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  1. A small jet but incredibly fast jet made using parts from the MK2 Essentials Mod. I named it the Mola-Mola because it resembles the real-life Mola-Mola AKA Ocean Sunfish when seen from the top-down. Here are some pictures of it at half of its highest recorded speed:
  2. CC @Crzyrndm - Didn't want to clog up your release thread with this. KSP: 1.0.5. - 1028 OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit - Proprietry NVidia Drivers I have a very heavily modded 64bit Linux Install that loads up perfectly fine and is playable, but a soon as I add FilterExtensions to the mix (almost required due to the number of parts I have) it crashes about 10 seconds into the load. I've tried with both a CKAN install and manual install and it seems to failing loading the icons according to the logs. It works perfectly fine with just Stock 1.0.5 + FilterExtensions so there is obviously some conflict somewhere with one of the other many mods I have. It may be a problem with FilterExternsions, or something else I'm not sure, but it only occurs with FE installed. I've attached the log files and below is my modlist. Now I know this is much to go on yet, what I was hoping was if you could point me in the direction of some mods to try removing from the list of 100+ below that are likely to be conflicting, so I can try to bisect the conflict. Logs: Modlist: Thanks in advance for any help anyone gives. Edit: I've started doing some bisecting anyway and found that FE + Chatterer cause the problem. Removing Chatterer allows it to load to the start, but Stock + FE + Chatterer seems to work fine, so maybe there is third party involved. Will keep bisecting down! Edit 2: So now I'm confused after some more bisecting, I thought Hullcam VDS might be involved for a little while as uninstalling it allowed Chatterer + FE to work happily together, but I don't think so as reinstalling it and they still all work happily together. So now it might have been one of the 30 or so Mods I removed 1 by 1 before that. :/ I'm just gonna put this down to KSP going a bit weird when you pile it high with mods. I can live without Chatterer in favour of FE. If anyone has any particular insight feel free to let me know, but otherwise consider this resolved.
  3. Back in the heady days of version 24.2 I finally decided to get serious and mount a manned mission to Duna. Earlier today, whilst looking through old files, I found all of the screenshots. So, I present to you, KSPers, a nostalgic look back at what I achieved in 2014... Duna or Bust, Part 1 First off, we took my version of the Delta IV Heavy to the pad to send off a probe or two to the red planet. This is some weeks before the true launch window opens, so the delta-V requirement is large! setting up our interplanetary transit... (thank you Precise Node mod!) ... delta-V is in the 2200m/s ball park, more than double what we would need when the manned launch is carried out 50 days later light the blue touch paper, and stand well back... meanwhile, on-orbit assembly of the manned element of the mission was taking the foreground the nuclear propulsion block, and in the background the habitat block with its launch booster still attached and our ship is almost ready to go... from right to left we have the "bridge", life support areas, docking node with Skylab style telescope mount, living quarters and lab, and then past the big KW rocketry docking adapters to the fuel and engines. All we are waiting for is the "tug" at the far left to detach, and be replaced with a large aerobraking shield Part 2 will see the crew transferred and the epic journey get underway. Stay tuned!
