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Found 3 results

  1. When playing games I prefer the movement layout AEDF instead of AWSD. I have had to change a few other bindings as a result. Plus some things I don't use very often but might need. A mod I would like to see is one that shows on screen your keyboard and what each button does using an icon or small text. It can change based on context.
  2. So I think were all very very very tired of destroying our speakers and our ear drums whenever we touch the water so could someone please* make a mod to deafen the game's water sounds by a lot. This would be much obliged. *like pretty please with a cherry on top
  3. Hi ! I was wondering if there was a mod that added smoke trail pods ? I looked for one, but couldn't find any. You know, little pods that generate smoke and often used in aerobatics displays... Exemple pics: Unfortunately, it seems that there aren't any mods that add this kind of thing. And sure the engines generate smoke, but I find it not long and opaque enough, and you can't color it. So I was hoping there was a modder around here who could do this please ? It would be quite an awesome addition for stunts and formation flights. So uh, I hope someone sees
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