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Found 8 results

  1. Doofenshmirtz in a Mun crater. I built a replica of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building from Phineas and Ferb, mounted it on a rocket, and then sent it to the Mun. It can hold up to 143 people (both inside and out, thanks to command seats) and it looks like Ferb's head a very Kerbal space outpost. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Doofenshmirtz-Evil-Incorporated
  2. I've been playing KSP for a while. I play for a bit then switch to other games and come back months later. But I've been playing since 1.2 and.... today I was watching at my screenshots and saw that there are stories behind them. This is not a mega mission report, but more like a bunch of anecdotes bundled together. None of my ships are particularly awesome, quite the contrary they are just utilitarian. The SpiceMan Space Program One Aaah... the humble beginnings... when science and money is low but stupidity and courage soars. As every space program, the SSPO (Spi
  3. I don’t know if anyone else here plays the game moonbase alpha (now known as the game where people abuse text-to-speech on the moon), but the point of the game is to fix a base that NASA set up on the moon when an asteroid crashed into it. So I started thinking, why not do this in ksp? So I went out and built a settlement on the moon and crashed a class A asteroid into it. The results are amazing, I recommend trying it! But the point of the challenge is to recreate this base that the game uses as a map. It should have one settlement and have solar power buildings and a rover. It should all be
  4. https://youtu.be/rkovMLD3BNQ this shuttle can go to the mun then minmus. the heavy version carry's 7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/8bJ9N736LrP6oskB7 the light version carrys 4 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xgrkzhUympSoiMCz6 please allow time for me to make the craft flies stock
  5. Hello, and welcome to the munar base collaboration challenge, where we as a community will be working together to build a mun base under restrictions, like a budget! (Inspired by the Kerbin Collaborative Space Station Challenge by @Ultimate Steve) The Beginning Its been about 50 years since KASA has first went and landed on the mun. KASA hasn't been back since then, and people are urging them to return. KASA has given us a total budget of 1.75 million kilofunds (AKA 1,750,000 funds) to build a mun base that will deliver crews and tourists to and from the base. The base will be c
  6. Like in real-life, it's about time to establish a permanent base on the Mun. The Blacksburg Aeronautics and Space Administration has decided to take on this task, and it is hosting a competition for ideas to accomplish it. SLPB (SINGLE-LAUNCH PERMANENT BASE) CHALLENGE As the name implies, you must get a base to the Mun in a single launch. To complete the challenge, your base must meet the following criteria: DO IT ALL IN ONE LAUNCH, DUH!!!! Stock Parts ONLY - NO MODS MechJeb's okay, as it's only a remote guidance mod. WorldStabilizer's als
  7. I'm in the part of the game where I feel like starting to build a Mun base. I've designed a Mun base at the KSC but never actually got the design to the Mun. That's where you come in! Show me your best Mun bases so that I might get a couple ideas! Who knows, I may learn new things about design in the game. Remember, only use stock parts!
  8. Hey Kerbanauts! Today i bring to you the first video in my Let's Play so far showing the first stage of constructing a outpost on the Mun! I used rovers to manoevre the parts into position and docking ports for the connections. If you wanna see how the build goes, why not check out my video? https://youtu.be/FRvHllze29s Part two and final episode showing the finished base is out tonight! Hope to see you guys over at my channel and look forward to getting some tips from you and sharing my own knowledge too R.Einstein
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