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  1. Download on Curseforge or Github or SpaceDock. Also available on CKAN. KGEx Brings you: ISRU Thanks But No Tanks (QBTT) Module Manager config patch to allow mining and converting Ore without storage tanks by adding a small amount of Ore storage to all ISRUs. Available on CKAN as ISRUThanksButNoTanks. Supports ISRUs in Stockalike Mining Extension by @SuicidalInsanity. CKAN: StockalikeMiningExtension Adopted by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @QuickBASIC Cabin notes: WIP - work in progress Am open to adding more features, great project for someone! I have not personally tested the patches Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub. Discussions: See Discussions or KSP Forums for discussions and news on this mod Installation Directions: Use CKAN Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues See Known Issues for full details of feature requests, and known issues Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Module Manager Recommends Kerbal Change Log Stockalike Mining Extension Suggests SimpleConstructon! (SCON!) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG!) Not So SimpleConstructon! (NSSC) Keridian Dynamics Vessel Assembly (KDVA) The Gold Standard! (GOLD) Stork Delivery System (SDS) Komplexity (KPLX) KaboOom! (BOOM) another way to not go to space today Solar Science (SOLS) Stock Inline Lights (SIL) Mini Sample Return Capsule (MSRC) Pteron (MSRV) Solar Science (SOLS) Jack-O-Lantern (JACK) MoarKerbals(MOAR) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) PicoPort Shielded (PPS) Transparent Command Pods) (TCP) More Hitchhikers) (MHH) Biomatic (BIO) B9 Stock Switches (B9S Oh Scrap!: ScrapYard: DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) DaMichel's CargoBays (DCB) DaMichel's Fuselage (DMF) DaMichel's Spherical Tanks (DST) Simple Cargo Solutions (SCS) KerGuise Experimental Engineering (KGEx) Kerbal Changelog Community Resource Pack Supports Kerbal Change Log Stockalike Mining Extension Conflicts none known Replaces none Tags addon, resources *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Credits Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License) Current Forum: Thread Source: GitHub License: Original Thread: none Download Source: GitHub License: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date v1.0.0.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 0K updated: 06 Sep 2021 zed'K
  2. Hey all, I've written a Module Manager patch that adds ModuleScienceContainer (i.e the Science Box) to KOS Processor parts. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[kOSProcessor],!MODULE[KerbalEVA]]:final { %MODULE[ModuleScienceContainer] { //name = ModuleScienceContainer reviewActionName = #autoLOC_502201 //#autoLOC_502201 = Review Stored Data storeActionName = #autoLOC_502202 //#autoLOC_502202 = Store Experiments evaOnlyStorage = False // i.e. can nearby regular vessels also do this, or EVA only capacity = 500 storageRange = 1.3 canBeTransferredToInVessel = True canTransferInVessel = True showStatus = True +description ^= :^.*$: Adds a Science Container. } } however the line capacity = 500 means that it can hold 500 experiment results. i would like it to hold a percentage of the KOS diskspace (eg. if the KOS diskspace is 5000, the experiment space is 500Mits) also how can i make it so this information shows up in the VAB/SPH right click part info panel
  3. Please see new thread here: I am very new to modding, this is my first ever KSP "mod" of sorts. All it is supposed to do is change four lines of code, but I went further and made the LF/Air-powered robotic rotors available earlier in the stock tech tree. I even have an MIT license bundled with it, even though it's copied from another tiny modlet. Basically, I made a biplane using the small Breaking Ground turboshaft, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center, and then I realized that it used fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small jet engine AFP, implying turbojets are better than turboprops at low speed, which is just wrong from an engineering standpoint. Turboprops typically average about half of the specific fuel consumption as turbojets, according to a chart from MIT (and my Aerospace Engineering degree). It's not because of how fast it spins or anything either because this engine is kinda meh even for turboprop standards AFP (though for early career purposes is still quite useful). [source: https://web.mit.edu/16.unified/www/FALL/thermodynamics/notes/fig3BPRTrends_web.jpg] [source: https://medium.com/war-is-boring/stop-disrespecting-the-turboprop-c00acd3fff3a] So then I set out on my quest to make my very first MM patch. https://spacedock.info/mod/2725/Breaking Ground Propeller Rebalance source: https://github.com/Autolyzed-Yeast-Extract/KSPStockPropRebal
