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Found 1 result

  1. This time doing WIP stuff along with the usual stuff. I taught this would be good idea since im going to be releasing quite a bit of more interesting tech here, so i taught you guys would probably like to see that how it's made so that you can maby do something similar yourself. And of-course avoid doing the same mistakes i will inevitably do . The reason why this is a separate post, rather than me including this stuff in the KNS project witch this is still a part of, is because all of this stuff will be a little more connected to one-another. The submarine tender for instance, will have the ability to refuel the new sub im making...that sort of thing, so it only seemed correct to have them all under one roof where they can easily be found. WIP stuff (Gato-class) There's so much WIP stuff that putting all off it from every craft in one spoiler would be wayyyy to much, so each ship will now have their own spoiler. WIP stuff (Prairie based one) WIP stuff (Aircraft catapult/catapult-plane) WIP stuff (Small attack sub) Completed crafts List of completed ships: Attack submarine K.S.S Great White III AWACS submarine K.S.S SeaScout List of stuff that that im planning on making. Let's start with what im going to likely do first, witch is the Submarine-fleet side of things. Will likely be named K.S.S Kato Edit: Since my new plan has me mix the Gato, Balao, and Piper, im gonna have to come up with a new name for it (something original), and the AWACS sub that im gonna build from it. Im thinking K.S.S Great White III for the regular one (was originally the name for a CV and then a BB witch are both gone now), And maby...i dunno K.S.S SeaScout...or something like that, for the AWACS sub. The submarine itself will be based on the US Gato-class of submarines. My plan for this one is to use tweackscale this time to simplify things, as the last time i made a sub, it was filled to the brim with dozens of ore-tank's, struts, control-surfaces...that sort of stuff, and it became a huge mess. Also, the Gato-class is quite big as-well. Main improvements over the old one will hopefully be: 1. A more reasonable part-count. lesson of today kids: DO NOT use tweackscale on anything if you want to make a working submarine. Looks like this part will actually happen...well...if my idea of using the new structural-tubes from the DLC with fairings as the hull actually works. Yep, the new hull idea works, and may just be THE way to build submarines, as it gives so many options in size and shape. 2. Working torpedo-tubes with torpedo's The tubes are gone, but it remain to be seen if the torpedoes work, or will they just detonate as soon as i release them. Yep, the torpedoes work, but ive only tested them while staying still, as i fear they will get eaten inside the nose if i fire them from the move. The torpedoes take a while to actually go anywhere BTW, probably to enable them to be dropped from aircraft...witch kinda sucks in this case, but in general, it's probably for the best. 3. much higher speed and bigger operating range (the old one was really slow under water...bout 11 m/s, and had fuel for like 12 minutes). The speed is definitely bigger and the range is longer, but it still ain't that great. To allow for a longer operating range, and maby even rearming it (rearming torpedo's will be impossible, but other weapons could possibly be rearmed by having a sort of ammo-pallet that could be docked/un-docked using a crane), im going to build a submarine tender. Edit: So, i did some more research by reading some books i borrowed from the library yesterday (mostly to satisfy my interest in the Gato-class, but also to maby get some new ideas), and it seems that the Gato-class was more popular than i taught, as it spawned two new classes that are based on the it, the Balao-class, and the Tench class. So looks like im instead going to make my own variation of the Gato-class. I also think im gonna make a second Gato like submarine, and turn it into a radar-surveillance sub just like some Gato's where in the cold-war days. Basically they did the same to the Gato as they did with the E-3 Sentry, just take an old craft and stuff an AWACS/AEW style radar and all the stuff needed for it inside. Im planning to give that version a different style of bridge, maby some sort of a radar-dome and im also gonna remove the torpedo-armaments from it...or something like that. With the new Gato-class and AWACS version of it, i taught id also do a smaller attack-sub...if the Gato-class is a success and not a repeat of the previous attempt. I decided to do this one cause i just felt like it. Probably gonna be named K.S.S Hammerhead. Now named K.S.S Barracuda. I think the British E-class should service that ambition just fine, tough i have a bit of a feeling that this small sub wont be so close to the original in the end. My main hope is to get this one to be more nimble and fast compared to the big Gato (it is about 40m shorter IRL). Dunno the name for it yet. She shall be named K.S.S Mule Forget the U.S.S Prairie looking one, i don't really like the look of my own version that much...so, say hello to what the new Mule will look like. My basic plan is to have one of the cranes/hoists on one of the mast's serve as my refuelling crane for the subs. And now to the sea-plane fleet of things. Dunno the name for this one yet either. K.S.S Pathfinder shall be it's name (fit's the task of the ship a little better) Quite small isn't it, basically it's a converted old Clemson class destroyer. Basically this one will be there more for looks than variety. as the original was used for maintaining of marked landing areas and for ferrying of sea-plane crews, not for refueling or rearming like i originally taught. Mine will most likely have a bunch of fuel-tanks with lights and antennas that can be dropped in the sea as markers for...whatever it is that you need a marker for. For refueling of sea-planes, im planning on making something in the lines of this. Probably gonna be named K.S.S Pathfinder. Dunno what the ship in this picture is (some searching later, U.S.S Pocomoke, a sea-plane tender...lucky me), just happened to come across it and liked the look of it. Basically i just wanted a basic cargo-ship type thing that i will load with fuel and some sort of refueling cranes. I also feel that a ship like this would serve as a perfect platform for my aircraft-catapult and the possible recovery-crane for it. If the ship has enough space, and i can make the catapult large enough, i will most likely use my existing "Gladiator" as the catapult plane. It has some amazing STOL capabilities, so good in fact, that it can be landed on the VAB helipad. Just need to add some floats and it should be all good, tough it will never be that easy, as sea-planes, especially ones like this are very tricky to get right. As for the other sea-planes that the tenders will be tending to. I have decided to make all the sea-planes custom instead of basing them directly on real-life aircraft. But i will of-course be taking inspiration from different real-life designs. Edit: some of you may be wondering, that why aren't there anything used by the axis in this project...well, i felt it made sense to stay in the allied side of things for compatibility and because most of the stuff in the KNS project is USN based anyways, plus, most of my research/knowledge is centered around the US navy. I will most likely do some German and Japanise stuff in the future, as im seriously planning on making some naval stories with my ships (or maby even some short films), and for that i really need a rival navy, so don't worry, ive got plenty of that stuff coming in the future. So, should make for an interesting project. All the WIP stuff will go on it's own section and stay there (there's so much WIP stuff per craft, that every craft will have their own WIP Spoiler), while all the completed crafts have their own section. I was planning on removing stuff from the "List of stuff that that im planning on making" as i make these crafts, but now i kinda wanna keep it there, so i dunno, it might disappear...or not...or then i'll just put that stuff on their own WIP sections. And there you have it, a nice little growing project. I hope you enjoy following the progress . PS: i don't want to clog up the comments with constant updates, so be sure to comeback every now and then if you want to know what's going on (title will tell you the progress).
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