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Found 6 results

  1. Humble Begginings:The Early Evolution of Rocketry Chapter 1: Loss of Vehicle Engeneer Carol Kerman watches over the only hangar of the EATA-1 (Experimental Aircraft Testing Area-1). 4 engeneers, Philip, Carol, Quiana, and Helga were moved to a new division of the air force. The constant tension between countries forced the air force to start rapid development of new aircraft. One recently built commercial airfield was on sale after the company that build it went bankrupt. The dirt runway, the abandoned hangar, and a single land vehicle to taxi small aircraft. All operations would have to be crammed here for up to a year. Experimental Plane 1B, a bomber body with modified wings and two small rotors with 2 small propellers instead of 1 big turboprop, was being integrated on the hangar. A new, cheaper tail fin system was to be tested in a month. Carol went down the stairs of the Control Tower, and joined Hanmal, a scientist who planned to use the new planes to run experiments on the upper atmosphere, was underwhelmed by the aging engines' capabilities. The scientific load would have to stay over 8500 meters for half an hour. the plane could stay over that threshold for less than a minute. Once Carol got in, Hanmal drove the van to the hangar. 5 people would have to sleep on the hangar for a month. The engeneers questioned the tail design, but they had orders from above to keep working on the flawed design. During integration, a test pilot, Don Kerman arrived at EATA-1. After weeks of work, EP-1B prepared itself for its first flight. EP-1B, piloted by Don Kerman, prepares for lift-off The two turboprops, even while being old and ineficcient, were overpowered for the hollow and light body of the plane, resulting in high speed and altitude capability. Quiana, sitting alone on the control tower, spoke: "Status?" "Nominal, 120 m/s, 120 meters AGL, 900 ASL", responded Don. "You can start a steep climb" "Copied" The overpowered engines kept a speed over 140m/s while mantaining 50° angle of attack. "8400 ASL, Engines choking, going back" "Copied. You are authorized to land" Don turned off the engines, at this point throwing black smoke, due to the unburned fuel. Pointing down, everything started to go wrong. "Emergency, I'm unable to control roll or pitch", screamed Don. "Eject at 4500 ASL if you don't recover" "Landing gear broke!" "EJECT NOW!"-Blurted Quiana After ejecting, Don impacted the left wing. A few tense minutes later, Don touched down and sent his approximate location. Philip quickly boarded the van, and drove the 11 kilometer distance between the airfield and the landing site of Don. This was only possible due to the new solar pannel on the van. After picking up Don, Philip drove to the crash site. Only part of the wing remained. That night, Quiana filed a mission report representing the team: [TOP SECRET] EP-1B Flight One Report: Outcome:Loss of vehicle and payload. Pilot Recovered. Cause: Aerodynamic Failure Highest recorded altitude:8970 meters ASL Highest recorded speed:203 m/s Mission Data: Engine Array: Success Aerodinamic Surfaces: Failure Cargo: Success Crew Cabin:Success Landing Gear: Partial Success -Quiana Kerman, Flight Control -Don Kerman, Pilot -Carol Kerman, Lead Engeneer -Helga Kerman, Engeneer -Philip Kerman, Engeneer -Hamal Kerman, Lead Scientist [TOP SECRET]
  2. Hello I have an Azerty Keyboard, with numbers from 0 to 9 included in the keyboard, like this one https://www.apple.com/fr/shop/product/MLA22F/A/magic-keyboard-français?afid=p238|s4VqawkmI-dc_mtid_187079nc38483_pcrid_102671600198_pgrid_26981912198_&cid=aos-fr-kwgo-pla-btb--slid---product-MLA22F/A-FR When I assign keypad 1 or alpha 1 to an action group, it does not work with my keyboard. It only works when I use my mouse on the Actions window during game. Is there something to do or to change in the config file to help action running with my keyboard? If it can help here are the config action group of my KSP setting.cfg files for my keyboard CustomActionGroup1 { primary = Ampersand secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } CustomActionGroup2 { primary = 160 secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } CustomActionGroup3 { primary = DoubleQuote secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 ............................... and so on.... 4 = Quote, 5 = Leftparen, 6=161, 7=163, 8=Exclaim, 9=162 and 10 = 164
  3. I am having a strange bug where I just unlocked solar panels in carrer mode and the Engineer Report said "No Electricity Generated" even though I had solar panels. I checked the stats and i saw it said "No info". Didn't test it out, Might later to figure it out. Wondering if this is caused by a mod or something. Gamedata and Bug (Says no info as if the part doesn't work)
  4. Hi, I attempted to use RO so I downgraded to KSP 1.2 and that was all fun and games but today I tried to switch back to 1.3 it doesn't work and stays on 1.2, but when I uninstall the game and reinstall it goes back to 1.2. If anyone knows how to fix this please help me. Im running Windows 10
  5. Afternoon! I am currently running 1.1.3 of KSP on my machine with several mods. Full list is after the issue. I have found that when I tried to build by first satellite for the comms network required by RemoteTech, my probe cores don't do anything on the launch pad. I can't activate SAS, using the Probodobodyne OKTO core. Also, while it let's me adjust the throttle, pitch, yaw and roll, I cannot activate anything using the staging mechanism (space bar) nor can I manually active engines through the right click menu. Let me know if anyone else has experienced this issue and, if so, what is the fix? Mods installed: CommonResources, DockingPortAlignment, USI Freight, Karbonite, USI Karibou, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Inventory System, KSP Interstellar Extended (Includes KSPI, Firespitter, InterstellarFuelSwitch,RcsSounds and TweakScale in addition to KSPI), SCANsat, StationScience, USIKolonization, USILifeSupport, All mods are up to date and using the correct installation to my knowledge. Also! I have the necessary antennae on the craft and it is reading as connected in the upper left hand corner per RemoteTech requirements. Thanks and looking forward to getting this resolved! Bill
  6. Hello, I've just installed KSP 1.1, good job squad! The performance with heavily modded installs is much better than 1.0.5. Still, my game crashes REALLY frequently, making it a frustrating experiance. Here are the logs: mediafire link (zip) Thank you for your help!
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