right External Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Habitat|Lab Section - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Payload 2 - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Payload 1 - T4 Kerberos SLV-SH Heat Shield - T2 Pegasus I Payoad 3 - T2 Pegasus I with special docking vehicle Crew - T2 Pegasus III with Mosquito crew carrier * listed in correct launch order Mission: Orbital survey of Duna and Ike (prior to crewed mission*) Duna Hi Res surface scanner - deployed in high polar Duna orbit Duna Biome scanner - deployed in medium polar Duna orbit Duna Lo Res surface scanner - deployed in low polar Duna orbit Ike Hi Res surface scanner - deployed in high polar Ike orbit Ike Biome scanner - deployed in medium polar Ike orbit Ike Lo Res surface scanner - deployed in low polar Ike orbit Duna transfer stage - deployed in very high polar Duna orbit (serve as comms-relay for Duna SOI system) *delivered on a T2 Pegasus I with interplanetary transfer stage, satellites listed in order of deployment Mission: Duna Trek DTV Bring crew and equipment to Duna Break up into 2 vehicles - One stays in orbit around Duna, the other moves on to Ike Re-assemble Return crew to Kerbin orbit, then break apart for de-orbit Rhino Lander Land on Duna Construct Habitat Ground mission - get samples from 3 different biomes Return to DTV Octopod Lander Land on Ike Deploy Habitat rover Ground mission - get samples from 3 different biomes Return to DTV Solar Bird Perform high altitude atmospheric scans of Duna Move to parking orbit, to serve following missions Mole science carrier Assist in orbital assembly of Solar Bird Perform high orbital survey Download .zip file: [STOCK 1.1.x] All mission craft, packed for orbital assembly, including launchers [added 2016-05-16] Action-Groups: 1 - toggle DTV LV-N engine blocks 2 - toggle RCS blocks 3 - toggle DTV equipment (solar arrays, antennas etc.) WARNING: DONT DO, WHILE FRAME IS CONNECTED TO DTV 4 - jettison mission crafts from transport frame WARNING: DONT TOUCH THESE WHILE PILOTING DTV 5 - toggle return stage engines 6 - toggle descent stage engines 7 - cut drogue chutes / deploy main chutes 8 - deploy cover / toggle rover reaction wheels 9 - deploy payload 0 - toggle equipment (solar arrays, antennas etc.) Abort - launch return stage / jettison de-orbit capsule of DTV Mission Infos: The Crew Command Valentina Kerman - DTV Pilot and Mission Commander - stays on DTV Bob Kerman - Chief Scientist - stays on DTV Duna Landing Team Jebediah Kerman - Rhino Lander Pilot Catly Kerman - Science Officer Dandrin Kerman - Field Engineer Ike Landing Team Jean Kerman - Science Officer Bill Kerman - Chief Engineer Mission time: Launch Date 1y 327d 02:03:23 Return Date 4y 234d 05:20:12 SCIENCE: 4.006,8 from recovered data +500,0 transmitted from Science Lab +188,0 transmitted Crew reports Ike biomes: Midlands (LZ-01) South Eastern Mountain Range Eastern Mountain Ridge Lowlands 30 different science reports were brought back Duna biomes: Lowlands (LZ-01) Midlands Highlands 33 different science reports were brought back Analysis & necessary optimizations (already done in the downloadable craftfiles): - Add docking port to Ike lander transport frame - HOW COULD I FORGET IRGS HNGN… - Add fuel to landing stage of Ike lander to prevent suicide burn as only option - Add antenna to Ike ascent module - Check action group on Ike landers RCS thrusters - Add antennas to auxiliary tank module - Remove shroud from doublepacked inflatable heat shield due to jettison bug - Remove shielded docking port from science module, as it is bugged (may not release docked craft) - Add searchlight to Mole science carrier Optimizations for next mission (not done in the downloadable craftfiles): - Add second hinge to Rhino rear cargo ramps to prevent it from falling off from phsyics wobble - Close hinge mounts to prevent ramps from falling off due to landing gear bug, resulting in wobble - Add monopropellant storage to DTV, current load is sufficient but very limited - Add reaction wheel to DTV to save more RCS monopropellant - Move mass of DTV to the middle of the craft for better aerobraking capabilities (prevent flipping) - Remove 1 or 2 tanks from the DTV as it carries far too much liquid fuel You have done it, this is the end
  7. So, I haven't been to every planet in stock KSP yet. And KSP2 is coming out pretty soon, so I'll have to visit them all in one go. Might as well visit all the rest of them, too. The ships I will be using are: 1. A 40m long capital ship, named the "Astley" after the one who told us to never, ever, give up: 10 NERVs at the back push the 200 ton ship at about 0.3G, but that's gonna change once the landers are installed. The module at the back carries ISRU equipment, and is capable of landing on its own or with the main ship. The next post will show the landers I plan to use, as soon as I'm done making them. I plan to have a small ion ship, an SSTO, an Eve lander, a Tylo lander, and one more rocket-powered lander for the medium-sized moons. Maybe also a ship with a klaw to go to a comet or asteroid.
