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  1. After the loss of most of the work, and craft, from the Drescapade Kraken Incident, I didn't think I was going to do anything else with this mission. But after having some time to think about it, and cool down a little, I have decided to resurrect the Drescapades. This run isn't going to be completely clean, there may be a few things I use the F12 "cheats" to help set in motion. But most of it will be a completely clean stock mission. Only mod I have installed is Kerbal Engineer Redux, in part-less mode. All the parts used are completely stock with no modifications to the persistence files. After having some time to think over this, I've decided to start again. Loading up the save I went through and looked at what craft I could salvage... Drescapade station was in pieces. But since the debarkel with the save files, the pieces were still in orbit, but not assembled yet. So all the parts were there, I just had to put it together again, for the first time. In front of the parts for the station was the trusty old Lamp Post 1 and its spare fuel tank. So after I undocked the parts from the Lamp post, and placed the space tank in a parking orbit, I sent the defunked satellite module(which had no SAS for the satellites) out into space and sent the Lamp Post 1 down to the surface to refuel. The Lamp Post 1 descended into a crater, in complete darkness, and was able to find the sweet goodness of a 6% Ore vein. Yummy! It wasn't until daylight that I actually saw where I had landed. Now for the Octopus 1... I did use infinite fuel to land it on Dres, but this was just to save me the time of waiting for something I can safely use to link it with the Lamp Post for refueling. Otherwise it would be a long wait before I can use it. I know... I know... Infinite fuel is cheating... But after the last time of linking with the Lamp Post 1, I wanted to play it safer. So down the Octopus went, trying to land near the Lamp Post 1 and the sweet, sweet ore vein. Down into the darkness. Only to find out I'm landing on the wall of the crater and don't have the maneuverability to shift my landing site over far enough to not land there. So, landing on a nearly 10% grade, with a slightly tipsy Octopus... What could go wrong? Nothing apparently. It did nearly tip over, but being basically out of fuel meant the craft was extremely light. So the RCS was more then enough to right it before it toppled over completely. Now that I know that the Train Breaker, which survived the Kraken unscathed, the Lamp Post 1, the Octopus 1 and most importantly, the Drescapade Station was intact and ready for use, I can prepare the rest of the mission. I actually have all the parts of the mission already built, save for the refueling vehicle, who's design I'm not that happy with... But first of all, I need to send over the satellites, once again. This time I'll be sending them with a new friend of mine. Meet the Evolution! The Evolution is a large, multi part, mothership made up of 6 different segments. The core of which is the Evolution Core. This section of the craft is a large fuel reserves with housing for 32 Kerbals. It has a few solar arrays to collect power and some SAS to help it align its self, but no RCS. This section of the mothership is going to act as a new space station once it reaches Dres. The cargo bays are currently loaded with the 8 satellites that will be distributed around Dres. The next section is the central command and control section, the Evolution Gig. This section is like the Lamp Post and Octopus in many ways, but is designed to sit in the center of the Evolution and provide about 32% of the thrust the mothership needs to fly. Once at Dres, this section will be able to refuel its self and fly missions around dres in place of the second Octopus. And the last segment, which will actually be 4 segments in total, is the Evolution Shuttle. This segment(s) will be able to land on Dres and act as parts of the surface base. Once the mission is over, the shuttles will be able to lift off from Dres, and be able to fly back to Kerbin, hopefully without a refueling trip between. But otherwise a trip to Minmus might be in order. Landing and lifting off with the shuttles is not going to be easy though. They do not have vertically aligned engines so will have to nearly land on their tail before rotating to land horizontally. Taking off will have to be done using a combo of thrust and RCS authority to pivot them into liftoff angle. I was planning on making these craft atmospheric as well, but due to bad aerodynamic issues, I threw that idea out the window. No worries though, I can send up a crew transfer vehicle when needed, and/or a set of parachute packs. So yeah, this should still be interesting. I can say right now, that I do have an asteroid tug designed that will be able to shift class C asteroids into Dres orbit. And as long as they are not on the heavy side of Class C, I should even be able to land one on the planet. But doing this will mostly likely take the life of the tug in the process. So, unmanned is it.
  2. As the title says, how much Delta-V is required for a Duna-and-back mission with one kerbal ? Because I can land on nearly any body but I can't come back... How much delta-v should the rocket have to land on Duna, and how much to get back to Kerbin? I know Delta-V maps exist but I prefer asking to be sure. Also, I'm using a rocket, not a plane. Thanks for any answer!
