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Found 163 results

  1. KSP version on Windows 10 x64 Command line option (launching through CKAN): KSP_x64.exe -single-instance A detailed explanation Game crashes, most often when switching vehicles when a large number of vessels are loaded. Not consistent, sometimes it happens within 2 minutes and sometimes I can play for an hour straight. The crash has also happened when interacting with KAS or KIS (example: attaching a vessel with a winch, or placing an item with an engineer). The main connection between the crashes seems to be related to vessel interaction. A screenshot Sometimes it's a CTD without an error. Most often though, it's just a "The game has crashed!" error. Save files, ouput_log.txt or player.log Save file: Crash log files: 1. 2. Most notable log entry: RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk.<Missing stacktrace information> Even more crash logs (I updated a few mods after these happened): System specifications EVGA GTX 1080 (8gb) Intel i5-2500k (3.8ghz) 16gb Corsair Vengeance memory 1tb Mushkin SSD (other harddrives: 2x256gb Crucial SSD, 2x128gb Crucial SSD) More specifications: Mods I have arranged a details document of all of my installed mods. I went through each one today and updated them. Unless there is a community patch that was not mentioned on the first or last few pages for one of these, they should be up to date. A few do not officially support KSP 1.2.1, and are probably the cause. NOTE: I know that with the number of mods I am using, and by using out-of-date mods, I am asking for crashes. Telling me not to use them would not be helpful. Thanks.
  2. I'm currently experiencing alot of crashes when flying planes. The error log always says "Write to location xxxxxxxx caused an access violation." the location varys but always is the same as the adress of "RAX" under Context. Some of my "crash.dmp"s and "error.log"s:!FxtBGSRY!c4298LUcgGBHXS-aUia9RkJufxV7ijm3_cU2wVpSlqk Virus Scan for the .zip: My installed Mods(I know its alot):
  3. This is my new fighter jet! I'll let you guys decide the name! Happy building, burning, crashing, Kerballing, and overall madness!
  4. There was legend of a planet in a distant galaxy far far away where little green men crawled out of the water and well decided land just wasn't enough. There was the sky. And beyond that? Well nobody really knew what came after the sky. These creatures were called Kerbals and other species on other planets would probably liken them to little green rednecks. This is Lukes Awesome Space Agency or LASA for comedic effect. Who is luke? He is the one they call the architect, the grand designer, the ultimate noob...... BIIILLLL GET AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER!!!!! There are a few rules to go by. 1) Unless there is a remote command all crewed missions will require a Pilot or at least a one star Kolonist. 2) Have fun with it. 3) Add more rules as you remember/think of them. It begins
  5. hey I am Orionthusiast (an Orion enthusiat). And I am going to do a lot of missions using the Orion capsule from EFT-1 Dawn to EM-2 Freedom. I want to see y'all's replicas. So lets do this I don't care if it a crew retrival rocket I want to see it!
  6. If I have a vanilla game - which I do - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So it's all hypothetical) then Squad will look into the problem. If I also have a modded game - which I do - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So it's still all hypothetical) then squad will say "Not with a barge-pole mate!" and will not look into the problem. What if I have a modded game - which I do (in case you forgot) - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So even now we are still being hypothetical) and what if I ripped out all the mods from this modded game and then presented the still present (hypothetical) bug to squad, would this be touched with a barge-pole? Would the save game itself, having been tainted by mods still make it untouchable regardless of barge-pole length? Just wondering.. you know.. hypothetically.. can I de-taint a save game enough that squad will hug it and welcome it home and forgive it for getting tainted in the first place? Thoughts of the masses?
  7. I don't know if anybody else has been experiencing this issue, but my green comm lines to show connections between the craft and the groundstations or any relays are not showing up on the map view. The comm network works fine and the little tab on the flight screen still shows if I have a kerbal on board, how good my connection is ETC. Thanks Hope this pic helps.
  8. Dear squaddies ive got stock and modded installs of 1.2 etc but i think ive maybe found a stock bug, but can only prove it by adding mods, so advice needed is 'where do i go from here' ? weve put up a thread in modded support, which hasnt been looked at or i should say commented on by squad (will provide link when i edit) edit - link : it seems, certainly not proven (still testing etc) that when a parts category gets too full, a strange UI bug rears its head. it doesnt happen in just stock and it doesnt happen when ive tried running ksp with each mod i use 'on its own', obviously all my mods are for 1.2 etc and i only use reputable developers mods (cut down on the random factor) logs dont show anything major. i can have 57-60 parts in category, any more and UI bug appears and it seems the more you have the worse it gets. so, without installing mods, how can i show that stock MAY have a bug with amount of parts installed ? Can i get an answer from squad before a mod moves this please cheers OH and ill keep bumping this up the thread til its solved or w.i.p.