  8. It's Back! The mission report that no one cared about is back! Same as the last one, it is using my own KerBinary mod, as well as my own homemade frankensteined visual mod. The general stuff is the same, with it being mostly stock + Restockplus and Restock, and with a 2X rescale, because it just feels better. Other mission report: Mod (if, for some reason, you want to use it): The science is not balanced yet but I will get around to balancing it sometime, for now science is just on 50% and I'll be limiting myself to what feels right To get right into it . . . _________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the wise words of some philosopher, everyone starts somewhere. The Kerbals are no exception. For years they have looked up at the sky, and wondered, "Are there Snacks up there?" Today, they find out. At last, the KSP's first rocket was built. It was originally going to be unmanned, but thanks to Jeb's complaining, a small capsule was created just for it. Presenting, the Hopper 1! 3.. 2.. 1.. IGNITION! After the fuel burns out, we reach maximum height at around the pitiful height of 20 km. Jeb is able to buzz some airplanes on the way down. Coming in over the space center. R&D better hold their coffee. And landed! Jeb's hunger for speed, height, and danger, has not been entirely satisfied by this rocket, though. this must be rectified, as well as the collection of more SCIENCE! And so ends the flight of the Hopper 1. A decent flight, it ended in Jeb going almost 1/4 the way out of the atmosphere, but we will certainly go farther on the next launch. I also unlocked some SCIENCE! which I used to get the first 2 techs. The decoupler and the larger boosters would be imperative in the second launch, the Hopper 2! Due to launching restrictions though, we couldn't have made it larger, or else Jeb might have blacked out from the Gees It's a big upgrade from the Hopper 1, with a larger booster, fins, and a decoupler for the capsule so the parachute can be more effective. 3.. 2.. 1.. IGNITION! Strangely enough, the rocket started heating up on launch, and streaks of air began glowing around the rocket. this was later discovered to be a phenomenon called Compression Heating which might need to be factored into future launches, especially on atmospheric entry. Even after engine burnout, the rocket was able to make it to space! Jeb's appetite for danger has probably been satisfied, and we get all of that sweet, sweet SCIENCE! Pretty from up here, isn't it. Decoupling the capsule. Unfortunately though, we later received news that the booster survived the trip, just to crash into Bill's hotdog stand just outside of the space center. This had the side effect of making Bill jobless, which meant we could kidnap recruit him into the space program. No major reentry heating, actually, and the parachute deployed just fine. Perhaps due to the angle, or low speed? Landing in a beautiful meadow. Parallax really is something. In the end, 2 wildly successful missions, with lots of SCIENCE! gained, funds gathered, and we are now ready to go for orbit. Unfortunately, that would require bigger boosters, so Gene will have to put his solar-system conquering ambitions on hold for now. Final tech tree Upgraded astronaut complex, to house all the new captives recruits!
  9. Greetings, fellow Kerbals! Over the last week or so, us moderators had started talking about doing some mandatory bonding exercises co-op gameplay together. We used to play MC together or TF2 from time to time, the biggest problem is that we were often awake and asleep at varying times, and rarely were we ever all awake at the same time. I remember a ways back, the Youtube KSP community started a series together where they passed a save file around and built a space station in orbit of Kerbin. I thought to myself, surely we can do better, and thus the Moderation Nation Space Program was born. Over time, the OP will be updated with missions as we go through them. The game itself is relatively vanilla, I use VOID and a transfer window planner while a few other participants use similar (non-parts) mods. Our Mission In order to ensure the Moderator's dominion over the realm, we have set out to build a grand space station in Low Kerbin Orbit, but will also pursue many ventures in the star system, from small robotic probes on Mun and MInmus, to massive colonies on Duna. Really, it's up to us to decide. Over time, if we see suggestions in this thread that we like, we may also pursue that. Please do let us know if you want us to set any other goals, we are leaving this rather open-ended. MISSIONS Mission 1 "MSP-01" by @TheKosmonaut Mission 2 "Magic Carpet" and the invention of FLIGHT by @Deddly Mission 3 "Ulysses I" by @DuoDex Mission 4 "Manatee" sounding rocket by @Supernovy Mission 5 "MSP-04-Echo" ORBIT GET by @TheKosmonaut Mission 6 "Usagi I" for wads of cash and buckets of science, by @Snark Mission 7 "The Omnibus" with tourists! By @Vanamonde Mission 8 "Usagi II" for a high orbit, by @DuoDex. Also, whoops. Mission 9 "Landfall 1" by @Vanamonde Mission 10 "Type-41-1" robots in space, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 11 "Usagi III" Expensive but sciency, by @Snark Mission 12 "Flag and official logo" plus the most useful expenditure of science, by @Deddly Mission 13 "Ulysses IA" space tourism, by @DuoDex Mission 14 “Roundabout 1” Accidental update, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 15 "Prospector 1" Money wasted on Skull Island, by @monstah Mission 16 "Capricorn I" Space station! (on the wrong planet, but it's a start) by @Snark Mission 17 "Goliath I" Munar surface rescue by @DuoDex Mission 18 - Robots on the purple planet by @Vanamonde Mission 19 - "Changxi" station in Mun orbit by @TheKosmonaut Mission 20 - Munar station refueling, and Mun relay, by @luizopiloto Mission 21 and 21.5 "Vert-i-go" by @Deddly Mission 22 "Capricorn II" - Kerbin station in place! ... and then moved to Duna @Snark Mission 23 "Grasshopper Mk I" - Accidental prototype and the pitfalls of translation, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 24 The Space Skuttle - an unexpected payload, with free drama and tension. By @Deddly Mission 25 "Hector I" We (L)Ike rabbits, and the shooting star from Duna. By @DuoDex Mission 26 Space Skuttle Contender launches the first part of the Moderation Nation Observation Station! By @Deddly Mission 27 Capricorn continuation, with extra Ike, by @Snark Mission 28 The fully-tested big mission is a lie, by @Vanamonde Mission 29 Someone FINALLY adds something to the station. But wait, there's more (and more)! By @TheKosmonaut Mission 30a/b/c/d... Project Habitat and flying a blind ox, by @Vanamonde Mission 31 SNAC Kart, by @Ten Key Mission 32 SSTO, tourists, rescues and comic strips, by @Deddly Mission 33 Noobest mission yet, with credits! By @Noobton Mission 34.1 Something a little epic, by @Deddly Mission 