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Found 163 results

  1. I'm playing the Alien Space Program mod and I can't complete the "Launch our first vessel" contract on Tylo or Minmus. Is there a way to manually complete the contract so I can actually do things in career mode? I think it's got something to do with airless worlds, because Duna still works.
  2. I Got space shuttle system and i downloaded everything and am not getting the cockpit Can anyone help? (I Am using 1.3 with it)
  3. And here comes the very special post just a day after a very special day (22.10. my b-day). As the title suggests, you will get to see a super detailed replica of a German WW1 airship, aswell as a 1.6m long 3D papermodel of the same exact ship. HISTORY AND TECHNICAL DATA OF LZ 45 L 13 The LZ 45 (as it was known by it army register) L13 (as know by its navy register) is one of a series of 22 P Class Zeppelins built for the german army to serve as navy patrol ships and bombers. Technical data LZ 45: Length:163.5 m Height:21.962 m Width:25.789 m Diameter: 18.69 m Volume:32000m³ Engines:4 x Maybach C.X, 210hp, 1200 rpm Mass:21470kg Crew:18 to 20: (Executive Officer, Commander, Navigator, Sailmaker (responsible for gasbags), Chief Engineer, 2 altitude coxswains, 2 steering coxswains, 8 engineers) Armaments: 7 or 8 machine guns: water-cooled MG-08 (navy version), air-cooled Parabellum MG 14 (army version). 2,000 kg bombs (a greater load could be carried with reduced fuel load). The design of P-Class ships varied between the years. For example, LZ 72 and LZ 38 had earlier gondola designs and LZ 60 had experimental ones. There where also some differences in rudder design. The LZ 45 portrays the most common design configuration. LZ 45 was built by the Luftchiffbau Zeppelin in hall 1 at Friedrichshafen and entered service in July.24.1915. It survived thru the war and and served as a training ship for a while (a white stripe was painted on the nose), and was also the first of the airships to bomb London, dropping a total of 20,667 kg of bombs during its career. The ship and its commander Käpitanleutnant Heinrich Mathy logged a total of 159 flights, 17 of witch where bombing raids and 45 of witch where reconnaissance flights. Lz 45 was decomissioned in late April 1917 and was scrapped in the December of that year. GENERAL INFO ABOUT THE P CLASS The P class was a new design that was larger than preceding designs and introduced enclosed crew accommodation (open on preceding ships). It also introduced a new more aerodynamic design. These included a front command car with a glass house like command room, a radio room and a captains rest area with two large openings with MG-mounts on either side. Connected to that is the front engine car, with a single engine that drove a propeller trough a reduction gear. These two cars where connected with a strip of fabric, this was done keep the vibrations of the engine out of the command car. The rear gondola had three engines mounted in line. One drove a propeller at the rear similar to the front engine car, while the two others drove propellers mounted on the side of airships body trough a reduction gear. The propellers on the side where slightly offset to one another due to the position of the reduction gears into witch the propeller axles had to connect. Large openings for MG's can also be found on the rear engine car. 3 defensive MG's where on a platform located on top of the bow of the airships body, this could be accessed by a long ladder that went from the top of the ship to the corridor at the bottom of the airships body. This corridor also connects the two gondolas and has the bomb-bays in it as-well. Amount of bomb-bays varied between army and navy versions. It is believed that army version witch needed a greater range to reach places like London had fewer bomb-bays, while the navy versions had more as they where mostly used in patrol missions. You can read the Wikipedia article about the P Class if you want info on the structural design of the hull and history of other P Class vessels. Some of the P Class vessels where converted to the Q Class witch was nearly identical, minus an extra 15 meters of length to allow the airship to have a larger volume witch allows it to fly higher making it harder to shoot down. CAMO PATTERNS As,with anything military related, P Class airships sported a variety of different camo patterns. INCASE YOU WHERE WONDERING Some of you might be wondering that "hey, i think ive seen this in Battlefield 1", Altough it may look very similar, the behemoth in Battlefield 1 is an R class "super zeppelin", the L30. THE PAPER MODEL Time to go to the actual project. The Model that i built was designed by Thorsten Brand and can be found here if you want to make you own. But, i warn you, it one of the most difficult models ive ever seen, and also one of the most well researched and detailed. It would have been almost impossible for me to do properly in it's original scale witch is 1:144, that's why i printed it in A3 at school, it made the model 40% bigger, thus making everything a bit easier since the parts aren't so tiny anymore, and you-know, bigger is better right . Well, making the body of the airship would have become easier since it's not so huge, but the gondolas would have been tiny. I didn't realize that just how big it would be until about a month ago when i got re-motivated and started to build the body of the airship. I originally started by building the Gondolas first as i wanted to see if i could