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  1. NOTE: This is in 1.1 While building in the VAB, I realized I couldn't alt+click to place parts, shift+click to move the whole vessel, and eventually I couldn't actually even move parts by clicking on them. I literally ended up rage-quitting because I physically couldn't build. I have no conceivable idea why this is so broken, can anyone help? I have the following mods installed: Capcom Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Connected Living Space Contract Configurator Contract Parser Contract Reward Modifier Contracts WIndow +
  2. Alright I am looking for two to three players to go to war with in ksp. Essentially with the mod kerbal side we would divide up the bases and territory of Kerbol, then Using BDArmory we will build defensive or attacking units. There are rules of course. Rules: Your reinforcements are based on the amount of bases you have, divided by five rounded up to the nearest 1. (no more than 10 reinforcements) 1-5=1 reinforcement, 6-10=2 reinforcements, 11-15=3 reinforcements, 16-20=4 reinforcements, 21-25=5 reinforcements, 26-30=6 reinforcements, 31-35=7 reinforcements, 36-40= 8 re
  3. See title. I think it's the part loading that consumes time, but hey there are always one or more rooms or tricks to speed up!
  4. Ello! This thread is dedicated to Military replica vehicles of any country. Here I will be posting craft that I have built, and want to share with the community. Please feel free to show off any craft that you have forged Rules ( nothing too demanding, just need some order, that's all) 1. Vehicle must be a replica of some sort of military machine that has existed in real life. (Blueprint vehicles are highly encouraged) 2. All craft must be compatible with the latest version of BDArmory (exceptions will be made for unarmed military creations such as the SR-71) 3. State
  5. Hey everyone, just reinstalled FASA using CKAN after a few different new games without it. Im using RP0, RSS and RO. Specifically the loader (module manager) right after booting the game hangs on FASA/apollo/apolloCSM/FASA_Apollo_LES. Anyone know a cause or solution to this and or what relevant files I could post here to help?
  6. A small jet but incredibly fast jet made using parts from the MK2 Essentials Mod. I named it the Mola-Mola because it resembles the real-life Mola-Mola AKA Ocean Sunfish when seen from the top-down. Here are some pictures of it at half of its highest recorded speed:
  7. Permanent Worlds Challenge Permanent Worlds is a mod Challenge created by me, GalacticVoyager. this challenge has 1 simple goal, construct anew civilization from far, far away from kerbin. Different challenges will be present on worlds like the mun and minmus, while others to eve and duna, and even harder missions to jool and other (modded*) solar systems. This challenge is continuous, meaning its constantly updated. the challenge has no speed records ect. The idea is to make the largest colony possible in the time period given, so you must be quick before each disaster strikes...
  8. So i made a 747 with many mods installed(don't ask how many,there are a lot,ill list em as soon as I can).It flies good but has some landing issues(very small).Vmu speed is 110m/s https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?qzcr7ih5dfb9f4q https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?ja8xwlb3wwwwghl custom action group 1-engine 1 and 3 2-engine 2 and 4 3-flaps increase 4-flaps decrease 5-thrust rever
  9. Back in the heady days of version 24.2 I finally decided to get serious and mount a manned mission to Duna. Earlier today, whilst looking through old files, I found all of the screenshots. So, I present to you, KSPers, a nostalgic look back at what I achieved in 2014... Duna or Bust, Part 1 First off, we took my version of the Delta IV Heavy to the pad to send off a probe or two to the red planet. This is some weeks before the true launch window opens, so the delta-V requirement is large! setting up our interplanetary transit... (thank you Precise Node mod!) ... delta-V is
  10. I have built a life-like Soyuz rocket using the Procedural Parts, FASA, KW Rocketry, and Tweak Scale mods. I recommend using Mech Jeb's Ascent Guidance with a 100 degree climb. I haven't personally manually flown it. it can achieve an Orbit of 200 KM from my testing. I have created a Manned and autonomous version of it. The manned version 2 has a regular docking port. V1 has Jr docking port. Folder with Pictures and .CRAFT files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/djiflha7821nn5d/AABWvYwpSXpW77DeNu2--5NVa?dl=0 I will update it more soon!
  11. I have installed mods that generate new groups of parts but they don't show up in game but they are definitely installed because I see them load on the title screen. How do I fix it because the modding community is great for this game and some mods are really cool. Can anyone help?