  4. Foreword: This mission report will be a little different. For the purposes of the story there will be 2 (to start) different space programs. The actual Save file will be in Sandbox mode so all comments about Reputation, Funds, and Science are for flavor. The competing programs will be KASE (Kerbin Academy of Scientific Exploration) which will serve as a NASA analog to start with and KOSMO (Kerbin's Orbital Science and Mechanics Organization) which will serve as the USSR's space program analog. At the start KASE is working on making the theory of Kerball'ed sub-orbital flight a reality (Mercury) while KOSMO is working on orbital satellites (Sputnik). History wise for this S.A.V.E. (See @Parkaboy comic for that acronym) Wherner's Z-2 is the only object to have ever gone suborbital. While KASE spends its time training its Nauts and trying to build a capsule that can survive splash down without sinking, KOSMO is working on Stayputnik. The plan is to Kerbalize the space race including recreations of parts of Vostok, Mercury, Gemini, Soyuz, Apollo, and allow things to diverge as the story develops its own life. I've brainstormed out as far as a Duna trip but we'll see how things actually go as I give the characters life and allow them to define their programs.. KOSMO is the space program of the New Kerbin Order and uses the Kraken's Belly launch site at the start. The NKO was founded on the ideal that an egaltarian utopia would end the need for war, poverty, hunger, and conflict. They Kerbrads - or Kerbal Radicals - were a small and poorly developed faction during the last war but an influx of captured science and technology has turned them into a power the whole world recognizes. KASE is the space program of the United Kerbdom and uses Hanbert's Cape at the start. United Kerbdom is a large and powerful nation with a strong foundation of traditions. Its colonies attempted a rebellion roughly 200 years ago but lost due to having poorly rationed their snacks. United Kerbdom claims to stand for freedom, tradition, and "simply what's right." During the last war United Kerbdom lead the Council of Kerbin Allied Nations (CKAN) to victory and signed the global peace accords with the NKO. So far United Kerbdom considers KASE a publicity arm of the government more than a serious space program. Both agencies will be exploring the idea of more bases. The Cast: KASE's staff will have a lot of familiar names. Wherner Von Kermon: Head of research and development. Wherner was liberated from a think tank belonging to KRAUT (Kerbin's Really Atrocious Ubervillain Technocracy) during the last war. He had been instrumental in the development of KRAUT's Zoom MkII (Z-2) rocket. Wherner has seen enough death and destruction to be wary of the military's control of KASE but is too focused on rockets and discovery to care overly much. Jebidiah Kerman: Jeb was dubbed "Kaptain Kerman" by the news reels "A real Okayhoma farmboy turned war hero!" His actual rank is Lt. Kernel. Jeb was thrilled to get accepted into the KASE pilot training program. His time in the war left him ready to live on the edge but never crossing it. Bill Kerman: Ex-military Engineer core, Bill is somewhat resentful about working under an Ex-KRAUT scientist. Bill is a perfectionist at heart which is why Wherner recruited him specifically. Bill will be the head engineer on the Mk1 manned capsule. Bob Kerman: youngest of the three, Bob is a recently graduated academic who is eager to learn more about the solar system. He's got no experience working with the military or for anyone who lacks a sense of humor. Gene Kermz: A retired Military commander who is glad to be home from the front. Gene runs a tight ship but has never, never, left a Kerbal behind. He's a demanding boss but knows the value of a good soldier. How he'll deal with scientists is anyone's guess. Mortimer Kermberg: Mort's job is to keep the lights on and keep parliment happy with the program. While the bean-counter is generally disliked by just about everyone on site he knows that they've got one chance to make things work because what's going on is expensive and no sane Kerb is going to keep writing them checks if they aren't producing results. Walter Kermsey: Walt's job is Public Relations which means he's the one who keeps trying to interrupt pilot training for Press conferences, interviews, and other things. He'd be very happy to turn KASE into reality TV if only the TV cameras were lighter and more portable. He's submitted requests to the R&D team many times but they never get approved. Linus Kermlich: Linus is another ex-KRAUT genius. He's refused to work on any part of the program which is combustible saying that he wants no part in making anything which could be a weapon. He's got interesting ideas about capturing solar power in photovolic cells but his research has yielded nothing yet. Valentina Kermov: One of the few female pilots during the last war, she'd been regulated to flying CAP for medical convoys and rarely saw action. When the war was over she was able to arrange