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Found 163 results

  1. First off, while I do normally mod my KSP manually (I have CKAN but rarely use it), I am a complete moron when it comes to reading OUTPUT.LOG. I am in the process of deleting KSP and making a fresh install to attempt to figure out which mod is causing my headache but I figured I'd come here and ask those who are smarter than I to help me out. Here's my latest log 1.2.2 Revert and the last 1.3 Version I attempted. Note that I have tried to revert to 1.2.2 to no avail and I'm assuming it's one of the mods that I "updated" which didn't update, possibly? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. KASA is Proud to present... The World War K Showcase The World War K Hangar!!! World War K Combat Craft (KASA)
  3. Hello Kerbal Community, Recently I've been trying to create a space plane on a heavily modded install of KSP version 1.2.2. However, it does not work. Any of the jet engines that I use (ie: whiplash or RAPIER) do not generate a high enough TWR and cause the plane to run out of fuel before ever making it to an orbit. I know that this is not a design flaw, becauseI I've tested a very similar SSTO Spaceplane in a stock version of KSP (also running 1.2.2) and it got to an orbit just fine, with plenty of fuel remaining. This leads me to believe that one of the mods that I have installed is causing the jet engines to work less efficiently, and/or causing a tremendous amount of atmospheric drag. I do not have FAR installed. Below is a link to a picture that shows my game data folder: Can someone please explain to me why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thank you very much, R_Aerospace!
  4. KSP Version: 1.3, 32 bit, Windows 10 What Happens: The game won't even start. It just tells me that the game crashed. Mods / Add-Ons: JSI, BDArmory, KAX, OPT, PlanetaryBaseInc, TweakScale Steps to Replicate: 1. Download Windows 10 2. Download mods stated above 3. Start KSP Result: The game seems to work fine until it's loaded about 10 to 15% (edit: ~53%. The loading stops on rv/rvholder or something like that), then it crashes miserably Fixes/Workarounds: It doesn't exist Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Error Log: Output Log: Crash.dmp:
  5. I'm wondering what your GameData folder looks like. For those without mods, all there will be is a "squad" folder. I'm curious about how many mods you guys use. Here's mine: EDIT: does this go in the modded discussion, or is it good here?
  6. I wanted to make a constitution class replica, specifically the USS enterprise at a smaller scale (my replica I estimate to be slightly bigger than the NX class). Tweak scale wasn't working properly, so I had to use HX parts. This ship has a lot of deltaV (45,000 m/s), mostly thanks to it engines its using (Karborundum Fusion Drive engines.) It clocks in at over 300 parts, this shouldn't be enough turn your game into a slideshow. Yes this can carry shuttles (although they look nothing like the ones seen on star trek.) This ship does feature laser weaponry, and torpedo launchers. As well as a fair amount of science equipment. Main issue is that alot of the DeltaV is useless considering that when I use the fusion drive engines, the ship flips (not much I can do.) Not to mention, its pretty much impossible to take off from the surface. Hell even modifying this with anti gravity pads don't seem to help(see the spoiler below.) Not to mention this is incredibly expensive (good luck getting the funds for this in career mode.) This replica is a still work in progress, the last thing needed is an actual warp drive, right now there is no FTL/warp drive mod that can move or support a ship this damn large. I also have no idea how to modify any existing mod (eg the alcubierre drive mod) to support a ship this large (like increasing the bubble size to fit this ship.) Yes this thing can survive re-entry (at stock default) The engines below the saucer section are their to keep the ship stable, and look aesthetically more appealing (in my opinion.)
