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Found 13 results

  1. Is there a mod that adds life rafts and other survival gear? If not, any modders out there up to the challenge? Dmav522
  2. There's been this idea for a mod I've been thinking about for a bit. The mod allows you to change the units of speed and/or measurement displayed, for example, km/h, mph, feet, etc. Is this possible to do? Also, I've had very little (in fact, none at all) experience with modding and I thought this mod would be a simple one to start with.
  3. When debugging a possible mod issue, I want to remove all mods that don't have any parts being involved so I know what I can remove without breaking my ship. Maybe there is already one, but if not, could someone make a mod that lists all parts making a ship, and the mod that provides that part, and a file location.
  4. Anyone who builds rovers probably loves solar panels...which require sun. When your driving or flying everywhere, you may not know just how much time you have before sunset, or how long until sunrise. Will you be able to make it to sunrise flying in the dark, or will your batteries give out at twilight? Can you mine all night long, or do you need to save power to keep Kerbals from freezing to death (Life support mods)? What if we have a third time option in the clock? Have UTC, mission time, and a new local time. Or a button to bring up your local almanac...what time is sun rise, sun
  5. First I would like to say two things the mod's name would be Kerbal Nursery and this is not supposed to be a Civilian Population knockoff. My mod is similar with the goal, it has the ability to make more kerbals however takes a completely different path and is intended to also have less parts. It does not require kerbals present at all times to make more rather it requires resources: Keeds, Soil and Pollen (this plays on the assumption that kerbals are plant animal hybrids) making these into kerbals by putting them in little incubation chambers and growing them. It would however require
  6. I've played around with TAC Life Support a bit. I quite like the idea of a life support mod, but TAC requires quite a bit of micro-managing, especially with the food resource. I started to come up with an idea of an easier to use life support mod (more suitable for beginners?), but then I realised I have no idea how to create parts. If anybody does, and thinks this is a good idea, please send me a message. The details for the idea are as follows: Kerbals require a single life support resource, called Snacks 1 unit of Snacks weighs 1 kg Snack containers weigh 1kg (dry mas
  7. I had this idea like half a year ago for extended smaller airplane fuselages. The basic idea is it parts that are half meter tall, but up wide like 2 to 3 mk 0 parts connected together side by side. I don't have much 3d modeling or modding skills, so I'm putting this here just to get the idea out there.
  8. Hi, I'm playing KSP for 2 months and have Some Experience, But to Some cause, I needed to re-start my Game and Now I'm in Early-Mid Carrer. As in this Phase Many, Build subassemblies for Fast and Effective Missions. Most subassemblies are Launcher. I want to Request our Modders to Create a Mod that creates a Report for a Launcher about its Specification. I.E. Weight, Thrust, Delta-V, Thrust Vectoring, Speed and most Important for Choosing a Perfect Launcher, A Launch Capability Report, about, Weight to Low Kerbin Orbit, Kerbin Stationary Transfer, Stationary Orbit and Trans-Munar and
  9. So I am building an Interstellar ship that has a micrometeoroid shield (Technically a heatsheild but I can pretend) on the front because it has the Orion drive from USI witch in real life could get up to 3-5% the speed of light where the smallest particles could destroy the spacecraft with it. The Ship i'm building is massive and might require a 20-40m heatsheild/micrometeoroid to cover the entire ship. Does anyone know of a 1.2 or 1.2.2 compatable mod that adds something like this?
  10. In stock KSP, your parts are either 100% functional or 100% exploded and gone. There are a few notable and interesting exceptions to this: things like wheels, landing gears, and parachutes. I think the prospect of parts becoming damaged due to misuse is a fun game mechanic. We have to protect those parts, and when things go wrong we have to send out an Engineer to fix them. I'm not talking about "random part failures", as some mods have set out to do. I don't particularly like the idea of uncontrollable failures that require tedious repairs. But I do like the idea of paying for my own mis
  11. I always wanted to change boring stock paintjob on my space station. But can we have a mod to switch between steel like paintjob, white one, more grey or ablator plates on mk1/2 pod or mk2 cockpit. That will be so great! Just imagine you are launching a station module shining with bright steel cover Or a shuttle with a covered nose/bottom?
  12. Okay, so larger planets are great in many respects but they take up SOOO MUCH RAM!!! Here's a solution to make the planets act like they're huge without compromising performance or accuracy. What if instead of inflating the planets, we deflate the parts! They'd have the same abilities as normal parts and fuel and all other properties but be a tenth of the size. It's a little hard to explain and I don't have much time because I'm REALLY TIRED and want to go to sleep. Basically the planets would LOOK huge but facilities, kerbals, flags, rocks, asteroids, and parts would all be tiny
  13. I recently played the game "Scraps" and thought the idea to be quite cool, so I figured, "why not implement this kinda thing into KSP where players can make their own parts?", now I'm no modder but maybe the cool guys out there could work on something like this. There would need to be mechanics from some mods (weapons from BDArmory, Resource collection and management from Interplanetary Launchpads and maybe some Garages from that rather new Garage mod) and also some new mechanics (like a thing that could put your model into a hangar, detects new parts and calculates their resource cost ba
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