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Found 2 results

  1. I'm curious how ModuleScienceExperiment is wired up to animations. Stock science experiment parts like the Mystery Goo Containment Unit have two modules as illustrated below. I've learned through experimentation that the first (ModuleAnimateGeneric) provides an action button on the part's right-click menu (at least in the VAB, and usually after launch) that triggers the animation. For the Goo, the button is labeled "Deploy". I've also determined animationName points the game to the relevant animation in the mu file. Similarly, ModuleScienceExperiment includes button labels that show up on the part's right-click menu (e.g. "Observe Mystery Goo"). And when you perform the science experiment in the game by clicking the button, the animation is triggered (start animation, then end animation). However the module is missing any reference to an animation name. I'm wondering how the game determines which animation to run. Is it always assumed parts with ModuleScienceExperiment will also have a ModuleAnimateGeneric, and is that how the game looks up the animation? I'm asking because I want to have a part with multiple ModuleScienceExperiment's and ModuleAnimateGeneric's. When I do that in my weldment, performing a science experiment doesn't trigger the animation (but the animations still run when using the buttons corresponding to the first module). MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric animationName = Deploy startEventGUIName = Deploy endEventGUIName = Close actionGUIName = Toggle Cover } MODULE { name = ModuleScienceExperiment experimentID = mysteryGoo experimentActionName = Observe Mystery Goo resetActionName = Reset Goo Canister useStaging = False useActionGroups = True hideUIwhenUnavailable = True xmitDataScalar = 0.3 FxModules = 0 dataIsCollectable = True collectActionName = Collect Data interactionRange = 1.2 usageReqMaskInternal = 1 usageReqMaskExternal = 8 }
  2. Hey all, Coming back to KSP for 1.1, I kinda want to give the plugin API a try. I'm interested in fiddling with science experiments and new styles of data collection, but I'm not really sure how to instantiate new pieces of ScienceData. I need to figure that out before I can proceed with fiddling. Here are a couple of things that are leaving me a bit lost: 1) IScienceDataContainer seems to contain the function prototype for recovering data. However, the ModuleScienceExperiment class (which implements it) doesn't actually store data. Am I correct in assuming there's some external, possibly global, storage structure for ScienceData? Where is it located and how do I add to it? 2) By overwriting the location of an existing ScienceData within ModuleScienceExperiment, I can trick the game into recovering my homemade ScienceDatas. However, there are fields within ScienceData that I can't figure out how to populate properly, so it causes problems with the science archives. I can retrieve the base Experiment ID from ModuleScienceExperiment, but ScienceData appears to need something of the format '[email protected]'. Where do I get the current situation? From the Vessel? What about the container ID? 3) Even if I had the right stuff in my new ScienceData, I'm not certain the new data would show correctly in the science archives. Where is the science recovery process handled? Do I have to register new pieces of ScienceData with some additional class for it to report correctly? What values are displayed in the archive GUI? 4) Where's the science? ScienceData has the number of Mits, but stores no actual science. ScienceExperiments show a base value, but not the current amount collected towards the maximum. How does the game keep track of collected science/data on a per biome, per situation basis? ...Now that I think about it, 3 and 4 are kinda redundant. へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ Anyways, I'd appreciate any advice for science plugins in specific and the plugin API in general. Thanks!
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