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  1. I may have gone a liiiiiiittle overboard.... I love mods. I actually... haven't played with many. To date most of my games have had a few essentials (KER, KAC, sometimes KIS/KAS) but for the most part I've been attempting to experience the game in a very stockalike way. I kept promising myself that when 64bit KSP was supported, I'd get into plenty of mods! I had quite a list. I finally started a copy of my KSP folder and began adding mods, finally booted it up today and boy it took a while. So I started a sandbox game to test things and make sure they work and... umm. Well. After fussing with a few parts, the game crashed. This got me to glance in my GameData folder and, umm... MY GOODNESS I had a lot of mods... KScale6.4, Extraplanetary Launchpads, KIS, KAS, KAX, Kerbal Krash System, KW Rocketry, Lithobrake Exporation Technologies, Modular Rocket Systems, MkIV Spaceplane, the entire suites of USI (+full MKS and life support) and Near Future, KSP-Interstellar Extended, Planetary Base Systems, SpaceY, SMURFF, Engineering Tech Tree...... and a dozen other little things. This isn't a bug report/support request or anything. I really should have known saddling an untested game with THIS MUCH all at once, something wasn't gonna play nice. Anyone had a similar experience? Bottom line: __________________________________________________________________ For those of the community who mod a lot, I wanna hear how you guys go about deciding what mods to throw together for a given playthrough! Share fun stories and whatnot. If you had a really fun career with a particular combination of mods, let's hear it!
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