a posting at KOSMO though she still doesn't know what her ultimate assignment will be. Konstantin Kermovsky - KOSMO's lead scientist, a reclusive and strange man whose understanding of rockets rivals or even exceeds Wherner's. Konstantin had been playing with the idea of SRB boosted planes when KOSMO recruited him. Valeri Kermasov - A gifted engineer with a preference for automation over redundancy. Valeri has worked hard to get to stand in Konstantin's shadows and work on his R7 orbital project. Valeri believes that Kerballed flight is a mistake and that the pilots are needed only to help the engineers design better flight programs. She's not always on good terms with the other, better known, Val. Yelena Kermdakova - A gifted scientist with a knack of politics - she focuses on satellite designs and works closely with Valeri. Unlike Valeri she desperately wants to switch KOSMO's design over to Kerballed flight mostly because she wants to go to space. Yelena dreams of seeing the day when Kerbals can walk on the Mun - an idea that KOSMO directors call a pipe dream: "there aren't enough struts on Kerbin to build a rocket big enough for that". Ivan - Is a "Political" or an officer that reports directly to the government. This character is one that no one tries to befriend and no one dares make an enemy of. Serge- an aging engineer who tries to keep his program running despite Ivan's interference. Mods: I realize not all of these matter in a Sandbox game... Antenae Range, Asteroid Day, Chatterer, Coherent Contracts, Community Resource Pack, Community Tech Tree, Contract Configurer, Various Contract Packs, Contract Windo +, Crowd Sourced Flags, Crowd Sourced Science, Dang It!, Distant Object Enhancement, Diverse Kerbal Heads, DMagic Orbital Science, EVE, Final Frontier, Firespitter, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KAS, KIS, Kerbal Konstructs, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, Kerbin Side, Kronal Vessel Viewer, Lore Friendly Serious Parody Flags, MagiCore, MKS Lite, Module Manager, OSE workshop, Planet Shine, ScanSat, Scatterer, Sensible Screenshot, Stage Recovery, Star Trek TOS suit and IVA textures, Texture Replacer, Toadicus Tools, Umbra Space Industries Tools, USI Core, USI Life Support, Ven's Stock Revamp, Waypoint Manager. KOSMO chapter 1: Getting with the program. Valentina took a deep lungful of the mountain air. She almost hadn't believed it when she'd flown up to Kraken's Belly, but there was a compound secluded in the mountains. This was it. This was KOSMO. From just the other side of the mountains it would be impossible to tell that there was a compound here, let alone one as big and important as the NKO's advanced rocket science division. Quietly she killed the engines on her old IG-6 and coasted into a landing at a nearby village. Officially she'd been assigned to crop-dusting duty at the Kerbal's Industrial Farmlands in a nearbye town. There were few who knew what KOSMO was, let alone that it existed. Unlike KASE. Valentina sighed thinking of Jeb. Jebidiah Kerman would be with KASE now, she knew it in a way she couldn't describe. They'd met briefly a few times furring the war. She'd been envious of his plane, he'd complimented her on her flying, and they'd shared many drinks together. It never went beyond comradeship, neither of them had wanted it to. Now the war was over and they were suppose to be enemies. The Council of Kerbin Allied Nations (CKAN) had declared global peace and urged every nation towards peaceful endeavors. Still there were two ideologies boiling to a conflict over the future of Kerbin. The New Kerbin Order had decided that the old orders were inherently flawed. It had been born of dreamers seeking utopia. The old guard over in United Kerbdom would eventually need to be converted to the NKO's more egalitarian system. Valentina shook the thoughts from her head. This was KOSMO. From here history would be written. She got out of her plane and headed to report in. As she pushed open the new door of the "general store" she was surprised to see an aging field marshal sitting at a desk looking through many files. The desk was in complete disarray from her point of view, though the old Kerb had no trouble finding her file the moment she walked in. "Lt. Valentina Kermov. On Schedule I see. Good, good. Ivan does not appreciate late arrivals. You will report for medical exam and evaluation in the morning. Barracks are out back, grab a bunk. Transport leaves at 0400, so sleep early." All of this was said without more than a passing glance. "Thank you sir." Val said trying to be chipper. "Anywhere to get..." "Canteen is next to Barracks." The old soldier said curtly before going back to his papers. Val whipped off a salute and left in the direction she'd been pointed. secretly she hoped that KOSMO itself would be friendlier. It hadn't been easy getting a transfer from the air-service to this organization and she was hoping that the effort was worth it. The next morning she stood in the dark stomping her feet to shake off the pre-dawn