  3. Imagine it is the year 2021. Mars 2020 has launched last year, and is now operational on Mars. Europa Clipper is set to launch in 4 years, and is being constructed- meanwhile, the Uranus Orbiter (and atmospheric probe) is undergoing planning and design for launch in 2030. ( Let's just say, just to get that out of the way) You are responsible for selecting 3 flagship missions NASA should pursue for the next 10 years. (Not exactly realistic, but lets's just say) What missions would you propose and choose? The list should be in order of importance. My list: 1. Mars Sample Return (taking the samples cached from Mars 2020, and returning team back to Earth- this is important, so that the samples are obtained before the rover breaks and complicates things.) 2. Titan Orbiter and Lander (A solar-powered probe that does multiple flybys of numerous Saturnian moons for a few years before settling in orbit around Titan. Then the probe would release a lander to the surface of Titan, which does a parachute-assisted landing on one of Titan's seas- and is very similar to TiME, but using normal RTGs instead) 3. Neptune-Triton Dual Orbiter Mission (Sends two orbiters to Neptune. One is released to study Neptune from Neptune Orbit, while the other goes into Triton Orbit to study the moon.) What missions would YOU choose?
  4. Sirad


    Hello then. First i have to excuse for my bad English. its not my Native Language. Ill now tell ya about the last Mission to Tylo. The Goal was: - Fly to Tylo in one Shot, NO ISRU, Stock Parts. Land there. Roam there and get Back in one Piece. The only Installed Mods were Mechjeb and KJR. KJR for the obvious 'DE-Noodling', Mechjeb for Proper Planetary Transfers and DV display. First i'll Tell you about the Mission Crew. From the Left to the Right: Jebediah Kerman, Carchell Kerman, Sigtris Kerman. You see Carchell is quite Happy, she just came from the Mission briefing. The Ship Consists of 3 Parts. 1. The Main Propulsion Ship. This one has the Task to Push the other two Modules to the JOOL System and after the Completion of the Mission get the (remaining, if) Crew back to the Orbital Station around Kerbin 2. The Maneuvering Ship. This one has the Task to Bring the Lander from HIGH Tylo Orbit to a very LOW Tylo Orbit to save Fuel aboard the Main Propulsion Ship. The Maneuvering Ship is fully ION Propelled and has a external command Seat (one of the things needed to attain a proper 'thumbs up' from JEB for this mission) This Ship is the one Equipped with RCS and Monoprop for Docking and such. 3. The Deorbiter and Reorbiter Module (3 Stages). The De/Re-Orbiter has as a needed Addition a Rover aboard. The De/Re-Orbiter has NO RCS/Monoprop 4. The Orbiting Stage consisting of: Brute Force, (and some Boosters) The Main Propulsion Module. 6 Radially mounted Nuclear Engines and the Fuel Tanks are Stages as they deplete from the Bottom to the Top. The Maneuvering Ship. while Towing the De/Re-Orbiter it has ~2.200 Dv The De/Re-Orbiter. ~3000 Dv for Landing in one Stage and 3100 Dv for getting into Orbit again. Now the Rocket Lift's off. The Boosters are not Really needed, this Ship is Capable to fulfill the desired Mission, with just the Original Starting weight of 999.9 Tons, but without Boosters Jeb would never entered the Ship. He mumbled something about 'its not explody enough now' so we strapped Booster onto it. Heading for Space Separation of the Boosters Separation of the 1st Stage. Straight upwards for a very High Orbit. Separation of the Fairing. Circularizing to high Orbit Separation of the 2nd Stage In my Eyes, a beauty. Getting to a Higher Orbit (1000 km) Now we Found a Transfer Window to JOOL for ~ 2000 Dv. Thats Ok. Burning towards JOOL This Time i was very Lucky to get a Catch worth ~600 Dv from Tylo for only 15.4 Dv. Burning the Remaining DV for a High Orbit around Tylo In High Orbit Around Tylo This is now the Reason Jeb wanted to Fly this Mission. He Floats over to the Maneuvering Ship and takes Seat. Decoupling the De/Re-Orbiter ~ Maneuvering Ship Combo to get to very Low Tylo Orbit via Ion Drive. This took quite a While to Circle down but this wasnt too tedious. Sigtris remained aboard the Main Ship and had to wait until both come back. You see Jebs Face ? Thats it. Now they both made it to Low Tylo Orbit. Decoupling the De/Re-Orbiter from the Maneuvering Ship to Land at Tylo. Jeb Stays aboard the Ion Ship and is pleased with the Great views from that Seat. the High Deorbit Burn. This one Carchell did without the Help of the Computer--- Now Carchell has to (nearly) suicide burn down to the Ground. The Lander has plenty Dv left so there is no need for high Level of Adrenaline. Landed. 138 Dv left. Everything is fine and nothing got damaged while Landing. we have a go for getting out and be the First Kerbal who sets Foot on Tylo. Carchell Kerman is the First Kerbal on Tylo. Pride. Now afterwards she have to pay the Price for being the First Kerbal on Tylo. .... Gather Science. The Landing Spot was quite bad chosen so the Time runs. she needs to be Back aboard the Ship until the sun Sets and the Deep Freezing cold of space kills her in the open Command Seat. ain't it fun eh ? 100 km Off from the Landing Site the Navigating help disappeares and the Desired Biome not reached so far. 3rd Biome: Mara. ~200 km off the Landing Site. Landing Site And drove here for the 'Highland Science' she is still laughing. (meanwhile i just nearly got to smash my Keaboard, this was 14-real-Hours Rovering.) Oh this is really the most tedious thing one can do in KSP. anyway, science is in Real Life a tedious Grind too. To the Right after ~ 400 km the Lander comes into sight. 1.5 Ton Rover gets Jumpy at 0.8 g and ~15 km/h. would be fun if this were happening on Kerbin(or earth). To the left soon she made it. only a few metres left. Back at the Lander. now after thaaaaaat long time Rovering, where is your smile girl ? She barely made it right bevore Sunset. This trip generated so much Science the Scientists may get Ecstatic if we get Back to Kerbin. Now Takeoff to Low Orbit. climbing up Separating the 2nd Stage. This is what was left over at Tylo. a abandoned Rover and a Lander that fell to parts. she made it to low Tylo Orbit and now waits for the Maneuvering Ship to get picked up. docking in the Darkness. Docked. Now spiraling the Orbit up to meet with the Main Ship. Jeb is pleased, because Calculations showed that there is Plenty of Fuel left over for something special. Docking with the main Ship. Sigtris is quite pleased because both made it back alive. Jebediah took Sigtris aside and said something about a special trip. So Carchell and Sigtris changed places. Changing the Capsules After a re-dock of the Tylo 3rd Stage to the bottom of the Ion Ship, Jebedia and Sigtris were heading of to Bop. found a good transfer Window. Now the Combined Tylo Upper Stage and the Ion Ship is Landing in absolute Darkness. This was a Computer aided Landing Now after Dawn Sigtris noticed about this very Special Place Jeb mentioned. 'This is your reward for waiting all the Time without anything worth seeing.' Jeb said. Planting a Flag on the Dead Krakens Head. This is the Revenge for Countless Rover Accidents happened while Gathering Science on Tylo..... Jes. Dig it in. Afterwards they took off heading back to Tylo Orbit. The combo barely made it. Redock at the main Ship , enter the main Capsule and and Jettison the 3rd Tylo Stage. moving around. after jettison the Tylo Ascent Stage, using the Remaining Xenon to Push the main Ship out of Tylo High Orbit. The Maneuvering Ship is now Useless. getting into a circular Jool Orbit. Now Jettison the Maneuvering Ship waiting for a good Transfer and finally burn towards Home. Due to the usual 'Jeb-A-like' calculation for the Trip to Bop, there was not enough Fuel left over for a 'normal swing to Orbit' at Kerbin. Jeb was giggling while the ship that completely lacked any Heatshield tried to Aerobrake at 3.700 m/s in Kerbins Atmosphere. They had to Circle down several Times. like that. finaly they managed to keep up with the Kerbin Orbital Station. The Science had to be delivered here. At Tylo they gathered Science worth 100 Years of research.... Docking at the Station. After a good Snack and the Transfer at the Station they left and deorbited quite the usual way. nothing to mention here.
  5. I'm not sure where to put this (no, not there, shaddup) as it's neither a piece of fanfiction (well, sorta) nor an original challenge. Anyway, it's pretty self-explanatory and is basically a visual journal of a really bad idea. I hadn't landed a kerbonaut on Moho and thought well, let's land on EVERYTHING with no atmosphere. Because reasons. Watch Episode 1: Jeb's Vac Vacation: Moho via Gilly Short form: Jeb takes something that's not his and sets off to visit every airless planet in the Kerbol system. If you want to try your own version, the limits are as follows: One ship, one launch, no refuelling (so ISRU required, unless you're a dV genius) - Jeb has to go, and shanghai one other Kerbal to keep him from getting lonely. Mods: KJR, Engineer, MechJeb, KW Rocketry and aesthetic-only mods allowed. No F12 or hyperedit cheatiness. Land on every airless planetoid and return to Kerbin orbit, hitch a ride to the ground. MechJeb spent all of episode one trying to kill me, so I suspect that's gone for 2. If people decide it's not too much a Junior Grand Tour (and I think it probably is) it can always move to challenges. And no, I'm doomed to failure because of Tylo. But I'll get all the rest. If this became a challenge I'd have to do two badges. Regular and "Oh my God you managed Tylo"
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