34.2 The epicness continues, by @Deddly MIssion 34.2 (??) Going Slightly Peculiar, by @Deddly Mission 34.4 Ow!, by @Deddly Mission 34.5 [Oh my!] by @Deddly Mission 34.6 This "Submarine Challenge" has a worrying lack of submarines, by @Deddly Mission 34.7 New toys bring new possibilities, and typos! By @Deddly Mission 34.8 Yes, it's still going! By @Deddly Mission 34.9 Still hogging the save. By @Deddly Mission 34.10 Efficiency Squared. By @Deddly Mission 34.11 Pole to Pole. By @Deddly Mission 34.12 Technically. By @Deddly Mission 35 Wastefully large and ungainly. By @Vanamonde Mission 36.1 Undoing gross negligence. By @James Kerman Mission 36.2 Low Kerbin Operations. By @James Kerman Mission 36.3 Three disasters avoided. By @James Kerman Mission 36.4 100% chance of landing. By @James Kerman Mission 36.5 Lagerdorf's entangled pair. By @James Kerman Mission 37 We invented everything. By @Vanamonde Mission 38 Asymmetrical antennas. By @peteletroll Mission 39 Housekeeping mission. By @18Watt Team I want to thank my fellow moderators for humoring me in taking up this shared campaign, and a special thanks to @DuoDex for making our mission patches and @Deddly for securing our flaggy flag and emblem from the wonderful @Badie and friends at SQUAD. We are doing this in our fun, off-time that we do have and are really enjoying the results thus far. Members @Noobton@18Watt @peteletroll @TheKosmonaut @Deddly @DuoDex @Vanamonde @Dman979 @Snark @Supernovy @goldenpeach @Ten Key @James Kerman @luizopiloto @monstah
  10. After the failure of the original Sentinel Design Bureau, all funding was cut and the agency put on life support. Luckily, however, it was revived by the latest administration in the great nation of United East Kerbonia! Now it stands to expand kerbalkind through the planets and moons of the Kerbol system, but first, it has to start all over. This is a rescaled 2x career using a whole slew of mods and custom visuals based off of Spectra. my goal is to somewhat reaalistically explore the kerbolar system and colonize it, and maybe go interstellar. Link To The Original Table of Contents ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere Chapter 2 | Strange Rockets ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere When the Sentinel Design Bureau was revived, a new rocket had to be made to make up for lost tech. Building off of the blueprints that were discovered being used as Bill Kerman's coffee napkins. The result was a brand-new family of sounding rockets. Behold, the aptly-named GoUp 1! With a BANG, the GoUp 1-1 lifts off into the air. Unfortunately, the stability on the first stage was . . . questionable at best And the second stage ignited upside-down But, in the end, science was gained . . . And a new rocket was developed, the GoUp 2! A mighty rocket, with only 1 stage but way more Delta-v It made it higher than ever, but unfortunately, the antennae and batteries were forgotten, leading to no science gain, a terrible misfortune Luckily, in the GoUp 2-2 mission, this was remedied, and science was gained And that end the the first three missions in kerbalkind's rise to the stars.
  11. Well, Well, Well. Another nation had the bold idea to start up a space program. Funds were allotted, engineers hired, and a suitable space center built. It was time for the great nation of United East Kerbonia to create the SENTINEL DESIGN BUREAU! (flag below): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapters: Chapter 1 | Everyone has to Start Somewhere, Right? Chapter 2 | Higher and Higher! Chapter 3 | I'm BAAAAAACK ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This mission report is intended to be semi-serious, with a big dollop of realism and a big pinch of good o'l fashioned kerbal silliness. This is intended to last quite a bit longer than my last mission report, and my eventual goal is, as stated in the name, to go to the stars. You know, launch an interstellar ship the proper way, which I really haven't seen anyone really do yet. I'm also going to use a ton of mods, including Snacks-LS and 2.5X rescale. Anyways, lets go!
  12. Hey everyone! I'm SiriusRocketry, and this mission report came about after a corrupted save file killed my abortive Jool V attempt. I've been struggling with staying committed to stock KSP, as my litany of barely-started mission reports on the forum can attest, so I was looking for a fresh challenge. I'd heard of the JNSQ planet pack on the grapevine, and after a bit of inspiration from both @septemberWaves's Constellation mission challenge and @Misguided Kerbal's JNSQ and BDB modded mission report One Small Step, I decided to embark on a new quest; creating a Kerbalized Orion program to take kerbals to the Mun and Duna, in JNSQ's scaled up Kerbol system. This is your regular old sandbox save, etc, etc. THIS IS NOT A REPLICATION. Although the craft and missions may look similar, I am in no way, shape or form attempting to recreate the exact profiles of the Orion missions. Mods, in case anyone's bothered (running on KSP 1.8.1):
  13. KSECA: Kerbal Space Exploration and Colonization Association ... Kerbin, KSC, Mission Control Gene: Good morning. (smiles) Wernher: (looks up, looking tired) What you look so happy about we've just been up all night. Gene: We just got the license to start launching Kerballed missions. Wernher: (shocked) Really. (steadies himself) Ok I'll get making some blueprints. You phone the others. (runs out) ... Basically this is a series of missions that will be centred around colonizing planets and moons using MKS and the Near Future Series of mods. With a few others from USI, Nertea and some others. I will post a mod list later. This will be done in 1.12.1 with both expansions. This will mainly be a series of missions with some story in-between. I will try to do this with some form of realistic progression but without testing. And skipping everything before Gemini I the ISS construction. Hope you enjoy ... Kerbin, KSC, Administration Building Jeb: Gene, I've already flown plenty of sounding rockets for you. (yawns) I'm not flying more. Val: (Ignoring Jeb) So what is it? Gene: What? Val: Why are we here, Gene? I was enjoying that holiday. Gene: Well, we have got... (Wernher and Mortimer walk in) Mortimer: A licence for launching manned rockets that's great. Gene: What a way to ruin my moment! (Walks out looking huffy) Val, Your flying the first rocket. Jeb: What have I done? (confused) Mortimer: Well goodnight. (leaves looking awkward) ... The headcanon is that Gene started a space program 50 years before recruiting his best friends to join him. But when they came to build new designs to land on the Mun they all failed and the government of Kerbin stripped the of their manned licence for safety reasons. Gene was too nervous to launch anything more than souding rockets. But then it was given back and a new age of space exploration will begin.