cold. An old truck, more of an engine with a flad bed on the back pulled up to the stop and asked to see her transfer papers. Some mumbling later she was on the truck headed into the mountains. The ride was cold but uneventful. The sun was already high in the sky when she finally made it to the site. There were large buildings, taller than any hanger she'd worked in before though not as wide and a landing strip far too short for a plane to fly from. "You will wait here until you receive an assignment." The driver said curtly before turning around. The New Kerbal Order insignia on the truck caught the sun impressively as he sit the door. "Do not speak until then." Valentina nodded and looked out at the cold mountain base, shut away from outside eyes by the mountains. It was nearly half an hour later when she was approached by a young woman in a white coat. "Lt. Valentina Kermov?" She said looking Valentina over twice. "Yes." Valentina said snapping off a salute. "Actually you outrank me Lt. Yelena Kermdakova, you'll working with me on the navigation program." "Me? I'll be designing a training curriculum for the pilots?" "Pilots?" Yelena asked surprised. "Kraken no. The program for the computer. Valeri and Konstatin have no plans to put pilots in anything." "Oh." Valentina said casting her eyes down. This wasn't what she gave up her plane for. "Cheer up." Yelena said pulling Valentina closer. "United Kerbdom announce that they're starting a program too, when Kommand gets nervousness about their pilots we'll get ours. Just keep your head down and watch out for Ivan." "Whose Ivan?" Valentina asked. "We're not sure. Officially he's a bean-counter in charge of janitorial issues but even Konstantin keeps controls his temper with Ivan. The last kerb to spout off at Ivan was gone the next day. There are rumors he's Kommand's eyes on the project." "Should you be telling me this?" Valentina asked somewhat worried. "Probably not, but I need a friend and took a chance." Yelena said with a shrug. "I know that kerballed space-flight is the future but no one listens to me. I thought I might as well try to make friends with one of our pilots." "I'd certainly like a friend too." Val said with a smile. Together the two set off into Kraken's Belly. ------------------------------------------------- Next time... KOSMO's engineering team is beginning final tests on the R7 rocket while Val and Yelena struggle to get a computer program that can run effectively in a small enough system to fit on the rocket.
  5. By Their Bootstraps A Tale of Rockets and Cosmonauts (and some other stuff too) About This Story This is a career mode playthrough of a 6.4x rescaled, heavily modded game, done in the style of an after action report. In some respects, it can be considered a sort of spiritual successor to my previous AAR, Because It's There. Unlike Because It's There, this AAR will be told in a more traditional style, with a mixture of in-universe dialogue and out-of-universe commentary. Updates will happen on weekends, and I'll try to have at least one launch per update post. In-Universe Background By Their Bootstraps takes place shortly after a major, decade-long war which saw the end of many longstanding nations and empires. The dominant powers in the aftermath of this conflict are the Greater Kerbal Empire, formed from the remnants of several former imperialist nations, and the Coalition of Free Republics, a loose alliance/confederation of former colonies of said former imperialist nations. The two powers are in state of cold war, with neither side willing or capable of starting another protracted conflict. Our story focuses on the Empire's space program, which is split between the military Imperial Rocketry Corps and the civilian Ministry of Aerospace Studies. Chapter List Chapter 1: Sparks Fly Chapter 2: Flare Ups Intermezzo 1: Sparks 6 Design Leak Chapter 3: Spark Gap Chapter 4: Flash Lights and Test Flights Chapter 5: Cold Embers Chapter 6: A Flash of Lightning Chapter 7: Gumdrops Chapter 8: Probes and Preparations Chapter 9: Plum Full of Problems Modlist Yes, that is 130 installed mods. Amazingly, I can load into the main menu with just under 3 GB of memory usage. If anyone wants, I can give you a .ckan file to save you time installing them all. Data Tables Career Stats Funds: 3700278 Science: 65 Reputation: 74% Building Upgrades Vehicle Assembly Building: 2 Launchpad: 3 Spaceplane Hangar: 2 Runway: 2 Tracking Station: 2 Astronaut Complex: 3 Research and Development: 2 Administration Building: 2 Mission Control: 3 Tech Nodes Unlocked Missions Rosters
  6. I have built a life-like Soyuz rocket using the Procedural Parts, FASA, KW Rocketry, and Tweak Scale mods. I recommend using Mech Jeb's Ascent Guidance with a 100 degree climb. I haven't personally manually flown it. it can achieve an Orbit of 200 KM from my testing. I have created a Manned and autonomous version of it. The manned version 2 has a regular docking port. V1 has Jr docking port. Folder with Pictures and .CRAFT files: I will update it more soon!