  7. Chapter II: Probes To Iota Chapter III: More Money = New Rockets Chapter IV: Jeb Wrote The Textbook Chapter V: New Prospects Chapter VI: The Search For More Money Chapter VII: A Home, But In Space! Chapter IIX: Project Iron Sands Chapter 8.5: The Big Reveal Chapter 9: Making The Public Interested Chapter 10: The Atomic Age Begins Hey everyone! Following my old Galileo System career save accidentally being replaced by another KSP folder (downloaded another ksp, stuff happened), I decided to this time go bigger. 3.2x was small enough so that I didn't need huge parts, but big enough that I could get some spacecraft parts with a more practical use. This will probably seem a lot similar to the KABOOM! Kronicle. I got a lot of mods from him, and so there's that. I will try to spice it up the best I can however, I just loved the mods he was using for the 3.2x Galileo System. Here's that series if you want to check it out. This guy is amazing. Ground Rules: No alt f4ing. Everything that goes is final. No testing in a sandbox mode. Everything will be tested on the grounds of the ksc, or on an actual spacecraft. I will try to hire more Kerbals when I get the money, as to not focus on Bill, Bob, Jeb, and Val for most of my missions. Realistic progression. No crazy missions off the bat. The more crucial, interesting the mission is, the more images of it there are. Have as much fun as I can making this! Anyways, here's all of the preliminary data for the career: And My Mod Folder: Let's get into it! Our first flight was the Auklet I, a very small spacecraft. If got up to 10km before flipping the other way. A good start. The Auklet II managed to snap the first pictures of the upper atmosphere, almost meeting the 98km mark to reach space. We were getting a decent bit of money from each mission, but the next step was to get into Orbit. I typically go a poor job of the gravity turn, etc, so I packed this thing with 6000 m/s of dV, 600 more than what is needed to Orbit. And finally, the Auklet IV is the first spacecraft to reach orbit of Gael! In fact, I had enough dV left that I managed to get this spacecraft on an escape trajectory out of Gael. Not too shabby for the 4th flight if you ask me Using Strategia, the Iota Probes looked incredibly promising, so I accepted it, and made the Canary II. With upgraded technology, it was prepared to be the first spacecraft to fly by another world. The flyby was so close, you could even see some ground scatter! After using the last few units of fuel, it was recognized that the Canary II was going to do an accidental flyby of Ceti. More science, but since the Iota Probes contract is on, I will get less money from world firsts. Bummer While we are almost done with Chapter I, we haven't touched manned space travel yet. With new technology, the Sheppard I was created. Immediately, Jebediah was the first to actually want to be a testdummy pilot of the spacecraft, so he was assigned the mission. Following the long 4 minute burn with the tiny spark engine, we are in orbit! To celebrate, Jeb goes on a little spacewalk, being the first of many to touch the stars in a 2 ton metal flying machine spacecraft. After 3 hours in space, he heads home, and marks the first successful mission with a person to space and back! That is all for Chapter I. I would appreciate feedback or questions. I will probably end up bring in the Impact! Mod for the next chapter, but I'm not sure. I might stick with the mods I have. Thanks!
  8. Saw this in KSP today (I don't know how to add imgur slideshows): Am modded, however I do not think mods caused this. Potential easter egg?
