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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I'm developing a shader that requires the use of double precision values. To do this, I must use at least Shader Model (SM) 4.6. SM 4.6 is supported by DX11, which is what KSP uses by default now. Moving from SM 3.0 to SM 4.x was causing the shader to appear pink in-game, so I tested this on a completely default, fresh surface shader. I also tested it on a vert-frag shader to be sure. The results were the same - It wasn't working, even when I forced DX11. The shader works fine on SM 3.0. The line I'm referring to is #pragma target 4.6. It's worth keeping in mind that SM 4
  2. My lander took off from Minmus and put itself into a prep orbit to return to Kerbin; it was a low orbit but I checked the trajectory in map view and it looked like it had comfortable clearance. But as I followed the ship, its altitude above the surface dwindled to 87 meters before increasing again. Well, whatever, I made it ... but then I had another close encounter a mere 26 meters above the surface! Map view shows a gap between trajectory and surface that should plainly be bigger than that. Conversely, in the past I've seen the path sink into the "ground" on map view while I was still
  3. Hey there ya'll! So I decided that since I like model making, it would be a fun idea to make a thread where you guys show off your work and we can discuss everything from tabletop wargaming to large-scale models. I'll start with a diorama I did the other day. I love Naval models, especially the Kriegsmarine from WWII, because of their gorgeous battleships, notably the Bismarck and Tirpitz. This was just a test of different things, and I used Semi-gloss paint because I didn't have any flat. The water is made from Toilet-paper and glue, and the ship models come from
  4. I want to 3D-print my rocket. So I need the function “output 'obj'models”. Is it possible?
  5. So i made my texturing on a mesh directly in unity, without uv mapping in 3d software. And i set my material to ksp shader, and hit write. Unity Part Tools exported the image textures used on materials but in game it didn't work. Could it be done without UV maps or/ with untextured UVs ? And the materials to be an image texture, applied on the mesh in unity?
  6. Hey everyone! I am fairly new to this forum, and I thought it would be cool if I contributed something! So, without further ado... KSP - Logo 3D Model Recently, I working in Sketchup to create a 3D model of the KSP logo in blender ! It was being made for an upcoming animation I am making, and the work took a hefty 5 hours to fully complete, so I thought it would be nice to upload it so people wont have to spend 5 hours making the exact same thing. Do keep in mind, I am not a professional at 3d modelling, and some lines may be a bit wonky, but thats nothing a bit of motion blur s
  7. Do you have unused blender models for KSP ? Here you can post all your works of art that you have given up on/don't have time to finish. Maybe someone else will make/integrate them into a great mod. ORIGINAL POST{outdated}
  8. I am looking for a kind person with some experience in making some simple low poly tree models (.mu i think is the format i need them in). i need them for these textures. https://imgur.com/a/84QJW I don't have any experience with blender or part tools and i have failed miserably and I'm now at the point of outsourcing for help. Of course, when i implement these into something I'm working on you will get full credit for the work. hope to hear back from someone soon Im no stranger to hitting the donate button if you need more incentive. thanks!
  9. I have decided to post my LEGO Saturn V and some of my other Space-related shtuffs. Enjoy! Here's the box: When I got home after a long day, this box at the front door really made up for my exhaustion. Here's my little "display:" From left to right: Saturn 1B orientation manual, the Apollo capsule splashed-down, the July 21st 1969 newspaper from San Fransisco, showing the headline of the Moon landing, and the 12" Apollo astronaut that my Dad collected a long time ago. Here's stage S-IVB, the LEM servic
  10. Note that this thread may be frequently updated with new content. Redesign:
  11. I don't know why, or how, but I'm pretty sure it's due to one of the mods I have installed. Take a look at this: Both models, new and outdated, show up - only one or the other is available in parts selection at a time. I could attach both to the same plane once the other shows up, though. So, I built something, made a few test flights, came back, wanted to get another J-X4, and didn't find it. Entered the name, the old model showed up. No restarts nor file changes in between building that plane, with the new model of the engine, and coming back to the hangar to find only th
  12. I'm trying to be clever with asset use (trying to be clever is how most issues start). I have a set of parts that all use the same mesh, and mostly the same texture, so I'm trying to use all the same model, except for different versions, apply a different transparent texture as a label. This should be stock behaviour when using the MODEL{model=, texture=} mesh references. And for the life of me, I cannot spot why it's not working for me. Example part snippet; PART { name = USAFOrionMag012kt920kN module = OrionMagazine author = WinchellChung MODEL { model = U
  13. I just started modelling, and I seem to have a good handle on things, but apparently not as much as I thought. I've been looking at guides on these forums as well as YouTube videos, and none quite yet explain my issue. I'm trying to make a simple box as a structural part just to learn the process of getting stuff into the game. I can get as far as creating the .mu, and my node definitions in my .cfg have integers where needed (as it's a slightly modified version of the stock Modular Girder Segment), but the part doesn't show up at all in-game, and the log states that the model doesn't exist. I
  14. As it stands the 3D models for kerbals seem to be hardcoded into the game as many mod developers have said. This is a shame, and there's no real reason why it should be this way. While Kerbals are adorable, and the current model certainly suit the game, there have been numerous mods to make the Kerbal universe more realistic in a lot of ways, but the stock animations and models are a constant reminder that the game isn't really all that realistic. I personally like the universe around Kerbin unrealistic as it, but the mismatch between head shape and helmet shape has bothered me
  15. Hello. I have made a .mu for my mod but I can't get the part to load as I don't know the MODEL name. I have tried the name of the .mu with and without capitals but it doesn't work. How do you find out? There is a link to the file below. Thanks, Benji13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrkr16a1vv4ntc3/structuralDisk.mu?dl=1
  16. I built the X-3 Stiletto in Kerbal Space Program. It is an old aircraft that worked in between 1952 to 1956.The X-3 Stiletto was manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company, It was designed to be very aerodynamic and to go past supersonic speeds, 2000 m/h to be exact. The craft failed to do what it was supposed to achieve, supersonic speed, but the information that was gained from it helped make some of today's military aircraft. Here it is! The X-3 Stiletto in KSP Top View The real aircraft. On the runway.
  17. So today I was looking back at arc5555's fantastic thread in which he shows how to create paper models of KSP crafts, and even makes a model KSP rocket fly! As I was looking at it, thinking that I might want to try it, and that probably I'd want give any model I might make a balsa frame to keep it rigid, when a lightbulb went off in my head. A balsa frame would make it a bit more durable, perhaps I could throw a light plane around... no... WAIT! ... Heck, I could add a ducted fan and servos and stuff and make an RC plane! Obviously it would start off with something relatively simple and
  18. Can someone provide me a realistic starmap of the stars visable from Earth (120km x 120km) orbit for the games skybox? This is something I would like to add for my Real Space Program project. Also second request, can someone make a "Buster" model that ragdolls? Make him probe controlled essentially, but with unlimited power? Can someone make this a thing?
  19. Hi everyone! Something itched me recently to blow some dust off my humble Blender modeling skills. Not sure if I'll have enough thrust to finish this little project, let alone to move past the initial design state. But anyway I'd like to share a concept of two radial command modules and their basic meshes. FH series Radial Command Modules are designed to be hooked radially onto parent parts. The core-facing 'skirt' should ensure seamless coupling with parent parts as small as 1.25m. Both modules have inward facing hatch, theoretically it should wind up inside structural fuselage if h
  20. Following the apparent loss of the last thread, I thought I should make a new one. This is for discussion of model rockets, be they functional or not. I'll kick off with the latest images of my home-made rocket, which I'm beginning to re-build. I've not worked out how to do spoilers on this damn new forum layout, and it doesn't resize images for you, so here are some crappy thumbnail links. Yes, that is a 10p that's soldered into the end. Here is a nice shiny new image of the shiny brass fins. I need moar shiny. Hopefully we'll get more updates on the other rocket projects from the old
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