  4. Hi I'm trying to concatenate a string with the value of a variable with MM, but noting seems to works and I find nothing on Internet. I need your help Here an example of what I'm trying : // First try : @PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank],@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:LAST[MyModExample] { @description ^= :$:<br><color="green">It's an example with LiquidFuel #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$</color>: } It doesn't work. MM just don't evaluate the #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ and just put it as normal text... // This one change nothing, same result @PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank],@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:LAST[MyModExample] { @description ^= :$:<br><color="green">It's an example with LiquidFuel : @description ^= :$:#$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$: @description ^= :$:</color>: } // This one change nothing, same result too... @PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank],@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:LAST[MyModExample] { var = #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ @description ^= :$:<br><color="green">It's an example with LiquidFuel : @description ^= :$:#$var$: @description ^= :$:</color>: } // This one doesn't work, throw an error... @PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank],@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:LAST[MyModExample] { @description ^= :$:<br><color="green">It's an example with LiquidFuel : @description += #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ @description ^= :$:</color>: } Anyone know how to concatenate a string with a value ? So much thanks in advance
  5. Hi everybody Nothing critical here, don't worry ! I just found the "solution" and I want to share it to people that don't know it like me before. I just lost two hours to try to find why module manager was in error while I haven't changed anything... I finally find that on the forum... Source So for all of you that don't know this joke, I hope you will pass to check the forum before loosing two hours of your day like me The joke work well, good joke indeed Have a good day !
  6. Good day. Tell me what symbols are used for CFG editing. For example, I know that the symbol - @ - changes the meaning character -! - turns off, but I'm not sure since I haven't used it. What other symbols are used, where can I find information on this? I think I found what I was looking for in the section - https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Syntax
  7. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. B9 Stock Patches (B9P) Created by @zer0Kerbal email with continued support from the community. This mod uses Module Manager patches to add an assortment of B9fuelswitch tank types to stock and DLC fuel tanks. Do not bother @Blowfish with support requests for this mod. Installing this adds a selection of B9 tank types to most stock tanks Liquid Fuel & Oxidizer Liquid Fuel MonoPropellant Battery Installing KGEx (some need CRP) and/or SimpleConstruction will also add: Support (EC + MP) Xenon Gas Ore Argon Gas H20+Water Oxidizer RocketParts Metal Combination RocketParts + Metal + Ore Cabin notes: Tank sizes are automatically determined by existing parts existing capacity (thank you to @JadeofMaar) Default tank type should not change, if it was MP it still should be MP If Near Future Exploration is installed, will switch (silver) LFO tank to LF and (metal) LFO tank to Oxidizer. If KGEx is installed, several more combination tanktypes will become available. You can tweak values by editing the part.cfg or using but beware, these are complicated and advanced multi-pass patches. Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub. Full Changelog: See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues: See Known Issuues for any known issues Installation Directions: Use Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Module Manager [^1] B9PartSwitcher Recomends KGex adds more tanks types Community Resource Pack Suggests (other fun mods by zed'K): On Demand Fuel Cells {ODFC)} Field Training Lab (FTL) Field Training Facility (FTF) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) PicoPort Shielded (PPS) Transparent Command Pods Repressurized)(TCP) Stork Delivery System (SDS) Biomatic Oh Scrap!: ScrapYard: DaMichel's AeroRadial DaMichel's CargoBays DaMichel's Fuselage DaMichel's Spherical Tanks Stork Delivery System (SDS) SimpleLogistics! SimpleConstructon! Not So SimpleConstructon! TweakScale Supports Kerbal Change Log SimpleConstructon! Near Future Exploration Near Future Construction Conflicts none known red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support License aka Legal Mumbo Jumbo Source: GitHub License: All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses Original Author: @zer0Kerbal Thread Download Source: GitHub License: v1.0.0.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 0K updated: 26 Mar 2020 zed'K [^1]: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date