  12. A new STS system that can be used as a SSTO when not launching the Shuttle. Manual on KerbalX craft's page. Download: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/9830
  13. By Their Bootstraps A Tale of Rockets and Cosmonauts (and some other stuff too) About This Story This is a career mode playthrough of a 6.4x rescaled, heavily modded game, done in the style of an after action report. In some respects, it can be considered a sort of spiritual successor to my previous AAR, Because It's There. Unlike Because It's There, this AAR will be told in a more traditional style, with a mixture of in-universe dialogue and out-of-universe commentary. Updates will happen on weekends, and I'll try to have at least one launch per update post. In-Univer
  14. Foreword: This mission report will be a little different. For the purposes of the story there will be 2 (to start) different space programs. The actual Save file will be in Sandbox mode so all comments about Reputation, Funds, and Science are for flavor. The competing programs will be KASE (Kerbin Academy of Scientific Exploration) which will serve as a NASA analog to start with and KOSMO (Kerbin's Orbital Science and Mechanics Organization) which will serve as the USSR's space program analog. At the start KASE is working on making the theory of Kerball'ed sub-orbital flight a reality (Me
  15. I have a new (highly modded) install and I'm planning to colonize every celestial body (except for the Sun, the gas giants, asteroids, and Kerbin), and I have OPM, so even moar places to colonize! It's in Sandbox, because getting enough Funds/Science to do this would take forever.
  16. So full disclosure: never even been to Duna but I've put quite a few hours into this game and love messing around with mods for it. Haven't played in while - since before the game hit 1.0 - and I'm looking to satisfy that KSP itch yet again. This time I'm looking forward to not only streaming my progress but putting together this handy dandy mission journal together. I've been inspired by some of the other threads here as well as some youtube series like HatBat's and MaceyDean's wonderful work. As a result, I'll be putting the journal posts together from the perspective of a Kerbal working in
  17. Hey, for any reason I'm not able to dock. I use many different mods, but since I had a similar issue before I think it rather is an issue with the save. The latest one can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1njeve8141savmh/AAC6JPntlmxxIM4bktwdD3Lba?dl=0 It's about the Vessel Station M1 II, which should dock at Station M1. Please note, that there are two docking ports at the M1 II, from which one has more parts on it which are not needed after the docking. Thx for the help. If you still need more data, I'll put it in the dropbox
  18. Hello Guys! Today I wanted to show you my latest design. It's an SSTO that can transport crew or cargo across the kerbin system. It uses the famous B9 Aerospace mod. If flown properly, it reaches orbit with 2.8K Delta-V~ left, and returns home without any explosion (if you aerobrake carefully). The Crew version can carry 6 Kerbals to orbit and beyond, while the Cargo version carries two kerbals and a small payload, most likely a satellite. (MAKE YOUR OWN ION PROBE WITH A COMMAND CHAIR AND GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT!!) It also includes a docking port and RCS (Though still kinda unbala
  19. CC @Crzyrndm - Didn't want to clog up your release thread with this. KSP: 1.0.5. - 1028 OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit - Proprietry NVidia Drivers I have a very heavily modded 64bit Linux Install that loads up perfectly fine and is playable, but a soon as I add FilterExtensions to the mix (almost required due to the number of parts I have) it crashes about 10 seconds into the load. I've tried with both a CKAN install and manual install and it seems to failing loading the icons according to the logs. It works perfectly fine with just Stock 1.0.5 + FilterExtensions so there is obvio
  20. Jebediah Kerman First KERBONAUT By Walter Kerman – The Daily Planet – Eelops 1, 720 The first day of the new year sees an exciting new breed of Kerbal. At the Kerbal Space Center, Jebediah “Jeb’ Kerman becomes the first Kerbal to become a kerbonaut. The new title refers to crew members of the Kerbal Space Center's (KSC) fledgling space program. Jeb, as he prefers to be called, has been a test pilot before joining the KSC in the role of kerbonaut pilot. He was tasked with being the first kerbbed crew on a rocket propelled vehicle. The new vehicle, titled Kerbin I, was laun
  21. This is my mothership, Alpha station, on it's maiden voyage to Duna. After being constructed literally in orbit, courtesy of extraplanetary launchpads, it's ready for the grand tour. Unfortunately, on the way to mars, I found out it that it's unbalanced, and laggy. So now I want advice as to improve how it looks, reduce part count and reduce rcs usage. Since I have all these mods, anything is possible for me. I can reassemble part by part, or (once I get my mono refueled) move whole modules around. My only limitation is all my crew is tied up, especially engineers. My first step is to refuel,
  22. Forgotten Space Program Latest Post: 2019-07-30 - Alone on Duna -- It's happened again. Those well meaning kerbals ran off and completely forgot about their space program. Maybe there was a global crisis. Maybe they ran out of funds. Maybe the Kraken ate the ship Jeb and the Bs were in. Or maybe it was just snack time and the cheese dip was really, really good. Unfortunately nobody remembers what went wrong because nobody remembers being there. Space? Whazzat? And so years pass. Eventually an eccentric millionaire stumbles on the ruins of the long-forgotten program. Tr
  23. So This will be my First attempt at doing a Writing/Report.. so i hope you guys like it! Feedback is ALWAYS Appreciated! Part 1 (below) Part 2/3 Part 4 Part 1 ---Mission control--- *ring* *ring* *gene picks up the phone* ???: We are the from the Kerbin World Firsts Record Keeping Society... Is it the KSC we are speaking to? Gene: yes... we are the Kerbal Space Centre.. what you guys want? Another First's record? FRKS: Yes. We would like you to do a circumnaviagation of Kerbin. Nobody on Kerbin has done it and you
  24. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the
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