do those without them looking like garbage. They turned out quite well. The only thing i was kinda dissapointed with was the fact that i couldn't cut the windows open on the windscreen without ruining the window frames completely, i instead applied a bit of gray color to make them at-least a bit more realistic. I also decided to leave the interior mostly empty as it would have probably looked messy and wouldn't even be seen that well at the end. The MG platform took almost an entire day to cut and assemble as there was a lot of tiiny tiny pieces that had to be put together, but in the end it turned out pretty good aswell. The external props and their support struts/frames was a new thing to me. The instruction advised to use plastic sticks to make them, while i only had iron wire and cocktail sticks. I also only had two choises for putting the thing together, either i put them together using tape, or hot glue. I deside to go for the hot glue option as it produced a cleaner result, tough it did leave some pretty nasty blobs of glue that can be seen a little too well. Once i started making the Skeleton of the ship and the skin surrounding it, i didn't realize that just how much my lazyness was gonna bite me in the ankle. I was pretty confident that i didn't need all the provided supports to keep it together as there where a ton of supports that where supposed to be built. The skeleton should have had 19 longtitudal spars and nearly three times the amount of bulkheads. I did notice once i had hot-glued all the bulkheads onto the core that, if picked up from the middle, it would bend and buckle. I was figured that applying the skin would help keep it together. It did stop the body from turning in to a banana, but turns out that the body would get crushed under it's own weight causing a very flattened look. Because of this, i had only one choise, i had to install some ropes and hang it from somewhere. I didn't want the MG-platform to be unseen at all times, so i couldn't hang it from my ceiling lamp like the way i did with the Fiddlers Green B-36 Piecemaker, instead, i wanted to build a custom "display stand" so i could have it hanging over my computer screen. So, with help from my dad, we built a custom display stand for it using couple upside down table legs and a couple garage tire mounts (or whatever those things where supposed to be). This project really shines, not only because of the fact that it's now the biggest model ive ever built, but also because of the fact that it's by far the longest project i've ever done. While some of the bigger project like the Tamiya 1:350 USS Missouri model took me about 4 day to complete, this project took me about a weeks worth of work or maby even more to get it cut and assembled. Even tough the end result is a bit messy and how you doing in some places, im still quite proud of the end result . KSP VERSION And now for the KSP part of the project. I wanted to make a KSP replica of the LZ 45 ever since i started making the paper version. But, didn't get around to it as the airship parts that i had were a bit too small, so i had to search down the comments and found a set of custom Tweakscale configs. After i go those installed i could start making the thing. But before i could even use those, 1.3.1 came and i had to wait for a little while as the mods i needed where getting updated. Luckily it didn't take more than a few days. I also wanted to complete the paper model first. Because the custom tweakscale configs for the airship parts that only allowed me to scale the thing to 10, 20, 30 and 40m sizes, the KSP version is actually bigger than the real one. I desided to go for a full interior on the gondolas, and as an extra made the two steering wheels work, and also added a captains view (a Kerbpro camera on a docking washer). Yes, it has two steering wheels, one is for the rudders, while the other one is for the elevators. The front gondolas alone ate 500 parts, so that's why the rear engine gondola is missing some details on the inside, it all in an effort to save parts. I also ignored the offset on the outer props and made them mirrored instead. I feared that if they where offset, it could cause some control issues. To eliminate the risk of constant crashing, i built the bow and stern of the ship separately and brought them together at the end and added the bomb-bay doors, the MG platform and the logos onto the ship. I turned basically the entire front engine gondola into a sub-assembly and then built the rear engine car around that. Here's a little flying demonstration video. I put some vernor-thrusters into the nose to aid in turning cause as you can see on the video, with the rudders alone, the ship turns very slowly. The album didn't appear correctly so i put a link to it instead. Technical data LZ 45 (KSP): Length:206 m Height:37.7 m Width:28.3 m Diameter:20.0 m Engines:4 x BA-4U Cyclone piston engine Mass:287.102 tons Crew: Unmanned Armaments: Unarmed Parts: 1140 Mods used: Heisenberg Airships pack, Infernal Robotics, Tweackscale, custom tweakscale configs for airship parts, Hullcam VDS. Overall, i'm very pleased with how it turned out , just wish the servos that make the dummy propeller spin wouldn't be so annoying and loud . I have plans for more airships, but i'm not sure witch or when i'm gonna make em. And yes, you may get to see a fully working U.S.S Macon. And there it is for you, a giant paper model and a super detailed Zeppelin all in one. I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post .