  8. Same as title. I've gotten 11000 patches when I got 60 mods. Also, 1 problem that I plan i fixing.
  9. Hello KSPForums! I would like to request a mod that uses the modulemanager to increase the force needed to cause a part to disconnect from another part (via breaking) by a factor of 10, or 100, or 1000. I love to build spacecraft, but after even the slightest sheer forces cause my spacecraft to come apart like a stack of oreos, I feel like I need to modify something. So, my request for this 'mod': It should be a modulemanager file There should be 3 versions (x10, x100, and x1000) so a user could choose their breaking-force modifier The mod should effect ALL connection methods (radial or node) I would do it myself, but I have no idea how these mods work. Thanks in advance, and I am looking forward to seeing what y'all can come up with!
  10. Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me make patch to stock surface scanner ( I want to make it able to show abundance of ModularKolonizationSystem resources on asteroids ) In spoiler down there you can see my try to make it but it is not working.
  11. Malah's Stock configs are configuration for Module Manager to keep a savegame without plugin's parts You can download all of my mods on SpaceDock, on GitHub or some on KerbalCurseForge. All my mods can be installed with CKAN and are KSP-AVC compatible. Released: [1.1.X] StockSCANsat [v1.02 - 2016.04.22]: SCANsat with only stock parts [1.1.X] StockRT [v1.33 - 2016.07.21]: RemoteTech with only stock parts [1.1.X] StockPlugins [v1.22 - 2017.01.14]: No new parts from DeadlyReentry, Graphotron, KerbalEngineer, kOS, MechJeb, Protractor and Telemachus [1.1.X] StockNoContracts [v1.03 - 2017.01.14]: Block all Squad's contracts * Currently, I work on these configs, an update will be released soon. Known bugs: If you like these tiny mods you can consider a little donation... StockSCANsat What is it ? StockSCANsat is a ModuleManager config file which adds the possibility to use the SCANsat mod without the additional parts. This config file requires SCANsat v16.X and ModuleManager v2.6.X. This config file support Asteroid Day mod, the Contract Packs: SCANSat and PartUpgrade mod. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockRT Hello, I couldn't imagine playing Kerbal Space Program without RemoteTech, but I didn't want too many parts on my savegame. I decided to release a Stock RemoteTech as I thought it might help you too, feel free to do whatever you want with this, it is easy to use and easy to edit. What is it? StockRT is a ModuleManager config file which adds the possibility to use the RemoteTech mod without the additional parts. This config file requires RemoteTech v1.7.X and ModuleManager v2.6.X and support Unmanned before Manned. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockPlugins What is it ? StockPlugins is several ModuleManager config files which adds the possibility to use a plugin without the additional parts. StockPlugins support DeadlyReentry, Graphotron, KerbalEngineer, KerbalGPS, kOS, MechJeb, Protractor, RocketWatch and Telemachus. You don't need all these plugins for the use of StockPlugins. If you want that it supports an other mod, you can just make a request here This config file requires ModuleManager v2.6.X. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations: StockNoContracts What is it ? StockNoContracts is a ModuleManager config file which disables all stock contracts types. You can easly edit it to enable the contract type that you want to keep. This config file require ModuleManager v2.6.X. Download: SpaceDock Github More informations:
  12. Hi! This is actually my first post... be nice for my sake! So i've been playing KSP for about a year now and have devoted a lot of that time to finding decent mods. I have a relatively powerful iMac (2013-14) so the size of capabilities of the mods don't matter. Right now I only have two installed: TweakScale MechJeb I would like to find a mod that is easy to understand and useful as well. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi there, I'm writing a new ModuleManager.techtree file, and I'm trying to figure out how the icons in "icon = RDicon_filename" are loaded because that line doesn't always match the filenames of the .png files its referring to. So far I've only figured out how to set the node icon to any of the R&D_node_icon_ files in GameData/Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/. Is there a way to link to any of the other .png files either in that folder or anywhere else?
