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Found 1 result

  1. In past two month I had no will for both playing and modding the game. So I decided to drop support of all of my mods. Everyone willing to continue support of any of my mods is free to do so with one condititon: you cannot rename any mod. So no "continued", "revisited", "revamped", "retextured", "refurbished" etc. Leave the original name as I did with Kartographer and Lights Out. Anyone willing to overtake must write mod name in this thread and his/her username from SpaceDock, so I will add the person to addititonal authors, thus allowing the person to update the mod. Every mod from SpaceDock is properly indexed by CKAN, so no trouble will occur.Cheers! No Crew Requirement Continued - @Mrcarrot now rules on. Dock Safe - @severedsolo is senior safety officer. Keep it Straight - @maja rules the party. Who am I? - @maja knows the answer! KEI - is now overtaken by @linuxgurugamer. Bon Voyage - @maja did really impressive job for the mod. He's in charge now Lights Out - continued by @linuxgurugamer. Flight Plan - ruled by @linuxgurugamer. Overdrive - @linuxgurugamer now ROOOCKS. Simple Construction - @Ericwi is senior engineer now. Not So Simple Construction - @Mrcarrot now in charge. Simple Logistics - @zer0Kerbal is chief engineer. Warp Drive - is now ruled by @FreeThinker, as soon as @ladeng provides correct username from SpaceDock he will be added to authors list too. Orbital Colony - @linuxgurugamer is chief engineer now. UICore - ruled by @linuxgurugamer. Kartographer - ruled by @linuxgurugamer.
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