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Found 68 results

  1. So, I'm attempting to combine two engines in my mod into one with a mode for each engine, like the Afterburning Turbofan. However, I'm confused at what I have to do, even after looking into stock CFGs with multiple modes. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  2. I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong forum section, however I see nothing that would fit this better. Im trying to get into modding so through very loosely following the wikipedia guide to parts and a few other video tutorials ive reached the point where I have a textured model made in blender (Its a single part count landing gear unit because its something ive always wanted and the only one ive seen was a helicopter skid), but now Im unsure of the steps between here and the game. Small note: There are 3 simpler models over the main 3 wheels and body for collision models, which arent visible in the video. The scale is also reasonably sized for 1.25 parts though hopefully I can make this tweakscale compatible as well. Following this guide I know how to export it into a fashion where it can be seen in game, but Im a bit lost past that with regards to getting the animations to work in game/setting up the configuration file to activate them, setting node locations and there really arent any start to finish guides that explain this that ive found. Any help would be appreciated, particularly if there is a video explaining this, or perhaps just an explanation of modules and their interactions with animations along with what modules do perhaps.
  3. How can I make 3.125 m parts in Blender? The radius would have more decimal places than Blender can handle. Does anyone have a solution?
  4. Hi, I've been working on an engine mod, and I would like to know how I would change the animation of the Mainsail engine exhaust to that of the ion engine exhaust. I would also like to know if I can scale up the animation to fit the 2.5m part. Thanks!
  5. The stock of engines and other parts available to me in my build of KSP RSS RO RP-0 (still 1.1.3, can anyone help me out here?) has become boring. Engine mods provide many of the real engines, but more obscure engines (e.g. the HM4, MGM-5 Corporal engine, Wasserfall engine, AJ-260, et cetera) are nowhere to be found, and I want to make fictional engines for my spaceflight-related fictional universes and alternate histories (like engines burning supercooled 100% ethanol and liquid oxygen, hydrofluor, et cetera). I am also bored of the non-editable historical probes, thermophobic RCS, and the lack of generic heat shields beyond Lunar-rated, though not as much as I am about the engines. I have no intention (currently…) to develop mods for other people. I also have no intention to create new models, animations, plumes, or sound effects, just to use those already in existence scaled according to size.
  6. I want to make a modular engine mod. The idea is to add a group of parts made up of engine nozzles, combustion chambers, engine base plates, and some other engine parts which function as one engine when assembled. I know how to model and add new parts to the game, but I need help with getting the "combined engine" functionality working, hopefully without adding/coding plugins. Also, tips on texturing will help. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hi guys! Recently i started on moddeling and im working on a version of the Altair Lander and Orion Spacecraft. Yes, i know that there's wonderfull mods with those, but i wanted something more stockalike and updated (for me, BobCat's the king and his versions is the best, but outdated and need some work to fit with the new versions and look on game). Said that, i started my own project but i dont know how to make the texture and action to change the windows color "turning the lights on" like other parts on game... Didnt found any tutorial either... Can anyone give me some tips? Thank you! Gabu
  8. Ive been trying to install all the Near Future mods, in addition to cryo rockets, kerbal atomics, and a few other mods by Nertea. With near future propulsion, engines show, but none of the fuel or fuel tanks that accompany. Some of them show while loading, but i can't find them at in the game. Please help
  9. So as GTA V fans have probably heard by now, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, the people who make GTA have sent a cease and desist letter to the creators of Open IV. Open IV is the biggest mod support... ummm... thing for GTA V. It's more or less the Module Manager of GTA. KSP was just acquired by Take-Two, so are we next? Let's make sure we aren't!
  10. I don't have very much experience coding, I have only learned HTML and a bit of Javascript. The only mods I'm able to create are basic part mods and I use textures from other mods (No, I don't release any of them...) and I also use their configs and stuff.What am interested in is Mods to edit terrain and create parts and add Moar physics! So, Does anyone have a recommended language to write these mods? Also what 3d editing software? (Paint 3d?) How to put Everything together? And how the heck to you use unity?
  11. Bosun