  14. Republic Of Kerbal Space City COMPLETED There is a sequel! If you want more info about that go here: About Us: Republic Of Kerbal Space City Was Started At Nov 12,2019 As A Private Project Of Mine Making A City In Space, On September 19, 2020 This Project Has Open Up To The Public. I Really started to think that this idea was stupid beacause people will say this is useless or something. Official Flag: 988 Robert Mark Apartment Station: City: Currently With And Other Crafts (Shops, Industry Stations, Etc) You Can Download Crafts That I Used Here: Mods Were Used During The Project (REQUIRED): ModPack DOWNLOAD (It problay doesn't work for 1.11+, so try playing this save in 1.10.1) Edit: I Have taken down the OneDrive link due to my onedrive storage full. and also i don't have plans to countinue the now proposed RKSC Sequel. however i'd like if you try to countinue it. but i don't play KSP Anymore and with 500 hours in steam. KSP Will live into my heart and in dust in my steam library until KSP 2 Comes out. thats all for now, thats an update from Miguelsgamingch/ Google Drive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture Replacer. So forgive the appearance of the GUI, as this wasn't suppose to be "cinematic" originally. I tried to make it as amusing as I can. Hope you guys appreciate my nerdy humor.
  16. Hi all! I'm going to be playing through @Superfluous J's fabulous Kerpollo challenge. This means that in a science mode game I'm only allowed to launch 9 self contained missions with a few additional caveats that are detailed in the link below This has given me a great excuse to visit all the planets in the Kerbol system which I've been meaning to do for a while ... I'm aiming to do at least one chapter per week. I'll try to post them on the weekend. My Mod list: TriggerTech (Kerbal Alarm Clock) 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack Corvus HGR KAS KIS KronalVesselViewer ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll ReStock RestockRigidLegs My Game Settings: So without further to do here is the First Chapter of my Mission Report ... Chapter 1- Kerpollo Begins We begin as most Science Career modes do by grinding science from the KSC. Here Jeb can be bravely venturing forth to the most dangerous of places, the LaunchPad... After grinding for that oh so sweet science I end up with enough science points to unlock the necessary nodes to build an orbital capable vehicle. I present the Kerbin Flyer! The first of nine vehicles to be produced during the Kerpollo Program. This beauty is composed of three stages made from the most basic of parts but is capable of reaching polar orbit which will enable me to get that sweet science. (NOTE: I lowered the thrust level of the SRBs and the the Swivel Engine on the third stage so that the acceleration doesn't kill Bob) The Kerbin Flyer leaps off the pad carried aloft by those 4 Hammer SRBs. Crewed by our intrepid scientist Bob who is probably starting to regret his choices in life by this point... Those pesky SRBs are jettisoned and the Swivel lights up pushing the Kerbin Flyer towards a polar orbit. (Unfortunately I missed taking a screenshot of the stage separating as I was running science experiments while flying ) We made it! Bob is safely in polar orbit where he begins the long procedure of running the various science experiments on the Kerbin Flyer Obligatory beauty shot of the Kerbin Flyer as it orbits over Kerbin's North Pole I raise Bob's orbit to 250km in order to grab that "high in space" science Reentry occurs over Kerbin's North Pole. The capsule has no heat shield so I've kept the rocket stage attached to prevent Bob from being burnt to crisp. Bob lands safely in the North Pole. He's experienced a lot but has safely returned intact with his precious cargo of science! (NOTE: The outer science experiments mounted on the capsule exploded due to overheating but luckily I had made sure that Bob had stored the results within the spacecraft) Blast! My science gathering must have missed something as I just don't have that little bit of Science to unlock all the nodes on Tier 4. Oh well, I still have enough to head to my next target the Mun... Thank you for reading! My next chapter will be about my shenanigans on the Munar surface!
  17. Extremely relevant music to set the scene Well the kerbals did it again! Or rather, aspacecephalopod did it again and started a new savegame without finishing some projects in the others RSS and OPM explorations are still happening, but I thought it would be fun to take a break with something more... spinny. Enter... Mesbin! Where a sorry lot of kerbs have been stuck for ~1700 years, living sadly in battered old underground tunnels. But, they have recreated the space program they once had on other planets, complete with a KSC that features a runway that will have to be used sometime, despite the distinct lack of any way to generate lift here on this spinning ball of rock. In fact, they have developed some very advanced tech along the way (as in, sandbox with a fairly large suite of mods-everything from Laythe Space program and Restock/Restock+ to make things look nice). As such, this won't really be a career but more an adventure into the very cool Kaywell system, looking for fun exploration sites and homes for the kerbs that are more hospitable than Mesbin itself. Chapter 1: Dead or Alive?