  14. Kinda tight on ram... and I dont really use the IVAs all too much..until I can purchase some more...i was wondering if there was some sort of way to remove the iva spaces without going through all the cfg files and removing the internal referencing(thatd be quite the task for me). what about an MM patch? saw a reddit post suggesting a mm patch may be able to, so then i can delete the spaces folder, saving a bit of ram for the meen time. i thought deleting the spaces folders would work by itself. but a quick google showed it wont work like that, and id most likely get game crashing since the mods part cant reference to a iva that wouldn't exist anymore. I've removed as many parts mods as i feel comfortable...and although my 'galactic neighborhood' takes a good portion of my ram..id like to keep it intact as I finally got it stable.(stock plus the entire Galactic Neighborhood I have takes 10-11gb, my current max is 16gb and ksp currently caps at 15gb when finished loading with all my mods excluding the larger ones btw. So I'm thinking the IVAs are the next big resource using item that I dont even use anyways lol. even if it saves 512mb...anything would help at this point...and ive determined texture converting isnt really worth it anymore so thats out the window lol. heres the link to the reddit discussion. any help would be appreciated. more precisly...if a MM patch exists for such a thing...link? otherwise im assuming id have to do this by hand eh?
  15. Hi, I'm trying to reduce part counts (and build simplicity) by using Module Manager to add a little bit of battery, torque and other probe-core features to decouplers so that spent stages with leftover propellant can be switched to and de-orbited (think like Centaur or Falcon 9 second stages). I've got everything working EXCEPT that despite modding in an antenna they insist they're not in the comm network so I can't control them. Any tips on how to make that work. My MM config and a screenshot in game are below. Config file @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDecouple],@MODULE[ModuleToggleCrossfeed]] { @description ^= :$: Includes HeiselCorp Guidance and Avionics package for control of spent stages. Reaction control not includes. Warrant void if used on a rocket or other aerocraft: @vesselType = Probe MODULE { name = ModuleProbeControlPoint minimumCrew = 1 multiHop = True } MODULE { name = ModuleCommand minimumCrew = 0 RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.08 } hasHibernation = True hibernationMultiplier = 0.00125 } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 30 maxAmount = 30 } MODULE { name = ModuleReactionWheel PitchTorque = 1.5 YawTorque = 1.5 RollTorque = 1.5 RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.15 } } MODULE { name = ModuleSAS SASServiceLevel = 3 } MODULE { name = ModuleDataTransmitter antennaType = INTERNAL packetInterval = 1.0 packetSize = 2 packetResourceCost = 12.0 requiredResource = ElectricCharge antennaPower = 5000 optimumRange = 2500 packetFloor = .1 packetCeiling = 5 } }
  16. Hey, I have an issue with my ksp in which, if i have modulemanger installed solar panels will not deploy. I've tried in the VAB, in space, at the launchpad, it never deploys, i also tried it on a new save and it didnt work. I don't even get the tab that comes up. This isn't a massive issue, however i would like the mod to work without breaking my game as it is required for other mods. I know it is modulemanager because as soon as i delete modulemanager.dll from my game data it works again and i can deploy solar panels. Thank you in advance The other mods i have installed are: BoulderCO EVE (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements) KerbalEngineer Kopernicus (doesn't work without modulemanager i believe) MechJeb2 scatterer STE(Stock Visual Enhancements) SVT(Stock Visual Terrain) - doesn't work without modulemanager TextureReplacer
