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Found 3 results

  1. What is a modlet? Simple! Literally, that's what it is. A modlet is a very small, generally one purpose mod designed with a very specific goal in mind. There's generally no configurability, just a single .dll, and probably one file of source code. They're very simple, straightforward additions to the game. Some example modlets are Claw's Stock Bug Fix Modules or Malah's Quick Mods This thread is where I will be posting my "modlets", the first of which is Field Experience. The downloads are generally available on SpaceDock and GitHub. Sensible Screenshot v1.2.4 (2018-0
  2. Mods on this thread wont be update, you need to go on forks Thanks to @linuxgurugamer & @DoctorDavinci to keep these mods up to date with KSP : Malah's Quick mods are very small plugins which add a small feature You can download all of my mods on SpaceDock, on GitHub or some on KerbalCurseForge. This modlet is compatible with KSP-AVC, Toolbar and the stock localisation (localize in English and French). All my mods can be installed with CKAN. Released: [1.3.0] QuickBrake [v1.23 - 2017.05.31]: Brake your vessel at launch
  3. What tiny mods have made the biggest difference in KSP for you? They say it's the little things that make a difference. My favorite mods are the tiny utilities that change one little thing and massively improve the KSP experience. I want to know about the utilities, modlets and config tweaks that have had an outsized effect on your space program. Maybe its a fix for longstanding bug or a Module Manager config you came across somewhere that you copy into every new save. Maybe even a little program you wrote yourself to fix something that only bugs you! The great thing about mini
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