  4. So I've been attempting to mod again in KSP; and I've tried to use Airplane Plus, BDArmory, BdArmoryWeaponExtenstion, Feline Utility Rovers, HyperEdit, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, KSP Maritime Pack, MechJeb2,Near Future Propulsion, Near Future Solar, and OPT for version 1.3. I've been having a multitude of problems (mainly with the game becoming unresponsive or just closing before it finishes loading) which tend to not produce any crash log, which of course isn't very helpful. Any suggestions to help with this?
  5. Background After reading the great feedback about the Alternis Kerbol mod and working within the vanilla/OPM solar system for a few years I was excited to try the new solar system out. I am still working in KSP 1.2.1 because it takes a long time in RL to get anything done. I was not sure if the latest download of the mod would incorporate into the old version of the game. After making a copy of the KSP 1.2.1 folder I copied in mod files and tried to start the game up. It did start ok, upon inspection Duna is missing completely. I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to copy it in from another version but for now I thought might be interesting to take the Kerbals from my previous save who were just launching their first Kerballed Duna mission after working towards it for 7 years (career mode) and ‘start again’ in the new system. Once I get the story going I’ll post in Mission Reports. Chapter List Chapter 1: Discovery Chapter 2: Starting Over Chapter 3: Communications & Scanning and reaching for Bop Chapter 4: Unexpected landing Chapter 5: Kerbals back into Space Chapter 6: Contract Stacking Chapter 7: Controlled Landing? and Science Return Chapter 8: Among the Moons of Jool Chapter 9: Back in the Saddle Again Chapter 10: The short Life of the Bop Orbital Science Platform Chapter 11: Getting Picard Home Chapter 12: Jool Orbital Science Platform/ Cerberus Launcher Chapter 13: First Losses Chapter 1: Discovery
  6. This is inspired by a lot of Kerbal Mission Reports, and I've been wanting to create my own content for a while, but the real instigation was Angel-125's Heisenberg mod and his mission report. Then I found Plan Kappa, and I knew for sure that I wanted to do some sort of Mission Report / fictionalization of my main game save. Mod List Overview I wasn't a big fan of the existing nation maps of Kerbin, so I made my own. I've been using Kerbal Konstructs for some time, so this version of Kerbin contains Kerbinside, Kosmodrome, the BAD-T airfields, and possibly additional bits and pieces. The basic history is analogous to ours, sort-of. The Kerman Empire 2,000 years ago built roads all over the place, setting up the preconditions for truly world-wide trade. There was an equivalent to the Hanseatic League, and there was a Great War, which is sort of a combined WWI/WWII without the genocide. The sudden appearance of the monoliths brought everyone to the table to resolve their differences at least temporarily, and now there is an uneasy truce and a joint effort to explore the source of the monoliths. The general public isn't aware of the monoliths (yet). PSA - The Panarchist Space Alliance The PSA was formed at the end of the Great War to investigate the origin of the monoliths. Kerbin Kerbin at the time of this story has 22 nations - 5 major powers and 17 minor ones. Most of the national flags are from @UAL002 's awesome flag pack, but a few are my own design or adapted from materials online which are CC BY-NC licensed. (see comment below for details) The Major Powers Kermania: Kermania is an analog to Earth's Germany. Originally a loose federation of barbarian tribes in the days of the Kerman Empire, they overran and defeated that power before collapsing back into a dark age of anarky. Later, under Konstantine Kerman, the tribes consolidated into several warring nation states until Kaiser Vilhelm Kerman united them into the nation of Kermania. Kermania was a major player in the Great War - part of the Triaxial League: Kermania, Imperial Kermanovia, and Yitalia. Kermania started the war with the invasion of Polan in year -5. (Year 1939 in the old calendar) After the Great War, Kermanian scientists were instrumental in advancing rocket science to the point where manned space travel was possible. Kermanian rocket technology was pioneered during the war, and at the war's conclusion, on Year One, Day Three, Kermania launched the first orbital satellite - the first peaceful use of rocket technology, using a booster intended to launch a new weapon against the USK. South Kijani: The nation of South Kijani was originally neutral in the