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  1. So I think were all very very very tired of destroying our speakers and our ear drums whenever we touch the water so could someone please* make a mod to deafen the game's water sounds by a lot. This would be much obliged. *like pretty please with a cherry on top
  2. i'm searching for a mod that increases temperature around moho because of realism
  3. I'm searching for a mod that has Surveyor like landing legs. is there any mod that has landing legs like that?
  4. I've found it quite irksome that when a spacecraft gets into orbit around Kerbol, you always get the same result for experiments regardless of the distance to Kerbol itself. I believe that the results for certain experiments should change in relation to the spacecraft's distance from Kerbol, especially if it's in or around a planet's orbital area. Is there a mod that adds extra biomes to achieve this, including 'interstellar' ones?
  5. Hi everyone! I am writing on behalf of a university team working on the design of a reusable lunar lander architecture. We are looking for modders who might be interested in making a custom mod of our lander in KSP, and we plan to use those models to create a video. The video accompanies a 5-7 page abstract which will be reviewed by members of the aerospace community, including those from SpaceX, Blue Origin, Aerojet Rocketdyne, NASA Johnson, NASA Langley, etc., and you will be credited. Our goal is to have the final version done by December 10th. Please let me know if you are inte
  6. Ive been trying to make the Arsenal Bird from the Upcoming Ace Combat 7, the thing is using twealscale even with the largest value of 400% the wing parts are way way way too small for it. I dont want it to have over 10k parts (i.already made the drones for it but by my calculations it will have over 3500 parts just in the 80 drones, and i dont have a NASA supercomputer in my basement to run a craft like that. I could change the tweakscale modifier to include 5000% scale but i still want to publish the craft on KerbalX for all of you to enjoy it still and play with it. So im placing a req
  7. Started a game with Champlain mod. (picks random names for your vessels) Its pretty cool. But now I have 20 rockets with random names in my saved vessel library, with no clue what they were for. (I did use the prefixes the mod has using only KSC for manned missions and ISC for unmanned, so I do have some clue) [but # of parts in X stages and $ just does not tell enough] But I was hoping there was some way to expand the little icons the vessel load screen displays to show a better idea of what the vessel looks like without having to load each one to see what it is. That little icon
  8. Is it possible to make a command chair like part that can release a glider parachute, the same one kerbals have in their suits? This chair could be a base for a small paraglider type build with Junos...
  9. So, I've been looking around the interwebs for a while now, and I have a simple question about the status of car part mods. Not rovers, but cars. The question is simply, where the are they? Seriously, where are the car mods? I'm not sure there even are any, at least for 1.3 and 4. To put it simply, could someone change that? EDIT: okay I was wrong, there's at least 3. But still.
  10. So we all know RSS. It makes the planets realistic size, and retextures them as real life planets. I am searching for the opposite. Is there a mod that retextures them, but keeps them the same size? I would like to use Kerbin for presentations (not those official ones) and i would like to have an earth retexture. Is there a mod like this? it doesnt have to be all planets, only for kerbin. Thanks
  11. Given the semi-successful test flight of Rocket Lab USA's Electron launcher, perhaps someone would be interested in making one for KSP?
  12. It looks stupid for my spaceplanes to flap their flaps when they're in space, and it's annoying having to manually disable each control surface to prevent this. A mod that made them stay put when there's no atmosphere would be amazing.
  13. Hello there, I'm trying to figure out if there is an IVA for the MK2 cockpit that uses both Rastor Prop Monitor and the ASET parts. I'm currently using the RPM only interior, but I would like to update to the next step if it exists. I found a .cfg file that is supposed to implement one like what I'm looking for, but I do not know how to install it, or if it even works with 1.2.2. Link to cfg file: https://pastebin.com/ceV2rnNM
  14. Hello. I am a KSP player and, well, am kind of lazy. I use this mod called Gravity Turn (Link: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129607-105-gravityturn-version-131-automated-efficient-launches-11-pre-release-available/ ) That automatically does Gravity turns. I would like to see a mod that does this, but turns it into an orbit so I can be lazy. Thanks, HJ
  15. Hello everyone! I've been browsing mods, installed ckan, etc. Throughout this, I've noticed there are no tracks for rovers, and other land creations. This is peculiar, as there are mods for about everything underneath the Sun (and beyond). If nobody is able to conjure such a feat, I won't pester. I understand having moving tracks and such could be hard to program, but if anyone's up for a challenge, here's one. Cheers! RussianAround
  16. Is there a mod which adds a cap to biome hopping? The logic is that in real life the discovery factor of each consecutive experiment is always smaller than that of a preceding one. The first samples and analyses give the most data about a planet. We don't need to land in each biome to make conclusions about the planet's geological composition, activity and certain weather patterns. So for example, after visiting any 6 biomes on one planet, there should be little left to research in all the other biomes.
