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Found 7 results

  1. I came across an odd event last night and wanted to see if anyone else has seen it. I believe this was the first EVA since starting 1.11.2; I had a kerbanaut run out of monoprop only moments after starting EVA. I restored and tried again, and this time checked the monoprop level immediately after sending her out. The resource showed only 0.26 units, instead of the usual 5. Boarding and returning to EVA didn't change the amount of monoprop in the pack - I had to change out her EVA pack with another kerbanaut on board. I confirmed that there was plenty of monoprop available for the en
  2. How far can you go on monopropelent? Well lets see. To gain pionts you ahve to land on the planet or moon and return to kerbin. You may use propellers but no jet engines. You can only use electric and monopropellent (no ion engines). Maned 20p Robotic 10p Mun 2p Minmus 1p Duna 10p Eve 15 p Moho, Jool- 20p each Laythe-25p Tylo-30p Pol and Bob- 15p each Gilly and Ike- 15p each Eeloo- 35p Asteroid or Comet (Docked)- 40p Once your done please post a picture of you rocket or pictures of it landed. thanks and have fun! (No mods bu
  3. So I was in sandbox mode test out, how to setup Satellite array I noticed that my Rcs ports on my launch craft where pulling monopropellant from my Satellites tanks first and not the one nearest to them (they changed it to this in 0.23.5 and I did not notice) and yes I know you can disable the tanks so that fuel can not be pulled from them. I when't back to the VaB and did some testing using This and found out that 1. Monopropellant is pulled form the upper stages first 2. Even though you can do so, changing the fuel flow priority on monopropellant tanks, does not change any thing an
  4. The title says it all, I'm looking for 0.625 Radially Attached Tanks that work in 1.2.2. Hope the KSP Forums can help xD
  5. I'm asking this in the right place, correct? In my course of conquering colonizing the solar system, I have discovered that my O-10 "Puff" monopropellant engines no longer function. Checking the VAB, it appears that they have no right-click menu, only displaying "No more info". My mods, in order, are here: -AB_Launchers -B9PartSwitch -BetterBurnTime -CommunityResourcePack -EngineLight -FAR -Firespitter (.DLL only) -HGA (Proton-M) -InterstellarFuelSwitch -JSI (RasterPropMonitor) -KerbalEngineer -KJR -KVV -MakeItSmall (probably going to remove) -ModularFligh
  6. As you've probably heard by now, liquid fuels used in spacecraft fall into one of two categories 1) cryogenics - those relying on hydrogen or methane as the fuel, and oxygen as oxidizer. Best ISP but can only be used for launch due to boiloff. Mid course corrections, return journeys must be fuelled by 2) storable propellants - stuff that's liquid at about room temperature. Apart from the Kerosine/Hydrogen Peroxide combo used by the UK in the 1960s, this generally means really nasty stuff. Hydrazine, fuming nitric acid and derivatives - corrosive, carcinogenic, toxic - and don't f
  7. A cursory examination of rocket engineering rapidly identifies LH2/LOX rocket engines as the gold standard for efficiency. It's hard to beat 450+ seconds of vacuum specific impulse, even though hydrolox rockets don't always have the greatest T/W ratios and require very large fuel tanks which eat into mass fraction rapidly. I think I can beat that, though. Hydrogen peroxide is not a very good monopropellant. It has only 161 s of impulse. Hydrazine is a bit better, as far as monopropellants go; it boasts upwards of 220 s. And together, they're not much improved; a hydrazine/peroxide bi
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