  9. I attempted to use CKAN to install RO with other mods that i like such as RP-0 and Lack's Stock Extention, 89-95 Mods total. My issue is that whenever try and make a plane/use wings is that they dont function, I cant adjust pitch yaw and roll, i don't get a center of lift, all i get is a blue circle hovering below my plane. I really wanted to make a plane so i could complete the X-Plane mission, But there may be a few mods clashing with one-another, Please help! List of mods: { "name": "AIESAerospace-Unofficial" }, { "name": "ALCOR" }, { "name": "AtomicAge" }, { "name": "HazardTanksTextures" }, { "name": "ConnectedLivingSpace" }, { "name": "CryoEngines" }, { "name": "CryoEngines-LFO" }, { "name": "CryoEngines-SurfaceAttach" }, { "name": "DeadlyReentry" }, { "name": "DMagicOrbitalScience" }, { "name": "FASA" }, { "name": "FilterExtensions" }, { "name": "Firespitter" }, { "name": "ForgottenRealEngines" }, { "name": "FShangarExtender" }, { "name": "KAS" }, { "name": "KIS" }, { "name": "KSP-AVC" }, { "name": "KWRocketry" }, { "name": "MechJeb2" }, { "name": "NearFutureConstruction" }, { "name": "NearFutureProps" }, { "name": "NearFuturePropulsion" }, { "name": "NearFuturePropulsion-LowThrustEP" }, { "name": "NearFutureSolar" }, { "name": "NearFutureSolar-Core" }, { "name": "NearFutureSpacecraft" }, { "name": "PersistentRotation" }, { "name": "ProceduralFairings" }, { "name": "ProceduralFairings-ForEverything" }, { "name": "ProceduralParts" }, { "name": "RasterPropMonitor" }, { "name": "RasterPropMonitor-Core" }, { "name": "RCSBuildAid" }, { "name": "RealismOverhaul" }, { "name": "RP-0" }, { "name": "RemoteTech" }, { "name": "RLA-Stockalike" }, { "name": "RN-Skylab" }, { "name": "RocketdyneF-1" }, { "name": "RealSolarSystem" }, { "name": "SCANsat" }, { "name": "ScienceAlert" }, { "name": "SemiSaturatableRW" }, { "name": "SXT" }, { "name": "TACLS" }, { "name": "Taerobee" }, { "name": "Tantares" }, { "name": "TantaresLV" }, { "name": "TestFlight" }, { "name": "TextureReplacer" }, { "name": "UniversalStorage" }, { "name": "VenStockRevamp" }, { "name": "NearFutureElectrical" }, { "name": "RSSDateTimeFormatter" }, { "name": "ASETAgency" }, { "name": "ModuleManager" }, { "name": "CommunityTechTree" }, { "name": "CrossFeedEnabler" }, { "name": "B9PartSwitch" }, { "name": "CommunityResourcePack" }, { "name": "CryoTanks" }, { "name": "DeployableEngines" }, { "name": "FirespitterCore" }, { "name": "FirespitterResourcesConfig" }, { "name": "KWRocketry-CommunityFixes" }, { "name": "AdvancedJetEngine" }, { "name": "FerramAerospaceResearch" }, { "name": "ModularFlightIntegrator" }, { "name": "SolverEngines" }, { "name": "KerbalJointReinforcement" }, { "name": "RealChute" }, { "name": "RealFuels" }, { "name": "RealHeat" }, { "name": "RealPlume" }, { "name": "SmokeScreen" }, { "name": "Kopernicus" }, { "name": "BDAnimationModules" }, { "name": "NearFutureElectrical-Core" }, { "name": "RSSTextures2048" }, { "name": "KerbalConstructionTime" }, { "name": "ProceduralDynamics" }, { "name": "KerbalRenamer" }, { "name": "KSCSwitcher" }, { "name": "ContractConfigurator" }, { "name": "CustomBarnKit" }, { "name": "MagiCore" }, { "name": "KerbalConstructionTime-RP-0-Config" }, { "name": "ReCoupler" }, { "name": "VensStylePPTextures" } Sorry for the exessive { } and "name" Stuff, I just took my modlist from CKAN and Copy pasted it for convenience. Please help!
  10. As you may guess from the post title, i have a problem with timewarp causing me to los performance. Whenever i engage timewarp, FPS drops down to 1ps, in the highest gear. I have about 5FPS on 1k timewarp. This coincidentally met with deepfreeze telling me i dont have enough electricity on my craft ot keep one kerbal frozen, despite having 20k EC and a reactor from USI. Does anyone have any idea, if that is the issue? Before i do anything drastic and purge my KSP directory. Modlist in file and screenshots below
