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  1. Hello I can't finish my Mission. It tells me: launch a new unmanned satellite that has an Antenna and can generate Power... I did this many many times before. but since I got some new version here, what happens?: http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=15430220 The funny thing is that it was checked just before I had launched. and now I'm in Orbit and it's unchecked... This is the second time I'm bringing this sattelite up there. Apparently I don't know how to launch an unmanned satellite that can generate power anymore...I was actually done with this? what is going on
  2. This Thread is closed now! I will setup a new mission in a while!
  3. My first urlum mission and second mission to go out of kerbin SOI (ever, its my second save) Mods: KCT, USI-LS,RT, kis/kas, roverdud, nerta, interstellar, OPM,KOS,KAC, and 80 more Still at 1.1.3. until the critical mods (KCT,mkjeb,OPM) are pronounce ready. Well, when my space program was small and hungry for funds a kerbal whit a dream Offord a nice sum (~100,000 advance and 7,000,000 after) for a promise that ill get him to see urlum`s moon. I sent him (free of charge) to 2 space camps (tourists mission addon), and a mun fly by (I hade the room to spare). So he's as ready as I can get him. I got tired of seeing him in the list every time I have room left in a lunch, so I looked wen is my lunch window. I have 90 days !!!! The last week was spent in the VAB stopping the time flow and designing a craft. I only started the construction. ill be happy to get any advice I can get, I still have time to modify it. I probably have a sum wat unique play stile. The game runs all the time. In my stok game (first one) I was doing ~1 kerbal day per real day. Thanks to KCT in this heavily moded game im doing ~4 kerbal days per real day. Using mkjeb, KOS and KAC to manage and automate the flow of the game. So don’t expect to get results any time soon top part bottom part this is the power and drive part ready for lift off to orbit top http://imgur.com/TgoH8I4 and bottom http://imgur.com/Ic9tDZj im thinking of landing the drive section on mimus for refuling http://imgur.com/evVl2Qv this is the LS suplay ready for lift off http://imgur.com/cYeKi8S and extra LS supply that will go to urlum just in case ill need more http://imgur.com/mtkVbC this is how the crew will go up to the ship and get back to kerbin http://imgur.com/9GgM9LB the crew will be 1 pilot 1 eng 1 sci and the paying turist
  4. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help please.
  5. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help please.
  6. Mission Challenge: Build an Interplanetary Ship that can go until Jool, Use it to Drop 1 Ship on each planet Sun - Jool, also the moons, that needs to land, an perform atleast 1 Science Experiement! Manned! Im trying now for 3 Hours and i still havent managed to do this! Mods are allowed as long they are: 1. Ballanced //Well... 2. No Warp Drives etc. 3. no Supply Systems ONLY for Building //i think you need to assemble this in orbit, The Drop Ships for each Planet dont have to be the same, also on planets you cant land you dont have too... (Jool, Sun, etc.) Have Fun HurricanKai
  7. Well, title says it all. Picture is linked below. I'm getting the message that I'm entering the zone in question and the message that I'm exiting the zone, but I can't seem to get the little checkmark telling me "hey you measured the temperature there good job". So far I've tried measuring it and storing the information and measuring and transmitting the science back to Ground Control; neither seems to have worked. My altitude at both attempts was below 9 km. Could someone please help with this?
  8. Hi Folks, first time poster, long time lurker, so please be gentle. I've recently accepted a mission to tow a Class A asteroid into Kerbin orbit. Except: I can't find any class A asteroids. I've got class E (huge) right down to Class C (Medium) but no class A asteroids. There are about 7 asteroids visible from the tracking station. Question: am I missing something? Do I need to send out a scanner, or just wait until a class A asteroid meanders into tracking station range? For info, I'm playing career mode with kerbnet on and standard difficulty settings. Thanks in advance!