Great War, until Kermania invaded their territory to launch an offensive against the USK. South Kijani then sided with the USK to drive back Kermania and take the pressure off their occupation of Keltica. Union of Kerbalized Kommunist Republiks (UKKR): Formerly the Kingdom of the Kermanovs, Imperial Kermanovia became a member of the Triaxial League during the Great War and led the offensive against United Kerbdom until Kermanovian workers rose in revolt against their imperialist masters during the Red Oktober uprising. The new Kommunist state immediately sued for peace with the UK and signed a non-aggression pact which made them neutral for the remainder of the Great War. After the war, the UKKR established Area 110011, the preeminent test flight facility on Kerbin, and the KKVLA, a new radio telescope to detect signals from space. United States of Kerbin (USK): The USK was one of the Allied Powers in the Great War, and led the bulk of the fighting against Kermanian expansion. United Kerbdom (UK): United Kerbdom, in a flip of "real world" history, was originally a colony of the USK Which declared independence and established a constitutional monarchy. The Minor Powers Arabnia: The Kingdom of Arabnia has been ruled by the Al Kaud family for generations, and has been home to desert nomads and kamel farmers for far longer than that. The Kingdom appeared destined to remain a minor power until the discovery of Liquid Fuel. Exploration revealed that Arabnia contains Kerbin's largest reserves of Liquid Fuel, and the Kingdom has successfully leveraged that fact to earn a place at the table. Cratery Coast: (more detail to come) DPRK: The Demokratic People's Republik of Kerbin is a misnomer, as it is neither demokratic nor a republik. It is instead a military diktatorship established during the Kaoist Skism of 115 (Old Rekoning). The DPRK has no launch facilities of its own, but contracts with Republiko Simios for use of the facilities of Sanctuary Mouth. The Simios government has largely stepped back from the use of that facility, happy to keep the cash flowing. Goreyo: Goreyan culture is one of the oldest civilizations on Kerbin, and perhaps the least changed from its origins during the Big Split - the initial divergence of Kerbalkind from their pre-historic origins. Erryday: Erryday is known for their world-famous bobsledding team, their world-famous koffee, and their world-famous relaxed attitude. Indeed, it's amazing they ever get anything done. The nation is an island paradise, and their citizens work only an hour each day. (or as the residents say, erryday) Erryday's space program started the same way their bobsled team did - someone cracked a joke and said they'd never have one, so they went out and started one. Erryday contracts with New Batavia and the Cratery Coast to use their launch facilities at The Shelf and Hanbert Cape, respectively. Finnlund: Finnlund maintains the largest commercial fishing fleet on Kerbin. (more detail to come) Free Republik of Kerbin: The Free Republik of Kerbin split off from the USK many years ago, after the UK successfully broke away. Some of the early rebels wanted to call the new nation "Kexas", but were shouted down by those who thought there were already too many kountries with a "k" in their name. The Free Republik is a large island, and prides itself on the best beef in all of Kerbin, and was also the heart of the USK's Liquid Fuel industry before breaking away. Since becoming independent, that industry collapsed due to over-mining, and now the primary economy is beef, leather, outdoor equipment and enormous belt buckles. The Free Republik managed to stay out of the Great War, but because they wanted to - not because they were cowards. (and if you imply they are, they will give you "what for") Since the war, the FRoK keeps saying they're going to launch people into space, and that they have a great plan - the best plan ever, the highest rated plan anyone's ever seen. Rumor has it they have built a Top Secret facility in the island's interior. Hellenik Republik: The Hellenik Republik is the kradle of demokracy and the birthplace of Kerbal philosophy and science. Sokrates Kerman, Arkhimedes Kerman (before he moved to Syrakuse), Pythakoreus, Aristokle... the list goes on and on. The Republik wasn't always a republik, however - in years past it's been a kingdom, a military diktatorship, an oligarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, a true democracy, and a libertarian dys/utopia (depending on who you ask). Every type of government has been tried, because the Helleniks are nothing if not experimental and ready to try anything. Most of