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  1. So Explore the Mun seems to be broken. I can't seem to complete it. I have orbited at all heights. Looked at the mission requirements and attempted orbits from other directions. Is this a bug or is this user error?
  2. Hey guys, so I am working on my first mission and thought to create a rather oldschool mission to reach a stable orbit as efficiently as possible using a specific craft, the "Efficiency Star". There are still some bugs like messages not showing up in the end graphic. It could be a mission builder bug but I'm not sure! My workaround is to work with dialogs that pop up next to it! The way I have designed the mission is quite complex because there are some nodes missing yet. For example a node that returns a resource number so that I could directly turn that number into a score. I hope that will be implemented! So right now the score can only jump by 100 points when you reach certain milestones. To achieve GOLD you have to reach 2400 points which is for the pros! You need the latest KSP Making History Expansion to play this. All you have to do is to unpack the zip file into your KSP/Missions folder. Example path: Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\Missions\Efficiency Star Challenge I hope you enjoy and post your result here! Remember, this is not as easy as it looks. Mission Download (I get a possible virus alert on my browser but it's just the exported zip file) --- edit: I fixed an issue where it would show a success allthough the player ran into a fail condition. Explosions are not bugs! ;P You should always get a message when something went wrong.
  3. Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my first simple and fun mission about Kerbin community. Briefing: So, our martketers decided to start flights for tourists. We developed an uniq cheap rocket with solid fuel that can be returned back by parachutes. But there is one "but"! The first tourist is Kerbin President Mr. Vondelf Kerman! We need to show us for everyone as the best space company (I know there is only one space company on Kerbin). Oh... that stupid marketers... Download Here
  4. I came across this issue when I was trying to find out what the periapsis should be over KSC if you want to land there. I noticed the orbit and location of my ship changing each time I tried testing the mission. KSP Version: v1.4.1.2089 (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us What Happens: Orbits created in Mission Builder do not save correctly. Mods /Add-Ons: All Stock (Fresh Install) Steps to Replicate: 1) Open Mission Builder 2) Open Mission Brief - rename - click ok 3) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 4) Choose 'Creator Built' 5) Choose 'Create New Vessel' 6) Select 'Take me to the VAB' 7) Select 'Mk1 Command Pod' 8) Leave - Click 'Save and Continue' 9) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 10) Choose 'Untitled Space Craft' from 'Please select a craft' dropdown 11) Choose 'In Orbit' from 'Situation' dropdown 12) Change Periapsis to 38000 13) Change Apoapsis to 100000 14) Change Arg. of Periapsis to 196 degrees 15) Change Target of Mean Anomaly to 260 degrees 16) Click 'Assign Crew' 17) Assign Jebediah Kerman to the Mk1 - click ok 18) Save and Test Mission 19) Return to Mission Builder 20) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node 21) Test Mission 22) Finish the test mission by crashing 23) Return to Mission Builder - End Test 24) Click 'Spawn Vessel' node Result: Note 1 - step 18) The purpose for this is to crash near KSC Note 2 - step 18) You will notice the Target of Mean Anomaly is not 260 degrees Note 3 - step 18) You will notice the Periapsis where it should be Note 4 - step 20) You will notice Target Mean Anomaly is still set to 260 degrees, but the world viewer does not reflect this Note 5 - step 20) Changing Target Mean Anomaly from and to 260 degrees updates the world viewer Note 6 - step 22) Mission time should finish around T+ 0y, 0d, 00:18:45 Note 7 - step 24) You'll notice the Periapsis is no longer above the KSC Note 8 - step 24) Even though Mission Start Time is set to 0 time seems to have jumped forward for the orbit and world viewer after testing. Saving and playing a mission instead of just testing yields the same results of the last test. Fixes/Workarounds: N/A Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Pictures of 3 different Map Views with the same settings.
  5. Hey guys! I wonder, if there is any collection thread concerning missions made in the mission builder? Or even better: could we get a sub-forum for user-created missions? Best Regards, Mario
  6. So in my Sandbox I have been to the Mun and Minmus. Now I want to get to Duna, but there are so many ways, Like an Orion/Apollo style, The Martian style with a mothership, A simple giant rocket, etc. What is the Most efficient way? Or the Easiest?
  7. I have a rocket that I want to show and ask about, but I can't get the attachment onto here. How do I upload the photo without using other sites?