  11. Hello there, and thank you for showing interest in this new design. I would like to introduce to you the sixth generation DualHull Sea and Land (SeaL) Amphibious aircraft. A very easy to fly push-pull propeller aircraft with short takeoff and landing requirements, multiple payload options, respectable range, and the ability to be refueled without having to be returned to the hangar between flights. Flight statistics include: * Short TakeOff and Landing capabilities on both land and water, with a takeoff speed of around 45 to 50 meters per second. * A tested maximum Cruising Altitude of ~9000 meters. * A maximum cruising speed of ~100 meters per second with flaps up and 80% throttle Standard safety features include: * Nose-mounted camera for increased visibility. * Emergency Ballistic Reserve Aircraft Recovery Parachute, activated with Abort function, also shutting down the engines. The aircraft also has ladder access to the top of the engine nacelle to aid in repairs, and to be able to repack the Parachutes. General characteristics (Passenger Variant): Part count: 80 Crew: Pilot and Co-Pilot Capacity: 4 Passengers Length: 20.1m Wingspan: 25.2m Height: 6.9m Empty Weight: 10,907kg Gross Weight: 26,457kg Powerplant: 2x Scale 0.800m FS1EN Nose Mounted Engine in push-pull Performance: Maximum speed: 223 mph (100 m/s) Range: 2112 miles (3400 km) Service ceiling: 29,527 ft (9000 m) Maximum Rate of climb: 2,952.756 ft/min (15 m/s) Cruising Rate of climb: 590.55 ft/min (3 m/s) The SeaL currently comes in two variants: The original passenger model, which set the initial statistics for the plane and is also the heavier of the two, can comfortably seat up to four passengers in addition to the standard two-person flight crew. And the Science-Equipped model featuring a cargo bay directly behind the cockpit. A standardized scientific instrumentation suite is included in the design featuring: * Mystery Goo Containment Unit. * SC-9001 Science Jr. * Tetragon Projects Sensor package supplying Temperature, Gravity, Seismic and Pressure data. * Tetragon Projects Atmospheric Science Package. In addition to the standard science loadout, there is a variant that also includes the SCAN RADAR Altimetry Sensor, for taking planetary scans at cruising altitude. Required mods for Passenger and base Science Variant: * B9 Aerospace - Legacy Parts Pack * B9 Aerospace Parts Pack * Firespitter * Kerbal Attachment System * Tweekscale - Rescale Everything! Passenger Variant: Science Variant: Scansat Science variant:
  12. My Kopernicus Planet is not wanting to load: I found some trouble points in log: [LOG 18:48:04.280] Load(Texture): Galaxy/Planets/Sarna/Color [ERR 18:48:04.283] DDS: File is not a DDS format file! [WRN 18:48:04.283] Texture load error in 'C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Galaxy\Planets\Sarna\' NOTE: My color map is in .dds format [LOG 18:48:32.773] [Kopernicus] Bad DDS header. [LOG 18:48:32.774] [Kopernicus] failed to load C:/Kerbal Space Program/KSP_x64_Data/../GameData//Galaxy/Planets/Sarna/ These are all the errors kopernicus wentrough in startup log. Here is planetary Config @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Sarna Orbit { referenceBody = Sun inclination = 5.6 eccentricity = 3 semiMajorAxis = 113549713200 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = 0.5,0.1,1,1 } Properties { description = Sarna is the second gas giant of the kerbol system. It has host of about 10 moons and is ''alot better than Jool'', according to Jeb. radius = 7560000 geeASL = 1.4 rotationPeriod = 36000 rotates = true tidallyLocked = false initialRotation = 0 isHomeWorld = false timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 30000 30000 60000 100000 300000 600000 800000 ScienceValues { landedDataValue = 8 splashedDataValue = 1 flyingLowDataValue = 5 flyingHighDataValue = 5 inSpaceLowDataValue = 7 inSpaceHighDataValue = 5 recoveryValue = 5 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 12000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 140000 } } ScaledVersion { type = Atmospheric fadeStart = 0 fadeEnd = 0 Material { // Common scaled space settings texture = /Galaxy/Planets/Sarna/ shininess = 0.1 specColor = 0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0 // Atmosphere settings rimPower = 2.06 rimBlend = 0.3 // Atmosphere color ramp texture Gradient { 0.0 = 0.094,0.220,0.643,1 0.6 = 0.0549,0.0784,0.141,1 1.0 = 0.0196,0.0196,0.0596,1 } } } Atmosphere { // effectively the ambient lighting color for all objects on the ground of this body (provides a slight tint) ambientColor = 0.006,0.187,0.8,1 // // shader.invWaveLength = Color( 1 / r^4, 1 / g^4, 1 / b^4, 0.5); // lightColor = 0.709,0.788,0.543,0 // General atmosphere settings enabled = true oxygen = false altitude = 25000.0 // Atmosphere Pressure // pressure (in atm) = multipler * e ^ -(altitude / (scaleHeight * 1000)) pressureCurve { key = 0 1722.525 -3.68761403636364E-02 -3.68761403636364E-02 key = 13750 1215.4779 -2.89618181818182E-02 -2.89618181818182E-02 key = 27500 926.0747733 -1.70812909090909E-02 -1.70812909090909E-02 key = 41250 745.7422867 -1.22066367272727E-02 -1.22066367272727E-02 key = 55000 590.39232 -1.03885874909091E-02 -1.03885874909091E-02 key = 68750 460.0561533 -8.63595672727273E-03 -8.63595672727273E-03 key = 82500 352.9034533 -7.05044647272727E-03 -7.05044647272727E-03 key = 96250 266.1688867 -5.6660456E-03 -5.6660456E-03 key = 110000 197.0872333 -4.48274916363636E-03 -4.48274916363636E-03 key = 123750 142.8932733 -3.50056581818182E-03 -3.50056581818182E-03 key = 137500 100.8216733 -2.71949803636364E-03 -2.71949803636364E-03 key = 151250 68.1071 -2.13953963636364E-03 -2.13953963636364E-03 key = 165000 41.98433333 -1.65774109090909E-03 -1.65774109090909E-03 key = 178750 22.51922 -1.00126501090909E-03 -1.00126501090909E-03 key = 192500 14.44954667 -4.06759432727273E-04 -4.06759432727273E-04 key = 206250 11.33333333 -2.27824727272727E-04 -2.27824727272727E-04 key = 220000 8.184366667 -2.25669374545455E-04 -2.25669374545455E-04 key = 233750 5.127426667 -2.06283192727273E-04 -2.06283192727273E-04 key = 247500 2.51158 -1.61502101818182E-04 -1.61502101818182E-04 key = 261250 0.68612 -9.13301818181818E-05 -9.13301818181818E-05 key = 275000 0 -4.98996363636364E-05 -4.98996363636364E-05 } // temperature Curve temperatureCurve { key = 0 141.67 -0.002333333455 -0.002333333455 key = 33000 104.4583677 -0.0003304941091 -0.0003294753455 key = 57750 104.4583677 0.0003294753455 0.0003294753455 key = 85250 131.0381051 0.0001800779636 0.0001800779636 key = 154000 131.0381051 -0.0002483375636 -0.0002483375636 key = 220000 90.44359713 -0.0003304941091 -0.0003304941091 key = 247500 90.44359713 0.0001722816364 0.0001722816364 key = 275000 111.2241191 0.0002525833091 0.0002525833091 key = 343750 0 -0.0001634942182 -0.0001634942182 } } } } Does anyone know how to fix this.....
  13. When I try to launch my game, it crashes as soon as it finishes loading. I suspect that it is because of lack of memory, but I would like some more input. Mods: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.13 B9 Part Switch - 1.7.1 Basic Orbit - 1.0.5 Community Resource Pack - 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree - 3.0.3 CryoEngines - 0.4.6 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.8.1 Extraplanetary Launchpads - 5.7.1 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.4.6 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.2 KerbalAtomics - 0.3.5 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 Kerbol StarSystem - 0.4.1 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.4.3 KSP-AVC Plugin - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 NearFutureConstruction - 0.7.6 NearFutureElectrical - 0.8.7 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.8.7 NearFutureSolar - 0.7.2 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.6.3 TweakScale - 2.3.4 Universal Storage - 1.2.2 KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.12.19 Error Log: Output Log:
  14. Past the Haze main lobby Please Note: Due to the loss of the original image uploader website, and my failure to keep a backup image folder, many of the pictures on pages 2-3 are permanently lost. Introduction: Hi. Before the story starts, I'd like to speak for a little. I have... commitment issues, and have started several stories here, but never progressed far on any. I want this topic to be different from my other ventures, but if it goes dead, that'd be why. My intention is for this to be a series of probably-not-that-short stories using my current science mode game. The premise? I'm kinda making this up as I go along, but so far it involves a space program attempting to survive in a Kerbin previously hit by an unnamed series of disasters (AKA the installation of visual mods), and get to the bottom of the convoluted story of why the planets look so different. All the while, Kerbin itself might not be safe. Quality and enjoyment are nowhere near guaranteed, and there will be early installment weirdness, but I'll do my best to make something decent. Story will start on the next post, listed here is the table of contents, a current modlist, a (WORK IN PROGRESS) character list, and a (WORK IN PROGRESS) organisations list. Table of contents: Story 1: Night Rescue, Chapter 1: Exposition Much? Story 1, Chapter 2: Undeniably Majestic Story 1, Chapter 3: Buck Story 1, Chapter 4: Alone at Sea Story 1, Chapter 5: Kerbal in the Water Story 1, Chapter 6: Fishing Story 1, Chapter 7: Contact Story 1, Chapter 8: Return Story 2: Phoenix II Story 3: Network Story 4: Oculus Station, Chapter 1: Core Story 4, Chapter 2: Minor Hiccups Story 4, Chapter 3: Onboard Story 4, Chapter 4: Telescope Start! Story 4, Chapter 5: Science Run Story 4, Chapter 6: New Mission Story 5: Eve probes, Chapter 1: The Plan Story 5, Chapter 2: Summit 3 Story 5, Chapter 3: Inquirer Story 5, Chapter 4: Survey Story 6: Shroud Lifted, Chapter 1: Hollywood Science? Story 6, Chapter 2: hey cool we found a dot Story 6, Chapter 3: New Guy in Town Story 7: Test the Waters, Chapter 1: Notions of an Idea Story 7, Chapter 2: The rest of the Idea Story 7, Chapter 3: Assembly Story 7, Chapter 4: Set sail Story 7, Chapter 5: Enroute Story 7, Chapter 6: Some assembly required Story 7, Chapter 7: Fission mailed Story 7, Chapter 8: On the road Story 7, Chapter 9: The pumpkin pie planet Story 7, Chapter 10: Can I go home now Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 1: Recover vessel* Story 8: Explore from a safe distance, Chapter 2: Going coastal Modlist: Characters (spoilers): Organisations (spoilers): Situation report: Unfortunately, due to numerous obstacles and problems, including losing a great deal of pictures and the game deleting many of my story-important craft, Past the Haze is over. However, as soon as I get my gaming computer up I'll reboot it under a new title.
  15. i did a thing and it's a cool thing. Side note, how do i embed albums? If the demand is large enough i'll throw up a download, but it requires mods and i'm not %100 sure what all ones i used so i'd just be putting my gamedata folder out there for ya'll to use.
  16. Installed Extraplanetary Launchpads yesterday, along with KIS and KAS. I landed my first base yesterday with the new parts designed to build a self-expanding base. I was somewhat unfortunate with the landing location, as the ground isn't flat. The entire area around the base is a gigantic hill near one of the largest craters on the Mun. I designed the initial parts of the base to only use survey stakes for flexible construction sites. However, whenever I create a new site and a new ship, it bounces up and flies away. Any distance from 1m to 20m. How can I stabilize the ship when it is constructed and avoid it flying away?
