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  1. I'm trying to intercept Moho for a mission. Basically to create a new outpost. So far so good. I used the transfer calculator to get the time for the transfer and left Kerbin 10 days prior to the best window. I thought that I would need to use more dV than usual. When I tried to do the burn to get on the same inclination as Moho, I found that it was going to be on the other side of the orbit (see the image) Is there any way to fix the transfer? Thanks
  2. i'm searching for a mod that increases temperature around moho because of realism
  3. First Light: The Journey of the Phthanophaneron It turns out I've never actually done a mission to Moho. Shocking! I call myself a veteran, with well over 1000 hours (though I don't have records of this, I'm fairly sure) of play over the years since version 0.20.2, but I still haven't managed to actually "complete" the game as far as actually visiting all the objects available. Thus, since the transfer window to Moho is the first to occur in my new Career (after spending the first 110 days or so completing the tech tree by thoroughly scrubbing Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus for Science), I'm
  4. So, first: I know it is kind of selfish this thread, so I think that when you answer my question I will delete this, second: I wrote this here as I guess it fits well with "questions and gameplay" I guess. So, here there is what is happening: I need someone to calculate an absurd amount of Delta-V. And with absurd I mean a grand tour (actually not really "grand") of the kerbol system: a flyby of Dres, Moho, Kerbin, maybe Eeloo, and maybe maybe maybe a Moho lander. All in one. Without mining. I know, it is crazy, but what I just need the Delta-V, the craft I'll do it. Well, if you ask the reaso
  5. YO! In this time of solitude, I bring to you: M.O.R.P.H.E.U.S. Moho Operational Research Permanent Habitation Experiment Utility Station The KSC has kindly asked Jeb and co. to put together a Moho research base, so this is what I'm told they came up with: To get the job done, we'll need some serious rocketry to get everything into orbit that we need: From left to right: The MORPHEUS Core, the MORPHEUS External Modules, the MORPHEUS Drive Stage, the Verdon S4, the Verdon Crew Habitation Module, and the Moho Lander.
  6. Moho Moons Mod (1.7.3) Hello all, tired of spending all that fuel just to get to Moho with only a Mohole to explore? Well, do I have something for you. Introducing the Moho Moons mod! What Does this Mod Add? The Moho Moons Mod adds four moons and a submoon to the game's brown furnace. Moho: Same as usual, but with a larger SOI to accommodate the far out moons. Rotisserie: This moon is decently sized relative to Moho and grey in appearance, but boasts several impressive red craters. Honeybaked: This moon is a nice yellowish color and is a great co
  7. IF YOU CAN MAKE IT THERE, YOU CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE That's what I say about Moho; if I have enough Delta-V to get to Moho, then I can sure as hell get to anywhere else in the Kerbol system (especially Jool's moons). Anyway, I'm preparing a fleet for a trip to Moho and I want your input on what I may be missing for the first wave - or if you think it's good for now. U.S.S. Tarawa*: Can hold up to seven Kerbals at a time {1 viewing cupola, 1 lab (and I also carry all science but the telescope and ore scanner), 1 hitchhiker}, has 32 Mk. 2 docking ports and 16 Mk. 1 docking
  8. I'm trying to plan a mission to Moho. While I have MechJeb's Delta-V gauge to tell me if I can or cannot fly directly to Moho - fleet construction and organization is another problem - it does not tell me if I have enough Delta-V to do an Eve Gravity Assist to Moho. Here's the story. While planning transfer orbits for my Eve Fleet two months ago, I saw that the planned maneuver would have taken me in an escape trajectory out of Eve and into a somewhat low circular orbit around Kerbol - I forgot the specifics of the orbit, but it would have enabled me to put the crafts in some designated p
  9. Hello! I've got some problem. My plan was to take almost all of my kerbals on a trip across the system to level them all up. The first point of the travel was Gilly (Eve's moon) because it so happened, that a transfer window coming right about then. From that place, the next closet window was to Moho. But what I didn't do, and what I should have done, was to check the amount of delta V , that is needed to perform that maneuver. Thus while I'm parked in the south pole of Gilly I have 3439 m/s delta V plus around 200 from emptying monopropellant tank and converting ore. I figured
  10. The Moho Challenge We neet to talk. About Moho, this tiny, obscure rock close to the burning ball of plasma that is Kerbol. When it comes to exploration, Moho is often dismissed as too tiny, too hard to reach and too hard to land at. But still: Moho is a planet in need of exploration! I challenge you to send a mission to Moho! Scoring You will get 30 points just for reaching the Moho SOI. So even a flyby qualifies for this challenge! However, a lot of additional points can be earned: Mission parameters: +10 points: Reach Moho SOI with a manned craft +40 points:
  11. Hi all! I've finally built that base! The space program was so busy with multiple launch windows (I had 3 in less than 20 days: Eeloo, Jool and Duna!), countless lucrative contracts and other shenanigans, that I did not have the time to warp much during the Kerbin -> Moho transfer... And then, the landing site was plunged in the dark upon arrival so, Kerbals had to wait in orbit during almost 30 days until it goes back into daylight. The base has more than 300 parts. The fps was terrible, I had to speed up the videos to around 3:1 - 4:1, so that a second lasts a real second. Next
  12. Hello internet stalkers with little to no social life! I am here to announce that this project is alive again! -------------------------------------- Today we are going to discuss Moho! Not so many of us have ever been to Moho, probably because it is quite difficult to get there. But we are not going to talk about its future or present. Today we are talking about its past! So I am going to put in a few folders! Running-out atmosphere Orbit Surface features
  13. Hi everyone! I would like to show you my lastest mission to Moho. It may help new players who have some issues reaching this body, or some of you looking for design ideas. Before beginning, note that this was done in Career mode. Transfer Window Planner and Kerbal Engeneer were the only mods used. This mission is completely stock parts. Let's get it started ! First of all, here's the goal of this mission : Fulfill 'Explore Moho' Contract. I'm using an 'apollo style' design in 3 different stages : - Main engines & liquid fuel - Hab module - Moho lander.
  14. There comes a time in everyone's KSP career when a destination must be considered.....again! That's right, the first mission to Moho wasn't big enough, so let me introduce OHNO IT'S MY SECOND MISSION TO MOHO! Let's just remind ourselves with a picture of how compact I went the first time round: the first mission to Moho was no small feat, but there was definitely room to go bigger! If you didn't get it from the picture let me fill you in that this was clearly no small probe. I genuinely started out with the best intentions the first time round, but as t
  15. Prologue: Year 2110 This is the start of a new series. This is NOT related to Advancing through Hardships, this is an entirely new alternate universe. I am going camping though these next few days so expect sometime before the first chapter.
  16. My newest videos of a Moho transit and a simultaneous Eve and Mun transit. Used Tarsier Space Tech.
  17. Nice and straightforwards: land on Moho, come home to Kerbin, do it as cheap as you can. Three categories: Basic: land and return any vessel. No Kerbals required. Intermediate: land and return alive a Kerbal. Plant a flag while you're there. Advanced: land and return alive a Kerbal scientist (so a probe core or copilot will be required for SAS) plus one of every scientific instrument (ie: materials bay, goo pod, thermometer, barometer, seismometer, gravity detector, atmospheric sampler)[1]. Plant a flag while you're there. Stock parts only and Wheaton's L
  18. Well I figured the KSN Kraken worked out ok, so why not try a surface ship. I present KSN 120 Moho. She's a 400 ton destroyer.
  19. Does anyone have any experience and/or tips regarding the use of ion engines when voyaging between Kerbin and Moho? (Pardon me if this has been discussed elsewhere. Search seems inop at the moment.)
  20. This was based of this challenge: The Challenge Fly from the surface of Kerbin to the surface of Moho and back using a craft that weights 50 tons on the launchpad. You must bring a Kerbal on the mission. Scoring The lowest mass gets the biggest piece of cake. How low can you go? The leaderboard also has 2 categories, those that used ISRU and those that didn't. The Rules: - The Kerbal cannot push the ship back to Kerbin with their EVA pack since it will refuel when they enter the craft giving you limitless delta-v if you're patient enough. - You
  21. I'm not sure about the rules of this sub, Am i allowed to post a link to my website ? I ve written an extensive mission report about the deployment of a base on Moho. If yes, here is the article ( split in 5 parts) https://mobylettespaceindustries.wordpress.com/2017/01/13/moho-02_01/ if no, well, let me know and remove it!
  22. Hello everyone! Just a quick report on my first Moho mission. I chose to deploy my rover, small outpost and ship for returning to the orbiting mother ship, near the famous Mohole, at the North Pole. I also brought a special rig to go down to explore the very bottom and return to tell the story and cash in the Science. Here are the pics: Scorching hot Moho! Bringing down the crew of 3 merry Kerbals. The infamous Mohole from above... A nice view from near the Mohole at the North Pole. Bringing down the outpost and the rig for the Mohole. Now
  23. SmithMicro has recently renamed their 2d animation product (previously "Anime Studio") Moho. really. /our Moho came first.
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