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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all! Just wanted to share a project I've been working on for entirely too long. I started out wanting to create a more generic launch platform for general use in KSP, but quickly snowballed into an attempted recreation of the Apollo Mobile Launcher and Launch Umbilical Tower. I remember seeing the outstanding documentary For All Mankind when I was a kid and absolutely -loving- the shot from the elevator of the tower going up and seeing the behemoth Saturn V squatting right in front of the camera. Further review informed me that this elevator was actually located on the Mobile Service Structure (MSS), but I was nonetheless inspired to attempt to recreate the launch-day experience of an Apollo astronaut. So far I have created the launch platform (with some interior, even), the ground support structures, the LUT itself, the hammerhead crane, the damper arm, and swing arms 9 and 6 - all with animations. As stated earlier, I wanted the user to be able to experience the actual route taken by the astronauts on launch-day, so I have included functionality to take the ground-to-pad elevator, walk down the mobile launcher corridor to the elevator room, ride the elevator to tower level 320', then traverse the walkway and crew access arm to the Saturn V command module. The screenshots included here are adapted for the FASA Saturn V. I'm trying to gauge community interest in this thing in an attempt to motivate myself to finish it. Here are some videos of the project: The Apollo Astronaut Pad Experience Demo of currently implemented features TODO: Swing Arms: Lights? Complete arms 1-5 and 7-8 Mobile Launcher: Add Blast Shield Tether Tie-Downs 0' - 80': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff 100' - 360': Add equipment boxes, etc. Complete water pipes / quench stuff Complete Propellant pipes 200' - 300': Add swing arm walkway supports 300 - Bottom of umbMount z-fighting its support 320': Add escape lines? Car (9-seater)? 380': Crane 25 TON 10 TON sign
  2. I feel like they can be split into bad ones with bad ads good ones with ads good ones without ads bad ones that you know you shouldn’t like but you like them anyway (good many of these on my phone) tell me your mobile game experiences
  3. I have a launch window for Eeloo coming up in about 120 in game days, and I am considering sending a mobile ground base all the way out there. The question is would it be worth it. I've noticed there are a few new biomes that I haven't observed yet, and the dwarf's terrain is flat enough to make long range drives worth it, but the distance from Kerbol makes solar power useless. So to power the electric wheels I'd need either a metric f*ckton of NUK's and fuel cells, or need to experiment with alternative propulsion methods. As I'm typing this I just thought of using NERV's to push it a long the ground, like I do with et engines on my boat bases. So anyway, does anyone think its worth it to send a mobile base out there? I'm probably going to do it. I like the idea of a nuclear rocket propelled ground vehicle. That makes me smile.
  4. Ann it's no easy as people might think, have problem with docking, the same think i had problem in KSP that love/hate relationship, that you must ideally algin you ship with docking ports https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nooleus.android.spaceagency
  5. So it can do 4 things: 1. Maps of planets (like long dead kerbalmaps) 2. Calculator (sure there is calculator on your phone, just add it to the app to not look for whatever the reason is) 3. Acces to this forum (maybe? Sure, I heard that devs said that mobile app will never exist, but *maybe intensifies*) 4. Wiki (that is quite possible, would be great to have a kerbal wiki on your phone) I surely know the answer is no, but maaaaaaaaybe?
  6. I think it would be nice to have an app with the features of the map screen: - So you can plan your trajectories (and see the dV) - So you can see all of your vehicles (like in the tracking station) - When you press fly, it will focus on that vehicle and make you able to plan burns What do you guys think about this?? I hope some admin/squad dev will notice this as a good idea ofc!
  7. Allright my idea is the following: A customisable hud in the style of mobile devices. When you initially setup your hud it's empty and you can choose a grid size matching your preferences and scrensize like 50 x 40 for a normal screen and 100x80 for 4k screens, all depending on how big you want your hud. Then you got a button to "add app/widget" and apps/widgets in this case are the different elements of your hud. Gameclock, App-Bar, Navball, Stagelist etc are all "apps" or "widgets" you can choose different sizes and styles and drag them on the screenposition you want. So for example if you want a big digital altimeter you choose "5x5 altimeter" and drag it to the position you want it in and if you then would also like that oldschool mechanic one you select it, maybe a smaller size (3x3 ...) and you stick it next to it. That would make your hud 100% customisable and also provide a good possibility for mods to add stuff easy.
  8. This is a mobile launch pad that can deliver a .455t satellite into a 100km orbit. I know that a lot of you can do better, but I'm really proud of this one. Since imgur images don't work anymore here is the link. http://imgur.com/a/ASPez The launchpad base, which is just 3 big structural plates stuck together in a line with solar panels and a battery (And perhaps some wheels) is theoretically drivable forever. KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Beechnutkjr/Mobile-Launch-Platform The specs are as follows: Height: 12m Width: 4m Length: 6m Weight: 14.674t Parts: 39 The vector is a little OP for this size of payload. I have had to use thrust limiter and gimbal limiter. Will test with Swivel soon.
  9. There's a game in the app store that I feel is very underappreciated. It's called WingForce. It's an on-rails shooter heavily inspired by StarFox 64 where the player pilots a high-tech starfighter called the Dual-Wing (which strongly resembles the Arwing), fighting through various enemies in space and across the surfaces of unique planets. While it needs improvements here and there, it's a pretty nostalgic game. The developers of the game said that they don't quite have the budget for any major updates any time soon because of poor sales of the game. The game is about $4, which might seem like a bit much for a game like this. However, if the developers get a boost in sales, they could potentially provide larger updates and build on the game over time, making it well worth the price. I'd strongly recommend giving this game a chance. It would be awesome to see the game improve over time.
  10. The title says it all really. In a few different browsers on mobile, there is no Earthly way to remove quotes from posts, as far as I can tell. On Desktop, it is as simple as right-clicking the quote box. On Mobile, I have tried double-tap, hold-press, swipe, pinch, you name it!
  11. Who thinks there should be a KSP Forums mobile app for the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store? I believe that it would be a great app.
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