  8. How the heck do I get my satellite to come close to matching this stupid orbit? Heres a pic. I've managed to get get the orbit to approximately 1 or two degrees, but everything I do to try to adjust and match the green orbit only seems to make things worse. Edit: Here's a bit more info: Its totally a polar orbit.Thats how I got into this predicament in the first place. The issue is that I have no clue how to fine tune to match the objective orbit as closely as possible, even with mechjeb. I kinda am a bit dense in the head when it comes to these things. When It comes to fuel, I think I got plenty. I've got two stages on the satellite you see in the picture. ~2400 m/s of dV on stage 1 and about ~2360 m/s of dV on the Final Stage. Unless I do something really stupid, I should have plenty to match the orbit, and possibly a bit left over in case I decide to do anything else with this satellite (not likely) Also, I got the picture uploaded. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi there Ive just come across a weird issue. I have 2 tourist missions a total of 6 Kerbals 4 of which want to land on the Mun, theres various other objectives split between the 6 Kerbals as well. Kerbin Sub-Orbital trajectory, Kerbin Orbit, Fly by Mun, Orbit Mun etc. I was on the mun with all the objectives complete, except returning back to kerbin. Since then i have loaded in my save (both quick and named) and i don''t have any Kerbals on board anymore! Now it shows all the objectives as not completed. I'm on the mun and the 4 kerbals are gone not in the Hitchhicker Container anymore! the mission says they haven't landed on the mun. or completed any of the objecives. Does anyone know how this happened, how to prevent it from happening, I have a mod Capcom - Mission Control on the GO Does anyone know if that mod causes conflicts? Do i have to do the whole mission in one go without saving?
  10. Hello to the KSPC, I've joined the Kerbal space race recently, and i've come across a type of missions i can't seem to be able to complete. i.e: Test Rockomax Brand Decoupler splashed down at Kerbin Test Rovemax Model S2 splashed down at Kerbin When i complete those missions, the 2nd and 3rd ("kerbin" and the "splashed down") lines get the green check mark, but the first line the one that says "Test..." doesn't. Could this be a bug? Has anyone had the same issue? Or am i just doing something wrong? Guidance needed over here!
  11. Version:; Windows; x64; en-us; with Steam; no mods at all Active and archived Contracts are lost when a building is entered and instantly left again. Tested for Spaceplane Hangar, VAB and Tracking Station as they load slow enough to be ready to click on the exit button on the top right. The more crafts are loaded in the map the easier it gets but it works even with a fresh career and no crafts. Solution: Take it easy and some time.
  12. Hello everyone. I have an idea for a unofficial KSP mission that shall include mods. This mission as you can guess from the title needs a mod (or mods depends feed back from all of you) that extends the Kerbal-Verse (Universe for the kerbals) and possibly adds extra terrestrial technology or enemies. Thats right, the Kerbals after conquering the Mun turned their eyes towards the other possible galaxies and such stuff and decided to start a new mission. Extended Galaxy Resaech Team 1 or EGR1 This mission is in prototype stages and wont be shared soon unless some of you volonteer to help me find mods and test them. This is and idea i might remind you so dont get to comfy on the idea. If i get lots of good feedback i will start EGR1 P.S: Anyone knows mods that can add planets to the Kerbal-Verse please either give a direct download or a site where i can download the mod or review it. P.S.S: The mods need to be in 1.3.1 (I use a Mac with Steam) Good luck to all who participate in this grand adventure.
  13. On this thread, I will shout out a users name for them to do a challenge in KSP. If the user doesn't respond, please atquote (@...) their names so they respond yes or no. 1. @adsii1970 Mission: Send a submarine to Duna, to sail its "once oceans". If you don't want to do the challenge, say so.
  14. I've launched the following craft twice, it's got an antenna, batteries, and solar panels. Only after separating the first stage (solid rocket booster + fairings) it no longer is a valid unmanned probe. Note that the fairing is the root part. After rerooting to the OKTO and launching it a third time (no other changes), everything worked fine
  15. In the years following a surge of violence all over the world, Kerbin elected to establish a non-military space program. Having the various branches of military bodies disband their own space programs, they concentrated the effort under a single roof made the Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency. Not all missions will succeed, not all will end in triumph. But through trial and tribulation, Kerbin will grow from a fledgling pool of little green men into a space-age species of science, exploration, and adventure. We follow KARA from its humble beginnings, with the first two series of rockets under their program: Rocket 1, Series 01, Variant Able (Mobile) Pictured; Dr. Leonid Kerman supervising in the foreground as tests on the platform were run, Dr. Henry Kerman in the background is also running through checklists. Also seen: A hangar crew wandering aimlessly, running the clock till their shifts end. Originally called the Mjolnir Rocket Artillery Platform (MRAP), this rocket was designed to be a light vehicle to follow a small squad of Kerbal through rough terrain and quickly fire from hillsides. The military spec of this rocket had moving fins and a heavy explosive warhead. With a range of 30 kilometers, it was a formidable, cheap weapon. Due to the military advances in rocket artillery, KARA was able to procure a number of them for their own program. While several were used as part of the Able series, some were also adapted to work as upper stages for future designs. Pictured: Able-1 in flight, heading north from the KSC for its first test flight.