  17. Kerbalkind would go interstellar soon, the preparations were made - crew trained, target acquired, calculations made, spacecraft built. The only things left to were get the warp drive in orbit and then bring the crew up... The warp drive sat on the launchpad. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... IGNITION! The engine clusters lit up with a roar and the colossal spacecraft rose slowly from the launchpad on a pillar of dazzling blue fire, building speed as it gained altitude. BLAM! Something caused a booster to snap off and hit the lower stage, setting off a chain reaction that destabilized the warp drive. All the brave (and not so brave) kerbals on Kerbin perished, so did the Munans. Kod had mercy on the Minmians, however, sparing us and our tiny, self-sustaining base. Due to our self-sustaining nature and Minmus's low gravity, we were the main supply line of water and metals to the Munar kolony, mining it from the rich, icy surface, but then our families, friends, history, and potential all vanished in an instant. That was several centuries ago. We survived and slowly grew on the little blue snowball, but scans of Kerbin from an old satellite that survived the blast indicate that the radiation levels have dropped to the point where some areas of the planet could be considered safe, if not habitable again. We must rediscover old technologies and rebuild our once-great civilization. It won't be easy, but then again, nothing is easy here. Your mission - Part 1 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Minmus and populate it with kerbals. The more the better. I'd have at least 60, but it's up to you. After part 2, you cannot get more, so make sure you have enough to last. You cannot have kerbals just standing around, they have to be in a crew container. Remember, even though you can make breathable air, solar radiation is still a threat Part 2 - Destroy the space center, save for the VAB and SPH. You can still design craft, just not launch them. They must be built on Minmus Part 3 - Re-kolonize Kerbin and build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Kerbin where the large impact krater is (It's to the west of the desert near the equator. You can't miss it. There are complicated reasons for the base being here, but I'll boil it down to resources and environmental hazard reasons. The warp drive was nuclear. That was the logical-sounding reason. The real reason is that it's pretty but nobody ever goes there for some reason) and populate it with some kerbals from the Minmus base using only craft built on Minmus. Part 4 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base at the North or South Pole and populate it with kerbals. The crew and parts for this base can be built at the Krater Base or the Minmus Base. Part 5 - Rebuild the Astronaut Complex and Runway/Launchpad at the KSC. The population on Kerbin is increasing somewhat-rapidly now. Only crew-carrying craft can be built, and they must be destroyed once the crew are where they need to be (the crew are being born, not transported, so the craft don't "exist", but there's no population growth mechanic in KSP, so they have to get there somehow). I won't put restrictions on the number of kerbals that can be made, but keep it at a sane level. I don't want to see a kolony of 15 kerbals suddenly become 1,500 in a day or two. The crew must be inside a crew container, not just standing around. Remember, even though Kerbin is "safe", maybe even "habitable", it is still dangerous Part 6 - Return the population on Minmus to the original amount. The base cannot support more crew than there were when you left. Part 7 - Build a third base on Kerbin anywhere but near the KSC or a pre-existing base. I won't place any restrictions on this, but keep in mind that you're trying to spread out and the land near the KSC is still uninhabitable and will be for a while. The parts for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 8 - Send a drone over to the KSC and mine some ore from there. Bring that ore back to a base for study Part 9 - Build a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base near the KSC. The craft for this base must come from a pre-existing base but the crew can come from anywhere Part 10 - Fully rebuild the KSC Part 11 - Bring the Minmians home. Part 12 - Set up a communications network around Kerbin Part 13 - Put a satellite in a polar orbit around the Mun to search for survivors. You find nothing (or do you?) Part 14 - Outlaw all uses of radioactive material in or related to space travel Part 15 - Immediately ignore Part 14 and place a fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base on Laythe with at least one RTG and/or nuclear generator Rules - All mods are allowed except cheaty mods like HyperEdit. No cheats menu. Please leave links to screenshots of all steps in the comments A fully-functional Extraplanetary Launchpads base is a base that is capable of building and fueling spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. This includes mining ore and refining it into various fuels and then storing them, mining metal ore and refining it into rocket parts and storing them, building spacecraft with the Extraplanetary Launchpads mod. Off-planet craft building mods can be used alongside or instead of Extraplanetary Launchpads. This includes KIS/KAS and Ground Construction. Vessel Mover can be used to spawn and/or deliver crew at bases and move modules around if they touch down in the wrong place or you just want to re-arrange the base. It cannot be used to transport base modules, even if they have crew in them. Extraplanetary Launchpads mod -
