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Found 2 results

  1. It took nearly a million dollars, but I finally brought a large five-man refueling rover to the Mun - demonstration video coming later on YouTube. * screenshot of the Big-Ass Refueling Truck after a successful landing on the Mun. Capable of refueling even the largest of Mun landers, this bad boy can mine ore anywhere and dock with anything. Sure, it may not have the science lab on board, but it's a refueling truck; it does carry some scientific instruments of its own, though. Either way, this truck is built for maximum specialized performance. Here are some numbers about the rover itself that I think you'll find very useful. Electric Charge: 21,235 Oxidizer capacity: 3,520 Liquid Fuel capacity: 2,880 Monopropellant capacity: 760 Ore capacity: 1500 Any questions/concerns/comments?
  2. Do you want to put a rover on the Mun or Minmus, but are afraid you don't have enough delta-V? Are your tourists stuck in a wreckage? Do you want to easily mine ore, refuel ships AND get science points at the same time? If you answered "yes" to any of them, I have just what you need? The Munar Mini-Bus. Watch this video for the craft file and to see it in action. As I mentioned in the video description, I thank @Matt Lowne for being the cause of this new awesome design. After I wrecked his Mobile Mun Base, I realized the tourists were trapped inside and could not EVA - that was the wreckage I mentioned in an earlier post (link here). I could have terminated the wreckage and kill the tourists, but I did not. I then designed the Mini-Bus, sent it up to the Mun (with plenty of delta-V to spare), and used the claw to evacuate the stranded tourists while I sent a lander to pick them up. - the performance was so great, I decided to send a mini-bus to Minmus too. I am happy to report that operations are going well.
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