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Found 6 results

  1. The farside of the Mun is where most of us learn about comms relays - usually the hard way! It's easy enough to send a few sats to orbit the Mun and provide good relay coverage for the farside, but you could also land a network of relays to do the same thing at far greater cost! So why would you want a series of relays on the surface of the farside of the Mun? Well, as the analogy for the Earth's Moon, let's assume that stable orbits are a problem we want to work around, There's also the station-keeping that all real sats need to do with limited fuel. So there could be a real-world applic
  2. I had a little adventure with my second ever Mun landing. I did a picture perfect suicide burn to 10 or 20 meters above the ground but then I totally failed to stick the landing—started sliding sideways, lost retrograde marker, and I'm too noob to know which keys were the ones I wanted to correct attitude. Reload, try again, same problem. Feathering the engine didn't seem to be working. So I went with short full-throttle blasts and touched down as easy as pie. In that moment I couldn't decide if that meant I was better or worse at the game than I thought. Then I tipped over because my
  3. Claim the Mun! So since I've landed on the Mun, I've jad nothing but bad luck on EVERY flight I've done. Lost about K$1 mil on this two part, 11 contract setup I'm running. So now that I've finally beat this bohemeth I came up with, imo, a nice little challenge. CHALLENGE: Since I just started playing KSP IDK if this has been done befrore, but didnt see anything like this. If there is, maybe just del this thread. * Start a new stock career using no cheats or help. Basic info mods (dv and things like that) can be used. * Least amount of funds used is main
  4. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/inflatable-moon-and-a-typhoon-joined-forces-to-destroy-1786617524 Thinking of all the asteroids we have landed and trolled with then seeing this.
  5. Today is a glorious day! Despite being over budget, and far behind schedule, the Kerbal Space program has landed on the Mun, and beaten those filthy kommunists/kapitalist dogs! Or did they? Fellow kerbalists, your challenge today is to create a set of photos that will convince an uneducated public that you did indeed land on the Mun, without actually doing it. Photos must be able to stand up to at least the laziest of scrutiny. Try and make it look like you're on the Mun. Photos with obvious buildings, grass, or whatever, will not qualify. Each unique, passable Mun scene y
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