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Found 21 results

  1. Index to the chapters (open spoiler to view): Index to supplemental entries/backstory information (open spoiler to view): Jool 14, Y003 I've almost earned my wings..." Chapter 1 Well, I wasn't the first, the second, or even the eleventh selected for the new space program. No, I was twenty-third! Today I finally completed my flight simulator training, and only one requirement remains before I will earn my flight wings. The exercise was vigorous, but Gene kept insisting that before we got to fly real aircraft, we had to be able to handle any situation that came up. H
  2. An episodic account of the next great step. Index: I’m using obscene amounts of mods (my sig has the current number), but only a few should significantly alter how this Sandbox save and these missions play out: Engine Ignitor EVA Fuel FAR Improved Ablator (seriously nerfs heatshields) JNSQ Kerbal Construction Time Kiwi Tech Tree (part upgrades) Kerbalism on hard with my own profile KIS/KAS KoS KRASH Mandatory RCS Rational Resources RealChute Several home-made patches to nerf stuff that's too powerful/not the way I want it to be Abo
  3. The Adventures Of JSA II is a continuation of the Adventures Of The JSA, which was created back in 2019 and had a total of 11 parts before ending due to problems. In this multi-part series, the Johnster Space Agency continues in a new career save in KSP 1.10, with missions being told in a mission report/story telling style (like how it was done in the original, although with improvements). I'm hoping for JSA get a lot further this time with more being accomplished (such as exploring comets or sending crewed missions to Duna), but if the worst happens and this series also gets problems, I'll tr
  4. Heracles Space Program Hey y'all! i need some motivation, so i made this post to help detail my new save instead of dong whatever, this program is intended to be the first duna landing in JNSQ, but first we'll start with the Mun, with a station and a long term stay, then we can move onto phase 2: exploration of duna and the outer system Question should i use some life support mods? I have some experience with kerbalisim, but i kind of want to try out snacks! which do you prefer?
  5. Hullo again forumgoers! This is sort of a revamp of my mission report thread, but instead of comments from me on the missions, it'll be set completely in-universe. So not really a story, but these reports are all supposed to be from the records department of the KSC, or something. We'll start with a bit of an explanation of my KSP headcanon...I hope to get a sort of abridged 'what I did in KSP this week' report out on this thread every week or so, but I doubt I'll be able to keep to that schedule List of reports below: And now, let's begin!
  6. The Adventures Of JSA II (The Successor To The Adventures Of The JSA) Is Currently Being Worked On! View It Here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195832-the-adventures-of-jsa-ii-the-return-prologue/ The Adventures of the JSA is a multi-part series about the more interesting and cool missions in a mission report/story telling style (with occasional dialog) of my modded career, called Johnster Space Agency (AKA JSA). From unlocking new and futuristic technology like Solar Sails and even FTL Drives to exploring new and unique planets and moons, I hope you will enj
  7. Hello KSP Forumers! Until now, I've been posting very inadequate mission updates on the WDYDIKSPT thread, with no screenshots and a few pathetic lines of text. So I've decided to make this thread and post mission reports here. Note: this is a sandbox save. So don't look at my huge inefficient rockets and say 'That's so expensive! You must have spent so many funds!' because money's no object in my Kerbal universe. Note 2: My mods are in a spoiler below, so if you ask I'll refer you back to the OP. Note 3: This isn't the start of this savegame. I've already landed on the Mun and
  8. I got these awesome views of kerbin from the mun!
  9. Hello! Welcome To The First What I've Done So Far in Career Mode, where I share with you what ive done so far in my new career mode! If you haven't looked at the previous 2 posts I made about the career mode, I suggest you read those posts first before reading this one, so you will know what has previously happened. Post 1: Post 2: Ok, so now that you have read those 2 previous posts or have already read them, lets get started! So, starting this off, the first thing I did after completing the minmus flyby, was doing a mission to orbit it (for some more science), as seen
  10. Playing my previous save last night (see Here) I noticed, after unlocking some of the higher performance aircraft parts, that my Kerbal weren't suffering any ill effects from the high G loads my erratic flight generated. In my haste to start a new game after downloading the Enhanced Edition, I hadn't gone into the advanced settings to turn on the options I usually use. So, time for a new game! Yey! A productive morning has seen me launch high altitude sounding rockets (well, not exactly as Jeb was strapped, kicking and screaming into the capsule - thought he was Badas$=true!) then into o
  11. *Não Postei Isso nos Forums "KSP Fan Works" e "Mission Reports" pq eu Pouco Entendo Inglês o Progama Mimas e o Primeiro Progama da Agencia Federal AeroEspacial de Encélado (A.F.A.E.E) ,Orgão Perteçente ao Governo da Replúbica Democratica Federativa de Encélado o Progama Foi Iniciado Pela Missão Mimas I e o Objetivo e Chegar a Orbita de Kerbin e Preparar os Kerbals Para Uma Missão até a Mun e Talvez Até Outros Planetas,o Nome do Progama Vem do Nome da Lua de Saturno Com o Mesmo Nome (e Que Parece com a Estrela da Morte ) Lista das Missões do Progama Mimas Verde:Missões Suce
  12. Hi awesome KSP community! Earlier this year I had some time on my hands and I made a number of KSP gameplay videos, a series called SquashWarp! chronicling my playthrough of 1.2 with a bunch of mods. I don't have great hardware for the purpose, but I had a lot of fun making it before I got busy with other things. I recently realized that I never shared it on the forums, probably because I was afraid of criticism or something. I imagine I'm not the only player who sees the kind of amazing stuff some people can do with this game and ends up feeling kind of insignificant. But no longer!