  18. (IMPORTANT! Read the last 2 replies!) KASA is being continued by @GuessingEveryDay as MASA! Hey guys, I'm Misguided_Kerbal and I'm pretty new to the forums. This is going to be my first Mission report. Before you read this, I would just like to mention that I'm still a noob, so many missions (if posted here) will probably be my first. I'm playing on sandbox in 1.9.1, with both DLCs. Now, moving on: Mod List: Flag: Kerbonaut Corps: I guess just Jeb, Bob, and Bill, because my astronaut corps is really glitchy. Rocket Launches: LLV-1/Netstar I: Comms satellite and first satellite in orbit. LLV-2/Netstar II: Comms satellite LLV-3/Netstar III: Comms satellite LLV-4/Netstar IV: Comms satellite CTV-1: First kerbals in orbit and first spacewalk CTV-2: Failed docking with CTV-3, but successfully rendezvoused CTV-3: Failed docking with CTV-2, but successfully rendezvoused HLV-1/Space Station: First space station, biggest rocket so far, to be named on CTV-4 CTV-4: Failed docking with Space Station, major failures CTV-5: Failed docking with Space Station, emergency crew transfer and EVA of Bob Kerman to Space Station CTV-6: Failed docking with Space Station, emergency crew transfer and EVA of Bill Kerman to Space Station, first flight of CTV v2 CTV-7: Rescue mission for Bill and Bob Kerman Muna-1/SLV-1: Failure, probe exploded in orbit Muna-2/SLV-2: First Munar probe, first Mun landing, was later destroyed Muna-3/SLV-3: Mun Relay Minmus-1/SLV-4: First Minmus probe, Minmus relay M1: Failed, successful abort M2: First kerballed Mun landing M3: Second kerballed Mun landing M4: Third kerballed Mun landing MN1: First Minmus landing MN2: Failed, crew successfully recovered CTV-8: Successful test flight of CTV v3 Satlink-1/HLV-2: Kerbin Relay Constellation ADT/SLV-5: Advanced docking target for CTV-9 CTV-9: Failed docking with ADT CTV-10: Failed docking with ADT CTV-11: Successful Docking with CTV Karson Space Telescope/SLV-2: Space Telescope CTV-12: Failure, crew successfully recovered SLV-6/DRACO/KASA-SS-2-1: Successful, minor failures, launch of Pioneer Station Module 1 SLV-7/HARL/KASA-SS-2-2: Successful, launch of Pioneer Station Module 2 SLV-8/MPCC/KASA-SS-2-3: Successful, launch of Pioneer Station Module 3 CTV-13: First docking to space station, first docking to Pioneer Station. CTV-14: First use of automated systems, docked to Pioneer Station. SLV-9/Moho-1: Successful failure, probe launched successfully but missed the launch window to Moho SLV-10/Jool-1: Failure, probe exploded on the launchpad. SLV-11/Eeloo-1, successful launch and Eeloo insertion performed CTV-16: Successful first flight of CTV+, Munar Flyby SLV-12/Viking I: Successful launch of Viking Station's first module SLV-13/Viking II: Successful launch of Viking Station's Second Module SLV-14/Viking III: Successful launch of Viking Station's Third Module SLV-15/MOSES: Successful launch of Moho probe SLV-16/Duna Explorer: Successful launch of Duna probe and lander SLV-17/Viking IV: Successful launch of Viking Station transfer stage CTV-17: Successful docking with Viking Station Munflight 1: Successful landing on the Mun and rendezvous with Viking Station Spaceplane Launches: X-1-1: Suborbital test flight of the X-1 X-1.2-1: First SSTO X-1.2-2: Failure, successful abort X-2-1: Partial failure, first flight of Mk2 hypersonic fuselage system X-3-1: Failure, suborbital Mk2 launch. X-4-1: Vertical launch spaceplane, failure. X-4-ES-94-1: A modified ES-94 "DART" spaceplane for testing purposes X-5-1: Successful first flight of the X-5 To-do list: See here (The Continuation of KASA):
  19. Prologue. Let me take you through this mission, what I felt as an epic journey, whit this after-action report / photolog. It is a long one. This wasn't easy, was my first time on Eve and just visited Mun, Minmus and Duna before. So let me tell you the whole history and a bit of the background. This is a long story, and English is not my first language, so please bear with me. I'm playing on career mode. All stock, vanilla game with Breaking Ground expansion, no mods. And I don't like to time-warp travel times between planets so I can use those intermediate times to send some other missions to other places and keep on collecting science points and completing contracts. But it has a downside: if the mission fails and I have to revert to a savegame pre-launch, I also loose a lot of missions done during it's travel time. So I must try to be as "not-so-bad" as I can. I try to take as much profit as I can when an planetary intercept window arrives. But also there will be some of them fliying at the same time to different destinations, so there will be a lot of maneuver nodes, landings, dockings... all at very close timings, so the fewer ships, the easier to control all them. That makes the start for this epic voyage. Chapter one: planning the mission. While I was conducting some other missions (satellites, maned missions to Mun and Minmus, completing contracts, etc.), Eve's interplanetary intercept window came. And I wanted to sent to it as much as I can. So planned to send all this: a space station with a science module. an exploration satellite. a lander to reach Eve's surface with two kebals, put an unmanned Rover, scientific experiments and return to low orbit. and a ship to return to Kerbin with 3 kerbals and all the science you can, being able to recover the low orbit lander before if necessary. Then I started the design phase, trying to accomplish it all with my current science tree, not fully unlocked by then, and also staying in my budget. As maybe you can assume by the ship's name, multiple, realy a lot of versions and variants of the ship were made. Until I finally opted for this one... after a lot of failures that made me go back to pre-launch savegame and loosing lots of other game advances. It's a somehow "frustrating/epic funny" process, if you know what I mean. On this ship, all modules except the return / rescue module have an unmanned control unit, so they don't need pilots. With all other missions going on at the same time, I didn't have much of them and new contracts would have made it all blow up out of my budget. Val will be the mission commander and only pilot onboard. The ship has configured a series of action keys to facilitate certain tasks (mainly, the collection of science data and saved in the correct module). Chapter two: Time to launch. And that was the mission, step by step (without all the "*return to control station*", manage some other missions to other destinations and back to this one parts, for the reader's mental sanity) The final shuttle weights about 4,000 tons, so I learned (by the hard way) that I had to put the ship on launch pad when I was goint to launch it. Due to its monstrous weight (about 4,000 tons), it does not hold long on the ramp without starting to loose parts, no more than 20 seconds. During the ascent phase in the Kerbin atmosphere, several stages had to be released. I had to drop them aiming perfectly prograde, failure on this make this ship the most expensive fireworks ever. Also learned by the hard way. Out of the atmosphere, used Val to release the return / rescue ship from the rocket and dock it to the Space Station module. Once docked to the Space Station, to