  9. My Space Program is now on its third year and has landed kerbs on all bodies on the Kerbin with project Oromë, built an Kerbin SOI infrastructure with surface bases and space stations on KSOI with Project Aulë and flung Palantiri probes with varying degrees of success towards Jool and it's moons, Duna and Ike, Eve and Gilly, Moho and Dres with Project Namo. And it has sent (but not returned yet) a kerballed expedition to Eve orbit and Gilly with the ambitious Project Tulkas. Some relevant mods that I'm using are: So now the board of directors have decided it is time for the next big step, put some kerbs on Duna and bring them back! This is the mission report of this bold endeavor. Ah, caveat emptor: English is not my native language, and even with spellcheck a few embarrassing errors may pass through. If I end up saying something weird or even culturally insensitive, please give me the benefit of the doubt and kindly warn me so that I may perform the necessary rectifications. KSC, Year 2, day 260 Board of Directors Meeting Mr. Kerman: All right gentlekerbs, we've assembled here to discuss Project Estë, which shall comprise of exploring all the biomes on Duna and Ike and estabilishing permanent colonies. If you recall, we've succesfully put a Palantir mapping satellite on a polar orbit of both Ike and Duna and landed three Calmainen probes on each body just a few days ago. We're confident in our abilites of controlling and successfully landing vessels in each of these bodies. Moreover, the orbital scans have provided us with some estimates of the resources available on the surface of both Duna and Ike, as Mortimer here has been reminding me since. The next transfer window for Duna is in little over a year. Linus, if you please: Linus: Yes, thank you. If you look at the projection, you will see the critical dates for Project Estë, kindly provided by our friends on Alexmoon's Astronavigation Inc.: Kerbin -> Duna Departure Year 3, day 302 at 3:50:24 Arrival Year 4, day 153 at 2:50:24 Time of flight 276 days 5:00:00 Stay @ Duna ~1 year 135 days Duna -> Kerbin Departure Year 5, day 298 at 5:26:24 Arrival Year 6, day 161 at 4:55:12 Time of flight 288 days 5:28:48 Total Mission time: ~3 years 140 days == ~1418 days By keeping in mind our last interplanetary mission, Tulkas I, where our kerbonauts are currently aboard their ship Eämbar awaiting for the return window after just over 20 days of surface activities this may seem plenty of time, but there we had only to land on Gilly, which has such a low gravity that we could perform multiple hops to fully explore the moon in one go, and as of yet landing and returning from the surface of Eve is out of the question. In this case, we plan to take advantage of our orbital readings to incorporate In Situ Resource Utilization in our planning, much like the later Oromë missions on the Mün, to refuel on the surface of both Duna and Ike, allowing for as many landings as we may wish for. This should greatly reduce the fuel we would otherwise have to haul along and allow for heavier - and safer - landers. On the other hand, ISRU takes time, and we'd like to take the time to perform some field geoscientific studies to improve our odds of successfully refueling our lander, since so much of the mission relies on that, as you'll see later. Mr. Kerman: Thank you Linus. Much like Tulkas I, Estë I shall be comprised of an expeditionary team of one pilot, two scientists and one engineer. I need not remind you that our primary purpose is exploration and advancement of our knowledge of the Kerbol System. All other considerations such as financial returns, Mort, and public reputation, Walt, are secondary. Gus, I know engineering has produced extensive reports on delta-V requirements, Thrust-to-Weight considerations, reusability, redundancy and recent improvements on Life Support systems and propulsion drives, but just give us the short version. What can you tell us about the hardware? Gus: Project Estë is essentially an application of all the technology developed during the exploration of Mün and Minmus during our very own Project Oromë. The proposed lander is the Melian-D model, based upon the highly successful Nahar lander series of Project Oromë. This lander can transport up to six kerbals and all the equipment for an inflatable surface base of operations and in-situ assembly of a Eärendil exploration rover with a full science complement for a grand total of 52,108 kg, fully loaded and a total delta-V of 2821m/s on a vacuum, which should be enough for one chute-assisted landing on Duna and reorbit without refueling or as many as three powered descents and reorbits on Ike, if for any reason our ISRU plans don't come through. Which it should, of course. Work I mean, not... well you got the idea. If you'll recall, all of this hardware has been tested successfully earlier this Münth on both Mün and Minmus during Project Irmö, which is in charge of stress testing all proposed new designs. Melian-D shall be transported to Duna Orbit and from there and back to Ike orbit by our reliable Dailir tug. Our intrepid crew, initially consisting of Mission Commander Jeb, Primary Investigator Leema, Second Investigator