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  1. KerbalX.com - Craft Sharing Simplified Now with Mission Hosting! KerbalX is a site for craft sharing that automatically detects which mods a craft uses when it is uploaded. 26,000+ craft hosted / 1.8 million+ craft downloaded About Custom Hangars Find Craft User ModPacks Site Stats Upload from in game with the KerbalX Mod Easy Drag & Drop craft upload Drop your craft on the site and KerbalX will detect which mods it uses Customizable Craft Pages Craft pages are fully customizable with text, pics, videos and automatically generated info Powerful Craft Search System Search for craft by a range of attributes and by the mods they use Create Custom Hangars Share custom collections of yours and other users' craft by putting them into hangars Share your Mod Setup KerbalX ModPacks make it easy so share the mods you use CKAN integration Download .ckan files for craft, hangars and modpacks for automatic mod installation Upload .ckan files to quickly create modpacks or search for compatible craft Mod and Part Lookup Use KerbalX's database of mods and parts to find which mod a part belongs to see examples of craft that use a particular mod and find where to download mods. Need Help? Send me a PM or ask your question here Found a Bug? Report it on github or post about it here Basic Use KerbalX is a stand-alone service, you don't need to install anything, just sign up (it's free) Once logged in an "upload craft" bar will appear under the site's header, drag a craft towards it (or click on it) to open the upload area and then drop your craft onto it. When the craft has uploaded and been scanned the site will let you fill in some basic info about the craft and then take you to the page where you can customize how you want to display the craft. The site has a header bar which will always remain at the top of the page. Click the left side to return to the home page, click your username on the right to access the site menu and the center of the bar will change depending on where you are to give you context relevant links. Customizing Your Craft Page Searching for Craft Hangars - Private, Public-Closed and Public-Open ModPacks Using CKAN with KerbalX Parts of the site Example Craft Pages Search with some filters selected Search with the mod search interface Help Support KerbalX Over the last year KerbalX has had an uptime of 99.6%
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