  7. I have installed mods that generate new groups of parts but they don't show up in game but they are definitely installed because I see them load on the title screen. How do I fix it because the modding community is great for this game and some mods are really cool. Can anyone help?
  8. A new STS system that can be used as a SSTO when not launching the Shuttle. Manual on KerbalX craft's page. Download:
  9. So full disclosure: never even been to Duna but I've put quite a few hours into this game and love messing around with mods for it. Haven't played in while - since before the game hit 1.0 - and I'm looking to satisfy that KSP itch yet again. This time I'm looking forward to not only streaming my progress but putting together this handy dandy mission journal together. I've been inspired by some of the other threads here as well as some youtube series like HatBat's and MaceyDean's wonderful work. As a result, I'll be putting the journal posts together from the perspective of a Kerbal working in the organization and try to keep things in-character as much as possible. First though, I've got to explain a few things. Like many modders however, I have trouble restraining myself from absolutely bloating the game with a ton of mods. To combat this, I've come up with a system that forces me to make some choices and earn points to "purchase" mods. I call it meta-modding. Here's how it works: KSP Meta-Modding This will involve me playing Career mode in Kerbal Space Program and using a Kredits system to "purchase" mods I want to use in my playthrough. Credits will be earned from views/follows/subscribers/donations I get to my various channels and groups online. The breakdown of which follows: Twitch: 1 view = 1000 credits 1 follow = 10000 credits YouTube: 1 view = 1000 Kredits 1 subscriber = 10000 Kredits KSP Forum: 1 view = 1000 Kredits 1 reply = 10000 Kredits Steam Group: 1 new member = 10000 Kredits Donations: 1 USD = 50000 Kredits The cost of mods will be determined by their current viewcount of their thread in the KSP modding forum. Most mods range from a few hundred thousand views to a couple million for more of the popular ones. This will hopefully result in a fun playthrough and help me limit my modding obsession while creating a fun, interactive experience for all of you. Stay tuned!
  10. Hey, for any reason I'm not able to dock. I use many different mods, but since I had a similar issue before I think it rather is an issue with the save. The latest one can be found here: It's about the Vessel Station M1 II, which should dock at Station M1. Please note, that there are two docking ports at the M1 II, from which one has more parts on it which are not needed after the docking. Thx for the help. If you still need more data, I'll put it in the dropbox
  11. Hello Guys! Today I wanted to show you my latest design. It's an SSTO that can transport crew or cargo across the kerbin system. It uses the famous B9 Aerospace mod. If flown properly, it reaches orbit with 2.8K Delta-V~ left, and returns home without any explosion (if you aerobrake carefully). The Crew version can carry 6 Kerbals to orbit and beyond, while the Cargo version carries two kerbals and a small payload, most likely a satellite. (MAKE YOUR OWN ION PROBE WITH A COMMAND CHAIR AND GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT!!) It also includes a docking port and RCS (Though still kinda unbalanced) ALL FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! here are the download links: Crew Version: Cargo Version: I forgot to mention. The name is a reference to Sons Of Anarchy.
