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Found 2 results

  1. The Modded K-Prize Party Thread (With given permission from @boolybooly) (Badge pending) The K Prize challenge is to make the obvious craft, a spaceplane, and make it work. All those who succeed will be included on the roll of honour and get a free badge. To enter report relevant accomplishments on a mission which actually flew, your word is good enough but images and videos are welcome. It is encouraged to find any planet pack you can and find an SSTO that can go there. (Outer Planets Mod, Jungis, Xen's Planet Collection, Cyran) Any KSP DLCs can be used. Rules 1. The craft may not lose any parts in flight, no decoupling allowed. 2. The craft must lift off horizontally, reach orbit (PE > 70,000m) and land intact (on Kerbin) ready for 'refuelling'. 3. All fuel tanks, wings (ie lift generators & aerodynamic environments) and engine parts must be non-over powered or cheaty in spirit, for fairness. 4. Mods may be used, for both parts or destinations. Provisos to rule 1. A. Payloads may decouple from the craft providing all payload tanks are as full on decoupling as at launch and any thrust (or lift) generators on the payload were not used prior to decoupling. B. Docking is permitted providing no fuel is transferred (net per fuel type) into the K-Prize craft and then used for propulsion (it can be transferred out). Crew transfers are permitted. C. Mining and refining are permitted providing none of the resulting fuel product is used to drive the craft i.e. mined fuel is treated as payload only. +Kudos 1. Smallest ship (by weight, weight info required). Minimalist record. 2. Largest ship (by weight, weight info required). Maximalist record. 3. Highest orbit beyond Eeloo. Altitudinalist record. 4. Landing on KSC terrain. Pilot proficiency medal. 5. Landing on any KSC runway or docking in orbit. Advanced pilot precision award (1stClass for both). 6. Visiting other SOIs. Kosmokerbal Commendation. 7. Planetoid landings. Astrokerbal Distinction. 8. Payload to orbit and mined product or fuel store to Kerbin from asteroid. Utilitarial Commendation. 9. Payload to distant planet's surface and mined product or fuel store to Kerbin from planet. Utilitarial Distinction. 10. Spaceplane is made 100% from stock parts and visits a modded planet Stock Distinction Prefixes: Exploratory applies to planetoid missions and Expeditionary applies to planetary lander missions outside Kerbin's sphere of influence. (Planets are defined as the central body in their own SOI within Kerbols SOI or gravity exceeding 0.75 of Kerbins.) This challenge is an approved sister-challenge to the original, stock, K-Prize challenge and is meant to reflect it's criteria excluding the mod restrictions. Mods may be used but if they are deemed overpowered, they can be denied. Future Thread Additions will include: A list of available planet packs Roll of Honor - @JacobJHC - Stock Thatmo SSTO (OPM) - Stock Distinction, Astrokerbal Distinction, Kosmokerbal Commendation, Advancer Pilot Precision Award - Stock Trao SSTO (SPE) - Stock Distinction, Astrokerbal Distinction, Kosmokerbal Commendation - Stock Asclepius SSTO (Asclepius) - Stock Distinction, Astrokerbal Distinction, Kosmokerbal Commendation - @Laie - Bigwing Duna - An awesome 4 Kerbal Duna SSTO - Astrokerbal Distinction, Kosmokerbal Commendation, Advancer Pilot Precision Award
  2. Same rules as Spartwo's game with one modification, the aircraft carriers of ACA and Carrier eXpansion mods count as one ship without aircraft onboard and SM Statics or KSC shipyard mods are HIGHLY recommended for launching ships. Test your prowess against me and my team of KSP builders and other people in the space or seas of Kerbin. Rules 1- The team with the last ship wins. 2- Each player takes it in turns to engage one target with one ship. 3- Ships engage in order of tonnage, lightest to heaviest. Once all ships are used the cycle repeats. 4- A ship is considered dead when the main body of the ship is incapable of fulfilling two of these three goals unaided from other ships or on-board weapons... +Sustaining power +Moving +Firing weapons. 5- Weapons can only be fired from the original ship core and must be used in the same turn that they are fired. 6- Screenshots or videos documenting all moves are needed to complete a turn. 7- Players are not allowed to control enemy craft. 8- Players are not allowed to intentionally edit the orbit of enemy craft via weapons fire or any other method. 9- Any number of ships may be moved in a turn but only one may attack. 10- Ramming is disallowed. 11- Weapons stealing is allowed under the pretense that the parent ship is dead and the weapons are disconnected from it. 12- Weapons must be fired within firing limits 13- Surface to orbit weapons may be fired once per turn, and are exempt from rule 12. 14- All moves must be done manually, without the aid of autopilots. 15- A team may forfeit a turn at any point. 16- Any mods which affect craft or persistence files are forbidden. 17- No quick loading. Carriers 1- The total mass of carriers includes fighters and any other items being carried. 2- Carriers will take their turn at the beginning of a battle. 3- Fighters may be released from any distance but the fighters must still abide to rule 12. 4- Carriers may not use heavy armor on more than a third of their surface area. 5- All fighters must return to the carrier by the end of the turn. 6- Carriers can not have their own offensive weapons. Battle settings are made in the following fashion. -Body -Special rules/rule exclusions -Maximum number of craft -Maximum total combined mass (These are recommended to be negotiated)
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