  17. Ever wanted your stock parts to be moved to Community Tech Tree nodes, but don't know how to do it yourself? WELL LOOK NO FARTHER! CTTStockRebalance is a simple mod where stock parts are moved to CTT categories, as well as putting parts in different tiers for sensible progression. Dependencies: -Community Tech Tree by Nertea. Link here. -ModuleManager by sarbian. Link here FAQ: Q: I want *insert part here* to be moved to a new node! A: Ask me! I'll see what I can do Q: Will you support mod parts? A: Maybe. Current list of parts changed: Mk1 Lander Can (Enhanced Survivability) Mk1 Crew Cabin (Enhanced Survivability) Kelus Mobility Enhancer (Space Exploration) Mk2 Lander Can (Simple Command Pods) Mk2 Service Bay (Simple Command Pods) Thermal Control System (Medium) (Heat Management Systems) 3.25m Heat Shield (Heat Management Systems) 10m Heat Shield (Advanced Heat Management) Thermal Control System (Large) (Advanced Heat Management) Known bugs: The Kelus Mobility Enhances has the wrong name in the config. Changelog: Download on Spacedock! License: GNU General Public License v3 (This is my first major mod, so let me know what I can do better in terms of my post layout.)
  18. When Loading KSP, latest version of ModuleManager 3.0.0 gives me an error when loading? (nothing else seems to happen yet) and it points out to this file: \GameData\InterstellarFuelSwitch\PatchManager\CDT7Setups.cfg Anyone else having the same error? What should this mean? This is what it is inside that file: I think that It is calling for this InterstellarFuelSwitch/PatchManager/PluginData/CDT7Setups.cfg But there is no such file in that folder. There are only two files there. I redoanloaded IFS but it is the same.
  19. Hello, I'm having a problem since I added a few Add-on to KSP. The game crashs while I'm building ships in the VAB or click Open At loading Module manager found 2 errors : GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/PatchManager/ActiveMMPatches/CDT7Setups.cfg GameData/WarpPlugin/Patches/RemoteTechFix.cfg I tried to reinstall the Adds-on without result, and can't find an answer in the forum or anywhere... https://www.dropbox.com/s/iq9gd0hdewru6v1/output_log.txt?dl=0 Can someone tell me what to do please ?
  20. Using ModuleManager, I want to edit the tech tree or all the parts (including modded parts) to make everything be unlocked from the start of a career playthrough. This is to make a contract-focused mode that is basically the opposite of science mode
  21. I'm re-installing mods for my KSP 1.2.2 install. I've got everything I need, but when I try to load the game, it crashes when the loading screen says MODULEMANAGER:FINAL and that's the end of it. I've got the logs, attached to this post. If anybody here can help me I will forever be in your debt.
  22. Since 1.2 is about to start and I'm playing the pre for some time now I made some patches to enhance my gameplay a bit. This is mostly personal prefered stuff but in case someone likes it I thought I'll post it here so people can use it if they so desire. It's in AddonDevelopment because it's not a real mod or something I'd want to release and maintain, for now. Maybe later. It's just some patches with functionallity I don't want to miss. 1. ISRU and MiniISRU enhanced with the ability to convert Lf+Ox into EC. The rate stays roughly the same (900EC per 1Lf and Ox in the usual relation) as the one for FuelCells, but the EC/s is increased. 2. Crewreports for the MobileProcessingLab. 3. LaunchClamps with 1000EC/s powergeneration. 4. Start with empty MonoPropellant tanks on CommandPods. 5. Jettison fuel from ANY tank. 6. ALL science parts and basic RoverWheels at the start of career. Theyre all available as .ZIP via my GitHub. and need ModuleManager to work. Credit for some patches go back to the guys in this thread wich I started some time ago. And somehow this is a logical continuation/addition to it.