give it more rigidity against accelerations, used the options menu of the capsule to add auto-struts. Deactivated it's nuclear engine so it won't start when tthrottling the engines of the whole ship. Once escaped Kerbin's sphere of influence, before reaching the descending node between the ship's orbit around the sun and Eve's orbit, released the satellite module and programed two maneuvers: one on the main ship to intercept Eve at the equator, and another on the exploration satellite to intercept Eve at the poles. It's easier (albeit slow) to modify the satellite's trajectory, so tryed to get Kerbin's escape maneuver node to get the whole shuttle as close to Eve's equator as possible. Both maneouvers, on the main shuttle and on the satellite, diverted them appart and made the satellite ETA to Eve's SOI some hours later than the main shuttle. And that was great, concurring on the same time will make it a bit of a dissaster of at least one of them. The X3-A5-2 Mission continued its journey. I used that time to continue and start some other missions. Until the day when they reach the awaited planet SOI. Excitement and fear, all combined in just one feeling. Chapter three: reaching Eve. When making the capture burn into Eve´s orbit with this configuration, the stage with interplanetary engines, the side ones, ran out of fuel and had to drop them and continue burning with the nuclear engines of the Space Station. By having the return / rescue ship docked sideways, this generated a twist on the shuttle. To make the ship controllable can do one of two things: wait to release the side tanks stage when you have finished the maneuver release the side tanks stage and rotate on the longitudinal axis quickly and constantly (by pressing "Q" or "E") while you finish the burn with the nuclear engines to cause a gyroscope effect so the return / rescue module docked doesn't produce lateral torque that impide you to maintaining stability. The second option allows to save more fuel from the Space Station's nuclear thrusters. I used both for half the maneuver each one (didn't realize the second one until then). One the main shuttle is on Eve's orbit, it's time to shift and perform the capture burn with the satellite module, so it remains in a stable polar orbit below 1,500 km high. And let him do his job. That was easy. Slow, really slow (thanks, Ion thrusters!), but easy. Now, let´s start with the hard part of the mission. Chapter four: the descent to Eve For the landing, I sent to the lander capsule a scientist and an engineer. That capsule doesn't need a pilot to have full control of the SAE as it has a module for unmanned flight. With the main spacecraft in orbit around Eve, on the apoapsis I made a retrograde ignition, it decreased the periapsis to approximately 70km, then released the lander so that it follows an atmospheric flight path, and accelerated prograde again with the remaining Space Station to recover a periapsis height of not less than 110 km to continue its orbit. The Space station can then use its nuclear engines more efficiently to modify its orbit. Shifted to the lander. During the descent towards an atmospheric flight path, inflated the two heat shields and used SAS to maintain retrograde orientation during entry into the atmosphere. When descending to Eve, if you depart from a good orbit you can entry into the atmosphere on the first descent and reach the planet's surface. If you departed from a very elliptical orbit, you may needed multiple orbits and aerobraking before reaching the surface of the planet. Anyway, once targeted 70km height on periapsis and released the lander module, it is on it's course to the surface. Just a matter of time... with all fingers crossed. During the descent, my kerbonauts seemed to be more worried than impressed , as you can se up there. In the descent flight over Eve, I had to wait to be fully vertical (approximately 10km above the surface) to detach the upper thermal shield just before pre-deploying the parachutes. A bad release of the upper heat shield would have caused the lander to break and the capsule with the kerbals to separate from the rest of the module and all of it, two brave kerbals included, would only be some kind of a crater on the surface. I had to wait until the parachutes were open (about 800 meters above Eve's surface) to release the lower heat shield. It gives stability and helps to stop the fall during the entire descent. Releasing it prematurely could cause it to impact the lander and destroy some parts. Learned through the hard way. Extended the landing gear after the lower heat shield was released. And went down about 7 m/s until gently touching the surface, without the need to start engines. If I would have needed to abort the landing on Eve (from descending into water, for example) I had a plan: advance the list of stages until the engines start and, with a pre-programmed action group, cut all the parachutes and try to get back to orbit. That would be a total failure, but with no casualties. But fortunately, the trajectory lead me to the surface. So, finally, we land on Eve's surface. Chapter Five: Time to work on the surface. After all, we weren't there for holidays. Before doing anything else, I released the stage with the upper parachute bindings. These were meant to cause a few explosions around the lander, so it was better to be done before deploying any kerbal or anything else over there. Then deployed the rover with its corresponding stage. After that, I extended all the stairs (it has a lot of them, all pre-programed on an action group). And finally a kerbal stepped on Eve's surface. The two kerbals went to the surface to plant the flag, take surface samples and make reports. On the lower cargo module, inside in a SEQ-9 module, there were some portable science modules (a control unit, communications, solar panels and science experiments) to be deployed on Eve's surface. That was the reason for taking to the surface a scientist (more science from the experiments) and an engineer (less solar panels required). Before leaving Eve's surface, when the kerbals went back up to the capsule, there was a storage unit next to the ladder so they can save all their reports. But this report won't be a report without the crew and the flag photo. After that, they went back to the module and started to get ready for take off. It was time to do one of the most difficult parts of the mission: beat again this level's boss, Eve's atmosphere, and return to Eve's low orbit. Chapter six: returning to orbit. For the takeoff, retracted all the ladders, closed the lower cargo module, made sure the rover was away and safe from the ship, and retracted all the solar panels from the lander. I didn't want to have any innecesary aerodynamic drag. Then, throttle to maximum and released the lower stage. Some explosions occurred below, as expected. Released the next stage (landing gear) a second later, when the lander was already climbing. And some more explosions down there. Just check their face. Mine was almost the same during this phase. During the climb, the stages were in aspargarus configuration, so I had to keep an eye on when a stage run out of fuel to release it and not cause unnecesary aerodynamic