  9. It's year 11 in my KSP save. After finishing my Kerbalnational Space Station it was time to start a new project. I was looking for the Chinese Station that will launch somewhere 2023/2030. So I thought that, because not many people have tried it, to make my own. I'm not going to do anything too realistic. I use the launchers and parts that I think fits well in my world of KSP. Progress: My inspiration image for this project is: Mods I'm currently using: Mission 01 - Ghidorah 9 (01): http://imgur.com/gallery/VQtAD Mission 02 - SYS-121: http://imgur.com/gallery/xKdN1 Mission 03 - STS-122: http://imgur.com/gallery/bnOhZ Mission 04 - Shenzhou (01): http://imgur.com/gallery/Vhxe0 Mission 05 - STS-123: http://imgur.com/gallery/kEKD6 Mission 06 - STS-124: http://imgur.com/gallery/czSI9 Mission 07 - STS-125: http://imgur.com/gallery/09jip Mission 08 - STS-126: http://imgur.com/gallery/3daad Mission 09 - Ghidorah 9 (02): http://imgur.com/gallery/Z7HwB Mission 10: Coming Soon™
  10. Allright people, I need your help. I wanted to do an as close to reality Voyager mission as possible in KSP, so I spent most of my christmas break modeling and texturing a Titan IIIE launch vehicle and the Voyager probes. The end-goal is to make a video of the mission and put in on the Youtubes. I've finished the launch vehicle (image furher down), but I've run into a bit of a problem with the Star-37E/Voyager part of my build. From the reference images I see that either the Star-37E or the structure holding the Star-37E/Voyager stack has a hydrazine attitude control system, but what I can't seem to figure out is what type of thruster it is, its thrust, and most importantly, which directions of thrust the ACS system has. Is it only "forward" and "back", is it roll? I can't tell. As there are plenty of smart people on the forum, I figured I'd ask for help here. I'll post links to some of my reference images so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Reference image 1 Reference image 2 Reference image 3 Reference image 4 Anyways, here is an image of what I've got so far. There is a Centaur-D-1T inside the fairing, but I've yet to render an image of it.
  11. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I searched through but wasn't sure.... So my problem is with a Rover mission which asks: "Driver Rover (enter rover name) to Waypoint and conduct Science" I did and it didn't allow me to pass the mission due to two constraints: 1. I apparently wasn't at the location (I was actually, bang on) 2. No wheels on my rover (I have Akita wheels on it) Can't find if this mission is one from an add-on, I don't think so. Is this a) a broken mission i.e. it doesn't realise I have arrived at the waypoint and b) requiring the stock set of wheels? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I really don't know what to make of my current game status, or whether I'm being incredibly dim (always a possibility ;0)) or whether there truly is just something massively screwy about my installation. I'll explain: I'm in career mode. I have R&D as far as "advanced rocketry". I took on a contract - showing up in the Mission Control archives as completed - to "Haul RE-15 "Skipper" into orbit of Kerbin. I did this. I did however, recover the craft forgetting to take a crew report. No biggie except I got no science for the contract. Now, I have an active contract to "test 48-7S "Spark" liquid fuel engine in flight". Inside the VAB currently, in my "engines" panel, this 48-7S Spark is shown, but in a green-shaded box. If I try to use it, it tells me "contains untested experimental parts" and won't let me to launch. However - and here's the weird bit - despite having completed an earlier contract with the "Skipper" engine, this engine no longer appears anywhere, and is not available. Furthermore, it is now a part of "Heavy Rocketry" inside R&D. This is so confusing! I've completed a contract with an engine that I now no longer have, and have accepted a contract to test an engine, and which is available to select, but I am not allowed out of the VAB with. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I'm a rather new player and I accepted a mission to put a satellite into a designated orbit around the Mun. So I built the sat and put it into orbit and all mission critical circumstances were fulfilled except the: Reach the designated equatorial orbit around the Mun with reasonable deviation. The Periapsis is supposed to be 241,665m and the sat. is at 241,653m, and the Apoapsis is supposed to be 252,929m and my sats is 252,958. In my book that is a reasonable deviation. Especially since in all the videos I watched on youtube they usualy had far greater deviations. The orbit is pretty much spot on with only a few dozen meters difference, yet it won't let me accomplish the mission. Is that a bug? or is there something I'm doing wrong?