the time, however, they have been a republic, though many think they are an autonomous collective. During the Great War, the Hellenik army successfully held off several Kermanian advances, and ultimately caused enough casualties that the Kermanic offensive found an easier target: South Kijani. The deciding battle was fought by 300 Kerbals under Leonidas Kerman in the battle of Kermopylae. Leonidas and his brave Kerbals all died, but the Kermanic advance was halted and several thousand Kermanians perished. The Helleniks have a small facility at Sea's End, on the inland sea. The facility is known more for its research than any real attempt at getting into space. Kanada: Kanada is another former colony of the USK, but one which was intended to be independent from the start. It was a place for every Kerbal who found the USK to be far too warm. Kanada is sometimes called the land of milk and honey, due to all the goats and the bees there. Kanada is also Kerbin's largest supplier of waffle syrup. Prior to the Great War, Kanada lost its southern province when Imperial Kermanovia expanded northward. Since the Revolution, Kanada has opened talks several times with the UKKR to get the regions around Boostershire Farms and Dundard's Edge back, but the UKKR has so far refused to hand back the land they took. Kanada has a small space program, but one of the best astronaut training centers on Kerbin - the Polar Research Center on the northern ice cap. Kanada is currently training the next crop of Kerbonauts for a mission to Duna. Celtika (or is it Keltica?): New Batavia: (more detail to come) Polan: (more detail to come) Republika de Santa Kruz: (more detail to come) Republiko Simios: (more detail to come) Skaibern Empire: The home in exile of the Kermanovs after being forced out of Kermanovia by the Oktober Revolutionaries. (more detail to come) Skotslund: Skotslund is Kerbin's airship capital, and home to all things considered strange on Kerbin - hakkis, kiltz, bagkipes, and golf. It's also home to ridiculous amounts of lifting gas, which not only got Skotslund's airship program literally off the ground, but provides hours or fun at parties when people breathe lifting gas and talk in high-pitched voices until they pass out. Yitalia: The home and birthplace of pasta, and the world's greatest shoes. Yitalians also originated lawn bowling. Yitalia was a member of the Triaxial alliance during the Great War, but when they learned that Kermania was planning to launch rockets against the USK, they defected from the alliance and claimed the Kwiss alps region of Kermania, moving troops up to capture the Messerkerman factory there. After the war, Timekeeping on Kerbin: 1 "Astronomical Unit" (AU) on Kerbin is 13,599,840,256 m (45.4 LS) Kerbin sits in a circular orbit with a 23.5° inclination respective to the ecliptic, which means Kerbin has seasons similar to those on Earth. It has a 600km radius, which is 1/10 that of Earth. Year 1, Day 1 coincidentally is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. (thanks to the mod "Harder Solar System" for the inclined orbit!) Sidereal Orbital Period: 9,203,545 s (426d 0h 32m 24.6s) Sidereal Rotation Period: 21,549.425 s (5h 59m 5.9s) Solar Day: 21,600 s (1d / 6h) Kerbin Year: 9,203,545 s (426d 0h 32m 24.6s) Kerbin has a "Leap" year every 12 years unless that year is divisible by 180 - but every 900 years *is* a leap year, and every 21,600 years is NOT. 1 year - 14 months of 30 days each, plus "Holiday", a 6 day intercalary month. (7 days on leap years) 1 light year (Kerbol LY) = 2,759,153,377,863.61 km 1 light year (Earth LY) = 9,460,730,472,580.8 km (3.43 Kerbol LY) Year 1, Day 1 is actually 1950.12.27 under the previous calendar, which dates back to the founding of the Kermanian Empire. It's been nearly 4,200 years since the beginning of recorded Kerbal history. Days: (5 weeks of 6 days each per month) Sunday | Munday | Dunaday | Joolday | Evesday | Sarnusday
  7. hello all. so, before we even get started: this is a modded install I have checked all the mods to ensure current versions and compatablilty I have unmodded I have done a reinstall I have done a deep clean reinstall this viersion is not from steam, but direct from the developers webpage I have done a 50/50 mod check method and I have the log file I am NOT downloading some program to imbed the file into the message, so deal with it. BEGIN LOG FILE: [snip] now, my issue. the game crashes at the end of the loading screen. refer to the bullets above BEFORE giving me advice that I have already done. thank you. now, if anyone can, can you help me figure out this latest headache concerning this program?