    kRPC Question

    Hi everybody! I've been playing with kRPC, and loving the fun of learning how to Python (which is how I justify playing more Kerbal) and have a question that's stumped me the last few days. I have a craft with a central LFO engine, surrounded by decoupler attached LFO booster stacks. I'm looking for a way to determine when the fuel tanks that are radially attached are empty. Currently, I can call resources in a specific stage, which includes the main engine, and I can call object instances of all engines. Neither of those, however, help me, because the total resource level will never equal zero before I need to jettison tanks, and I cannot seem to pinpoint a singular engine instance to test for whether the engine has_fuel. I can test if all the engines have fuel, returning true if any single one still does, which also doesn't get me a usable result. Finally, I've tried to mathematically calculate the usage of propellant based on the stats of the engines, but the central and radial engines are different rates, and I also have vernor engines that differ in consumption, so my attempt to compute a hard time limit on the burn without, of course, first just running the rocket on the stand (which kinda defeats the purpose I'm looking for) failed. Any help is appreciated! Thanks all for any insight, this has been a really good challenge, but I'm breaking down and asking for help. Cheers!
  12. Greetings, I'd like to start making mods. I have a few in mind, but have a few questions. There is an excellent post from a year ago about this topic here: I want to know if this information and the information linked within is still valid. I would hate to get started only to discover that I didn't download the correct version of the tools I need. There is also a tutorial on making assets: This one looks like it's been around a while, and I wasn't sure if it was up to date. Any recommendations and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
  13. Just wondering if such a thing can be done. I got back to KSP after a fairly long break and my most involved (and heavily modded) save is on an old install. I have plans for a Laythe mission that will involve aerobreaking a Jool. That huge heatshield would be perfect, or at least preferable to a 3.75m ablative one. I tried copying the model + texture + cfg and editing the partdatabase.cfg but as I expected, it didn't work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey everyone, I have a question for you genius modders out there. I have multiple monitors, and would like to have 3 monitors for the 3 basic KSP views. One monitor would be the normal external view. The other would be the map view, and the 3rd would be the internal or IVA view. Would it be possible to mod KSP in a way that allows me to see all these views in different windows simultaneously?
  15. Clockwork

    Kerbal Botany Expansion

    Hi, I'm Clockwork, and I'm starting a mod on plant science based experiments. There are however a few problems with my endeavor to create a good mod, one of them being my inability to model and another being my complete lack of understanding of how to export a MU file from Unity. If you want to help me create some good models (I'm looking at all those blender magicians out there) you can just upload them to the github repository I created for this mod. If you understand how to make a MU file, PLEASE let me know! That is the only thing that I'm missing to make this mod a reality. Who doesn't want to grow potatoes on Dunna? Or Raddishes, (different from Radishes) in orbit of Kerbol? We've all wanted to get Jeb Stuck on Dunna Right? Then when you did it and realized that you were missing potatoes, all the fun was gone, right? Lets make this a reality, KSP community! I'm looking for recruits for the ClockworkModdingTeam (name subject to change) so if you want to be part of a modding group, this may be an option for you. You basically just need a GitHub account and Unity, and if you want to be a modeler, just whatever modeling software you prefer. There may be slight time difference on updates with this mod because I am in Korea, but since were all internet savvy here (or at least I hope we are ) it shouldn't be that much of an issue. This concludes my initial post on the development of the Kerbal Botany Expansion. Sorry almost forgot: Repository In GitHub Note: Modding is what a normal person does, and Moding is when you can't spell
  16. Sorry everybody, but this project is lost (My computer's harddrive broke, and I didn't store this on cloud ) Hello everybody. GGKSPMC here. Have you ever been annoyed by CurseForge, or just can't find the right place to upload all of your mods? Well, I am developing a AWESOME alternative to all of those modding websites. This modding website is going to be called GameModHub. Here is a GIF of GameModHub: or at [fileSize is 2mb, so sometimes the browser will say 404 . You guys may be worried that GameModHub will end up like Well, I will have high paying advertisements and premium accounts kind of like reddit or Curse, except that I will not go overboard on the ads because everyone hates ads! The maximum mod file size will be 500MB without a premium account, and 1gb with a premium account. I hope everyone is excited for GameModHub, because I AM! Please do not comment on things like hosting and bandwith because I have already dealt with all of that :D. Below is my development checklist BOLD: Not worked on yet, most will be worked on when the website is online [IM USING MAMP] Italic: Being worked on, beta feature Strikethrough: Finished Underlined: Never gonna happen until the website gets 2000000 users. HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT Most images Server side code PHP AJAX Uploading mods Virus detecting (Will need moderators to test the mods for viruses) ADS (not a bloody ton of ads. just one ad per page, what other way will I get close to enough money to run a modding website?) Usernames Premium Comments Forums Blogs Wikis Server list Please suggest more features for this website! Please also do not troll anyone on this post, and please be motivational! UPDATE LOGS: ALPHA 1: Nice design/style ALL CSS/HTML worked on Currently Working On: Html/Css [because I need to make it even better] MORE RESPONSIVE JAVASCRIPT!!! Reducing file size SOON I WILL BE DONE WITH BLODDY PHP GameModHub Badges for badgers [PLEASE PUT INTO YOUR FORUM SIGNATURES!!! THANKS!]: User:
  17. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    How do i make a stock-alike part?