  14. So Gleno-Space decided a while back that it was going to go to Jool. This is what I wanted to bring: Jool 2 Long Range Communications Probes 2 Atmosphere Drop Probes Laythe Manned landing and a few hours Two Large Unmanned water probes with Submarines One land explorer with rover One Space-station. Communications probe x1 Vall: Two Unmanned small landers One manned landing and a few hours on the surface - DONE Communications probe x1 Tylo: Manned landing and a few hours Bop Large base exploration vehicle Two Unmanned large landers One manned landing with time spent in base Several Landing steps to refuel the main vehicle Communications probe x1 Pol Small base on Pol with exploration vehicle Two Unmanned small landers One manned landing with time spent in base One large Unmanned lander Communications probe x1 I've now got it mostly figured out, and its time to launch everything. Once all the equiptment is at Jool, the Kerbals will launch and go through each moon before returning safely to Kerbin. The idea of this mission is to figure out how easy/hard it is to land on each moon, what their compositions are like, and how best to colonize the Jool system. From afar, Bop or Pol look like the best locations for a fuel depo, and Laythe looks like the most Kerbal friendly...only time will tell. Here is the first video, with the Jool payload: 3/11/2016 I've gotten all the hardware into orbit. No Kerbals onboard. I'm planning to send all the Hardware there before sending any brave Kerbals. Here is the prep video, showing me getting them all into orbit.
  15. i uploaded to youtube i titled kerbal space program - kerballo 2 (ryan900) the kerballo 2 enter mun of mission of mun watch here my video
  16. It all started out as a bit of a joke. 1.0.5 was ending. Why not send a mission somewhere. So Jool. Let's make some Jool craft that probably won't work! I thought 1.1 would come out whilst the ships were going out. And I was wrong. So I went to Tylo. Taking On Tylo Part I-Around Kerbin.
  17. What should i do today on KSP suggest ideas for a mission
  18. The PS4 version of KSP has a showstopper bug. In career mode, viewing the map will show target locations, but there is no way to activate navigation and have the navball display the target. Clicking the X button over the target on the map will pop up a window titled the same as the target area, but with no controls or other text. No other PS4 controls seem to affect this. A similar bug is known for the PC KSP 1.10 version. This bug makes a large class of "observe" missions unreasonably difficult to complete. Is this something the Flying Tiger team is actively working on for a patch? Or is there a means to obtain a refund for this product from the PlayStation Store?
  19. Hey guys, In my latest career game I just got a contract to go to the Mun. It will be the first celestial body I actually landed on in this game, which is a bit of a departure as every other career game I go straight to Minmus. In fact I might have only been to the Mun once and that was sandbox. The problem is my tech level atm is Terrier, FT800 and Panther only. My best launcher can put a full ft800 and terrier in low kerbin orbit, but is that enough to get to the mun and back? If not, was thinking to send two vehicles, one with the science stuff + landing legs, that flies to mun, lands, jettisons the science gear, takes off to mun orbit. The return ship has re-entry stuff and parks in munar orbit waiting for the brave kerbonaut to EVA across. That architecture might work out if the single launch just falls short, since we're not saving much delta V (with aerobraking, low munar back to Kerbin is the easiest part of the mission, but perhaps the heat shield/chute/radiator mass left off the outbound stage will help. BTW when i say "best launcher", this is a "no rockets" challenge. It's a disposable panther/terrier spaceplane, that jettisons every single part of itself, that puts the upper stage in orbit !
  20. So, there are 3 tourists and Valentina on the surface of the moon. They made it down OK, but instead of using -half- their fuel to get down, they used -all- of it. How would you get them back to Kerbal for the contract completion? And yes, that is a tourist vehicle with insufficient delta-V for a moon landing, grappled by -another- tourist vehicle that landed safely and is now stranded.
