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  1. 1. Is there a mod that can limit a craft's altitude? Or one that can maintain a hover? Or at least cause a craft to maintain a speed of 0 m/s when not in use? I ask because I am unsure and haven't found one. I think this could tie into the "vertical velocity" because of this: I have tried making a hover tank via jet engines and BD Armory, but my tank only either goes up or down, not a real hovering point. 2. A mod that could slave engines to RCS would be interesting. Why? Ever notice how in space combat games, the craft are so much easier to control then in
  2. So after playing with @RoverDude's Otter Submarine mod (which you should definitely check out if you haven't) for a while, I noticed a few things. One: It's very fun to drive a sub all over Kerbin, and two: that the stock underwater effects are extremely unaccomodating. Not only is it impossible to see the sea floor beyond a certain depth, and the surface of the water at all, but the fog does little to create an illusion of depth, with it's ridiculous lighting effects which look more like the souposphere of pre-0.90 than water. In short, while the mod is extremely fun to play with the way sto
  3. im a player that needs direction and a goal to play a game that being said ive still chaukled up 1600 hours of kerbal time on steam in the last few years, and its save to say career mode even on the hardest possible setting is still pretty easy once you know what your doing, so i thought of a mod idea that would maybe provide a little extra gameplay once your tech tree is unlocked it would incooperate contracts to upgrade/improve stock parts to give better efficiency/thrust weight etc etc for example in the tech tree there is a unlock that say costs 2000 science that inturn will unlock a
  4. Would it be possible to have a mod let you select the island runway and upgrade facilities there as if you were upgrading facilities at the KSC? If that is possible, could someone also allow you to upgrade other things like the old KSC found on Kerbin or the pyramid or anything else that is a feature on Kerbin?
  5. As title says. Is there any mod puts some sort of hud that shows the trajectory in flight screen? I want to see my orbital trajectory in flight mode as a curve. If not, I might make one. I'm not really familiar with ksp modding but have some background in unity modding. Anyway, is there any?
  6. I just thought of a mod that would be very useful. An underlay/overlay picture system. Instead of flipping from KSP to your browser then back again to see if your build looks like the photo you have up, I was thinking why not have a mod that display the picture inside the hangers? This would be very useful for creating replicas. I know it would be hard to do, but if someone could do it, I would be very thankful.
  7. Heyo I have recently started using the EVA Enhancements mod - and I am in love. It's making finding research locations during EVA so much easier - its delightful. However, I've been thinking: Are there any mods that augment the EVA jetpacks? Perhaps tied in with some science? Like, something that makes EVA jetpack stronger - make the EVA suit more impact resistant - something to slow down 'tumbles' when you fall down hills or hit the ground at too high horizontal speed Is there anything like that around or being made?
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