drag. Eve's atmosphere is dense as hell. Aimed completely vertical until passing 20 kilometers high, there I began a very smooth gravitational turn to reach 100 kilometers height low orbit on Eve. Not the best profile probably and you can be sure that wasn't the best execution, but I made it to orbit. Didlreda and Gregbruna were way to happier then. As it was a bad ascension, with the remaining fuel in the lander capsule I wasn't able to fully intercept the the Space Station. That was once of the contingencys expected. So Val took the return / rescue module from the space station, intercepted the lander module, docked to it and tow it to the space station. It could be done by simply taking the kerbals and the science of the lander module, but the return / rescue ship had delta-V enough to make it anyway. The lower part of the lander, the one that has a cargo bay, was left on Eve's surface. This is intended so it then is used as a base - communications repeater. Shifted to it and, with a pre-programed action group, it was time to open the cargo module doors, extend its solar panels, and unfold its antennas. Sorry, with all the emotions I didn't take any photo of it. Chapter seven: time to depart to Kerbin. Back at the Space Station, I reviewed what science and kerbals would remain on it and what I would go back to Kerbin. Some scientist would be left on the Space Station doing research with part of the science obtained to multiply the science points untill further missions to this planet. Half of the mission was accomplished by then, but in the career mode science points are more valuable than gold, didn't want to loose anything by transmitting them, so I thought that investigating with duplicates and take to Kerbin all the rest was the best option. Time to say goodbye to part of the crew, and continue different roads. Uncoupled the return module and departed to Kerbin. Chapter eight: back to Kerbin. The return module had fuel for its nuclear engine enough to return to Kerbin's sphere of influence and perform a retrograde burn to slow down the capsule before entering the atmosphere. It also could be done by aerobraking directly with the atmosphere, executing an intercept orbit that take it to less than 20 kilometers from the surface of Kerbin on the first approach. But there were a lot delta-V on this module, so I used it. The return capsule entered Kerbin's atmosphere, they were finally back at home. Deployed parachutes and wait until touched Kerbin's surface once again. It was a long trip, fulled with a lot of emotions. All the missions were acomplished but some were not finished yet. Eve was no longer out of our frontiers. Some heros and some equipment were still there, getting those valuable points, waiting further missions to come... all for the Science. Our history on Eve has just started. It is to be continued... Epilogue. I'm sure that a lot of you have done it before. And probably with better, more efficient and more beautifull ships. But this was a real challenge for me and my almost 250 hours of KSP by then, I felt very happy to achieve this. So I wanted to share it with all you. I also uploaded this whole Shuttle to Steam WorkShop, so anyone could use it if they want: X3-A5-2 Multi-mission launcher to Eve and back It's the same shuttle I used here, and it has pre-programmed this action groups: Extend intermediate solar panels (in side rocket interplanetary stage, for the trip to Eve) Inflate lander’s thermal shields. Cut lander’s parachutes Extend / retract lander’s ladders Execute robotic's action to extend panels and antennas in the base module on Eve Observe port material’s module and Mystery Goo. Observe starboard material’s module and Mystery Goo. Collect science from all resettable experiments in the lander / rover Store all the science of the ship in the container of the lander Store all the science of the ship in the container of the return module. For science pickup, you can use Action Key 8 on all stages of the flight: solar orbit, Eve's atmosphere entry, Eve surface, and in every single opportunity. You can also use action group 6 and 7 as much as you want ir the lander module is still connected to the Space Station, as you can take the data and reset the experiments from the Station Science Module. You can also use one of them (6 or 7) on when the lander is on Eve's atmospheric flight and the other one when you are landed on Eve. After executing anyone of these action groups, execute action 10 (or 9 if you are only with the lander) to save all the reports in the return module. You can also send the data you want to the research module if you have scientists to carry out an investigation. Before leaving the space station back for Kerbin, perform Action 10 to pass all of the science collected to the return module and take it back with you. I think I forget to do this on some stages of the flight, but anyway I get more than 2,400 science points returned to Kerbin, and many more being generated by investigation conducted in the Space Station. So, apart from the excitement of achieving all this, I think I can call it a great mission. Thanks for letting me share this with all of you. Hope to see you on every Kerbol System's planet.
  20. I'm sorry about the long wait but i'm finally doing it for real this time. I've already done some posts of my previous attempt which was interrupted by schoolwork... But here's the new Imgur album of the launches comprising the first of my probe vanguard to Jool (Because why not) Album Link Will update as work progresses. Launching the second support vehicle as I write this
  21. From Kerbin To Beyond is my first mission report multi-part series that is taking place in a lightly modded ksp 1.8 career. As I make progress and launch new missions, I release new parts in a mission report style showing the mission and what happened during it. Some parts also include some dialogue for missions with kerbals onboard, to add to the mission report and make it better. This is my first time making something like this, so if it's not the best, I am still learning how to make it better! I hope you will enjoy this series, and I can't wait to see how far it will go! List of Parts So Far... SCANsat Map Updates (Added as an addition to the parts) Modlist (For those interested) Mission Log (From Year 1, Day 1 to Year 1, Day 100) Mission Name Mission Took Place During Mission Type Destination/Target Current Status Kanev 1 Part 1 Suborbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 4 Part 2 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 5 Part 3 Flyby, Crewed The Mun Success, Finished Tourist Starter Part 4 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Korven Part 5 Landing, Crewed The Mun Success, Crew Rescued and Recovered In Part 8 Kerbal Rescuer 2.2 Part 6 Orbital, Uncrewed Kerbin Success, Uncrewed Spacecraft Rescued Siwell Kerman Eliot Green Part 7 Landing, Uncrewed The Mun Success, First Part of Jeb and Bob's Rescue Mission Egmont Part 8 Orbital, Uncrewed The Mun Success, Brought Jeb and Bob Back To Kerbin Jebediah Kerbin Station Part 9 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, First Part Of The Kerbin Space Station (If someone has an idea for a better name, i would appreciate it.)