  21. I just developed my first shuttle. After a lot of hard work and calculations, it is done. Unfortunately, it is made from Mk2 parts. I cant pu many things inside that cargo bay. It has 2 CRG-08 bays. I am asking you, Kerbal-killers, to help me get ideas for funny and interesting shuttle missions. I already have interplanetary probes waiting for transfer window, but I think that wont be enough for me to feel like I used the shuttle as much as I can. Shuttle has enough delta-V to lift anything that can fit inside those cargo bays. Thank you in advance!
  22. Make a movable human using jets and other stuff lvl 1 and 2 = can have wheels lvl 1 30 or more parts lvl 2 only 2 jets and cockpits lvl 3 1 jet 3 metal bar things (XD) 2 struts 0 wheels Send Me Your Creation in the comments ! Cockpits can be used in lvl 3 if you wana controll it
  23. Well, I was bored tonight after 25 attempts at landing my Tylo Lander. Got it down on the 25th. After that testing ordeal, I decided to pull out and do a Mun Mission. Something nice and Classic. Be warned, this is Image Heavy! Part I-The trip there. The Ares 1-x only flew once, but it is still one of my favorite launches. I've recreated it plenty in KSP, so I thought, why not strap my latest Mun lander to a (sorta) Arex 1-x. Thus: Mun Mk1 was born. I set the 9 Kickback Solid Rocket Boosters to 70 each, and I had clipped reaction wheels into the adapter above the 8 boosters. I was really hoping the 70 would lead to a nice ascent path with an early gravity turn. It curved well and I ended up about 200 Kilometers above Kerbin. Personally, I think such an orbit is too high for a mission like this. Once I was in Orbit, I blew the fairings, showing the lander. I've used it many, many times before. This is version 6 or 7. I've used it as my standard late save lander since I updated to 1.0.5. It basically is my spin on the Altair Lander. This one comes with extra battery power in the ascent stage, two docking ports in case one is lost (somehow), and inline reaction wheels clipped inside. Works like a charm. Time to see if it will work on this mission. I was considering who to Bring on this mission, as it was the first of this "creative" save. I wanted Jeb to be on the Mun, with Val in orbit. After much consideration, I chose Bob, as I didn't have anything to construct in this version. The three of them rocketed off a few mornings later. The atmospheric sunrise was brilliant. I should have kept Scatterer installed for a little while. I use it on and off. It probably would have made this mission really cool. After a bit, I fired the escape tower and ditched the first stage. The second stage gave me a 5.3 Kilometer "flyby" of the lander. Of course, as always, my second stage didn't preform as well as I wanted it too. I think I need second stage construction classes now. It's bugging me. I used the RCS quite a lot during the docking. I didn't want to use more than 1/8 of my fuel. By the time I had pulled next to the lander, I had used most of my RCS and about 1/7 of my fuel. Dangit! I docked the two, now ready for the Mun, and watched the first solar eclipse of this save. They would move on to the Mun in the Morning. After a bit of time warping, I pressed Z and shot towards the Mun. The sunrise looked great, although it would have looked better with Scatterer. I've got that thought stuck in my head, haven't I. At about 2,600 m/s the departure stage ran out. Uh oh. I thought about what to do. I had refilled the return spacecraft, and the lander's tanks were all full. Eventually, I decided to fire the lander's engines. I was a bit late to catch the Mun on this orbit. They would have to wait 3 more to get to it. Oh well. Immortal Kerbals won't mind this. I once again decided to use the lander's engines to enter orbit. I drained 1/2 of my return capsule fuel to assist this. The lander still had half its fuel left so it was go for landing. Jeb and Bob said their goodbyes to Val, promised to get her some rocks, and then undocked and fired retrograde. With no landing target in mind, I took a random descent to the surface. The Thrust to Weight ratio of this thing is quite high, so I waited until I was relatively low to start the suicide burn. Ok, maybe a bit too low. I did use the TWR to pull up, and ended up plopping down somewhere around -6.8115 and 72.1362 (according to Kerbal Maps) in the East Crater. Not my favorite part of town, but since I played random, beggars can't be choosers... Also, you can't see Kerbin. Yipee! How fun. Soon after I landed though, I saw these two nice rocks and decided to hop between them. That's it for it today guys, thanks for reading. Part II tomorrow.
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