  23. I'm trying to create a sound mod for KSP, aptly named JetSounds, which replaces stock jet engine sounds with that of some real-life counterparts. In addition, I'm trying learn the ropes of creating a proper ModuleManager patch while I'm at it. I've created custom soundfiles for my mod in Audacity, exported them as .wav files, and placed them into my JetSounds folder in GameData. The folder arrangement looks like this: GameData/JetSounds/Sounds/(soundfiles). Afterwards, I threw together a quick ModuleManager patch to integrate these soundfiles ingame. So far, I've only worked on the J-X4 "Whiplash" engine. Here's the code for my patch: //J-X4 "Whiplash" Sound Rework Patch for "JetSounds" @PART[turboFanEngine]:NEEDS[JetSounds] { @EFFECTS { @running_thrust { @AUDIO { clip = JetSounds/Sounds/RR_Olympus_Running_High volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 0.3 0.2 volume = 0.5 0.4 volume = 0.7 0.9 volume = 1.0 1.1 pitch = 0.0 0.8 pitch = 1.0 1.4 loop = true } } @running_turbine { @AUDIO { clip = JetSounds/Sounds/RR_Olympus_Running_Low volume = 0.0 0.7 volume = 0.5 1.0 volume = 0.7 0.7 //Point at which the afterburner crackle starts to set in. volume = 0.8 0.3 volume = 1.0 0.2 pitch = 0.0 0.8 pitch = 0.05 0.8 pitch = 1.0 1.2 loop = true } } @engage { @AUDIO { clip = JetSounds/Sounds/RR_Olympus_Startup volume = 2.0 pitch = 2.0 } } @disengage { @AUDIO { clip = JetSounds/Sounds/RR_Olympus_Shutdown volume = 2.0 pitch = 2.0 } } } } My problem is that the new soundfiles for "running_turbine" and "running_thrust" are clearly audible ingame, yet the soundfiles for "engage" and "disengage" won't play. It's not that they're too quiet to hear ingame: I've tried turning up their respective volumes, both in Audacity and in the patch above, but to no avail. I'd also like to mention that I'm using vanilla KSP, aside from ModuleManager and my JetSounds mod. What can I do to fix this? Am I doing something wrong with the arrangement of folders in JetSounds, or is there a flaw in my patch? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hello all! I've been working on this project off and on for quite some time now. (tl;dr, magically rescale parts, follow instructions at bottom of post to install.) Backstory! I like to play on rescaled systems, 6.4x to be exact. But, this brings with it challenges as anyone who has tried it knows. Launch and Reentry are particularly trying. Several solutions exist for this problem, the two main ones that leap to mind are Realism Overhaul and SMURFF, both fantastic works that put mine to shame as far as sophistication goes. Realism Overhaul brings out the big guns as far as making the changes for a rescaled system go. SMURFF has a very comprehensive system while remaining lightweight. I admit I haven't tried it out in a while, but it's on my to-do list. Major props to @Kerbas_ad_astra for inspiration and some gleamed MM tricks. The solution presented here expands upon ROMini.cfg, from RO. It's not prominent, but available on their github page. It works by applying a similar methodology as RO does, to rescale parts more to a realistic scale size wise, along with some mass adjustments, such that density comes into line more or less naturally. A blanket scalar is applied, which was conveniently set at 1.6x times original size, so 1.25m becomes 2m, and so on. I instantly found it a blast to play with, as it kept things interesting without being too complicated to maintain. Major props to @NathanKell for this one, for originating the script/numerous other reasons. So, why is this post here? In 1.0.5, there exists a rather annoying bug in that rescaled root parts (specifically, those scaled by rescaleFactor) do not persist through load events. So, on vessel load or quickload, a rescaled part would revert to its original, smaller size. I never was able to ascertain if it was visual or if FAR was affected to. There exists a alternate method to scale parts in KSP, the model Scale variable. This one works correctly for loading, but doesn't rescale attach nodes to match. Boo! Module Manager (Props to @sarbian!) can do the appropriate scaling math on attach nodes perfectly well, but it has no means to do wildcard matching on them as far as I can tell. The MM patch looks funny, but works well to fix nodes. The problem is that a separate patch needs to exist for each kind of attach