  8. I know this may not be for everyone, but I know I enjoy watching other people play. Mods I am using are shown in the first few minutes of episode 1 Here is the first episode of my playthrough: Here is the link to the playlist:
  9. Sup, I've just got my new computer and tried to start KSP after redownloading all of my mods via CKAN. I have KSP through steam and when I try to launch it (64 bit) it spends about 5 minutes loading then crashes. I've read through the logs to try to pinpoint which mod(s) were causing the issue and (this is embarrassing for me as a software engineer...) I can't make sense of them for the life of me. One thing I'm fairly confident on is that it's not a memory issue. I've got 16GB of it running on the 64-bit version of the game so it really shouldn't be an issue. I also noticed that it always seems to crash as the game is trying to load the HG-5 High Gain antenna from the Squad folder but i don't know if that's at all relevant. Output log:
  10. I have plenty of mods installed on 1.1.3, and no idea which one is causing this. Please help. Crash logs for both crashes (I did try to enter the VAB a second time after the first crash) Modlist according to CKAN: Please help.
  11. I have a problem where my game loads and just when it begins to start, it stops and does nothing until you quit. Log and Gamedata ^ *Edit* Found out it was DangIt causing the problem.
  12. Saelben's Space Program The Backstory Craft List Mission Log's Mod List As the mission progresses, data and activity will be added. Any suggestions are accepted. Thank you for joining me on this humble voyage. -SaelbenNoa
  13. The BD Armory section is there when I'm in a hangar and I can see multiple guns, rockets, bombs, and ammo, but no weapons manager. When I tried to use a gun, it didn't fire, even with ammo boxes. I used CKAN to install the mod.
  14. EDIT The comment below by TaggedYa provides a fix for this issue, so if you are having a problem, follow their instructions. Hope this helps anyone who has this issue. Original post below I recently decided to have another go at trying RP-0, and downloaded a fresh install of KSP 1.2.2 from Steam. I then used CKAN to install, first, Realism Overhaul and its dependencies and recommended mods. After which, I installed RP-0, and its dependencies and recommended mods. Once all installed, I tried launching from CKAN, and the game immediately crashed. The crash log is contained within the following link I then tried the same with the 32 bit exe. Instead of it crashing immediately, it instead crashed when it ran out of memory (I tracked how much RAM it used with Task Manager, it crashes when it reaches about 3.3-3.5GB) There appear to be no other solutions that I can find for this error, and was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this error, and if there were any fixes. The mod list as exported by CKAN These are the most up to date versions of the mod CKAN allows for 1.2.2 DxDiag - I have seen this be requested a few times in relation to similar crashes from other games, so will provide it. Thank you for any help.
  15. I got on KSP today and noticed that KSP crashes on startup, specifically on loading Squad's Rover Wheel Assets. This has never happened before, and I don't know what to do. My Mods If you need more info, please let me know, I am eager to get this problem solved so I can work on my YouTube Videos!