  13. About two years into my SCIENCE! mode save, I've come to take a different approach to things. Over my (nearly) three years of playing KSP I have killed many little green men learned so much about different things to exploit in the Kerbol system. Now, with this being my fourth science mod save, it is time to finally spread out Kerbal presence to other celestial objects - aka COLONIZATION The Asteria initiative will result in the construction of Kerbal settlements across multiple celestial bodies. Bases will be put on specific moons and planets to exploit resources and SCIENCE to build
  14. Hi after posting a lot in "What did yo do in KSP today?'' thread,i had a feeling of my own thread telling about my progress. Though i won't post now because it is not the time. (not so many users are active) But i will share my flags and new craft. Precious Gem company flag- Phoenix Aerospace Company (planes and rovers) And the latest and the most fast plane for now - Karambola-4
  15. After reading several mission reports around here, I was inspired to do something similar. And then I stopped playing for awhile...and then picked it up again. Now I researched all the items in a Science game, and was wondering "what next?" So this! But with this we need something to actually DO...which I also had ideas for. With all parts unlocked, it was time to look to really getting out to the various planets (I've been mostly around the Kerbin/Mun/Minmus, with two craft to Dura). How to do that led me to another goal - I've wanted to build a mildly ridiculous space station,
  16. To the mun with bill "Alpha.. I see the surface" "Copy that Phoenix, wait for the signal " "Now, Phoenix start your thruster to lower your vertical speed!' "On It!" A couple of seconds later "Phoenix, stop the thrusters and wait until you touchdown the surface, Over" "Copy that Alpha" After a hell of waiting Jeb felt the vessel touchdown and said one of his historic words "Alpha.... The phoenix Has Landed" The MCR erupted in cheers and cries as they heard Jeb's Words but quickly return as they need to monitor their screens and look fo
  17. Commander's log day 1: Well, I don't know how to write in a journal. I guess I'll introduce myself. I am Jedediah Kerman, the commander for the amphibious Kerbin circumnavigator the "Elcano IV." It is a hybrid vehicle that is capable of long distance travel across Kerbin. Our ship is a beauty. It has a crew of 6, a movie theater, a kitchen, ore drills and converter, cozy accommodations, and plenty of snacks. I am proud to call this ship my home for sometime. Elcano, here we come.
  18. "We cannot stand for this outrage," The leader of the National States of Kerbin said as he stood at the table with his cabinet members. "The naval ship 'Kerbal' was sunk at 08:35 Hours off of the coast of the coast of the KSC, even though it had no weapons, and was preparing to go on a scouting mission." The leader of the Navy spoke as the Leader sat down. "This represents something that we have prepared for since the previous attacks on NSK troops; War." The cabinet members all gasped as they heard the word. They all knew, of course, that it might happen, as the increasing tens
  19. Hey all! I'm here creating this new thread because now that I finally have multiple missions running at the same time I feel like I need a place to link them all (for me and for you guys). So, here we go! The Call of The Void. This is the second part of The Beginning of a Space Program. It's hopefully going to continue where the last story left Kerbin off, and hopefully I will go to many different worlds with this one. Light it up-A trip to Laythe and Back. Light It Up was originally created when I wanted to do a practice mission to Laythe
  20. Background: "Solar System SCIENCE!!!" is a Science Mode save I first had in KSP 0.90. I have remade that save for every new version of KSP, and this is what I am doing in the current 1.1.2/1.1.3 save: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Status: Science: Over 4,900 Active Missions: 7 Flags: 10 Furthest Kerbal Landing: Minmus Furthest Probe: Hermes Complex (Moho) Planets Visited by Kerbals: Kerbin, Mun, Minmus Planets Visited by Probes: Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Moho,
  21. The UKSA Chronicles As a result of game-crippling bugs (including one that completely stops the game from loading), I've given up on my 1.0.5 career save. I hadn't gotten very far in any case, so it's no great loss. I've decided to restart my career in 1.1.2 and hope for some better luck there! I've gotten a whole new crop of mods, so I think it'll be a grand old time, and I hope that you enjoy reading about it here. Mod List Chatterer, Crowd Sourced Science, Distant Object Enhancement, DMagic Orbital Science, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Final Frontier, Fuel Wings, Haystac
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