  17. For anyone who knows and loves Subnautica as much as I do, I would very much appreciate if someone could make it possible to build an accurate representation of the Aurora, the crashed ship, from in the game. Along with this, the base pieces, which to my knowledge, should be less difficult to also add in, but would be equally appreciated. Same goes for the Cyclops, Seamoth, and Exosuit. Now, I would absolutely LOVE to work on this idea myself, but I never got time to delve into coding, so, if anyone DOES know how to code, and would be willing to teach me, I am all ears.
  18. Is there a mod out there that can record your ascent profile? What I'm looking for primarily is the ability to track the pitch along with the craft's velocity and altitude (as well as staging event's, but I'm mostly interested in this for SSTOs) while climbing to a stable orbit and at the end be able to see where the significant changes (in pitch) took place and how much dV was left over once a in a stable orbit.
  19. This has to do specifically with orbits and them not stay where I damn well put them. Also this is more of a mod request thread then anything else. I propose a mod that does a few things, mainly to improve remote tech and the new satellite systems. But could also have uses outside that. It would work like so: 1. If an object has a extremely similar orbit to another object (what the mod considers 'similar' could be tweaked till it felt right) the moment that the object loses focus (you switch to another vessel outside of the render distance) the objects orbits get changed so that the
  20. I've found this neat looking planet in space engine that I want to see modded into ksp, close to kerbin as a second habitable planet. But I have no experience in modding or programming.In this link I have a zip named the desired name for the planet once in game. I have included the bump, diff, norm, glow, and spec files exported from space engine in png and dds form. If you're up for the task, post the link to this thread when complete. Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r1svrv28duczwzi/AAAIRviZHAX57eam1hmiXxXGa?dl=0
  21. Hello modders. Is it possible to make a teleport pad? basically something like the size of a 1x1 structural panel. requiring one pad at the initial site and the second at the destination. setting/costs I reckon should be included/considered:: should be gated to at least Advanced Tech should cost at least qtr million to buy the tech or build within the build menus. requires the living to operate - no objects can me ported, only kerbals requires maybe 40k EC per teleport (must be stored-cant be generated) (battery banks). Max range - distance that isn't ov
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking for a part that could generate billowing clouds of smoke (and with the option to adjust the smoke's colour). Not talking about changing engine smoke colours, but a part (which would probably masquerade as an engine with 0 thrust) that could kick out clouds of smoke on demand. For doing daft things like this, or maybe pretending to be a crop duster! The only part I know of that comes close is the smoke counter measure from BD armoury, but that just puts out a fairly thin puff. I'm looking for a continuous stream of thick coloured smoke. Any suggestions?
  23. I have a suggestion for a mod, which makes the stock solar system a little more realistic. Moho Given a thin atmosphere A slightly more inclined orbit Eve Slightly less purple-ish Kerbin Roughly the same Duna Added a small potatoid moon Dres Bright crater at top More cratered Jool Replace Laythe with Io-esque moon Vall has white splotches and more cracks Cameo for Callisto Bop and Pol are less defined in shape Possibly more moons Eeloo Given a more diverse color palette (red spots, brown
  24. I have seen the BD ARMORY mod, VESSEL MOVER. It is great for use on ground, but what about there being a mod for generating a wormhole for moving craft from one orbit to another? Something that you could easily transfer a vessel from one place to another. I know, this defeats the purpose of things, but I still think this could be neat.
  25. This is an idea I had, to implement weapons into the game via KIS. It would be an arsenal like that in the WORMS games, and would share similar functions. Arcing in flight, timers, etc. Yes, I know, there is a way to tweak weapons of the BD ARMORY so that Kerbals can wield them. But what I had in mind was something intended exclusively for Kerbal usage, rather than tweaking of other mods. And, these weapons would be relatively weak, in comparison to BD Armory. I think a slightly different damage system would be a good thing in this mod, maybe less of the heat destuction than what BD
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