  16. So I have a modded install of KSP(I will list mods below) and when I go to open the solar panels, there isn't an option to. I will post a screenshot below. Help please! Mod List: B9PartSwitch CommunityResourcePack(Also TechTree) Distant Object EVE FShangerExtender Interstellar Fuel Switch Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kopernicus MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NFPropulsion NFSolar NFSpacecraft PersistentRotation Scatteerer SVE Tweak Scale Warp Plugin Screenshot Link:
  17. Hello, I am having issues with some mods that shouldn't conflict with each other and yet some mods are not working properly. I have tried countless times to assemble a certain number of mods together and in one case it did work but ksp updated and now it's not working again. I understand that reproducing some mod content requires special permission from the mod creator, and I cant ask for a download, possibly an email would not violate their terms. I have the mod list below. If anyone can help thanks, BTW I just want a single gamedata folder. B9 Aerospace Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack Extraplanetary Launchpads Firespitter Interstellar Fuel Switch JSI KAS Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KerbetrotterLtd KIS KWRocketry Magic Smoke Industries (Infernal Robotics) Mechjeb2 Embedded Near Future Electrical Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft OPT Planetary Base Inc Planet Shine RCS Build Aid SCANsat Module Manager ASET
  18. After finishing the mig, I quit playing kerbal for a few weeks until I came back and made this submarine. Not based on any specific model, not a replica of any kind, just a working submarine made to look a little like a german one. I had some serious trouble with getting my computer to actually render the thing, I don't know why but it seems my pc is dying, half the time it's at 100% disk usage, no viruses or malware, and none of the tutorials online help me out with anything, but anyway, here's the ship. Using no propellor mods because they're too easy in my opinion, I made the motor of the submarine with infernal robotics and some control surfaces. This actually ran me into some problems when piloting the sub. Each rotor is set at a speed of 10 with acceleration of 2 and spins in an opposite direction to the other in order to not have the thing spinning like crazy underwater. To get the sub moving I set the speed in the RPM GUI ingame to 5, making the rotors spin at a speed of 50, any higher and the control surfaces break off. When resurfacing I have to turn off the rotors lest they break on surface, I found that going up at 10 degrees and cutting the rotors at a depth of 100 meters usually curbs the issue. At the surface I usually run it at a speed of 30. This makes it so the rotors don't break off and I can move at a steady rate over the water. Have some pictures with scatterer for looks! I get the sub into the water using vessel mover which is why I have the struts on the side to keep it up on the launchpad. I cannot film this or even open anything up anymore because my pc is not letting me. I havent the slightest clue why it's doing this but every time I try to play anything or do anything it just doesnt work or loads so slow it might as well not have worked. I'm going to try reinstalling windows but after that I won't have any of these builds and I'm thinking I'm just going to quit playing this game. I can't take this any longer.
  19. Greetings. I've encountered a peculiar bug which appears rather consistently when certain conditions are met: 1. A vessel must be in orbit 2. It must have a manned EAS-1 command seat When I load a save file created in flight under these conditions, some of the vessel's parts are misaligned. Usually it's the wheels, the landing gear, the command seat or the kerbal manning it. I'm using a number of mods: KIS, KAS, KER, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Throttle Controlled Avionics, RCS Build Aid, Atomic Age, QuizTechAero, a bunch of other part packs. But the first time I encountered this bug I was flying a spaceplane only made of stock parts. Vessel mass matters a lot for a spaceplane, especially if you only have panther engines. So a command seat stowed into a 1,25m service bay seemed the best solution for a rescue mission. Naturally I saved the game when the stranded kerbal got aboard. Can't remember what made me load it, but when I was about to land at Kerbin I noticed that the fore gear is skewed about 30 degrees aside. A similar thing happened to a flying rover when I decided to take an engineer along for an orbital mission - the wheels got all screwed up. Both the spaceplane and the rover are included in the following footage. The bug conditions are simulated 2 times for each vessel. If anyone has an idea what might have caused this, please tell. UPD: The parts get back to normal after going to space center and then back to the vessel. Which makes this bug a lot less critical