  22. This is my mission report thread (and this is my first topic in this forum too) , it's about my space adventures , an invention and tortures(or even kills)Kerbals, I hope you are going to enjoy with my stuff in this topic (sorry about my English, that's not my first language)
  23. Beyond The Moon is my second mission report multi-part series, after From Kerbin To Beyond. It is about my progress through a RSS/RO career in RP-1 as I try to get to The Moon and eventually to other planets such as Venus and Mars. As I make progress, I update this OP with the new parts. Each part is a year, and every launch I do in that year is included in the part (later years will be split up into multiple parts, like Q1, Q2, etc). Unlike in my other series though, the space program in this series has a name! Its called the K.S.E.A. I hope you will like reading the parts, and enjoy this series! Prologue: List Of Parts So Far... Modlist
  24. Trip 1 (part 1) - Decent of Doom. With the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation completed, Bob felt like he still had things he needed to accomplish on Kerbin, before heading off for other planets. So to help Bob resolve that (and pull in those big tourism funds) he's been set up in the travel business, taking tourists on guided tours of far flung parts of Kerbin. For this venture new equipment was needed. No puttering around in a boat at 30-40m/s, when a plane will get you places a lot quicker. The new bird, named Flaming Flamingo (of Flam Flam to its friends) took to the skies with Val at the controls and Ribrick Kerman, a paying passenger, sitting next to her. Housed in the belly of the aircraft was a rover, in which sat Bob and Katsen Kerman, the other tourist, in search of distant adventure. Takeoff of the the Flaming Flamingo is a little hairy, as it needs to get up to about 100m/s to get into the air, but starts to veer off course at about 60. So after a wiggly line down the runway, it made this rather unorthodox route into the air. On it's next trip the rear landing gear might get a little adjustment to try and get off the ground faster. But once in the air, Flam Flam is a joy to fly and was soon banked round to give the tourists a fine view of the KSC as it headed West. Well Ribrick had a fine view from the cockput, but from the rover, all Katsen could see was the interior of the cargo bay. Well occasionally she could see the exterior of the rover flapping wildly around while the interior stayed motionless. She was a little concerned about this, but Bob assured her it was nothing to worry about. "Happens all the time". From the cockpit Ribrick got a fine view of the mountains to the West of the KSC, nicknamed The Shortstop. So named because if your de-orbiting spacecraft comes in short for a landing at the KSC, that's where you're gonna stop. Flam Flam headed out over the sea with about half a load of fuel onboard. It wasn't fully fuelled before departure, as putting fuel in that big rear tank puts the CoM way too far back for a stable aircraft. But at least that thing gives the plane a shapely rear end. What's that up ahead, must be the desert coast. Good thing, because that sandy realm is the destination the fleshy payload that's paying for this trip, stumped up the cash for. Val's pretty excited, she's really enjoying being at the controls of something airbourne again. The landing strip at the Dessert Airfield is in sight and Val lines up perfectly for a landing on it. Flam Flam has great handing characteristic for a landing, it can come in really slow on those big wings, almost feels like it's hovering. Once on the ground Val pulled the plane round to the pilot's club. Ribrick is a real plane buff and is looking forward to chilling out in there while Katsen heads off in the rover. Well... here is that rover, a much upgraded version of the one which Bob took up many mountains in the K.S.C. It dangles from the end of a telecoping piston, which it undocks from.. ... before heading off on its own travels. This new rover (Bob likes to call it The Bear, but it's not official) is a lot heavier than the he was used to driving. Fortunately with an extra 4 wheels, it's got the grunt to move it. So bob and Katsen left Flam Flam and the Dessert Airfield behind and headed South into the desert mountains. After the smooth ride to the edge of the mountains, Bob took the rover up it's first proper slopes, nothing taxing though and well within the vehicle's capabilities. Bob decided to take Katsen over to the West side of the mountain range (well he got lost and ended up there) to show her the vast dazzling expanse that it Dwight Sands. The area is named after the famed explorer Dwight Kerman, who lost three fingers while exploring it, when his snack supplies ran out. It is now home to the Dwight Sands Test Grounds, the one place on Kerbin that you can test anything, even really smelly things. Something really nasty must have been tested recently, as both Bob and Katsen can't miss the wiff of something unpleasant as they stand on top of the rover. To escape the pong, the pair quickly headed back inside and Bob deployed the array of solar panels. The rover has a capacity of 4900 units, way more than the piddling 300 of his previous ride. With batteries filled, the pair headed off into the mountains and away from Dwight Sands. There was not real mountain climbing planned for this trip (no real mountains here anyway... just big sandy rock piles), but a lot of the time travelling to their ultimate destination they're up above 2km. Bob feels pretty stoked to be out rovering once more. After some more trundling through the desert mountains, those batteries need feeding again. 4900 units is a lot, but when there's 10 hungry wheels to feed, the rover is going to need another refill before getting to their destination. As the going is getting steeper and therefore slower, Bob decided to deploy the rear solar panels, as the speeds they will be going at won't put them in danger of turning into confetti. Might be time to bring them back in though, as that long downwards slope is going to give them some serious speed. Katsen was almost suspiciously calm durring the journey. After all the funds she spent on her trip you'd think she'd be more excited. The going got decidedly angular at this point in the trip. Bob suggest that there must be some kind of chrystals buried here... real big ones. After those spiky little peaks, Bob had the fun of throwing the rover off the top of ridges, into steep descents, as they closed in on their destination. The great thing about having those extra wheels is all that extra traction allows the rover park motionless on pretty steep inclines. In Bob's old rover they would have been slowing sliding downhill, which is not what you want if you're trying to recharge at the time. One steep drop was puntuate by a ramp that put the rover into the air... high into the air. Fortunately the rover and all inside survived this. Ooo look... more skateboard park type environment for Bob to throw the rover into. Finally their destination is in sight. It might be one of the most visited destinations on Kerbin (I think there's even a gift shop round here somewhere) but it's katsen's first time, so she must be pretty excited to be he... ... not exactly excited, mildly curious perhaps. Well here we are at the famous Tully Temple, named after its equally famous discoverer, Tully Kerman. Another kerbal with the incorrect number of digits (toes this time) due to a snack deficiency related crisis. In Part Two, Bob and Katsen do stuff at the temple, then return home. For all that excitement, join us next time on Bob's Travels.
  25. At The newly Upgraded KSC funding was tight after the completion of Kerbin Station Alpha, and was barely afloat with shuttle missions and satellite contracts. Gene Kerman, slightly drunk after the party that ensued after the station was in orbit, and Jeb was back home, Had been contacted by a Jacob Kerman who offered a very lucrative contract which gene signed without reading the fine print. He Had just accepted a mission to Jool, to land on all 5 of its moons, and return in one ship. Wernher had an unexpected visit from Gene who asked him to design a vessel for the mission. After a few frantic weeks, Wernher had come up with a vessel for the trip. But first... He wanted to launch a few probes. https://imgur.com/gallery/mvheXqo
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