  16. Hello! I just wondered is it possible to create some scripts in career that will make the game more alive? For example: the contract says: "You have to deliver those habitats, tools, life support systems, materials and other stuff with 2 or more Kerbals to the Duna on the certain location". When you did it and all conditions were met then the script is started. Kerbals began to unpack baggage and build their new homes, make experiments... The building isn't has to be complicated, it can be as shown in strategies like "Starcraft" or "Warcraft" etc... And so on, another scripts like that. Because it's very stupid when you land on the Duna, then perform another misson to Eeloo and it turns out that those Kerbals on Duna were just sitting in their sits and smiling to the camera in front of them for like 20 years. P.S. Of course the player can disable those scripts and do everything on his own.
  17. I have a mission to "build a new unmanned probe...". My plan is to make a spaceship with one kerbal and an unmanned probe attached, so that I can position the satellite and bring some science data back as well. But when I reach the designated orbit and have the unmanned probe un-docked, the mission requirement "build a new unmanned probe..." is still not fulfilled...... The probe has everything required (probodobodyne, solar panel, antenna). And if I remove the kerbal before launching, the "build a new unmanned probe..." is immediately fulfilled when the spaceship is on launchpad. Is this a bug, or I have to launch it with no kerbal to satisfy the "unmanned" requirement?
  18. I'm still building my Minmus base, Rura Penthe. I decided to run two missions at once. One to launch a triplet of ore tank modules and one to launch an orange fuel tank storage module. As you can see I launched the two missions pretty much two days apart with the idea of giving me two days grace to orbital maneuver and landing the Ore Tanks on Minmus etc. Both had the same dV requirements naturally and I set up maneuvers to capture into Minmus Orbit. However: Instead of two days grace I've ended up with two hours and indeed the second mission is arriving before the first ( taking two days and two hours less to arrive than the first mission!) I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this. Can someone tell me what's happened?
  19. Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  20. Hi, I'm trying to complete the "Explore Kerbin" mission, where I need to rendezvous two vessels close to each other and remove all relative velocity. I did that, so I don't know why the mission doesn't complete. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance. Screenshot
  21. Hi. The mission titled: Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster in flight over Kerbin. Required conditions are: 1. Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster 2. kerbin 3. flying 4. Alt: 30000 to 34000 5. Spd: 450.0m/s to 530.0m/s I built a rocket with three RT-5 engine cascaded and fulfilled 2. to 5. above requirements except for 1. How can I complete this mission? What does "Test RT-5" mean? I thought just igniting the engine fulfill it. Thanks, aki
  22. MISSION TO NORTH POLE, KERBIN. Just a normal day until I realised I haven't been to one part of Kerbin, the North Pole. I asked on the forums how should I go there, they said: So I went to VAB, and loaded my latest rocket, Spallrow 2. I wanted to bring Jeb, but I guess that's lame, so I created a new Kerbal named 'Kerbal Network' that has maximum courage level and 0% stupidity using the cheats. Liftoff! Okay, it went well. Now it's in sub-orbital heading north. Inside the Mk1 Command Pod. During apoapsis: After 4 minutes, it finally reached the hardest part : re-entry Chute deploy: It went well, until suddenly at 4 kilometres from ground it glitched, forcing the parachute to cut itself. The pod was travelling at 6 m/s, and now 70. Luckily I quickly reacted and did an EVA, and I landed hard. The command pod crashed onto the ground, but at least I am safe. Even though I landed nearly at the north pole, and not at it, it was an achievement for me. Please tell me if I made a mistake in this post or if I misspelled. Thank you for reading.
  23. Welcome!!! Here I will be posting a mission report that will be about my latest Dres mission. (btw second trip to Dres) This will be done over several weeks or so. This mission will have a special twist and I hope it is shown up on the Dres appreciation thread!!! Stay Tuned!!! I have done the dumbest thing ever using ksp 1.2.9. Now I can't even change back to 1.2.2!!!!
  24. NFS "Intrepid" In Mid-April 2017, a disaster destroyed the NFSS Intrepid. Now a new station has been commissioned to replace it. It is very similar, but with lessons learned as well. It is made in KSP 1.2.2 with many mods. Core Module First version of the Crew Vehicle, made for the escape pod challenge. Going to the station Docked FURTHER IMAGES IN PROGRESS
  25. I have a problem building a new unmanned satellite for a mission. I tried once launching the saved ship design i used for another mission and when the orbit was identical i noticed that the new unmanned satellite wasn't ticked. Then i even tried with testing new ships, built from scratch and different names, even flags but no result. I've found nothing that help in any similar case...any ideas? screenshot:http://prnt.sc/f5nqjm Thanks in advance
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