  20. For context, i have a list of mods installed Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar MKS Colonization SSTU Trajectories Kerbal Engineer KIS 1.3 version Module Manager So what's the problem. At each startup, at the pre-init phase. The game crashes all of the sudden and this repeatedly happens.So this is the log Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0033:01100e18. Error occurred at 2017-07-04_115838. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by funny_000. 61% memory in use. 8097 MB physical memory [3089 MB free]. 9377 MB paging file [2915 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134216132 MB free]. Read from location 00000000 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0x3b0cb570 RSI: 0x35ed9290 RAX: 0x00000000 RBX: 0x00000007 RCX: 0xfffffffe RDX: 0x00000069 RIP: 0x01100e18 RBP: 0x00cfcdb0 SegCs: 0x00000033 EFlags: 0x00010206 RSP: 0x00cfccb0 SegSs: 0x0000002b R8: 0x1aaf369c R9: 0x00cfce28 R10: 0x3b0c9040 R11: 0x00cfcc40 R12: 0x3b0cb6f0 R13: 0x00000053 R14: 0x48cb1a40 R15: 0x00000002 Bytes at CS:EIP: 48 8b 10 48 8b ce 48 8b d8 e8 4e f7 ff ff 48 8b I tried KSP x64, but it came back with the same log. Also force opengl didn't either Is there any solutions?
  21. So I've installed a fresh version of KSP 1.2.2, ran it in x64 with no mods, and copied the content's of the ZIP archive from Galileo's Planet Pack 1.2.3 (GameData > GPP/Kopernicus/MFI/MM 2.7.6) to my KSP GameData folder and then loaded up KSP x64. The game then loads to the main menu, yet Kerbin is still showing in the background, along with when I try to start a new game (brand new) it just sits at the loading screen with the rotating planets in the bottom right. A few things I've also noticed: Whenever I've launched the game, and it get's stuck at the "Infinite Loading Screen" after the main menu, I then close the game, and I then verify the game file integrity and it always shows that 1 file failed to verify, and proceeds to re-install it. I have also removed the GPP specific folder and replaced it with just OPM and that loaded the game to the KSC just fine. Thanks for any help/tips. Output Log: Image: Directory/GameData
  22. I designed an SSTO that uses an Orion engine which can easily land on any planet or moon in the game. It has a docking port and RCS thrusters which enable it to dock with space stations. I edited the .cfg file for the inflatable heat shield to make it able to deflate, so that the what SSTO can even land on & return from EVE. It has an ore tank and an ISRU that has been modified to also create fuel for the Orion engine. I use Ubio Welding to prevent my FPS from dropping (Great mod fyi), so make sure to copy that file if you want the craft to work. By the way, I know that using the Orion engine kind of defeats the purpose of an SSTO, but it's still fun. Below is a link to my KSP Google Drive that has the SSTO file, screenshots, and my entire game data file. If you like it, check out my youtube channel because I am getting into making KSP videos. I will post a video from my channel at the bottom of the page. Google Drive link: Pictures: As I mentioned earlier, here is one of my youtube videos:
  23. So I have some mods installed but not many. I think I've narrowed the crash on startup to the Module Manager mod but I can't seem to find a work around for it. The game loads for a while until it tries to load the Module Manager and then crashes, giving me a line in the error report saying that the error was caused by mono.dll. Here is a list of installed mods. - BDArmory -Firespitter -KAX -Module Manager -Tweak Scale Here is a link to the crash report. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi guys, Ive been using 1.2 for a long time, never had any crashes etc.... I had and I have around 2 gigs of mods,but I wanted to have B9 procedural wings installed, because I saw great ww2 plane models made in that mod, tho i had something procedural stuff already installed.. Nevermind,.. Since I installed the B9 one for 1.3 I cant play the game. Tried running it with openGL , with DX11 , no difference. Allways crashing... Please help!
  25. Hello guys, I'm a new user to the fourm. I've been playing KSP for quite awhile on Windows, and it works great, but when I try to run on Ubuntu with limited Mods, the game crashes half-way through loading. I will post my KSP.log below. [snip]