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Found 8 results

  1. Kopernicus has an option for the Orbit parser called mode, I know that you can use it to hide orbits, but does it do anything else? I ask because no matter what I set it to the orbit is hidden, and I couldn't find any documentation
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Geek0saurus, a starting youtuber (for fun). Over the last months I've been growing more and more into Kerbal Space Program. Because of this, I wanted to make a full playthrough of the career mode with missions, objectives and fun stuff. For this, I could maybe use the help of the community, since I will need a lot of feedback and maybe we can share ideas of bases and things like that. The idea of this thread is to share my journey into our beloved solar system with you and maybe let it become "our" journey All feedback is appreciated and welcomed and I cannot wait to hear any ideas of base designs you would have to share! The first introduction to my journey can be found in the following youtube video. Hope you enjoy it! Introduction to Kerbal Space Program | Career mode
  3. Honestly, this mode strikes me as almost impossible given the sheer amount of contract grinding and the expensive base upgrades. I can't get to orbit on the default launch pad and I'm just not used to not having maneuvers to work with. I always seem short on money and science. Does anyone have any choice advice or suggestions on how to have a successful run at it? is there something extra I need to do re: Management Strategies or am I just not good enough for hard mode? The only career mode tutorials I've seen are either not hard mode or don't have the 1.2 science trees. I find some of the surveying contracts to be extremely aggravating, especially the ones that happen BELOW a certain altitude, because it feels almost impossible to point a rocket there and reach it. I don't even get the sightseeing ones, am I expected to put a civvie in the cockpit? Some of those contract rewards don't even seem to be worth the money cost in putting them into action.
  4. How's everyone's career modes going, and what's the overall game plan, money/science/reputation building strategy, upcoming/progressing missions, etc? Seems there aren't very many of these threads going around anymore, so I thought I'd start one. As far as mine goes, I'm rich, with $5,000,000+ in funds. I just depleted my 2,000+ science by unlocking another 20% of the tech tree, which is now over 80% unlocked. I try never to do a mission unless a contract is offering me money for it, which is why my administration building has strategies in place that take well over 50% of my funds to yield extra science and reputation. Minmus is my main science bank, but I've nearly bled it dry by now, so the Mun is my source of emergency science. I can land 1 Kerbal on either the Mun or Minmus for just $35,000 per launch, and if I hop around on Minmus 2-3 times I can multiply my science gains. (I try to make my launches as cheap and efficient as possible. I try not to clip parts, but my rockets are, I think, still fairly aesthetically pleasing.) I launched two probes that successfully entered orbit, and transmitted science back from, Eve and Ike. I have a Duna mission planned that will cost $120,000; 4 Kerbals will travel to Duna, and 2 will land and return from the surface. (Getting them back down after they've returned will be tough -- I'm considering building an SSTO to fetch them, since, although I have built many successful SSTO's in the past, I have never built one in career mode before.) My end-game will be to have some kind of Grand Tour mission. The rocket will probably cost a million or two, but getting science from every single solid body in the Kerbol system all in one launch should be well worth it! Below, a screenshot from a recent landing on Minmus.
  5. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! I'm here to suggest a new and improved versions of the Career Mode in this game. I'll get right to it. I'll list off the things which I feel need to be improved/removed/added. "-" = Remove "+" = Add "/" = Update + A monthly fund increase. For example, every month/week whatever, KSC will give you a set amount of funds to you that can be changed in the options menu. Doing this will make the game a little bit more bearable when you're the type of person to build big rockets, or playing on harder difficulties. / Change the penalty for asking for a government fund. There are certain instances when the player might run out of money, and will need to use the strategy that grants you an amount of funds based on the percentage bar. However, the penalty for this is extremely high, and if it was toned down by about 15-25%, it wouldn't make it overpowered, but it would make it much less of a pain. + Loans. The player can ask for a loan. There can be four different options on the loans; 50,000 Funds, 500,000 Funds, 1Mil Funds, and "Custom" where you can choose an amount of funds between 0 and 5Mil. The player will have to repay the fund before a certain deadline, and will have to pay interest. For example, you take the 50,000 loan, you will have to pay 10% interest every month (5000 a month). If the player fails to pay back the loan, the player will get hit with a massive reputation penalty. / Balance the price tags of the different parts. Since the loans feature as well as the monthly fund increase are a thing in this hypothetical update, the price tags for parts may need to be increased/decreased respectively. I'm not gonna pay an absurd amount of money for something I could go to my nearest DIY store and make the same thing myself for much less. I know it's a game, but some things really need to make a little bit more sense. + Statistics. A trend graph depicting where funds are going to/where they're coming from. For example, I'd like to know why I just lost about 500,000 in a couple of months. I could go to the statistics graph in the administration building, and notice that 500,000 was spent on snacks. (I'm joking, but I'm assuming you know what I mean :P). I'd also like to know how much money is coming in, and see if in the end my reusable rocket strategy is either making me earn back money, or lose it. Speaking of strategies.... +/- Strategies. This is a bit of a different from my previous suggestions because I'm implying that the strategies be both improved upon (adding more) balanced, and removed. While I don't have a concrete idea of what could be added here, but I'd like to see some actual strategies involved. I'll expand on this a little bit in my next suggestion. + A simplified version of competition and alliances. For example, say WinterOwl is doing better than I am. They're getting most of the funds that are circling around this small economy. Therefore I want them to stop doing so well, and will activate a strategy that will make them lose money, and make me earn more. These strategies work very closely with the strategies that we have now, as if we do this, it'll be seen as an amazing person-ish move on our side, so we will lose reputation for it. In this hypothetical update, let's also assume I'd like to help or collaborate with another company that's doing poorly. I can choose to activate a strategy that will make me lose some funds, but add reputation. It's really simple, but could make the gameplay more interesting. - Remove the old strategies. All of them. I will expand on this on my next suggestion. + Budgeting. If we go to the administration building, there can be a budgeting tab. In that tab, I can choose to either put more money into R&D, reputation, or invest it into something, with an interest rate. If I put it into R&D, I will lose the set amount of funds that I am putting into it, but will research techs quicker (I am actually gonna suggest something later on to expand on this). If I invest it into Reputation, my money will go to creating propa- *ahem* motivational rallies showing the greatness of our space program, creating reputation. If I choose to invest into some company or the government, I will earn a small amount of interest on the amount I put in, making me slowly earn more funds. This will all be handled in a screen in the administration building, where there will be 3 sliders, and I can divide them equally in percentages (i.e I have 100% I can use, I invest 40% Into R&D, 20% into reputation, and 40% into the investment. I feel this will work well with the statistics feature. Strategies will still be a thing with the competition and alliances features. + Allow you to filter contracts by companies. + Researching costs funds. Kerbonaut hiring is a set price along with monthly payments (for every month in action you have to pay them, if you fail to pay them the Kerbonaut will start to become unhappy, and loses XP points temporarily until the player has enough funds to pay them. This shouldn't be a problem.) + Recovering costs funds depending how far away something is. It can be set at ____Funds/KM or something. It also takes time. (Will be explained later) That's all I have for career mode updates, if you'd like to suggest anything, go ahead and do it, I'd welcome them. However before I finish this post I'd like to suggest a little extra something. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Kerbal Construction Time mod. It's a mod where rockets take time to build, buildings take time to upgrade, launchpads need to be refurbished, buildings take time to be repaired, and tech requires time to be researched. I suggest it's implemented into the base game. This will work well with the hypothetical features that have been suggested in this post. If you've got this far, I thank you for reading, and as mentioned suggestions are welcome. If you agree that this should be a thing, please encourage Squad to add it Sincerely, Stelum
  6. I like the main idea of Science mode. It gives you a path of progression from limited simple parts up to the fancy stuff, but with less restrictions than full-on career mode. The problem is, doing science experiments is not a particularly fun part of the game for me, and probably not for a good number of other people as well. I don't like designing ships around the science parts, biome exploitation is time consuming and repetitive, and "timewarp for science" research labs are silly. My suggestion is to expand the scope of activities that can count toward unlocking parts. Bring in some elements of Career mode - instead of just experiments, make it possible gain science by World Firsts and Contracts. The simplest thing would be to just set up conversion factors to translate the Funds and Rep rewards of existing contracts into pure Science, and remove all deadlines and penalties. Balance it such that experiments are still useful, but not required. Not only would this give more options for progress, but adding those options in the form of Contracts and World Firsts would give more objectives and more sense of reward.
  7. Alright, sorry I didn't see if there was already something about this, I was in a hurry but a post I saw was something about a story and it gave me an idea to add a story mode. Anyway, I'd go into more detail but I gotta go, I'm in a hurry. So... I'll be back later with more detail...
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