Gwenial and Extraplanetary Assembly Specialist Beazie will be transported from Low Kerbin Orbit to Low Duna Orbit aboard essentially the same vessel that Commander Bill and his team are using on their trip to Eve, the Eämbar Interplanetary Crewed Vessel. Of course recent breakthroughs on the SuperNova fusion engine will... well.. no matter. Suffice to say that it has greatly improved on efficiency and we can add greatly to the supplies for the crew in case of any emergencies. Improvements on greenhouse and recycling technologies have also greatly decreased the required mass of supplies in comparison with Tulkas I. Mr. Kerman: Thank you Gus, that was most enlightening. Gene, would you be so kind as to expose to us the proposed mission plan for Estë I? Gene: Sure. The general idea is to depart from Kerbin around Day 300 of the Year 3 with the Eämbar vessel and the Dailir tugging the Melian lander. They should arrive roughly at the same time and park into a Low Duna Orbit of 100km above Duna Datum. A crew composed of Commander Jeb, Assembly Specialist Beazie and probably Primary Investigator Leema will then depart on the Melian lander to perform the first landing on a suitable equatorial site of scientific interest, from which it shouldn't be too much trouble to return to Eämbar if the ISRU systems should fail. Second Investigator Gwenial will remain aboard Eämbar to make sure all the vital systems are functioning properly as well as analysing all the data collected on the trip to Duna and on its orbit on the Mobile Science Lab aboard. There on the surface Beazie will assemble the Doriath Surface Base of Operations and the Eärendil Rover, with the support of the other, of course. While Beazie remains on Doriath drilling ore and converting it to refuel Melian, Jeb and Leema will take the Eärendil rover to explore the surrounding biomes, collect samples, perform experiments, all in triplicate, of course, and plant flags. In the case of a successful refueling, Doriath base and Eärendil shall be dismantled and stowed safely on Melian, and the away team will launch back into orbit. If the refueling is not successful, Doriath and Eärendil shall be abandoned on Duna surface to lighten Melian and provide an extra safety delta-v margin for the crew. All going well, this pattern shall be repeated as many times necessary to fully explore all the biomes on Duna, rotating the scientist in charge of holding the fort aboard Eämbar. After that, Dailir will proceed to push Melian to an Low Ike Orbit and Eämbar shall follow. The same pattern will be conducted to explore all the biomes on Ike. Once all surface activities are complete, the crew will remain on LIO shifting through all the collected data on the Mobile Science Lab and awaiting for the return transfer window for Kerbin. They have enough spare supplies onboard so that in case of critical systems failure we can send them an emergency life support probe in a highly energetic transfer to tide them on until we can send another ship to bring them home. Mr. Kerman: Thank you Gene, for this most delightful exposition. As our final point, we have a report that should satisfy you, Mort. All this hardware, coupled with our reusable lifter division, developed as per your suggestion, will cost us no more than 2 million funds, well inside our budget. Now, fellow directors, any questions regarding the proposed planning for Project Estë in general or Estë I in particular? So that's it folks. I've already sent them on their merry way, so any suggestions and commentary, while much appreciated, probably won't change any of the hardware available to the gang. I'm planning on a bit of sightseeing, looking for the anomalies and such. If anyone knows of interesting places such as canyons or anysuch and would like to contribute please do so! I'll see you next time, when our valiant team will depart from Kerbin and arrive on Duna Orbit and begin exploring the system! P.S.: Bonus points for figuring out whence came the naming scheme! Hint: P.P.S.:Also, on the game I'll be running a parallel Jool-5 mission, with Mission Commander Val, accompanied by Chief Scientist Bob and the rest of her team. It is a much more complex mission, and will probably have it's own report in the near future. Stay tuned!
  10. GHi all! his is a tale to provide a little bit of context to the Kerbin that my kerbals (at least some of them ) inhabit. Without further ado:
  11. This is my entry for the Extended Kerbol Grand Tour challenge. The Plan Here is Astarael in Kerbin orbit (without its cargo): Its far from my best work aesthetically, but it's the only thing I've ever been able to make so far that can complete a mission of this scale. The naming scheme for the mothership and its landers comes from Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom book series.
  12. I got really attached to Effusus and it's characters. In fact, I've grown so attached to Enfurt, he might make an appearance! Unfortunately, the kraken, on the other hand, wasn't to keen on the idea. Hopefully, this story gets to be told without upset. This will be a "Career Lite" game with little care or consideration for realistic progression, and I hope y'all enjoy!