  12. So This will be my First attempt at doing a Writing/Report.. so i hope you guys like it! Feedback is ALWAYS Appreciated! Part 1 (below) Part 2/3 Part 4 Part 1 ---Mission control--- *ring* *ring* *gene picks up the phone* ???: We are the from the Kerbin World Firsts Record Keeping Society... Is it the KSC we are speaking to? Gene: yes... we are the Kerbal Space Centre.. what you guys want? Another First's record? FRKS: Yes. We would like you to do a circumnaviagation of Kerbin. Nobody on Kerbin has done it and you seem that you are very free with not much launch schedules coming up. *gene looks through the launch schedules.Valentina walks into the Room* Gene: okay sure we will accept it.. so how much Roots? FRKS: 5K Roots Gene: No that would not do! that will not cover the production costs! and the launch costs and all the over administrative stuff! FRKS: oh well... 10K? Gene: if you guys want to have a fine ship... and publicity... Give it a.. 20K? FRKS: Ah well 20K Roots.. and it is a Deal! Gene: thanks! *Gene puts down the phone and finds valentina looking at his monitor* Gene: what do you want? Val: um.. just looking... nothing interesting that will be going on soon according to the list of launches that you have on your screen... So who called up? Gene: FRKS. They want up us to do a circumnavigation of Kerbin.. Bleargh... we don't have any crafts that we can use! Val: we can always design one.. right? Gene: yup correct.. but it will cost Fun- i mean Roots. Geez.. ever since they changed to Funds to Roots... it keeps confusing me... Val: well i am sure you will get used to it... i will go and tell the peps at the Admin building.. about the.. thing. Gene: go ahead then. *Valentina leaves.. leaving Gene in the Mission control* Gene: Well.. lets see if i can schedule some launches for project Minmus. ---Administration building--- *valentina walks in. Mortimer,Linus,Walt and Gus Kerman looks up* Val: alrighty guys! so the FR- i mean the Kerbin World Firsts Record Keeping Society Rang up and decided that a Circumnavigation of kerbin must be done! Mort/Mortimer Kerman :How much we gettin? 10K Roots? Val: double the amount. 20K Roots! Mort: nice! Linus.. any suggestions of the technology we are using? *Linus is playing on his Kphone* Mort: *shouting* LINUS!!! THIS IS A MEETING! STAP YOU USING YOUR KPHONE! Linus: gah! oh right.. sorry.... *bows* so Circumnavigation eh? Val: yes..suggestion linus? Linus: hmm.. no prop planes i guess..jet eng- Val: nope.. do you have R.A.P.I.E.R.S yet? Linus: Yes. We finished it last night! Val: how did the test go for them? Linus: i should say quite well... only some um.. misshaps happened.*murmurs something about a blackened kerbal* Val: i guess we should put them for a long rang test! best altitude for those operating well? Linus: close to Vaccum. Val: well what are we waiting For? lets do this then! For funnsies:
  13. This is my mothership, Alpha station, on it's maiden voyage to Duna. After being constructed literally in orbit, courtesy of extraplanetary launchpads, it's ready for the grand tour. Unfortunately, on the way to mars, I found out it that it's unbalanced, and laggy. So now I want advice as to improve how it looks, reduce part count and reduce rcs usage. Since I have all these mods, anything is possible for me. I can reassemble part by part, or (once I get my mono refueled) move whole modules around. My only limitation is all my crew is tied up, especially engineers. My first step is to refuel, and I have a seed ship ready to land on Ike to build a refueling tanker + refinery. I think I want to convert everything I can into either rocket parts, or shoved inside KIS storage containers. That allows me to have the cleanest ship but with maximal potential since I can just build anything I need out of rocket parts and spare modules inside KIS containers. Is it easier on my computer if it's inside KIS storage? Or will the game still take it into consideration?