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Found 33 results

  1. gary.townsend

    Landing UKS MKS Modules

    With th eedesign of the UKS modules for 1.2 i'm wondering how people are landing these modules on planets i can see the cradles but how are people landing multiple modules together to form bases. Is it just using vtol engines and then disassembling them after wards? Just looking for some ideas for inspirations short of landing them and tipping them over unless thats the only solution at the moment?
  2. Crabman

    [USI-MKS] Drill Calculator

    I did a little Drill Calculator to show the amount of resources gathered per second. I always wondered how it worked and now I know. If anyone have any question, just ask! How it works (after you download a copy, because it's set as read only on google sheets): Chose Yes or No if you want to mine Dirt; Put the resource concentration at the point you will mine; Select drill to use; Select level of most experienced Engineer inside your vessel (there is also an option to put if you don't have an engineer around); Profit. You can also wirte the desired amount per second and it will calculate how many of that drill you need and how much thermal controllers you'll need. Download link: Edit: I'm also doing a description of resources inputs and outputs of everything of MKS in a sheet to help managing production of things. If anyone wants something like this, just answer here and I'll post it in another topic.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering how to make a big base with MKS but now that only one Duna and one Tundra modules have planetary logistics distribution (only with things attached directly to it), how do you think it's a good way to do this? Sending a Duna Logistics module to every mining location to store supplies and the mined resources? (By the way, to make logistics work, does it need to have a pilot?) MKS 'Ranger' Scout-200 Power Pack can supply under full load can hold up to 1000 days, I think it's enough. But since it isn't rechargeable, and can't be grabbed (with kas) by one kerbal, I don't know if it is the best option. Thanks for any help!
  4. I am running a (somewhat) modded build, including USI Kolonisation Systems version 0.2.4, on KSP 1.1.3 (64-Bit). In both career and sandbox, many parts are missing from the VAB/SPH listings. These parts do appear (and can be sub-purchased in) the CTT, however there is some error whereby these parts cannot be listed in the VAB - I attempted to add them to a category manually, with the following custom category: The parts did not show in the custom tab, nor the normal tabs (including the USI one) nor on the search bar. All mods were installed manually, tell me if you need logs. If you need any more info, please tell me, otherwise I hope someone knows of a solution! (Or could be I'm just an idiot.... take your pick, just tell me the solution anyway)
  5. As a followup to this question, I've started using MKS Lite instead of MKS. I had my MKS base up and running smoothly, but I found that MKS Lite is more to my taste/gameplay. However, I cannot see the MKS launchpad anywhere? Is it not part of MKS Lite at all? Is it possible to "mod it over" somehow? Alternatively, what's the "best" way of building/launching rockets from my Munbase via MKS Lite/EPL? I've never used the EPL parts, as I liked the look and feel of the MKS-L replacement parts.
  6. In my most recent career save I've explored Eve, Duna, and Dres with probes and I have flotillas on the way to Jool and Eeloo to explore them. Since they're not due for another 2 years, I figured I'd send a manned ship to Duna to start a base there. I decided to make a multipurpose space ship rather than just a one-use rocket for the mission, so I built a pretty self-sufficient ship that should be able to house and feed four kerbals comfortably for a few years, with a modular nuclear drive section. With that in place, I decided I wanted to make bases on Minmus and Duna for replenishment for the first ship in a future fleet of interplanetary ships, but I haven't really looked at MKS much and it's looking to be much more difficult than it seemed at first. My plan was to send a robotic base at first to start harvesting resources and at least have all the infrastructure there so that when the crew arrived they'd have everything they needed to supply themselves with food and power. However, since I realized that all the converters need machinery to function, it seems like I would either need to send huge supply ships very frequently or set up large surface manufacturing plants that use technology I haven't unlocked yet. How do you all usually start with MKS? Is it necessary to set up giant supply chains or send shipments all the time, or am I just overestimating how much machinery they'll use? Pictures would be appreciated, since I'm also a little unclear about how to assemble all these parts.
  7. Alright, so I'm now at the point where my MKS-oriented munar base is almost self-sufficient (The crew shuttles bring a small amount of materials now and then, which is enough to keep life support running for years). The goal was to have this be a staging ground for crewed interplanetary explorations, and with time I'm hoping to do the same on Duna and Laythe with time. These bases will also be where I build the required hardware (ships, additional base structures, etc). So now that I've gotten the base up and running, i'm having some problems wrapping my head around Extraplanetary Launchpads and how it integrates with MKS, so my questions are: * What materials do I need (produced or flown in) to build ships? I've accumulated a lot of MaterialKits from recycling leftover dropships while building. How do I turn these into rocketparts? (From what I've understood, RP is what I need to build and launch the ships) * Which structures do I need? I see that both MKS and EPL comes with launchpads, so I must admit I'm at a loss what to bring to my base. * Any other pointers/tips?
  8. Businfu

    Sherbert Land

    I present the latest (and best documented) foray into kolonization! Without much thought, I started posting this on the MKS page, but it keeps getting longer and now I want to give thing it's own thread! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V If people like it, there will be more to come!