  18. I took a break from ksp for a while and just now getting back I tried to open the game but it crashes before startup so I don't know what is happenning. I have the logs but don't know what they mean. Please help. (updated with logs)
  19. I'm tried to load a save file, but nothing happened, so I deleted my file and tried to make a new one (mistake). I have an output log here:
  20. OK, so here is the breakdown: A new (heavily) modded Career Save with the goal of accomplishing a few of the Challenges that I am interested in. The primary Challenges at the moment are the Doing It Apollo Style - Redux, The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge, and the Interstellar Rendez-vous idea. I am sure there will be some more that I come across as I play through this save, but those are the ones for now. This Career will use the SETI Unmanned Before Manned Contracts and Tech Tree. Other major mods include all of Near Future Technologies, KSPI-E, Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System, TAC Life Support - because why not make an already difficult challenge even harder?, SCANsat, DMagic Orbital Science, Kerbal Construction Time (Dev Version), and a whole host of others - the number may change based upon how many times I break my computer For the Jool 5 challenge: -No barred mods will be used for the challenge ship's construction, orbital assembly/refuelling, or the vessel itself. I'll post as many screenshots/videos (if I can figure that out - tech neophyte here) as I can. That Challenge may even involve 2 missions, one for the Jebediah's Level (stock science experiments) and one for non-stock experiments - we'll see how ambitious I get. For the Insterstellar Rendez-vous Idea: -The following changes have been made to the Extrasolar solar system mod pack (Valentine red dwarf star): (changes courtesy of @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures) This will move Valentine 4 lightyears or so away from Kerbol. For a general "thing": -Kerbin Environmental Institute will not be used until after I have done at least 1 or 2 launches.... (I find it kind of cheaty right at the start) Without further ado here are the important bits: KSP 1.2.2 build (not sure - will add later) Gamedata folder: Mod list: We'll have to see how this goes, I haven't run this many mods before! Updates and reports to come!
  21. I just downloaded a bunch of mods and started a new Science World, and I launched a small laboratory into orbit. The launch was successful, and I detached my final upper stage. I did some experiments, and transmitted the science back to the KSC. I was going to then go back to the space center to unlock some more parts. However, I was stopped by a alert that said, If I was to go back to the KSC my game would not be saved past the point where I launched the laboratory. I could have done a quick-save, but loading would just take me back up to "in-flight" mode, with no way of going back to the space center without losing my science, orbit, and my save. I've done heavily-modded science worlds before, and I could always go back to the tracking station/ Space Center, when my Vessel was in orbit. Does anybody know if I can go back to the KSC without reverting to a "pre-launch save"? (Sorry, I still haven't been playing that much Modded KSP yet.)
  22. Whenever I completely destroy my current vessel the camera shakes wildly. It stops when I zoom out and view the area from above. I've been able to reproduce this with mods as well as a fresh 1.2.2 install. Can I have some help? TiA
  23. From the Offices of Owl Aircraft Race Team We present... ODR-05 (Mk.2) The ODR-05 rally vehicle is to participate in the first ever Dakar Rally; A long distance survival event meant to test strength, speed, courage, and design. The car, with incredible grip and speed, was created with two goals in mind: Go fast, and Be safe. The car has a top speed of 40 m/s, including the DRS system and maximum power. The safety of the car was tested time and time again, with not even the most dangerous rolls and crashes able to upset the drivers. With a new deal coming from DK Salvage company, the ODR class has been outfitted with structural tubing to assist in the strength of the vehicles. Below are the pictures taken of the car during testing. Here is the car post-safety test. The car will be driven by Valentina Kerman, and her co-diver and navigator is Bill. We wish the team the best of luck in the Dakar Rally, and the KSC2-Desert Temple Rally.
  24. So, I am currently writing a war series on the forums and I am going to need your help with a new chapter. I am (planning to) have a naval battle, and submarines are going to be crucial in this. One issue though; I have no idea how to make said submarines. PLEASE HELP ME!!! (Note: I have no mods except BDArmoury and I'm thinking about getting Kerbinside (Which adds more airbases), so anything with stock parts except weapons) Would be super handy.) (Note II: I'm using 1.1.3)
  25. I've been working on this huge mobile rover base with the Kethane, Karbonite, and Extraplanetary Launchpads mods and when I spawned it onto the runway, the entire left side was missing, save for a drill which was missing on the other side. I tried to fix it in the SPH to no avail, instead, it wouldn't even let me re-place the parts. I've tried re-installing the game and I'm having the same issues. This didn't happen with the H.U.L.K.K. I, only the H.U.L.K.K. II