    Hi, as some of you guys know i have a mod called Blue Kerbin Dynamics mk1 fuel tanks expansion and these parts have very un-stock alike textures on them. So how do i make stock alike textures? I use Blender for designing my parts and for the texturing. I am planning to get photo shop. So please could help?
  18. DominusNumerorum

    Languages Modding

    Hello! As I am new to these forums, I was unsure where to post this query. But, as of late, I have been trying to figure out if it is possible for someone to add modded language files, for more obscure, or extinct, languages. I already checked the wiki, to no avail. Does anyone here know how to modify, or add new, language files in KSP? Thanks in advance.
  19. How do I make custom sounds?
  20. How do I make custom sounds?
  21. What would be an easy game to start modding for beginners? I haven't created mods before (except in Minecraft, but it was too hard). Is KSP or Space Engineers easy to mod for example? Or should I ask what is the easiest platform to mod (Java and Unity for example)? Do I need to learn coding no matter the platform?
  22. I copied and modified the Stratus-V Monopropellant tank (leaving the original intact) to make a LF/OX radial tank. Everything works as intended, except the tank doesn't inherit the texture from the original part. The cfg file references "mesh" and so I've left it alone where it resolves as "model". I assumed this just looks to whatever model shares the same folder as said cfg file. Except it isn't doing that, and the tanks just have a standard grey scale texture, in-game. Something tells me I'm missing something obvious.
  23. Hi, A long time ago I modelled some electric propeller engines for Infernal Robotics, but due to work commitments never got around to implementing them. Now that I have free time again, I was wondering what options I have in terms of modules / plugins to bring them to life? Here's a pic of the engines: What I would like is for the engines to consume EC based on their RPM, rather than their current throttle setting. The throttle would then give a percentage thrust from zero to the maximum that RPM could deliver (by having an animation control blade pitch), allowing for instant throttle response like rocket engines. Does anybody know of a good way to achieve this with either stock modules or Firespitter? From my searches, FSengine could do what I want, but from testing it seems EC is still dependent on the throttle, which I don't want, or at least would prefer there to be a minimum EC the engine consumes. Also, there does not appear to be any fuel consumption indicator on the module, and its RPM modifier looks to be broken. Thanks -Zodius
  24. The KSP Fuel Calculator is a tiny tool to improve modders workflow. You can enter a fuel amount (lq. fuel or oxidizer) and the program calculates the missing propellant amount. You easily can do this by yourself with a calculator but this saves you some time if you are working on multiple fuel tanks or often have to chance it's values. The statistics may help you to not having to chance values for ballancing purposes too often. It currently just displays some vital informations about fuel cost and weight. Download: Alpha 0.2.5 (MEGA) Download: Alpha 0.3.3 (SpaceDock) Source code: Alpha 0.3.3 (GitHub) This tool is currently in developement. The alpha release gives me a chance to listen to your ideas on how to improve the design and functionality. I want to create a tool that makes modding easier and less time consuming. So please feel free to share any ideas you got. Please look up the official thread fo more detailed information!
  25. SkylerA.

    EngineFX Module Help

    How do you use the "EngineFX" module in an engine config with multiple nozzles? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks