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Found 8 results

  1. Revamping in 1.2 Avera9e's Visual Ultimatum 49 non-part mods to enhance stock visual sound and veteran career gameplay. ARE YOU A STOCK PART PURIST? VETERAN TIRED OF SCIENCE GRIND?? VISUAL ENHANCEMENT FANATIC?!? Then we are agreed. Hello everyone, I hope you like my header... as it states, this is a compilation of the greatest visual/stock part enhancing mods out there including Stock Bug Fix modules, CollisionFX, KCT, a new sunflare, custom textures, matching toolbar icons, and a list of mods specifically for use in video editing. This i
  2. DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! THIS MOD IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS AND NOT YET AT A POINT FOR RELEASE. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT AS THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGED TO RELEASED. THANKS. UPDATE: THIS WILL BE RELEASED AS AN ALPHA ONCE STAGE 1 IS COMPLETE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: From a small team just entering the modding world, we bring to you th
  3. Here's an idea: Any mod authors who want to explicitly allow they bundling of their mod into modpacks, reply to this thread with the name of the mod and any other info. I figure this will make making & installing KSP modpacks easier since one can just zip up all the (non-Squad) folders and post it, without having to check with every mod author for consent. I didn't think this through at all so if there's a major problem with this just tell me! Guaranteed yes: Ask-for-permission: Guaranteed no:
  4. I was trying to create myself a RSS "modpack", but both because I'm lazy and because I'm bad at searching stuff, I can't find any lists of mods that I must have in order to play RSS correctly. Is someone willing to write a list of mods (just the list, I'll find by myself all the downloads) that I need?
  5. Thread is under development Hello everyone! Have you ever watched Scotts Galileos Conquest and though. I wanna try play better than Scott with same mods? Well, problem was that Scott haven't released he's final modpack list, he is only given us what looks like inside he's gamedata folder, so from that information and also watching series i have found almost all mods that Scott plays with. If you find incorrect or something wrong with in this mod pack or missing mod, please let me know. CKAN install 1. Install ckan and download ckan file HERE 2. Install mo
  6. Essential Mods ModPack For KSP 1.1.3 Hello, my name is Gustavo but you can call me HardZiin, today i brought to you a modpack with all my favorite mods. In this modpack you will find spacecraft mods, visual mods and another kinds of mods. This modpack use the 1.1.3 version of Kerbal Space Program (Still not tested in another version). Lets start with the list: SpaceCraft (General) Mods Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Planetary Base System Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar N
  7. Essential Mods ModPack
  8. New modpack Coming Soon! I am in the making of an awesome modpack filled with new parts and exploration! This doesn't include and change in scale to the universe. It's just your same old Kerbal universe! Name of pack is not yet decided but modpack should be up before July 4. Here are some of the main mods in the pack: MechJeb KWR Near Future Pack Kerbal Engineer Redux And much more! I hope you guys are ready and I will keep you posted with screenshots and more!
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