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Found 1 result

  1. Telemachus is back in development again! Issue tracking: GitHub TLDR: Once the Telemachus data link part is installed... or our Brand New Teleblade™ Antenna by @Stone Blue ...you can connect to a telemetry source using your web browser, to obtain several visualizations..... ...and then combine them to construct your own mission control. In the image below we have an example of such a setup: From left to right you have Atmospheric density chart, KSP (obviously), Altitude chart, and a g-force chart on the tablet perched on the shelf. The following screenshots show more Telemachus features. Figure 1 - Send basic commands to your vessels Figure 2 - MechJeb2 integration Figure 3 - Kerbal Maps integration That's not all! Say Hello to Houston UI: Houston has a ton of really cool features, some of which work! A ground track, for plotting the path of a ship in orbit An altitude estimate for said ground track (heavy emphasis on "estimate") Readouts for the stock resource types in KSP Status light indicators A 3D navball (huge thanks to Lokaltog/KeRD for an awesome implementation) Throttle and Atmosphere gauges Position Maps A 3D Orbit Map (using Three.js) A Hohmann Transfer tool (not guaranteed to properly transfer you as per Hohmann's specifications) Links to the Telemachus Console and MKON Data Tables, whoooo! NavBar: More info about Houston at GitHub Download links: Download Telemachus Stable from GitHub Releases or SpaceDock Download Telemachus Unstable from AppVeyor For Compliance of Add-on Rule 5 In case it wasn't obvious already, Telemachus sends telemetry data from KSP to a web browser. If you require precise information on the data exchanged and the protocols used, then please check out the API Documentation. Notice I am not a Telemachus Creator. I am the main continuator of this project, after @tcannonfodder. This is NOT njbrown09's Telemachus Continued. When something will happen, I will change Telemachus name to TeleCore. Links Installation Instructions User Guide API Documentation Source Code Credits License (MIT)
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