node that a part uses. This lead to a lot of copy and pasting to get a proof of concept working. So, I wrote some code. Specifically a python script to parse every cfg file in GameData, extract the node_* names, and write me the MM patch out. That's why we're here: The zip file below contains three components: A modified copy of ROMini.cfg with scaling code adjusted; a python script to generate a MM patch for said script, and a pre-generated patch file based off my install. (It's fairly large, but certainly it doesn't include every mod. It ought to cover the most common cases though, I would think.) Install! Install is easy: The config files can go anywhere in GameData. I would stick them in a directory named zzzzzzROMini, but I don't think it's strictly necessary. (We want it to run at the end of the MM passes, without using :FINAL.) The generateNodes.py ought to go in the base KSP directory (The one that GameData sits in) This also isn't strictly necessary, but it saves a step when running it, if you need to. If a node didn't scale right, and you don't wish to/aren't able to easily run the script, one or two nodes aren't too painful to edit in to the MM config: Find the part in question, and look for its "node_(whatever)" entries. Copy a block of patch and paste it to the end of the file, and adjust the text in the template. Requirements! KSP 1.0.5 Some sort of rescale, unless crazy OP is your goal semi-Optional: Python, minimum 2.7. (3 should work as far as I know.) Platform independent! Also as far as I know, this should work on Windows/OS X/Linux just fine. Optional: Having fun playing with your newly rescaled parts! Download!: Here Let me know if you have any trouble with it, i'd love to get feedback, as this is really the first 'addon' i've posted here. Good/Bad News! This will only be relevant/required for a few more weeks/couple months, as the aforementioned rescaleFactor bug has been fixed for 1.1, by, @NathanKell. (More props! And some jets, for that matter!) Still, if it is useful in the meantime, great! Also, it might serve as utility to someone who wants to write a similar helper script and/or learn python. (Which I kinda did to do this.) Snippets! These are just some extra tweaks I use, that you might all find handy. CustomBarnKit Config: This ups the mass and size limit on the level 1 and 2 launchpads to make it a little saner to blast off. Procedural Fairings: These are borrowed straight from RP-0, so all the credit goes over to them. They adjust the size limits and tech tree nodes at which the fairings unlock. It's only the front of it, just as an example, as I think this is something that might be a matter of taste as far as tech tree balance. In MM code, @ edits a value, % edits or ADDS a value if it is missing, ! deletes a value. The node names are fairly straight forward. If you're curious further, just drop a post here and lets see what we can work out. (Adjusting when the parts themselves unlock may be a worthwhile venture, as well.) Starting Launch Clamps: This one is from the 64x pack. It adjusts the launch clamps in the tree such that you start with them in the 'Start' node, as they may be of some significant utility for oversized craft. ... I swear there was another one. Blah Known Issues: If a Node needs to be added to the list manually, double check that it's the correct one; a duplicate entry will quite happily end up scaling twice (that is, squaring the scale). Procedural Fairings are still WIP: They certainly work, but they play a little bit of 'man behind the curtain', as the numbers displayed don't jive with the visuals presented elsewhere in the game. I'm still seeing what can be done about this, so its WIP. Not an "Issue" Issue, but be aware that SRBs are scaled to a VERY high TWR out of the box: This is so launch escape systems and the like can work properly. For regular "SRB-ing", you'll likely find that they're a little much. (Your Kerbalnaut may find that they're a little bit 'chunky guacamole', in other words.) Aim for 10-25% on the thrust limiters. This is easily adjustable, at the top of ROMini.cfg, in the first config block, look for @maxThrust, and tweak the multiplier to taste. Changelog: License:
  25. So, what's the record for MM patches? Today I got 15,350(!), but I'm sure that some people have had more.
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