  13. Every once and awhile I get crazy ideas. This was one of those moments; Meet the R-25N 'Bruce' This is a mobile science lab; all 83T of it. Powered by 4 turbofan engines, this monster can cruise at around 200 m/s and has a massive flying range. It isn't the fastest or most maneuverable, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Starting with the science lab itself. Neatly tucked into the fuselage is not only a dedicated science lab but also habitation for the crew. Deployed once landed, the Bruce then becomes a full-scale research station that, once its mission is complete, can take off and return to the nearest runway. The unit is powered by a deployable RTG, with the lab and habitat pods being cooled by thermal units. The Bruce also has atmospheric, pressure and surface scanners on its belly, which can be operated while in flight. So yeah, this took about an hour to make, fine tune and fly. This is a modded aircraft, obviously. The mods are: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stock Extension TweakScale If you would like to give the Bruce a spin, the download link is here:
  14. I am running a (somewhat) modded build, including USI Kolonisation Systems version 0.2.4, on KSP 1.1.3 (64-Bit). In both career and sandbox, many parts are missing from the VAB/SPH listings. These parts do appear (and can be sub-purchased in) the CTT, however there is some error whereby these parts cannot be listed in the VAB - I attempted to add them to a category manually, with the following custom category: The parts did not show in the custom tab, nor the normal tabs (including the USI one) nor on the search bar. All mods were installed manually, tell me if you need logs. If you need any more info, please tell me, otherwise I hope someone knows of a solution! (Or could be I'm just an idiot.... take your pick, just tell me the solution anyway)
  15. For a long time i've been trying to build a working SSTO. Once again i tried, not with much hope (if i couldn't build one out of Mk I parts why would i be able to build one out of Mk IV parts?). But i actually did succeed. The plane is going to be used to transport Kerbals and small pieces of cargo between Laythe and a ship thats gonna fly them out to my Jool spacestation. But since i've never been good at building spaceplanes, i've got a problem. If you drain the planes fuel completely its CoM will be in the back of the CoL, if you keep the two front parts filled, it'll still be in front, but that is not the purpose. I´m sure that most of my problem is all the engines in the back of the plane. I'm asking all the pro SSTO builders (Mark Thrimm looking at you) to help me, either by giving me suggestions about what to do, or even better if somebody would download the craft and then re build the wings and engines. The only that i dont want to change is the fuselage itself. (Please move this post if its posted in the wrong place) Thank you! Craft file:
  16. When people try to connect to my modded DMP server with the right mods and no whitelist, they get this error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Please help me. Ask for files if you need them.
  17. Part Mods: Firespitter BDArmory KAX (Kerbal Aircraft Expansion) MKIV Spaceplane System Other Mods: HyperEdit Chatterer Aircraft Download: ThunderStrike -!lQpXRLyC!RrqjCNlFDO_pyadG3r_OZUYMRSws105Oe9RzD_qM_Hs Mobile Launch pad w/ Rocket -!ZIw2DRYB!qaVftvUiKAGZzKWi-1opW_jyTjgaanTVsvcKFfEn9UA Enemy Bomber -!wRgAABbQ!dAHuuL6f_5cb5Eou8br2bE_fvreCZ-EegJPCowC_30I EDEN -!kR5XnJLD!bXrWdYN4jPmTrRi-OutOz4kXJ894TGmc7mBAaIsQqXY
  18. Part Mods: Firespitter BDArmory KAX (Kerbal Aircraft Expansion) MKIV Spaceplane System Other Mods: HyperEdit Chatterer Aircraft Download: ThunderStrike -!lQpXRLyC!RrqjCNlFDO_pyadG3r_OZUYMRSws105Oe9RzD_qM_Hs Mobile Launch pad w/ Rocket -!ZIw2DRYB!qaVftvUiKAGZzKWi-1opW_jyTjgaanTVsvcKFfEn9UA Enemy Bomber -!wRgAABbQ!dAHuuL6f_5cb5Eou8br2bE_fvreCZ-EegJPCowC_30I EDEN -!kR5XnJLD!bXrWdYN4jPmTrRi-OutOz4kXJ894TGmc7mBAaIsQqXY
  19. so i'm playing around with super compact (super clipped) VTOL in the editor, try to launch, it loads the craft and...physics sets in and weirdness happens --> crash -.-' now i'm trying to figure out what caused the crash; the compact form of the VTOL, a modded part, something else all together? pretty pls help me with's an awesome looking craft KSP: 1.1.3 Windows 64bit Problem: Game Crash on Launch Mods used: see craft below Reproduction steps: launch craft, watch the world end Every time i load this one specific craft, it appears on the launchpad, then the altimeter goes blank, i see the end of the world, then ksp crashes... Craft: Log:
  20. So I had originally wrote effusus out as a series of gameplay videos and cinematics... Until I realized that that would be mulch. I have such little skill there, I basically have negative cinematic ad filming skill. So, I transferred effusus into a new medium of storytelling! So, I pumped these three out in powerpoint yesterday and, after a few rewrites, these are what I came up with. Hope you like it so far, not sure If I want to add another page or not. Either way, Olson - Boards of Canada
  21. About the B-1B Lancer: the B-1 Lancer is a 4 engine supersonic strategic bomber introduced in the 80's Used by the United States Air Force. The B-1B is focused on low-level penetration bombing.The aircraft is still in service as of today and continues to serve in combat missions.It is expected to continue serving until 2030 when the long range strike bombers are introduced. Features: B-1 Lancer (Stock) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Consist of 3 bombs (1 large one up front and 2 smaller once in the back) The 2 smaller bombs drop at the same time for a extra amount of damage The Larger bomb can be guided Completely stock B-1 Lancer (BDArmory) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Consist of 10 bombs (9 JDAMs the front 1 Warhead in the back) Has Flares, Chaff, and Smoke The Warhead has 2 parachutes for accurate targeting Only requires the BDArmory mod Both (Stock and modded features) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Large horizontal stabilizer (good for flaring for landings) Large wingspan 2 cargo bays (1 large one and 1 smaller one) Can hold up to 2 kerbals Max Speed is 127.2 M/S (measured at a level altitude of 3000 meters) Max Altitude Around 5000 meters but possibly higher Speed to take off is under 70 M/S The aircraft can easily turn with no issues SPECS Known Issues/Known Suggestions Action Groups: (Stock) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Front cargo bay doors (open/close) Back cargo bay doors (open/close) Front cargo bay bomb drop Back cargo bay bomb drop (BDArmory) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Front cargo bay doors (open/close) Back cargo bay doors (open/close) JDAM bomb drop (one at a time) Warhead bomb drop Flares Chaff Smoke Nothing Warhead parachutes Warhead detonate button (detonate it before it hits the ground) Download the Rockwell B-1B Lancer Below Stock Modded(BDArmory) Thank you for viewing my craft Check out my YouTube for more content like this- Note To Self : Make a newer version soon
  22. After a lengthy absence, I have finally created something that I feel will really take off in the community (i'm not sorry). Now presenting the RQ-888 Valkyrie, a more futuristic take on the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Featuring a large tailless delta wing, 3 powerful engines, a small payload area, a new tail integration, remarkable fuel efficiency, and enough fuel to get it nearly all the way around the world, this plane is well suited for almost any role. If you're careful, you can even get this plane can hurtle through the sky at a little over 1300 m/s before something explodes. Its most effective altitude is anywhere below 20000 meters, at 25000 m thrust starts dropping, and at 28000 m, engines cut off. .craft file here Stats: Height: 5.0 m Width: 22.6 m Length: 29.0 m Weight: 61.997 Tons Crew Capacity: 0 Kerbals Max Fuel: 7520 Units Top Speed (Ignore Max Temp.) : 1625 m/s Mods used: I'm not sure anymore, so here's my gamedata folder with all the mods. (This includes the Squad folder just as a heads up) Another heads up, this file is BIG. Its approximately 1.1 gb large in a 450 mb zip file, so some antivirus software might flag it.
  23. Using a modded 1.1.3 install, and the portraits in the bottom right of the screen that show the kerbals and options are currently invisible. And yes, the pod is manned. Wondering if anyone knows of any mods that can cause this.
  24. How do you prefer to play Kerbal Space Program? This is my first forum post, just a quick, one question survey on how you play KSP. I always liked answering these little surveys, so I made one, because why not? Link is here: Thanks! I'll release data when I have enough responses, in case you're curious. -Xagos
  25. i have recently updated KSP and some available mods to 1.1.3. I have the interstellar fuel switch mod downloaded which i am thinking is the problem. this is because during startup of KSP, windows popped up saying that the mod needs to be updated. the annoying thing was i had already updated it from spaceport. So i decided to delete interstellar fuel switch by search it in the Squad game data folder. i deleted the file and then about three other items that were white. i don't know if it even relates or the whole thing is just a minor bug. Any help is extremely appreciated as i love the game.